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Computer keyboards can become dirty after extended use even if you don't eat or smoke near them. Overtime, dust, debris, and grime can affect a keyboard's performance. Most of the time, disconnecting your keyboard and cleaning it with compressed air and/or isopropyl alcohol is all you'll need to keep your keyboard nice and tidy. Spills are more damaging, so if you get anything wet on your keyboard, unplug it and dry it out immediately. This wikiHow teaches you different ways to safely clean your computer's keyboard.

The easiest, and most obvious step, is to turn the keyboard upside down, thump the underside, and shake out all the yuck you can. Unplug the keyboard from your computer or turn off its wireless. Hold up the keyboard, flip it so the keys are facing a surface you don't mind getting dirty for a moment, and tap the bottom (not too hard), holding it at a variety of...

Keyboard wipes are great for a quick clean up job, such as if you happen to leave grease or a noticeable stain on one key. Make sure to have some to hand for these minor emergencies. Don't worry about dedicated keyboard cleaner.

Many external keyboards will also let you remove individual keys, which is great for cleaning the spaces underneath the keys. This will also let you give each key a more thorough cleaning. Check the manual for your specific keyboard to see if the keys are removable, and how to remove and replace them if they are.

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Step 5: Dab with alcohol Dip the end of a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and run it along the board, making sure to reach all the nooks and crannies. Step 6: Reassemble When the keys have dried completely, reassemble the keyboard by snapping each key back into place. Step 7: Keep it clean Your keyboard looks like new!

Clean your keyboard. Hold the keyboard upside down and tap it gently to remove loose dirt and other debris. Use a can of compressed air (available from photo and computer stores) to blow dust and debris from the surface and from between the keys. As an alternative, gently vacuum the top of your keyboard using a dusting brush. Lightly dampen a lint-free cloth or cotton swab with mild soap and water and gently wipe the surface of the keyboard and keys, being careful not to drip any water into the keyboard.

To clean a regular keyboard, first, unplug it from your computer or take out the batteries. Then you can turn it upside down to shake out the debris, use compressed air to blow out any dust, and use cotton swabs to disinfect small spaces.

In this guide we will show you how to clean your keyboard thoroughly as well as how to give it a quick once over. We will guide you through with the aid of photos and diagrams. The first part is for keyboards that just need a quick clean and is also suitable for laptops, notebooks and netbooks.

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I can't imagine the computer board inside the keyboard would appreciate all that water very well. I had someone tell me that you could do this a few years ago. I told him to try it on his keyboard first and let me know how it went.

You might have trouble removing the keys yourself or be too scared of breaking them in the process or damaging the computer itself. In that case, take it to a professional. Paying a professional will ensure they will clean it without damage. If you know how to take your keyboard apart for cleaning, you might even be able to save it from a spill if you clean it...

As mentioned, laptop keyboards can be tricky to deal with, and doing so can sometimes void the warranty. Other than a quick clean for surface grime your best option is to buy a laptop keyboard cover. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and you should have no problem finding the right one for your device.

After you clean the keyboard keys, clean under the keyboard keys and allow the areas to dry. You can then simply pop the keys back into place and they should work normally without sticking. If, after you clean your laptop keyboard keys after removing them and nothing is working, you may need a new keyboard or require the repair services of a computer professional.

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Depending on how the keys are attached you may be able to safely remove them. If it is designed similar to a mechanical keyboard you should be able to easily remove the keys. making it very easy to clean. Ether way I suggest using a Air compressor to blow the gunk out of the keyboard then use a cue tip and rubbing alcohol for finer cleaning.

Before you get started, make sure your laptop or keyboard is unplugged from the power cord and completely powered off to avoid damaging any electrical components. It also helps keep you from accidentally deleting something important on your computer as you clean the individual keys.

Cyber Clean.After pressing this blob into the keyboard, simply peel it off and it will take with it the gunk your laptop keyboard formerly bore. This blob will never relinquish its grime, however, and will need to be replaced in time. On the plus side, the blob can be used on any electronic device.

