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Computer speakers and headphones at the same time

Use Speakers & Headphones At The Same Time In Windows 10

1. Connect your speakers and heaphones each to your computer. 2. Right click on Volume Mixer icon in bottom right of Windows...

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How do you get sound from both your headphones and speakers at the same time? I have been playing with the settings, but it seems that you need to select each and make them "default" to get sound from.

Step 1: Connect your headphone to your PC (and make sure that the speakers are also connected .If you have a external one but not necessary!) Step 2: Right-click on the volume icon in the taskbar and then click Sounds option to open Sounds dialog. And if the Volume icon is not appearing in the system tray of taskbar, please refer to our fix to missing Volume icon in Windows 10 guide.

headphones and speakers playing at the same time windows 10

Resolve Windows 10 related issues for your HP computers or printers by HP Windows 10 Support Center.

I have a Gigabyte P55-UD3 motherboard which comes with a Realtek sound card and audio header for the front panel. My headset is permanently connected to the front panel (mic in, headphones in) and I also have speakers connected at the rear of the computer. What I want to achieve is that both the headphones and the speakers work at the same time. On my old PC with Realtek, I was able to do this by clicking "Device advanced settings" in the Realtek HD Audio Manager and then clicking "Make front and rear output devices playback two different audio streams simultaneously" and then doing...

Most realtek or other soundcard drivers come with a software control pannel and some of them allow you to select options for that. In reality any method you use to allow you to leave both pluged in but only use one at a time will be a larger effort then just unpluging the headphones from the front when you are not using them.

When it opens up you should see two circles at the very bottom, under the letters (A B C D) . If the bottom circle is highlighted (Headphone outlet) then your laptop knows that your headphones are there. Same for the top circle (recording outlet). a. Click A and let it play through for both of your laptop speakers.

Windows 10 - Use speakers and headphones at the same time

Cannot use headphones and microphone at the same time: Hi, on my windows 10 computer, anytime I try to use my microphone, my audio immediately cuts out. I've fiddled with the sound control panel tons, but nothing seems to work. It happens no matter what kind of headphones I'm using also, so I'm really not sure what

Example my ZVUE has two 1/8 female stereo connections for two 1/8 male connections so lets say you and your friend could listen to music at the sametime with two different headsets. Or you could use mini stereo speakers L/R with 1/8 mini connector and you would be able to use a headset at the sametime.

The speakers are analog and the headphones are usb. The speakers are listed under sounds as realtek high definition audio. Anything else needed? I'm not sure about CODEC how would I check that?

How to use headphones and external speakers in parallel on a Windows computer. This guide will cover using speakers and headphones simultaneously in Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7. Step 1: Connect the headphones to the computer and make sure that the speaker is also connected.

Is it possible to use headphones and external speakers at the same...

It is possible, just need 2 sound cards active at the same time and programs that can control which output they go to! It is really not easy to find the program part but I am pretty sure they are out there. My work machine has the internal sound card and all of the basic system audio is routed to the internal speakers, my softphone is routed to a USB headset by the software.

If I set this to headphones and really connect the headphones there they work, but then I cant connect my speakers(simple stereo speakers) anywhere else because on all other jacks it doesnt ask me what did I just plug in.

I think the issue is that you don't have two soundcards, you have one soundcard that is switching between playing sound out of the speakers and headphones. If you bought a USB headset then you'd have two soundcards, and should be able to play different sounds through each one separately.

Dear Sir, I own a Compaq C-755TU notebook, the OS is Xp Professional, i hav installed drivers for audio, but whenever i plug in a headphone, both the laptop speakers and headphones work at the same time, kindly help me with this problem, Thanks in advance, Posted on Sep 16, 2008.

Speakers and headphones play audio at same time - IDT Audio Driver

hi all i think this is a bug in the IDT Audio Driver. i had the same with my new hp 615. and i have a solution v simple. uninstall the IDT from the add remove programs. and restart. windows will detect the HD audio device and will install a generic hd audio device. and this works great..! we will have to wait for some time untill IDT see this as a bug.

Maybe the external speakers would check on the difference. The sound properties-playback should have atleast a headphone and speaker default device or a communication headphones as another option.

Sorry I forgot to link :x. This is the one I use in my setup rolls mixer. I have my computer, Nintendo switch, and music all routed through it. I was tired of switching devices or not being able to get them through my speakers or headphones at the same time. What's cool about it is that you can run it to...

