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Asus motherboard usb c not working

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I have a Maximus VIII Hero Motherboard. Options activated in BIOS, drivers up to date, but my Type C port at the back of the PC doesnt' work. Cannot charge devices nor use storage disks.

Of the 6 back USB ports (4 USB 3.0 in blue, and 2 USB 2.0 in black), 2 of the 3.0 ports are not functional. (The 2 other 3.0 ports are working after installing the ASMedia USB3.0 drivers) Plugging something into these nonfunctional ports will give power to the device, but the OS doesn't respond. The Windows Device Manager lists the device as Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller in the unknown devices category. Attempting Update driver software automatically does nothing useful (the usual no drivers found error), but searching inside the chipset driver .zip from the ASUS website gives the...

I'd recommend you go to Device Manager and check if you have installed any USB 3.0 Hub controller drivers for your new mobo. Even if there are some USB 3.0 drivers, I'd advise you to double check and manually install them from the motherboard manufacturer's official website.

Fix USB-C problems | The USB device might not work

With a USB-C connection, you can charge your Windows 10 PC, and you can also connect to other USB Type-C devices such as mobile phones, docking stations, display adapters, and other devices that have a USB-C port. Unfortunately, some combinations of hardware and software may cause problems.

Windows often installs a generic USB controller suitable for most computers, but some motherboards have USB ports that work best with a specific controller. Update the USB drivers by looking on the manufacturer of the motherboard website or else by opening Device Manager and then right click on the extended host controller and select "Update Driver".

Whenever I plug the MB16AC either in the USB-C in the back or in the normal USB 3.1 or even 3.0, I get a notification from Windows 10 saying: "Try improving the USB connection. DisplayPort connection might not work. Try using a different cable". When I click on it it directs me to this page: https...

I recently completed my build utilizing the Asus Z170-A motherboard. While the board includes a USB Type-C connector that supports fast data transfer speeds, it appears the connection does not support USB Type-C Rapid Charging (i.e. for the Google Pixel XL). I'd like to find an expansion card to install via PCIe that supports Rapid Charge (5V/3A)... any suggestions?

Asus motherboard & USB problem - TechSpot Forums

My boot sequence is CD/Floppy/HDD. Most boot ops work from CD now. Never ghad a problem. If your having slow start up then look at msconfig and change you start up programs.

Asus was friendly enough to tell me that the warranty provided with the motherboard isn't actually a warranty, just a useless pamphlet preventing them from being sued, in other words, they won't do anything. motherboard usb ports not working.

There are no USB devices. It's a new motherboard, nothing is plugged into the computer from the outside except the keyboard.

The USB-C not working in Windows 10 can be caused by a myriad of possible issues but the main culprits are the drivers. Such issues can cause your phone not to charge properly, and can also affect file transfers.

USB Ports not working after new motherboard - Windows 7 | Forum

One possible thing to try first is to disable usb 3.0 in the bios if that is an option. If not, let us know and may have other options. They also make various usb to ps/2 adapters if you have ps/2 keyboard and mouse such as...

I know the chances of this working is 0%, but does disabling audio led do anything to your light strip?

This video is how to fix your PC's 3.0 USB ports on a ASUS Motherboard. My USB's stopped working after a failed update to Insider Preview Update 16215 so i figured out how to fix it.

Expert. 253 Answers. Re: ASUS P5AD2-E Premium Motherboard usb boot option. Hi friend, You need to change your motherboard setting in BIOS should enable your usb option.then it will work... Posted on Dec 25, 2009.

Solved: My USB Type-C port not working - HP Support Community...

Simple, no nonsense and it worked. I was getting really worried as both c ports stopped working and I needed my HP USB-C Travel Docking Station. Really appreciate the share. Have spent a few weeks off and on trying to address this and was really stressed out now that both had stopped.

Does the motherboard have ps2 ports? those should work by default. if so, use that for the mouse and keyboard to get your drivers. it happens, sometimes the MS default drivers on an install just arent compatible at the start.

Also, if any USB device has an internal short-circuit then also, disconnecting each device and plugging it one by one will help. Worst case, if your system is up since long and USB contacts seem to be Short... may be the USB controller chip on the motherboard can be damaged, but that's rare and happens only after long time of a short circuit.

