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The last Apple Mac to ship with an optical CD or DVD drive was a 13in MacBook Pro, originally released in June 2012, but on sale until October 2016, when Apple discontinued that model, more information about the last Mac to ship with a SuperDrive below. Since that date Apple has not sold any Macs with optical drives.

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Will it play dvd-r discs? I have been converting my VHS home movies to DVD-R's on a Toshiba machine but they won't play on my apple external drive - I get a message that I have inserted a blank disc. Will this drive be able to read them? And if it doesn't, can I return it with free shipping?

How to use another computer's DVD drive across... | AppleInsider

Apple also warns that this sort of usage is not suited for a number of disc types and tasks, such as playing audio CDs, DVD or Blu-ray movies over a network, running copy-protected discs, and Windows installation discs. These are better suited to an external optical drive connected locally, or in some...

This is a big issue for me and anyone else attempting to install Windows 7 on a Mac Computer (which I've done numerous times) using Mac OS X BootCamp Utility. I discovered that during the Install process, with the Windows 7 install DVD in a second party NON Apple DVD drive in USB port, you will end up looking at a Black Screen with a flashing white cursor!

Compared to many How-To articles, this one is pretty simple, but it saved me from buying another USB DVD drive just for one little task. The problem: I have both Macs and Windows PCs, and needed to install Microsoft Office from DVD media on an ultrabook laptop that had no internal optical drive.

The best laptop with a CD drive depends on your budget. If you can only afford a sub-$500 laptop, your best bet would be the Lenovo ThinkPad E570. Users praise this laptop for its comfortable, clicky keyboard and decent stock of ports for all their periperhal needs, but keep in mind that it is a budget laptop...

How to Open a DVD Player on an Apple Computer | It Still Works

Apple computers come with a default utility called "DVD Player" capable of playing DVD disks. By default the DVD Player is set to open automatically when you insert a video DVD into the disk drive.

The disc you are trying to access must also support Remote Disc. Remote Disc does not support certain types of media, mainly copy-protected media like movies and music. You can't access audio CDs, Blu-ray or DVD movies, copy-protected games, recordable CDs or DVDs that you want to burn or erase, and Microsoft installation discs.

In this case, the DVD was stuck in a 24-inch iMac that I used on a daily basis and the icon on the desktop, along with the occasional spin/eject cycles was bugging me. I was preparing to pass it on to the kids, but wanted to resolve the disc issue first, because I know they'd keep clicking on it and I was afraid we'd hit a state where it simply wouldn't spin down. I'm no prude when it comes to taking computers apart (I was even Apple Certified back in the day), but pulling out, or replacing the optical drive in an iMac is a pain in the butt and something I'd rather avoid.

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7 Best Laptops With DVD Drive In 2021: Which One?

If you are looking to buy a laptop that comes with a DVD drive, you can still find them but your choices will be somewhat limited. Worry not, we spent a considerable amount of time finding and reviewing the best laptops with internal CD/DVD drives. There was a time when most of the high-end laptops came with a CD/DVD player.

Mac answer: Your hard drive might be damaged. Boot up your mac with the DVD-disc or USB-drive that came with your mac and let Disk Utility try to repair your drive. If successful you will be able to start your Mac again as normal. If you are on Apple Care or if you are on your first year within purchase, it is advised to backup as much data as possible before taking it to an Apple Certified Repair shop to get yourself a new Hard drive.

The DVD must be finalized in the camcorder before this procedure. Refer to your operation. for detailed information on the procedure to finalize a disc using the camcorder. Do not use a 8 cm CD adapter with the 8cm DVD disc as it may cause a malfunction. If the DVD-ROM drive does not support a 8cm disc, use the USB transfer procedure instead.

As computers shipped with CD and DVD drives by default, people enjoyed digital audio and video, the easy installation of applications, and portable high-capacity storage to share large amounts of data. CD and DVD discs featured storage capacity well beyond what even hard drives could accommodate.

Do Apple computers support external USB drives? - Quora

Most external drives come formatted with ExFat, which both Macs and Windows can use, if so, you can use it as soon as you plug it in. If you happen to get a disk that is preformatted with NTFS, you must reformat it with the Mac. If you get the disk from a friend, you probably want to erase any leftover data on it.

Have you read the Apple CD/DVD Drive manuals, presented on, but still have questions or maybe you need advice from other customers on a specific matter? Ask it right here! Describe your problem with your Apple CD/DVD Drive device in as much detail as possible, because it will be easier for other users to give you a correct and disappearing answer.

Apple DVD Player Update. Free.

Features: With this DVD Drive Burner, It is convenience for you to playing music, movies or install software with this usb external DVD drive, or copy / buring the movies, music from your laptop to a DVD, CD disc. If you want to inject the disc, just plug the eject button on your MAC , right click

SOLVED: Brand new apple dvd drive will not accept dvd - Fixya

The drive in the G5 may not support DL discs. Open the system profiler (From the apple menu, select 'About This

I've always had desktops with big screens. This retired guy isn't doing heavy duty computing at this point, mainly going to various websites & reading posts to see what's new in my fields of interest. Also haven't been to...