Some headphones require a stereo mini plug connection instead of the common red and white composite connection. You may purchase it at most electronic retailers if it didn't come with your unit. Turn on your TV and set it to the input of the source device connected in an earlier step.

Question / Help - Can't stream audio AND wear headphones at the...

I only want the software to capture the game audio. I have a mic and can't use it when the speakers get picked up by it. Maybe there is a way to use TWO sources of audio in the volume control panel? I could technically turn the speakers down manually and run my headphones at the same time if that could be done.

If in one case I would like to disable sound for the speaker, I would first select the output I want to disable and then disable the option (Marked by the green circle). This way sound will not come out of that output connection. The same goes for input devices. Here is another image of how 12.10 looks.

Hi there, I was wondering if it's possible to have music playing out from both the internal MacBook speakers and through the headphones plugged into the headphone jack at the same time. I have a 13" MacBook 2.0 GHz intel CPU bought in October.

Edit: I removed the Realtek Drivers alltogether so I have no drivers on that front, I went to Control Panel>hardware and sound> sound and now my Headphones finally showed up separate from the speakers which...

Speakers AND Headphones At the Same Time | Tech Support Guy

The reason is I have two sets of speakers and I want to use them both (the second set behind me) and have like a quadratic speaker setup but I only have one speaker port. I know I can use a Y-splitter on the speaker port but I don't have one and the stores are too far away so I don't feel like going right now.

Is there a way to plug my speakers into a soundcard output and at the same time have my headphones plugged in and then simply mute one or another through drivers?

If you have a sound device with two outputs, it can output the same source to both of them if the software and drivers allow it. My onboard does it just fine. Only have to uncheck the option to "mute the rear output when font panel is plugged in" and you can hear the source through both outputs at the same time.

Hi guys, so I own a keyboard with a jack out pass-through and I have been using that to easily switch between headphones and my stereo speakers. But now I want to connect the speakers directly to the motherboard, connect the headphones to the keyboard-jack when I want to use them and then switch ...

How to use 2 USB headphones at once on Windows 10

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I have only tried to play music from Youtube, as of right now and I know that it plays the sound from the speaker, and the headset at the same time. Running the command. Run alsamixer in a terminal and see if you have independent control for headphones and speakers. You might have to manually control them if the autodetect is not working.

Our industry leading "Bypass" function allows you to put the Transmitter between a TV AND an external speaker, and have audio come out from both devices AT THE SAME TIME. If you prefer Learning through Video, here's a Video that shows Option 3 in more detail: Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any question.

I was wondering if it was possible to use a USB headset with speakers at the same time. For example, playing csgo or tf2 with the headset while playing music on chrome or any other program using the speakers. Does anyone know if this is possible and if I need to download a specific program or anything.

Solved: No sound from speakers but headphones... - Dell Community

If you have the same symptoms with both audio drivers, then it is very probably not a driver issue. Contact tech support to have it repaired. Be aware that sometimes Dell will deny support if any media player other than Windows Media Player is on the laptop, so remove any other players before contacting them...

The volume controls may be buttons (shown in picture), or a secondary function of another key indicated with blue text. To activate these keys hold the Fn key at the secondary function key at the same time.

Everything was fine before, I used my headphones when i wanted, I unplugged it to use the speakers. Now I get the shock of my life when I'm watching cheesy movie trailers, and my parents laugh at me since they know I've been watching the same thing over and over again. I mean, it would be nice to find some music without being apprehensive about it, especially when you have parents who don't understand the meaning of NEW GENERATION.... yea a bit harsh, but can anyone please freakin explain????

Install the driver that is not getting recognized and reboot your computer. At the next restart, see if

Sound from BOTH headphone jack AND speaker??

Is it possible to get sound from both the headphone jack and the internal speaker at the same time?

Hey, basicly I have the same problem, my speakers and headphones are not working, I followed your instrustions and I did all of it, but it says at the end...

If you hear audio echo or audio feedback during your meeting, there are 3 possible causes: One of the meeting participants has both computer and telephone audio active at the same time. One of the meeting participants is using external speakers that their microphone is picking up, or is too close to.

