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Lew angrily accuses Meg, a broker with New Financial Services, of fraudulently inducing him to invest in Open Pit Oil Company, whose wells are dry. The reliance that gives rise to liability for fraud is normally based on a statement of - fact. Bargain Bytes Computers, a computer store, takes unethical steps to divert the customers of Cyber World, an adjacent competing store.

Bargain Bytes May Be Liable For A. Appropriation B. Wrongful Interference With A Business Relationship C. Intentional Infliction Of Ethical Distress D. Conversion Explain Answer.

Bargain Bytes Computers, a computer store, takes unethical steps to divert the customers of Cyber World, an adjacent competing store. Bargain Bytes may be liable for.

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If a computer used one byte for an instruction, it could have up to 256 instructions. Later we will look at what these instructions are, but for now, you should realize that a byte could also be a computer's instruction. The conversion of instructions to bytes is shown in Figure 8. The programming process allows humans to write instructions in an English-like way.

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Real numbers are therefore typically stored by a computer using something called a floating point. This method slices up the 32 bits that make up the four bytes of storage into three components: the first bit is the sign (0 for positive, 1 for negative); the next eight bits are the exponent, which is an integer that...

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The choice made by a computer architecture about how much memory should be used to represent an integer is arbitrary. In the end, the logic about how integers are represented and manipulated is in software, even if it is embedded in the firmware. The programming language Python has an unbounded representation

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What are the Best All-In-One Computers The best all-in-one computers offer the best of both worlds. You may have heard about all-in-one computers and wondered exactly what they are. Think of the traditional desktop computer box with a monitor attached. This is a very simplistic way to describe them but that is in essence what an all-in-one computer is.

The concept of modern computers was based on his idea. 1937: A professor of physics and mathematics at Iowa State University, J.V. Atanasoff, attempts to build the first computer without cams, belts, gears, or shafts. 1939: Bill Hewlett and David Packard found Hewlett-Packard in a garage in Palo Alto, California.

Computer Basics: What is a Computer?

A computer is an electronic device that manipulates information, or data. It has the ability to store, retrieve, and process data. You may already know that you can use a computer to type documents, send email, play games, and browse the Web. You can also use it to edit or create spreadsheets

Once you understand that computers are about input, memory, processing, and output, all the junk on your desk makes a lot more sense: Artwork: A computer works by combining input, storage, processing, and output. All the main parts of a computer system are involved in one of these four processes.

Supermarkets and other retail stores use computers for stock control, i.e., to help them manage their daily activities. The stock control system keeps record of what is in store, what has been sold, and what is out of stock. The Management is automatically alerted when a particular item or items are running out of stock and need to be reordered.

This was later included in his seminal collection of short stores I, Robot. In the story, he wrote, "U.S. Robots had to get the bugs out of the multiple robots, and there were plenty of bugs, and there are always at least half a dozen bugs left for the field-testing." According to the ACM's digital library, the term bug also appears in three papers from 1952.

When was the first computer invented?

The word "computer" was first used in 1613 in the book The Yong Mans Gleanings by Richard Braithwaite and originally described a human who performed calculations or computations. The definition of a computer remained the same until the end of the 19th century, when the industrial revolution gave rise to mechanical machines whose primary purpose was calculating.

Define computer store. computer store synonyms, computer store pronunciation, computer store translation, English dictionary definition of computer store. Noun 1. computer store - a store that sells computers to the small businessperson or personal user shop, store - a mercantile establishment for the retail...

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A computer is a machine that can store and process information. Most computers rely on a binary system that uses two variables, 0 and 1, to complete tasks such as storing data, calculating algorithms, and displaying information. Computers come in many different shapes and sizes, from handheld smartphones to supercomputers weighing...

How does a computer store pictures in a computers memory?

A computer can have various memory devices includingHard Drive or Disk, used to store data and system info.A Compact disc, can be used to store games, data, music, pictures. etc...USB (Universal Serial Bus) Flash Drive, which can store data, music, pictures, saved games, documents, etc... .

Q-04:A digital computer has a memory unit with 32 bits per word. The instruction set consists of 110 different operations. All instructions have an operation code part (opcode) and two address fields: one for a meand one for a register address. This particular system includes eight general-purpose, user-addressable registers. mory address Registers may be loaded directly from memory, and memory may be updated...

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There is no advantage in buying a computer with speed, size or features that you don't currently need, or won't need for a long time to come. Chances are that anything you buy today will be thoroughly out of date by the time that you do need something new! Here are a few good rules of thumb when buying a...

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It is the BIOS that provides those instructions. The first thing the BIOS does is check the information stored in a tiny (64 bytes) amount of RAM located on a complimentarymetal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) chip. The CMOS Setup provides detailed information particular to your system and can be altered as your system changes.

Perhaps the most influential component is the central processing unit. Its function is to execute program instructions and coordinate the activities of all the other units. In a way, it is the 'brain' of the computer. The main memory holds instructions and data which are currently being processed by the CPU.

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Functions of a Computer

The memory serves as a place to store Instructions, the coded pieces of information that direct the activities of the CPU, and Data, the coded pieces of information that are processed by the CPU. A group of logically related instructions stored in memory is referred to as a Program.