Basic Cleaning. Keyboards have an uncanny knack for becoming filled with all manner of undesirable knack. Most of it, disgustingly enough, comes off of our own hands. In addition dust and hair tend to find their way into every knook and cranny on a keyboard. You may not know it, but your laptop that you forgot to close the lid on overnight is the perfect place for cats to snooze

How to keep your computer, mouse, keyboard clean

If a Spill happens, immediately turn off your computer, disconnect the keyboard, and flip it over. While the keyboard is upside down, blot the top with a paper towel, blow compressed air between the keys and leave it to air-dry overnight. Read more: How to clean your keyboard and keep it free from bacteria...

Many keyboards have pop-off keys that a standard home vacuum might easily suck up. A better idea is to use a USB-powered vacuum designed for keyboard cleaning. You can also use a product like cleaning slime, which molds into the cracks and crevices of your keyboard and sticks to debris.

What commercial computer screen cleaning wipes are is typically a piece of non woven lint free cloth moistened with a volatile solvent such as rubbing alcohol. Any lint-free cloth moistened (but not wet, and certainly not dripping!) with rubbing alcohol from you medicine cabinet will do the job as well.

Using a screwdriver carefully pry the keys up. I recommend starting at the spacebar, as you can see how the keys are attached (usually a plastic clip and metal bar). It's easy to break the plastic clip (I did twice) but it hasn't really affected my keyboard. Clean it out! Put the keys back into their positions.

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Preventive Cleaning. You should clean your keyboard lightly on a regular basis. Preventing grime accumulation is important, and it is even more critical if you eat next to your keyboard. Over time, dust and food will partially fuse to the painted metal plate that supports each keyswitch.

Blogger StyleyGeek took apart her computer's keyboard and was "disgusted and kind of freaked out" by what she found there. If you're afraid that you're breeding a new species of bacteria underneath your tapping keys, pop those suckers off or get some compressed air for a good cleaning.

A clean laptop keyboard not only has to be free of all the dust particles but also bacteria and other microorganisms. Soak some cotton in a solution of diluted alcohol and then drench it completely. After that gently rub the cotton over the surface of the keyboard and ta-da the keyboard is as good as new!

How to clean a keyboard after a spill. The first thing you'll want to do here is unplug the keyboard right away! Otherwise, you risk further damaging the board, or the PC's USB port. Then, if it's water or tea, you can try turning the board upside down and shaking out the liquid. After you're done, leave it to dry for about 1.5 - 2 days.

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Then clean the tracking ball and the inside of the mouse with a cotton cloth moistened with rubbing alcohol. Allow all of the parts to dry before reassembling and reconnecting the mouse. If you are connecting it to a PS/2 port, you will need to connect it before turning on the computer.

Grab a fresh microfiber cloth and clean the trackpad, again in circular patterns. Next comes the tough part, the keyboard. In case you didn't know, your keyboard is the dirtiest part of your laptop. This is why you need the disinfectant wipes. First, use the squeeze blower on the keyboard.

As you follow these steps, remember to use the straw included with the compressed air to control airflow, and keep the end of the straw about a half-inch away from the keyboard as you spray. Also remember to not invert the air can while you're spraying. Hold your Mac notebook at a 75-degree angle, so it's not quite vertical.

Cleaning your computer, components, and peripherals help keep everything in good working condition, helps prevent germs from spreading, and helps allow proper air flow. The picture shows a good example of how dirty the inside of your computer case can get. Looking at this picture it's

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Took all the key caps off my HyperX alloy FPS, is it ok to soak the keys in water. Also for the keys like the spacebar, which have a metal bar on them, is there supposed to be grease/oil on them to help them move.

Never spray liquid cleaner directly on the keyboard. If liquid or dirt gets under the keys, they will stick and will not be able to make contact, thus preventing the key from working. If a key does get stuck, unplug the keyboard and pry off the key cap. Clean the key cap thoroughly, and spray the area...