Finding the correct CD-DVD Drive driver directly on the manufacturer's website for your hardware might seem futile. Despite having experience at locating, installing, and manually upgrading Apple CD-DVD Drive drivers, the task will be time consuming and highly bothersome. An improper driver download can lead to issues with software and harm the functionality of the computer.

the tab on the drive carrier engages with the slot on the drive shelf. (Figure 8B). . 7. Reinsert the two carrier mounting screws you removed earlier. 8. Replace the faceplate assembly by aligning its left edge on the computer case, reinserting the clips into their slots on the right side, and pressing the plate until it.

Apple CD/DVD Drive Computer Hardware... |

Online manuals database contains 3 Apple Computer Hardware, Desktop, Laptop CD/DVD Drive manuals in Portable Document Format. You may download absolutely all Apple CD/DVD Drive manuals for free at

write Speed: CD-R 24X CD-RW 16X DVD-R 8X. for: Computer Laptop Apple MAC OS Windows 10/7/8. support: Laptop, desktop.

Optical drives are available in two main connection types: SATA and IDE. Basically, the connection type simply refers to the cable that is needed to connect the optical drive to the motherboard. Most newer computer are SATA based CD/DVD burners because a SATA cable takes up significantly less space.

External dvd drive - these external cd/dvd drives are compatible with laptop pc desktop linux os apple mac macbook pro for windows xp/vista/7/8.1/10, linux, all versions of mac os. Usb dvd drive - dvd drive external usb, no need for external driver and power supply. just plug the usb cd drive in the usb port and start to enjoy yourself.

CD/DVD Drive - Apple Computers and Hardware | InsanelyMac | Forum

This first happened with a PC CD I was using on Boot Camp, but the same problem appeared on a Mac CD on the Apple side, so I'm thinking it's a hardware problem. I tried cleaning the drive, but that didn't help, and right now I'm very reluctant to insert another disc. I'm probably going to end up taking this to the Genius Bar or something come next...

DVD drives are becoming increasingly useless. Here's how to replace your laptop DVD drive with a suitable SSD or HDD. Older laptops feature a DVD drive. Increasingly this isn't required; DVD drives have quickly disappeared from notebook computers in the past few years. More and more people are opting to abandon the internal optical drive and install a second hard disk drive (HDD). If you've noticed that you've barely used the DVD drive, you might be considering a replacement storage device.

Outfitting your computer or laptop with an external drive for CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs allows you to have the disc media for those situations that require you to backup or store materials relating to work or play. For work, you might have digital documents or images that don't need immediate access.

External DVD CD Drive, USB 3.0 Portable CD DVD +/-RW Drive, Slim DVD/CD ROM Rewriter Burner High Speed Data Transfer Compatible with Laptop Desktop PC MacBook Windows 7/8/10/XP/Vista/Linux OS (Black).

Definition of CD/DVD drive | PCMag | Computers & Electronics

What does CD/DVD drive actually mean? Find out inside PCMag's comprehensive tech and computer-related encyclopedia.

Apple Drivers Download. by Apple Inc. Apple is a global technology company, often considered to be one of the biggest in the world. Apple offers both products and services in a wide range of categories, including software and hardware. Their hardware products include computer systems, smartphones, tablets, and peripherals.

Type devmgmt.msc in the Run dialog box, then press Enter. If you are prompted for an administrator password or for a confirmation, type the password, or select Allow. In Device Manager, expand DVD/CD-ROM drives, right-click the CD and DVD devices, and then select Uninstall.

Restart the computer and press the Eject button on the front of the drive when the first screen appears (before Windows launches). If the drive door opens this way, but does not open in Windows, another software program is taking control of the disc driver. Try shutting down or configuring any software programs that create discs or monitor the disc drive.

10 Best External CD/DVD Drives in 2021 Comprehensive Review

Most can be retrieved with adapters or hub. While it is true that flash storage, external hard drives, and the cloud are comfortable options to share and save our files, CDs and DVDs are still widely used, as music and movies are still marketed in this format so that they can be played on a wide variety of devices, such as computers.

WinX DVD Ripper is the best free DVD ripper in 2021 to fast convert any DVD to MP4, HEVC, H.264, AVI, MP3, etc. with high quality, and backup classic & new DVD collection to store on computer hard drive or play on TV, iPhone, Android at one go.

If dvd dell is your interest area, then you are at the right place and with the advent of new year, at right time. Investing in dvd dell has become very foggy with a lot of malicious product and fakes out there. So, if you need a handy guide to ensure that your investment is safe, look no more beyond our Ultimate Buying Guide for dvd dell.

Under "Media Type" the System Information tool lists what media the drive is capable of reading/writing. For example, it may contain "DVD writer," which means it's capable of reading and writing CDs and DVDs.

