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Conventions have been announcing cancellations starting back in mid-March, but as of today, every single fan convention that had been scheduled for April 2020 has been either cancelled or postponed.

Gaming conventions come in different forms. While some conventions are strictly for video games or gaming product launches, others are part of more generic conventions, such as sci-fi conventions. They usually take place at universities or hotels for a few days where fans

For Tabletop/BoardGame Conventions, GenCon is your best bet. They have video games as well, but it's not highlighted like other types of games. For all gaming types with a community experience PAX or PAX East are both worth the trip.

Welcome to the world's largest and best game convention listing with over 600 game cons on six continents! Here you'll find all sorts of gaming conventions from computer game / video game conventions, to wargame cons, to role playing conventions (RPGs), to board games, to collectible...

Gaming convention

A gaming convention is typically a two- or three-day event at which people play role-playing games, collectible card games, miniatures wargames, board games and many other types of games. Many also have rooms of networked computers to play video games. The largest gaming convention is probably Spiel in Essen, Germany. In 2004 this convention, which focuses on board games, had 150,000 visitors and 690 exhibitors from 24 nations.

Welcome to the world's largest and best game convention listing with over 600 game cons on six continents! Here you'll find all sorts of gaming conventions from computer game / video game conventions, to wargame cons, to role playing conventions (RPGs), to board games, to collectible card games (CCGs), to miniature games cons; from Atlanta, to Indy, to Seattle, to Las Vegas, to LA, to Boston, all the way to Spiel! in Essen; we list them all!

Because the amount of gaming conventions is purely overwhelming, we've compiled them in table format for quick-reference. The events are separated into their greater categories, but may span numerous categories (PAX hosts gaming, hardware, and e-Sports events, for instance).

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The Games Convention in Leipzig was one of the greatest game events in the world, but they loose it for the GamesCom. We visited the event every year (all days) and exchanged with many developers from the international branch and scene.

We are dedicated to the world of gaming, game conventions, and any gamers themselves. is your source for conventions with all gaming themes and events. Find us enjoying board games or other table-top games, miniatures games, role-playing, card collecting, and more.

On the consumer side, computer video games began by being featured alongside other products at the major events like the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. With the growth spurt in the industry in the early 1990's, organizers were able to break away to form their own convention around only gaming - which by that time included games for the burgeoning consoles and PC platforms. E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) was first held in 1995.

San Diego Historical Games Convention San Diego, CA - Second weekend of November. Evergreen Tabletop Expo Seattle, WA in June. Sasquatch Board Game Festival Bellevue, WA in October.

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Inclusive, gaming focused convention. Includes scheduled games, open gaming, tournaments, panels, workshops, demos, and vendors. 2016 - January 8-10. 2021 - Jauary 8-10. Gamex, Los Angeles, CA, USA. Gaming focused convention, with a small selection of dealers. Lots of board games and RPGs, smaller amount of CCGs and collectibles. 2016 - February 12-15.

The Games Convention 2007 had some very interesting hardware product launches. We have scoured the halls, snapped pictures and collected information on all the interesting new releases at the show.

U-Con Gaming Convention - Ann Arbor, Michigan in November. Meeplestock Gaming Convention - Stevens Point, Wisconsin (March 20-22, 2020). Con on the Cob - Richfield, Ohio (November 9-12, 2017).

LudoNarraCon is a game convention that's being held entirely on Steam

LudoNarraCon is a games convention of a different sort. Dedicated to narrative-focused games, it will feature exhibitions and discussion panels with well-known developers including Inkle, Kitfox, Failbetter, and Warm Lamp. But the whole event will be held entirely

Websites for gaming conventions, or fan conventions with a significant gaming interest. Gaming in this context is: role-playing games (RPGs), live-action role-playing (LARP), miniatures, board games or collectible card games (CCGs). Sites on which information about a games convention is just one of several types of content are not listed in this category, but are often available through the sites in the Convention Listings category.

Representatives from this week's Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany, have announced their "Best of GC" nominees today. To be eligible for nomination, entries must be in a playable state and present at the convention. Category winners will be

Lew has a Ph.D. in military and diplomatic history from Duke University, from ancient days when degrees in media, computer networking, or game design did not exist--nor did IBM PCs. In 2012 he was a speaker at the East Coast Game Conference, PrezCon...

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IMPORTANT DATES April 3 - Game submission opens April 3 - Pre-registration opens April 3 - Dealer registration opens October 22 - Full credit game submission closes September 3 - Game registration opens November 5 - Partial credit game submission closes November 5 - Pre-registration closes November 5 - Game registration...

LVL UP EXPO 2018 will be featuring PC games like; Overwatch, CS GO & League of Legends on the tournament roster! Register today for the upcoming gaming convention in LA & get a chance to win an epic prize pool!