Asus VP279 27", Samsung BX2431 24" Keyboard: das Keyboard MX Brown Mechanical Switches Model DASKMKPROSIL-3G7-r1.0 Mouse: Logitech MX Master 3 Wireless & Bluetooth PSU: Corsair RM 650i +Gold Case: Phanteks Enthroo Primo Cooling: Corsair Hydro H150i, 360mm Rad & Five Corsair 140mm Pro ML Case Fans Hard Drives: Samsung

How to use Asus USB/MIR adaptor to other motherboard | PC Mediks

1.11 (the 2 usb port type) adaptor which he got from his old ASUS motherboard to his new computer. His problem is any USB storage device he try to insert in ASUS USB/MIR port a "USB Device Not Recognized" pop-up appear. The problem is, Asus have fitted filtering on the two data lines to each USB port in the form of a series resistor (10 ohms on one line and 4.7 ohms on the other) and a shunt capacitor to ground at the USB socket end which cause the problem. The only solution is to remove this filtering by removing the four SMD capacitor (C2, C3, C4, C5).

Fix USB Ports Not Working in Windows 10 Having trouble with your USB devices not being recognized in Windows 10, tried all ...

# Motherboards. WARNING. Currently the only motherboard not supported at all is the B550 boards from AMD, they require a KVM to operate. Recent developments have resolved this issue with SSDT-CPUR, see OpenCore Install Guide for more info. (opens new window).

By rebooting the computer, you need to turn off the computer completely, unplug the power adapter from the main, or remove the battery from the laptop. Wait 30 seconds to 1 minute before you restart the computer. This will let the motherboard to reboot itself, and the USB driver may work as it should.

Latest ASUS drivers for Windows 10 - Official links - Ivan Ridao Freitas

ASUS does not provide camera drivers for most of the models since the built-in camera can work well with Microsoft inbox driver. There is another application called ASUS Remote Link which also installs Smart Gesture and it is listed in Windows as ASUS Smart Gesture version 4.3.9.

Any help is greatly appreciated as I have been stuck on this for ongoing 12 hours now and I need to get work accomplished. I've looked for solutions here, Google, DuckDuckGo, etc. with no luck yet. I was close to trying Live Update 6 but all I've seen are testimonials that it fried their board.

Aside from the system BIOS, the Flash memory chip on the motherboard also con-tains the Symbios SCSI BIOS. This Symbios SCSI BIOS works in conjunction with the optional ASUS PCI-SC200 controller card to provide Fast SCSI-2 interface when using compatible SCSI devices or the ASUS PCI-SC860 SCSI controller cards to provide Ultra-Fast...

USB 3.1 is not working 1. Update USB 3.1 driver ... System battery not charging with the USB Type-C port. CY USB 3.1 Front Panel Header to USB 3.0 20Pin...

Unfortunately as the Headline says, it did not work on my motherboard (which has 3.1 Gen 2). My case, the Thermaltake A500, came with two USB headers, one for USB C, but unfortunately this cable did not work to make the port read, even as USB C. Waste of money, unfortunately.

EDIT: It suddenly started working. I restarted a few times and tried VGA instead of DisplayPort, which worked. When I switched back to DisplayPort everything worked fine.

According to Gigabyte support it is a problem / issue from AMD's side and AMD is working on a fix and the same will be provided for its users on Gigabyte's website once it is figured out. Also one more user in the comments section pointed out that, a couple users also faced the same issue on the ASUS...

it doesn't always work on your first try so if it doesn't work try again. sometimes it will take u to a different screen asking u which ...

ThinkPad USB-C Dock Troubleshooting Guide - Lenovo Support US

3. Refer to the dock overview page to set proper display resolutions on the dock monitor. 4. Try to power off and power on your monitor again. The Headset/Microphone cannot work properly on the dock audio port. Disconnect and reconnect the dock from the system. Ensure the correct playback device is selected on your computer.

The first question to ask when buying a motherboard is whether it is for an Intel or AMD based computer. While both companies make processors that are fully compatible with Windows, they are completely incompatible on the motherboard level. Not only do the electrical connections not match; the processors dont physically fit, either.

Fix USB Ports Not Working in Windows 10 Having trouble with your USB devices not being recognized in Windows 10, tried all ...

