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The Apple II, or Apple ][, became one of the most popular computers ever. Although it is a vast improvement over the Apple I, it contains the same processor and runs at the same speed. New features include a color display, eight internal expansion slots, and a case with a keyboard. That may sound funny, but the Apple I and many other early computers didn't necessarily have a case or even a keyboard. On some systems you had to added your own keyboard, if possible, and on others you...

In 1982, they truly became personalized, brought down to scale, so that people could hold, prod and play with them." At TIME, the main writer on the project completed his work on a typewriter, but Meyers noted that the magazine's newsroom would upgrade to

The very first Apple computer model ever sold did not come with a case, keyboard, or a display. But it was advertised as "fully assembled" since users did not have to solder all the chips to the board. Such was the nature of the Apple I, a computer designed by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak as a way to show off to the Homebrew Computer Club.

Apple IIe User Group Conference in San Francisco (March 1983) - The Scarlett Letter (April 1983) (scanned by DLH's Commodore archive) "On March 4, 1983, Apple Computer, Inc. brought together representatives from over 90 user groups to the San Francisco Bay area for a three day conference on the new Apple IIe... we had an opportunity to meet and talk with the Apple.

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Steve Jobs is pushed out of the Lisa project and takes over the Macintosh project. The Franklin Ace 100, an Apple II clone, is released. Steve Jobs appears on the cover of Time magazine, a popular American weekly news magazine. Apple Computer makes the Fortune Double 500 list, at number 598...

Interesting Facts: The BASIC programming language played such a huge role in the success of the Apple II that Steve Jobs encouraged Bill Gates in 1982 to make a version of BASIC for the yet-to-be-release Macintosh. Gates was a little too anxious to release...

computer - computer - Apple Inc.: Like the founding of the early chip companies and the invention of the microprocessor, the story of Apple is a key part of Silicon Valley folklore. Two whiz kids, Stephen G. Wozniak and Steven P. Jobs, shared an interest in electronics. Wozniak was an early and regular participant at Homebrew Computer Club meetings (see the earlier section, The Altair), which Jobs also occasionally attended. Wozniak purchased one of the early microprocessors, the Mostek 6502 (made...

The Apple ll was a tremendous success for the Apple Company - selling 5 to 6 million from 1977 to 1993 ( according to information in Wikipedia ). 1982 Enter Franklin Computer with a Clone of the Apple ll "the Franklin Ace 100" The Franklin Company...

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The Apple II (stylized as apple ][) is an 8-bit home computer, one of the first highly successful mass-produced microcomputer products, designed primarily by Steve Wozniak (Steve Jobs oversaw the development of the Apple II's unusual case and Rod Holt developed the unique power supply).

MHS5Jpo9nso5red5WSZH. Vintage 1982 Apple IIe computer A2S2064-CPU only-Powers on but untested.

Apple Computer is best known for its Macintosh personal computers (PCs), including the colorful iMac desktop and iBook laptop, which are designed to facilitate easy access to the Internet. Although the firm's new product releases in the late 1990s garnered media attention and boosted sales, Apple's

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He founded the Knowledge Systems Laboratory at Stanford. Feigenbaum was also a key member of the DENDRAL project (1965-82), which produced the world's first expert system, a way of embodying knowledge in a computer to foster scientific discovery.

Franklin Computer Corporation introduced the Franklin Ace 1000, a clone of Apple Computer's Apple II, in 1982. Apple quickly determined that substantial portions of the Franklin ROM and operating system had been copied directly from Apple's versions, and on May 12, 1982, filed suit in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

Apple Computer, Inc. 1. Introduction Apple Computer, Inc., major manufacturer of personal computers with headquarters in Cupertino, California. Apple designs, produces, and sells personal computer systems for use in business, education, government

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The Apple 1 computer

In 1976, engineer Steve Wozniak, while working at HP, built the Apple-1 computer from scratch. He finished his work in March 1976. Together with Steve Jobs and Ronald G. Wayne, both working for Atari, they founded the company Apple Computer that would make history and change the world.