Network hardware isn't as clearly defined as some other types of computer hardware. For example, many home routers will often act as a combination router, switch, and firewall. In addition to all the items listed above, there's more computer hardware called auxiliary hardware, of which a computer might have none, or several, of some kinds

9 Modem Definition: A device that links a computer to other computers through a telephone line. Explanation: The modem lets a computer send and receive binary data over a telephone line by changing the bits into sound waves that can be sent over the phone lines.

computer (n.) 1640s, "one who calculates, a reckoner, one whose occupation is to make arithmetical calculations," agent noun from compute (v.). Meaning "calculating machine" (of any type) is from 1897; in modern use, "programmable digital electronic device for performing mathematical or logical operations," 1945 under this name (the thing itself was described by 1937 in a theoretical sense as Turing machine).

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Electric Sheep is a distributed computing project for animating and evolving fractal flames, which are in turn distributed to the networked computers, which display them as a screensaver. Process The process is transparent to the casual user, who can simply install the software as a screensaver. Alternatively, the user may become more involved with the project, manually creating a fractal flame file for upload to the server where it is rendered into a video file of the animated fractal flame....

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If you have a good graphics card, then it is likely that the rest of the computer will be able to handle running games like WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition. The first important thing is to have a dedicated graphics card, rather than the integrated graphics that are built into any Windows computer.

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Explanations; A computer is described as an electronic device because; it is made up of electronic components and uses electric energy (such as electricity) to operate. A computer has an internal memory, which stores data & instructions temporarily awaiting processing, and even holds the intermediate result (information) before it is communicated to the recipients through the Output devices.

The history of this browser is usually arranged in chronological order. However, you can alter it to being arranged by website name or by the ones that are often frequented. Moreover, you can look up a certain keyword on the search bar and note how many times it comes up in the computer's history.

Computer: (ISO) A programmable functional unit that consists of one or more associated processing units and peripheral equipment, that is controlled by internally stored programs and that can perform substantial computation, including numerous arithmetic operations or logic operations, without human intervention during a run.

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electric wires and circuits that carry all the information in a computer how do you store a represent information using electricity well if you have a single wire with electricity flowing through it the signal can either be on or off that's not a lot of choices but it's a really important start with one wire we can represent a yes.

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The selling price was first at $ 618 , but then the store advertised a 20 % markdown on the system. Answer parts a and b. a. Find the current sale price.

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Starting a Computer Shop. 07/01/2006. 21 COMMENTS. 0 Shares. Today, businesses and schools are the only places where you will find powerful computers, the PC has become a perinant fixture in many homes and some even have more than one. In this article we will talk about setting up a computer repair store.

just want to write documents, you will probably need a less powerful computer. If. you play games and/or design art you will want a more high-end computer. Once. you have decided what kind of computer you want, you should look up prices on. the Internet, ads, and local stores.

Problem Set 2 If we only want to randomise the y co-ordinate, we can use this instruction where y will be a value between -137 and 150. Variables A variable is a memory location set aside to store data types such as numbers, text or dates. This location will contain something when it is first used.

How large a number can a computer handle? [closed]

All of the above assumed that "computer" is hardware + software. Indeed, we need a software implementation of arbitrary precision arithmetic for tasks like the above.

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A computer is a machine with an intricate network of electronic circuits that operate switches or magnetize tiny metal cores. The switches, like the cores, are capable of being in one of two possible states, that is, on or off; magnetized. The machine is capable of storing and manipulating numbers

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Introduction to Computer

Operating System- It is Software written on the Kernel that manages both Hardware and Software resources in a Computer. Operating system is a general purpose Software which provides services to the applications. We can say that Operating System is an intermediary between the Hardware parts and Applications of the Computer.

It is one of the smallest units of memory in computer technology, as well as one of the most basic data measurement units in programming. The earliest computers were made with the processor supporting 1 byte commands, because in 1 byte you can send 256 commands.

Scanner A scanner is a device that captures pictures or documents so that they can be stored in storage devices, seen on the video screen, modified suitably, transported to other computers, or printed on a printer. A personal computer with a scanner and printer can function as a photocopier.

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rajasthan patwari computer questions. 4. Microprocessors as switching devices are for which generation computers A)

To select computers individually, tick the boxes beside their names in the Select computers list. Using searches - The upper left corner of the Select computers screen displays the instructions "Refine your selection by searching or selecting from the tags below," followed by a search box. You can enter any string in that box and press Enter, or click the arrow next to the box. Landscape will search both the name and hostname associated with all computers for a match with the search term. Searches are not case-sensitive. A list of matching computers is displayed on the right side of the screen.

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2. IBPSEXAM S A storage area used to store data to compensate for the _____ tags, when placed on an animal, can be used to 20 difference in speed at which the different units can handle 33 record and track in a database all of the data is movements.

Chapter 1: What is and how does a computer

The Hardware are the physical components or tangible parts of a computer all those mechanical parts or electronic parts that we can see and touch, like the monitor, the mouse, or the keyboard. Through the hardware, the computer works out the pro-cess of inputting, processing, storing, and outputting the information.

Some parts of a computer are required while others are optional. The most important computer component is the motherboard. Every component plugs into it in one way or another, don't forget this when you buy, you do get what you pay for. Picking an Asus or Gigabyte board will save you headaches both at building

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