After you upgrade your computer to Windows 10, if your ASUS USB Drivers are not working, you can fix the problem by updating the drivers.

Asus Motherboard Usb Ports Not Working

Fix USB Ports Not Working in Windows 10 Having trouble with your USB devices not being recognized in Windows 10, tried all ...

18 product ratings - ASUS H81M-C Motherboard LGA 1150 DDR3 USB3.0 DVI VGA mATX Intel H81 100% working.

If you are using the USB keyboard, check if the USB connection works properly. You can try to unplug and re-plug the keyboard to reconnect.

Asus was founded in Taipei in 1989[11] by T.H. Tung, Ted Hsu, Wayne Hsieh and M.T. Liao,[12] all four having previously worked at Acer as hardware engineers. At this time, Taiwan had yet to establish a leading position in the computer-hardware business. Intel Corporation would supply any new processors to more

How to Fix Asus Keyboard Backlight Not Working: Easy Hacks

Asus is a well-known brand in the computing market for producing different appliances ranging from the graphics card to high-end motherboards. But, like other brands, Asus is also not free from technical glitches. Nowadays, users often complain that their Asus keyboard backlight not working while using their system.

Fix USB Ports Not Working in Windows 10 Having trouble with your USB devices not being recognized in Windows 10, tried all ...

SOL (COM3) Intel USB Universal Host Controller -2936 Intel USB2 Enhanced Host Controller - 293C Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller AGERE OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller Intel 2 port Serial ATA Storage Controller 2 - 2926 Intel USB Universal Host Controller -2935 Intel USB Universal Host Controller -2939 Intel USB Universal Host Controller - 2938 High Definition Audio Controller Intel USB.

1 x PS/2 keyboard port (purple) 1 x PS/2 mouse port (green) 2 x USB 3.0/2.0 ports 4 x USB 2.0/1.1 ports 1 x HDMI port 1 x DVI-D port 1 x D-Sub port 1 x LAN (RJ-45) port 3 x Audio jacks support 8-channel audio output * Use a chassis with. HD audio module in the front panel to support a 8-channel audio.

Solved: USB-C to HDMI not working - Dell Community

USB-C outputs only provide native DisplayPort. From there, it's up to the adapter to convert to another signal type if desired, such as VGA or HDMI. That is not something that the host PC would have any control over or even be aware of. Consequently, if VGA is working fine, that indicates that the system is providing a display output signal to the adapter, so if HDMI is the only problem, that...

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A powered USB Hub may work I use to have a desktop that my cat chewed the usb wire and shorted out my usb ports. make sure its powered when you buy it it should have an adapter you plug in the wall hopefully this also works for you.

USB-C not working, charging or recognized on Windows 10

Primarily, a USB Type C or USB-C connection is used for either connecting mobile phones, docking stations, or charging your Windows 10 PC, but some unforeseen conditions like incompatibility in hardware-software combination can upset the connection. In such cases, notifications displayed on your Windows PC screen can help you pinpoint the problem and try few tips to fix things quickly.

USB Function (Disabled) This motherboard supports Universal Serial Bus (USB) devices but current operat-ing systems do not. The default is set to Disabled until support disks and USB devices are available in which time you can set this function to Enabled. Passive Release (Enabled) This function

FOR ASUS M5A78L-M LX3 PLUS Motherboard Supports DDR3 AM3/AM3+ 16G 100% Test Work.

However, there's a fix, and it's as simple as applying a driver update. Lenovo says that you may experience issues after six to 12 months of "typical usage."Here's the list of symptoms that Lenovo says impacted laptops may exhibit: USB-C port not working. Intel Thunderbolt controller not visible in the OS/Device Manager.

Why is USB not working in Linux when it works in UEFI/BIOS?

I've already RMA'd the motherboard once but the second one has exactly the same behavior so I think I can safely rule out hardware failure (since the behavior is identical, I don't think the odd of me getting two identically defective boards are greater than the odds of this being a Linux problem).

my new asus notebook....i bougth before 3 day....the touchpad is not working properly...only cursor is moving no click buttons are working...plzzz solve my problem??