Apple /// SOS Operating System Source Code Listing | Version 1.3 | Apple Computer | 1982 Assembly Listing Produced by Paul R. Santa-Maria | August 2006 | Page 2 of 456.

Revealed: The Apple computer prototypes from the early 1980s which were the forerunners of today's iPads and MacBooks. Despite today's astonishing success of the iPhone and iPad, Apple has not always been successful. Back in 1982, the firm - led by a 28-year-old Steve Jobs - was in crisis.

Tech specs for all Apple iPad models from the original to current. Dates sold, capacity, battery life, network support, compatibility, price and more.

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The Apple II became one of several recognizable and successful computers during the 1980s and early 1990s, although this was mainly limited to the USA. It was aggressively marketed through volume discounts and manufacturing arrangements to educational institutions, which made it the first computer in widespread use in American secondary schools, displacing the early leader Commodore PET. The effort to develop educational and business software for the Apple II, including the 1979 release of the...

An edition of Microcomputer Graphics for the Apple Computer (1982).

We are delighted to offer for sale for this exceptionally rare set of brand new and boxed original Apple Computers staff awarded December 1982 Rastal Germany glasses each one engraved with the apple logo There are multiple high definition super-sized pictures at the bottom of this page This is part of a small suite of highly collectable items, the other pieces are.

1980: Apple Computer ships the first Apple III units in limited quantity. 1980: Apple Computer begins project "Diana", which would become the Apple IIe. 1981: September - Apple Computer introduces its first hard drive, the 5MB ProFile, for US$3499. 1981: Apple Computer officially reintroduces the Apple III, with improved software and a hard disk. 1982: Sales of Apple II Plus to date: 45,000.

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Plaintiff Apple Computer, Inc., ("Apple") moves for a preliminary injunction restraining defendant Franklin Computer Corp. ("Franklin") from using, copying, selling, or infringing in any other way Apple's registered copyrights on fourteen computer programs that are contained in or sold with the Apple II personal computer.

People may argue that the original Apple II is rarer than the j-plus, but that's their opinion. There weren't too many of these units sold in Japan, and there isn't that much information (especially information written in English) available on-line.

December 1982 Apple throws a Billion Dollar Party for employees, celebrating becoming first personal computer company to reach $1 billion annual sales rate.

Apple II actually drew a rainbow in the once colorless world of computers. This made the computing experience a lot more fun for users. The other features included a 1 MHz processor, a megabyte of hard disk, RAM of up to 48 Kilobytes and a megabyte of memory.

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$4115.14 "IMKO 2" The Second Bulgarian Computer Produced in 1982, Apple II Plus Clone !

Between 1978 and 2006 there were a number of legal disputes between Apple Corps and the computer manufacturer Apple Computer over competing trademark rights. The High Court of Justice in England handed down a judgment on 8 May 2006 in favour of Apple Computer.

1982 Apple IIe with DuoDisk and Monitor II.

Computer Quarterback Second Edition - 1981 VG was released on: USA: 1981 (Commodore 64 version) USA: 1981 (Atari 8-bit version) USA: 1981 (Apple II version). What was the very first known virus written 1981 called?

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1983), was the first time an appellate level court in the United States held that a computer's operating system could be protected by copyright. As second impact, this ruling clarified that binary code, the machine readable form of software, was copyrightable too and not only the human-readable source code form of software. Another impact of the decision was the rise of the shrink-wrap proprietary software commercial business model, where before a source code driven software distribution...

GRPRINT: An Apple Utility Progralll for Dot-Matrix Printers. Condor Series 20 DBMS. Test Your Memory Using the Barber-Pole Algorithm. A Little Apple S0S with Your Pascal. A Versatile Low-Cost MicroprocessorController Module.

At that point Apple was making personal computers too, but they were very different again to what IBM was making, different processors, etc. Oddly though, the computers Apple make right now are kind of like what IBM used to make, i.e. with Intel processors.

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