DVD Drive Repair for when Windows do not recognize your Drives

DVD Drive Repair is a useful application that allows you to restore your DVD (Optical) Drive if missing from Windows. In some instances, it can also help when certain applications do not recognize your drive; mostly when your computer encountered a hardware problem or a virus attack that prevents it from

R-Drive Image is a potent utility providing disk image files creation for backup or duplication purposes. A disk image file contains the exact, byte-by-byte copy of a hard drive, partition or logical disk and can be created with various compression levels on the fly without stopping Windows OS and therefore

The entire process of restoring your DVD drive lasts just a few seconds and includes detecting of your DVD drivers, checking of Registry configurations, resetting various OS states, and restoring of your ATAPI disk interface. After this procedure is done, the app will recommend you to restart your computer so...

Optical Drives. Pioneer provides high quality computer accessories. Products from SATA and USB Blu-ray and DVD burners, to on-ear or earbud headphones and USB powered computer speakers.

How to play DVDs in Windows 10 | TechRadar

If you've purchased a computer with a DVD player built in, odds are very good that it came with its own software for playing DVDs. Since Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 don't have the support built in, computer makers that add DVD players are almost sure to add that support in themselves before shipping out the product.

Apple Computer Drive CD/DVD Drive User Guide.

Whenever you stop using your MacBook Pro, wait a few moments to let the hard disk and any optical disc (such as a CD or DVD) in your drive stop spinning before you transport the computer. Avoid jostling or bumping your MacBook Pro while discs are spinning. Note: Your MacBook Pro uses Sudden Motion Sensor technology to...

Desktop CD / DVD drives: Gently insert the modified paper clip into the Eject Pin Hole until you feel it make contact with the gear underneath the tray. Firmly pressing inward, you will notice the tray to start to move out. Press inward until you have enough room to get your finger under the tray and then pull it out the rest of the way.

External cd drive not working, advice please | AppleVis | Forum

I disconnected the DVD drive, connected my laptop to the power adapter, rebooted just to be safe... lo and behold, the drive started working! The famous tech support mantras prevail again, "Have you tried turning it on and off again?" ... "Are you sure everything is plugged in?".. d'oh!

**Part A: Create Bootable Windows 10 USB Drive** There are plenty of tutorials available online for this step...

I'm in the midst of building a computer (first time builder). I got everything plugged in, and hit the power button. After the excitement of the first boot coming up on my screen, I was looking through the BIOS settings. However, joy soon turned sour, as I looked at the list of installed SATA devices.

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Build a PC - Building new computer with external dvd drive?

Greetings. I'm going to build my first computer for the first time and I was wondering if I can get by with just an external dvd drive instead of an...

While the DVD drive was working, I purchased an external Pioneer BRD XD05B USB blu-ray writer (Drive G) to play Blu-ray discs. I replaced the Dell OEM DVD writer with an internal LG BU40N blu-ray writer. LG does not provide Windows drivers for its products. They claim that their devices are all "Plug and Play".

Off late you can find a lot of external HDDs in the market, with much cheaper costs, it is advised to have one always with you to carry the stuffs which are important, like recovery files, music files, movies and etc. You can also install a new OS into your computer with this, it is pretty easy too. Option 2

CD/DVD drives are used to read data and applications from CDs (compact disk) and DVDs (digital versatile disk). It is a device which uses laser technology to read and write data on/from optical disks.

Apple plans to remove the DVD-drives from all your devices ~ TechAUN

And if in the absence of additional notebooks and drive slots playing into the hands of mobility and compactness, the desktop and desktop computers is not the case. While the computer industry has not completely abandoned the DVD / CD media (as happened with the floppy disks), entirely remove the special...

Refurbished/used Apple laptop computers are some of our most popular items. The 2nd hand MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air offer a great value. Our experienced service technicians thoroughly test and refurbish each used Mac laptop, basically a multi-point inspection to replace any faulty

Imacs had a 15-inch monitor. Once you choose an imac / emac the only other hardware you need to worry about is to make sure you have enough RAM. It comes with all the other equipment listed. Make sure you choose a model with either a cd recordable drive/DVD drive or even a DVD recordable drive, if you want to...

the tab on the drive carrier engages with the slot on the drive shelf. (Figure 8B). . 7. Reinsert the two carrier mounting screws you removed earlier. 8. Replace the faceplate assembly by aligning its left edge on the computer case, reinserting the clips into their slots on the right side, and pressing the plate until it.

Solved: Why won't some DVDs play in my computer's DVD drive?

The DVDs that will play on my computer wind up (you can hear the sound) in the DVD drive within about 20 seconds and they start playing automatically in the Windows Media Player... but I've allowed all the others that will not play to sit in the DVD disk drive for several minutes each in my tests and nothing at all happens...

...Apple computer, I get the message, "Since this is the first use of a DVD disc, the drive region code must be

For G3 PowerBook users other than Wallstreet PowerBooks, here is the app of your dreams ! Region (by xvi) allows you to switch zones of MacOS 9. It also works on iMac DV computers. Finally, THE solution for LG drives (especially for Pismos) in the following updater.

Update Cancel Jason Koh 1 year ago As I have said a while back, the problem is with Apple and the DVD consortium. All we want to do is watch our legally acquired DVDs (from several regions) on our Apple computers. This is a very reasonable thing to want to do.

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