Hello, my ASUS laptop speaker is two weeks old. the sound didn't work after I put my laptop in 'sleep' mode. even by using the headphone the sound also didn't work. I'm using Windows 8. please help me..

Download the Asus USB Driver for Zenfone 5 here. Extract the rar file. Go to your Device Manager if you're on Windows (Make sure you've connected your phone to your computer).

Asus Usb Motherboard | Shop For Asus Usb Motherboard & Price...

This video is how to fix your PC's 3.0 USB ports on a ASUS Motherboard. My USB's stopped working after a failed update to Insider Preview Update 16215 so i figured out how to fix it.

DOWNLOADS DRIVER MANUAL BIOS Motherboards Mainboards HDD Harddisk IDE Cards Removable drives CD-ROM CDRW DVD-ROM DVD-RW DVD+RW Firmware Update Upgrade VGA Graphic Card Video Sound Sound Card Audio Soundcard Modem Modems ISDN Notebook Notebooks Laptop Laptops Monitor TFT LCD SCSI Adapter Printer Printers Plotter Multioffice USB Scanner Tape Backup Input Device Mouse Joyistick Digital Camera Camcoders Network Card LAN.

Switching usb ports, using case usb ports, re-seating the CMOS battery.... Never had this problem in my

I have a 2019 Macbook Pro with four usb-c ports. I have connected a third party USB-C to Ethernet (Gigabyte) adapter but I am not able to connect to the...

Why are the USB 3.0 ports not working? | FAQ - GIGABYTE U.S.A.

To increase battery life, USB 3.0 ports are disabled by default. You can double click Smart Manager icon on the desktop and active USB 3.0 function by clicking it.

BIOSTAR is experienced IPC manufacturing, industrial PC manufacturers.We offer a wide range of industrial PC motherboard.

Some OEM PC(HP, Dell, Acer, Lenovo, Toshiba etc.) and notebooks use keys like F1, F2, F8, F10 or F12 for entering BIOS. If that does not work, go in Windows, hold the "Shift" key and select Restart from the Start Menu. After restart, the Advanced Startup menu options will appear.

USB-C type headphones not working. These headphones came with the Huawei P20 phone and work fine but, when I connect it via USB-C in my laptop (the port works too) it doesn't do anything. The audio keeps playing fine on the speakers, but when I open the sound configuration menu, both, the input and output device list are flickering as shown below but nothing is shown when I open them.

WifiDocs/WirelessCardsSupported - Community Help Wiki

These usually work, but in some cases may not. Even if your wireless card does not have a driver designed for Ubuntu, you may be able to get it to work using NDISWrapper and a Microsoft Windows driver. This comes at the expense of functionality and reliability. If you get this method working your Internet connection

On ASUS motherboard, some USB ports are not working. Of the 6 back USB ports (4 USB 3.0 in blue, and 2 USB 2.0 in black), 2 of the 3.0 ports are not functional. (The 2 other 3.0 ports are working after installing the ASMedia USB3.0 drivers) Plugging something into these nonfunctional ports will give power to the device, but the OS doesn't respond.

The products boast of enormous memory expansion if you fancy high-speed storage devices.. motherboard of asus boast of versatile RJ-45 and USB 3.0 ports to integrate a variety of unplanned sub-systems. They also allow SATA or RAID expansions for advanced users.. motherboard of asus are also laced with standard expansion slots with multiple PCI-Express slots.

USB Flash Drives. Featured Range. Intel Powered Laptops.

How to install ASUS Thunderbolt 3 card on an ASUS... |

hi i have same issue here .. my configuration is ASUS Rampage V Edition 10 with that ThunderboltEX 3 Card and i did all the steps that mentioned by JMTH the card is detected in windows and the USB 3.1 Type A and Type C deliver only power and NO Data Harddisks is not working although when i connect a...

Solved: So basically when I plug them into my Note 10 plus they don't work it plays the audio through out the phone speaker and not into - 1147522.

3.2 Gen 2 port(s) (4 at back panel, teal blue, 3 x Type-A+1 x Type-C) AMD X570 chipset : 2 x USB 3.2 Gen 1 port(s) (2 at mid-board) AMD X570 chipset : 4 x USB 2.0 port(s) (4 at mid-board) Caracteristicas Especiales 5-Way Optimization by Dual Intelligent Processors 5

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