As such, it's worth taking the time to make sure your speaker isn't acting like a giant microphone! In modern systems, particularly laptops, microphones, and headsets share the same multi-use port. With desktop PCs equipped with sound cards that are not integrated with the motherboard, you should also check if...

[2021] How to Record System Audio and Microphone at the Same Time

Audacity is an open-source audio editing and recording tool that is free to use. It can be used as a powerful cross-platform audio recording tool on nearly all the mainstream computer operating systems, like Windows, macOS, or Linux. You can use it to record the sound you hear from the speaker, i.e., the audio playing on your PC, while also capture the voice from the microphone.

You might be able to make up for the sound output being low while using the twin connector by turning up the volume. However I have noticed that the headphones or earphones used can also make a difference.

Sometimes we need to record both sounds from speakers and microphone at the same time, such as recording your song with background music, or recording both sides audio from voice call or video call on windows computer. No doubt, Cok Auto Recorder is the best software to do it, no messing around with setting, you can record both system audio and Mic audio easily.

Unplug and reconnect the headphones to your computer. Make sure that the headset plug is securely connected, then try playing an audio file to

How to get sound from headphones and the TV speakers... | Sony UK

Some TV models cannot output sound from both the headphones and the TV speakers at the same time.

(Like, buying a little mixer on Amazon). I have other programs like Adobe audition, but I get the same result. I have heard of software mixers but I am not sure about those either. I know this can be done because I hear it...

NOTE: If Headphone speaker link is not shown, select Audio to both TV speakers & other device to enable it and skip step 8.

The headphone jack is actually wired with resistors so the headphones don't get the full amplifiers output. The only way you can fry the speaker system, is to send voltage back through the headphone jack and/or crank the volume all the way up with a short or no speaker connection. Check speaker fuses!

Headphone Speaker Switch - Computer And Office - AliExpress

You can find headphone speaker switch items such as speaker headphones audio switch adjust converter, audio transmitter adapter, adapter audio transmitter and usb cusb a connector in AliExpress easily. When you explore AliExpress to shop headphone speaker switch, you can find other good deals on electric instrument parts

-Sibilant at times -Narrow soundstage. If you have a tendency to lose or break headphones, but you still value sound

Audio playing equipment such as loudspeakers, headphones, and earphones are widely used in PCs, laptops, smartphones, media entertainment systems, and more. In this section we refer to the any audio playing equipment that contains speakers (loudspeakers, headphones, earphones, etc.) as speakers.

While your phone is connected to a Bluetooth headset and Bluetooth car kit at the same time, you can switch between the headset and car kit to decide which you would like to use to play...

How to connect Speakers and headphones to same Sound card at...

i have Logitech x-540 and Koss Sb-40 headphones . How do i connect them to my x-f iat teh same time . right now i have to take the speakers off when i want...

How To Connect Two Bluetooth Speakers/Headphones To Smartphone In this Video Tutorial, I have shown how you can connect ...

I use a minijack to phono cable to connect my X-fi to a hifi amplifier where i have 4 speakers and a pair of HD650 headphones connected. With that config I can have sound out of the headphones and the speakers at the same time. It is quite useful for me if I play a game that support Trackir with a friend, because then I need to wear the headphones with the Trackclip, and this way we both get audio.

Now, if you are wondering why would anyone want to use two audio devices at the same time, it normally happens when one person in the family wants to enjoy the music on headphones whereas others want to listen to it on the speakers.

Having speakers and headphones at the same time? | Forum

I have not however tried out the Sescom myself (I would have the last time I went looking, which is 4 years ago, but couldn't find anybody to sell me one, to NZ, at a non-extortionate price). Admittedly I've recently...

Ask the two people that are too close to each other to move apart or shut a door. You could also ask one of them to leave the audio conference or mute audio on their device; though muting by itself may not always be as effective in reducing the echo. Using headphones helps reduce the echoing effect, too.

In order to uninstall the device temporarily, go to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices and then select the headset and choose Remove Device. Also, make sure to check the option at the bottom of the same page in order to download the necessary Bluetooth drivers even when you have metered connections.

I quick guide on how to play audio with your headphones and speakers at the same time, without the annoying delay between

Play Headphones And Speakers At Same Time

If you want to use headphones and computer speakers at the same time, on the same computer, you will...

my 2.1 speakers are great for music and everything EXCEPT games. so i want to get a pair of zalman 5.1 headphones. i don't wanna put a bunch of 5.1 speakers in my room. i mean where would you put the center channel anyway? it seems pretty crappy to setup a real 5.1 system for a computer.