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Video game convention returns to Dubai. The much anticipated console was expected to be announced at LA's games convention E3 in June, where Microsoft is likely to announce its new console, the Xbox 720.

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As a producer, dabbled in everything from programming and sound design to financing and marketing of games. Started as an artist for, an educational software company. Pittsburgh Art Institute degree in Computer Animation.

GC stands for Games Convention. Abbreviation is mostly used in categories:Technology Gaming Convention Leipzig Germany.

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La Games Convention ( GC ), a volte chiamata Leipzig Games Convention , era un evento annuale di videogiochi tenutosi a Lipsia , in Germania , tenutosi per la prima volta nel 2002. Oltre ai videogiochi, l'evento copre anche Infotainment , Hardware e Edutainment .

Featuring both classic games and new games, this list of the most played video games on PC right now includes first-person shooters, multiplayer battle royales, MOBAs, fighting games, RPGs, and collectible card video games. What are the top 10 best video games on PC today? Online multiplayer shooters, like Valorant, CS:GO, Fortnite, and PUBG are currently dominating the PC gaming world, thanks to professional gamers, esports tournaments, Twitch streamers, and YouTube gaming...

With the worldwide pandemic that shut down the conventions of 2020, this year is still feeling the hurt but will hopefully get on its feet by summertime. There are big players like GenCon or PAX, as well as, tons of conventions at different levels and with different specializations.

Following is a listing of the game conventions where Enterprise Games is planning to exhibit this year. If you are attending any of these conventions, please stop by our booth to meet us. Also if you would like us to bring any particular games for you to purchase and save on your shipping costs, please let us know at least a week in advance so that we can pack those games for you.

Computer Games is an independent alt-pop band comprised of...

Computer Games is an independent alt-pop band comprised of brothers Darren Criss and Chuck Criss.

It was a emotional rollercoaster last year at Q-Con, one of the best run conventions in the whole of the UK, as it held its final event at the legandray Queens Student Union (SU) buildings in Belfast! The show has been a huge part of my life for so long now that this year was not only going to be difficult without the con, but I was going to miss my extended family over in Belfast more than words can express.

Tehran Game Convention 2017The Tehran Game Convention exhibition, being held by Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation in partnership with Game Connection, will be Iran's first B2B approached international e...

The Games Convention Developers Conference (GCDC) is the largest game design and development conference in Europe, with 950 attendees in 2008.[3]. The GCDC is held in a building in the same complex in Leipzig where the GC takes place, typically just before the opening of the main show. During the conference attendees gain ideas and inspiration from the presentation of new tools and methods, and from a variety of sessions discussing both the craft and the business of game...

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These games involve taking control of real-world vehicles, including tanks, ships, and aircraft. You learn how to control these vehicles, and use simulation games that can also be used to train professionals. In fact, many pilots are trained using airplane simulators before they actually take flight.

Other conventions are good for networking, exchanging ideas with other professionals and promotion. Representatives of all aspects of the computer gaming industry can be found at the conventions deemed worthwhile by a company which means potential opportunity to make a partnership for game publication or marketing.

An introduction to analyising computer came trailers, featuring videos, task and images.

Play. Have fun with friends, schoolmates or co-workers on multiplayer programming games and show them who's the boss! Compete. Join our international online programming contests for fun, prizes or glory.

List of upcoming Video Games conventions in DC

1st Year Convention 18+ 21+ Anime Brony Collectibles Comics Cosplay Covid Safety Cruise Doctor Who Fantasy Film Furry Gaming Harry Potter Horror HP Lovecraft Indie Comics Japanese Culture Kid Focused Programming Literature Middle Earth Miniatures Music Organization Paranormal Sci-Fi Sherlock Holmes Star Trek Star Wars Steampunk Toys TV Video Games Virtual.

Conventions listed with this pyramid symbol will have an SJ Games staffer in attendance. (For a list of JUST those conventions we'll be attending, click here.) If you would like a Steve Jackson Games staffer at your event, please read our guidelines for...

A video game illustrator is a human being that illustrates video games.

Karin is visiting the Games Convention in Leipzig with her friend, 64-year-old Inge Rappold, whom she got to know through the Internet while playing solitaire. These two women of a certain age have been playing against each other for a year but have only just met in person for the first time.

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Leipzig's Games Convention challenged by Cologne's GamesCOM.

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This giant comic convention started life as the comic book section at the annual Hong Kong Book Fair. The section soon included animation and games under its umbrella and grew so big it spun off into its own event. Now hundreds of thousands of attendees

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Nintendo's Press Conference at the Games Convention in Leipzig just ended. Here are the news that were broken during the conference: The PINK Nintendo...

In using a game such as SimCity, minimally, there needs to be a close match among desired learning outcomes, available computer and supporting human resources, learner characteristics (such as familiarity with games conventions), "educational"...

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