Cleaning Tools Tools for cleaning a laptop are easy to find and inexpensive. A lint free cloth and an old toothbrush will generally do the job. However, for some areas of cleaning, in place of the toothbrush you may want to use compressed air or invest in a computer vacuum. 1. Turn off your laptop.

If you procrastinate in cleaning your house, when you do finally get around to it, you may be overwhelmed as to where to begin and how long it will take. Cleaning the entire house in one fell swoop will take a large portion of your day, but once it's done, you can relax for the week.

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How Often to Clean Your Laptop. Needless to say, laptops should be cleaned regularly to keep them germ-free and working at their best.

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First off a little explanation of how keyboards are built (not mechanical keyboards). First you have the keyboard case, which is usually compromised of two pieces, the base and top which holds the actual keys. Inside the keyboard there will be a couple layers of film plus a rubber keypad.

Many external keyboards will also let you remove individual keys, which is great for cleaning the spaces underneath the keys. This will also let you give each key a more thorough cleaning. Check the manual for your specific keyboard to see if the keys are removable, and how to remove and replace them if they are.

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Mechanical Keyboards are GREAT innovations that definitely changed the lives of us gamers for good but it also comes with its responsibilities too! It appears that they get dirty by time with no cleaning and many sessions of dining in front of the computer.. We all have been that person who eats against the computer, no need to...

One icky but effective way to clean your computer keyboard is to invest in some of the gooey, often bright-colored stuff known as cleaning gel or cleaning gum. (Cyberclean is one common brand.) This gelatinous adhesive picks up dust and dirt by squeezing between the smallest cracks of your keyboard (including between the keys) and suctioning

Did you know that computer keyboards harbor dirt, germs, and bacteria? (Not to mention debris, especially if you're snacking at your desk.) So, it's a good idea to give it a good cleaning. Ideally, you should clean a keyboard at least once a month, as well as sanitize it weekly. Here's how to do both.

How Often do Switches Need Cleaning? Your keyboard should be given a quick once over with a cloth once a week. Yes, you heard me right, once a week. It only takes a minute or two and is important for keeping your keyboard running like new. When it comes to a bit more of a deep clean, once a month is a good idea.

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You can use a small lint-free cloth to help clean the liquid out from between the keys, but do so with the keyboard still upside down. Leave the keyboard upside down for a day to help ensure as much of the liquid dries out as possible. A large amount of liquid spilled into the keyboard will usually result in the keyboard needing to be replaced, regardless of how well you try to...

Other non-keyboard inputs of the era included the MDTIM, revealed by Poika Isokoski, and Jot, introduced by Microsoft. This allowed computer customers to see what textual content characters they had been typing on their show screens for the primary time, which made textual content property easier to...

Once upon a time, I used Windex to clean a dusty flat-screen television display. With the first wipe, I knew something was wrong. Lo and behold: The chemicals had permanently damaged the screen.

Of the dirtiest things around the home, your keyboard is probably in the top ten! A 2008 WHICH? study found that many computer keyboards are dirtier than the average toilet, and a previous study found that keyboards had on average 3,295 microbes per square inch. Yet your fingers are in contact with it almost permanently when you're working, which can quickly cause sickness if you then go on to touch your mouth or nose.

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On the other hand, if you want to keep up with good performance, then you should consider it as an integral part of your success. The first step in learning how to clean a gaming keyboard is to make sure that you have a mechanical one. There are many advantages to owning a mechanical keyboard as opposed to a rubber dome keyboard.

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Learn from our expert some great techniques for cleaning your computer keyboard in this free how-to video on cleaning personal ...

Luckily, cleaning keyboards isn't overly difficult by comparison. Sometimes. Then again, we've all seen the decade-old boards that are caked in brown fuzz, and I'm not so sure I'd even bother cleaning something like that. Mechanical keyboards have the advantage of easily-removed keycaps and wider

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But aside from keeping your computer clean, anti-bacterial wipes like Well-Kept can come in handy for other electronics: Research shows that your cell phone can be seriously germ-ridden : according to a recent study, 1 in 6 phones is contaminated with fecal matter that could contain E. coli.

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