Leveraging advanced cloud computing technology, ezOntheCall offers real-time access to medical records and clinical test results stored in hospital information systems (HIS) to enable healthcare professionals to quickly and easily retrieve the most up-to-date data on patients for immediate sharing...

The speakers and microphones on our laptops and mobile devices are usable. But you're probably looking for a better audio experience now that working from home is standard for many of us -- which means tons of virtual meetings and video conferencing. Buying a set of headphones that's good for making a phone

Using both headphones and speakers | NI Community Forum

I would like to pre-listen to the next song with my headphones while listening to the current song with my speakers, but I only have 1 line out in my macbook. I know I can buy the Audio DJ but I don't want to spend 120$ for something I won't use in the future if I'll buy a controller (Controller is a way also right?).

Just to clarify the audio was coming out of my headphones and the on board laptop speakers at the same time. It turned out it was the 'Headphone jack sense' was unticked in 'Gnome ALSA Mixer'. I had to install Gnome...

At times, headphones need something that is like a composite connector (mostly found in white and red color combination). That means, they do not need connectors in the form of mini plugs.

Your digital piano, electronic keyboard or synthesizer may have speakers. But to record you need to find the line level output(s).

Solved - "The speaker, headset or headphone is unplugged"

Monitor with built-in speakers is connected over an HDMI cable and so the speakers cannot be actually disconnected. Strangely, the sound feature comes or goes by either a reawakening or a reboot. Speaker icon has a red X indication when it has failed and none of the Windows sounds play.

You sure digged up long time dead thread. But it would be equally redundant to always need to plug/unplug headphones for switching between them and speakers. Besides causing wear of connectors. And you can't just use same signal for headphones and speakers, because of drastically different way how ear receives sound from them. (or possible different number of channels) Listening...

The way I get sound to come out 2 sources with my headset is to set Windows Sound output to 'Speakers' and set the one application I need in my ears (CS:GO) as my Logitech G35's as its output device. Check your sources' Sound menu and try switching things around a bit.

i got the NP8660 and i was wondering if there was a program or adjustments i could make so i could use a media player like vlc, windows, or winamp to play music through my speakers while i have another program(s) like ventrilo and videogames playing in my headphones. thx for any help.

Five Best Desktop Computer Speakers

For those times, you need quality computer speakers. Whether it's pure audio quality, size and shape, or bang for the buck, choosing the best speakers is a tricky affair, but thanks to your nominations, we were able to pick five sets that will never disappoint.

If I want to listen to headphones and get a headphone amp, what kind of switch/selector/receiver should I get? I don't really want to buy a real receiver since I'm a poor student lol...what would be the cheapest solution without losing any SQ? I tried looking at places like radio shack but all i see are selectors with RCA plugs instead of 3.5mm.

Computer Speakers ELEGIANT PC Speakers with 3 Light Modes, USB Powered Stereo Speakers, with

It has great connectivity as there is two AUX input port in the speakers which allow you to use two devices at the same time which makes it less mess and easy to handle. A port for 3.5mm jack headphone and is also provided or an RCA output. The sound is quite clear and natural for a speaker and gives an excellent feel the music playing in it.

How to use USB headset and speakers at the same time?

How to play speakers and a USB headset at the same time? I have a problem with my USB connected headset. It has a mic connected, along with headphones, but the sound doesn't work but the mic is still working. However i cannot use my mic, when using my speakers, or the traditional earphones.

I just had the same problem. I was listening to Google music for a few hours no problem, but one track decided to play threw the speaker and not the headphones. Not sure what happened, I skipped the track and all was good again.

[Michael Chen] liked the sound he was getting out of these Corsair SP2200 computer speakers, with one big exception. They were giving off some unpleasant crackling sounds. He figured this might be as easy as replacing a faulty potentiometer, but soon found out the fix was going to be more complicated than that.

Function: Headphones output audio from a computer through two individual headphones for a single listener. Also known as earphones, headphones allow you to listen to audio without disrupting other people in the vicinity. Popular Brands: Sennheiser, JBL, Bose, Sony, Skullcandy.

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