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Step 5: Use Computer Case for Something Else. I re-used my case by installing my CNC router electronics inside the case. Including the inverter for the spindle. Everything fitted nicely inside. These cases are great for some bigger projects. I have seen people use them as bird houses, post boxes, you name it.

This is another case in which maintenance is a real pain though, and trying to re-use parts which have been in mineral oil requires an enormous amount of cleaning. So it's better as a show PC rather than being your everyday workhorse. One thing to remember is that when using old parts, you'll need to clean them very thoroughly before submerging them in oil.

Here though we are just going to focus on computer case respurposing ideas. Here we will take a closer look at different ways that you can take those old pc towers and turn them into something useful around the house. It is important to keep in mind that in each of the following ideas, we always start out with a case that has been gutted out.

How to Repurpose Old PCs and Laptops. As a result, a lot of small businesses have a closet somewhere that is full of old computers and related junk, and no one knows what to do with it. However, The open source community has created a number of projects that can breathe new life into aging PCs.

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The standard parts in a desktop PC include case, power supply, motherboard, CPU, memory, storage devices of various sorts, and maybe a graphics card or network card. To some extent, each of these can be upgraded or added to seperately from the ot...

The smaller your PC the more places you can put it, so laptops are obvious choices for moving around to different parts of your home. We've posted before with suggestions for repurposing an old laptop so be sure to check those out as well.

Upcycled Repurposed Braided Yellow Red and Black Computer | Etsy. This bracelet is a fun and attractive way to help save our environment!

for the fish tank check out instructables. essentially you pull the tube from the monitor case and create a custom fitted acrylic tank to hold the fish. It can be done with any tube style monitor, computer or TV. The most dangerous part is evacuating the charge from the tube.

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Depending on the size of your old computer, be it laptop or desktop, it might be just right to sit out of sight for occasional use only. Say, when you need a recipe on screen in the kitchen, or when guests are spending the night and need to look something up. A lightweight Linux distro like Zorin (in the video above) could be just right for this setup, as it mimics the look of Windows and macOS quite well, so there's

How to Repurpose Old PCs and Laptops As a result, a lot of small businesses have a closet somewhere that is full of old computers and related junk, and no one knows what to do with it. However, The open source community has created a number of projects that can breathe new life into...

Admittedly, this probably isn't a concern with a MacBook Pro, but I've seen people repurpose Mac Pros or even old Xserves into home servers, and I have to wonder if they considered how much power these computers are wasting running 24/7/365. From what I've been able to gather online, running these machines 24/7 can add around $200 to $500 to your power bill annually, depending on your usage, configuration and geographic location.

Nobody wants to throw out something that has a use, but in some cases computer equipment can be extremely obsolete and thus might not be worth the trouble of refurbishing, repairing, or repurposing. As a number of Spiceworks users noted, the cost of repair and cost of ownership (power consumption...

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So I have this old machine: Intel Pentium E5200, 2GB of DDR2 RAM, Radeon R5 230 2GB GPU, Gigabyte G31M-S2L MOBO which is currently sitting doing nothing. I thought of turning it into a NAS server or a router, but in a couple of weeks i'm moving for college and can't take the old machine with me. Also this thing is going to spend electricity and I can't take advantage of it running 24/7, so a NAS solution doesn't make sense for me. My main workstation machine (which I'll be taking with me) has 400GB of raw data right now that are not backed up anywhere.

Somewhere in the depths of the attic, everyone still stores a giant, cube-shaped computer monitor from the '90s. If you have one, don't kick it to the curb just yet. There are many things you can still do with your old tech relics, such as modifying them to sound like Thom Yorke.

Your old electronics are full of toxic materials and should never make it to a landfill. Cadmium, arsenic and lead are some of the toxic elements used in electronics. If these materials leak into the soil or nearby rivers, it will surely result in long term damage to the ecosystem and may even have a deadly impact on our food or water supplies.

For a more creative spin on how to repurpose broken electronics, check out this seriously cool book and accompanying Facebook page,. The book features step-by-step instructions to craft an infrared camera from floppy disks, a compost bin from an old scanner, a speaker system from old hard drives...

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What old hardware have you repurposed? Reminder: If you start a thread asking for help with a problem, please remember to use the Thread Tools to mark the issue as "SOLVED" once you have a solution. This will help other people with the same problem when they search for answers.

The old computers could also be converted into a light-weight computer called a thin client. In a business environment, these thin clients provide the basic resources to connect a user to a more powerful server where users will perform their daily tasks much faster than they would on the old computer. Utilizing the old PC as a thin client helps cut costs and maximizes the investment in the old computer. There are a number of free and open source applications that can be installed on the old computers that change their roles completely from a desktop computer.

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If the screen of your old laptop or computer is working well, and if either the CD/DVD or the most important part the hard drive is still functioning, turn it into a cheap and amazing digital photo frame. Turning the wireless connection on, you can even make it to slideshow your latest selfies and other photos.

This time I'm making an HTPC case using acrylic and veneer. Electronics come from an old HP laptop, but this can be easily ...

Brian recently bought a MacBook Air. He wants to know if he can repurpose his old Mac as a server to run Plex. Leo says that Brian's old dual-core iMac isn't super fast, but you can run Plex on an Atom processor, so it'll work on that iMac, but it may struggle with 4K. In that case, getting a dedicated NAS, like Synology, would be a better option.

If you have an old computer, why not set up a NAS for it? Use it as a cloud server to save some bucks from subscribing Dropbox or ...

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Computer Scientist & Information Security Researcher, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

The easiest way to start repurposing old video content is by transcribing your videos. Releasing your video with the transcript below helps to engage your audience. Your transcription can also be used to add subtitles to your videos and thus to improve you video SEO. A video with subtitles can work well in situations

I Ve Always Said Some Of Those Computer Towers Could Be Furniture They Are So Tall Computercase Nightstand Ideias Bonitas Reciclagem Eletronica Reciclagem.

Make the blanket as big or as little as you want by adjusting the number and size of the shirts you make. Upcycled Pillow Cases. One easy way to freshen up a room is by adding new pillows. You can repurpose old T-shirts, button-ups, cardigans, sweatshirts, or polos to create cases that slip over old...

Repurpose An Old iPhone

The thing about smartphones is that they are just miniature computers, and with just a little thought and creativity, you can find many uses for an old iPhone. Here are some simple tips on how to repurpose an old iPhone that will make you realize how useful these old gadgets can be.

If your old PC has at least 8GB of RAM, you can use it as your own NAS. Simply download FreeNAS, a software accessible on Windows, MacOS, or Linux, that enables you to create a shared backup of your computers. FreeNAS has access permissions and allows you to stream media to a mobile OS, like iOS and

These are just a few of many different ways to repurpose your old electronic devices, and something to do other than just taking them to a recycling program. All of these options are environmentally friendly and your old technology will never go out of style!

1. Floppy Disk Planters (source: BRIT+CO). 2. Mosaic Ornaments Of Old CDs (source: Creme de la Craft). 3. Cd Case Greenhouse (source: Mega Crafty). 4. Cat Bed from a Computer Monitor (source: instructables). 5. Cassette Tape Wallet (source: instructables). 6. Notebook from old Floppy Disks (source: instructables).

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Check out our repurposed old paper selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops.

Repurposing Computer Monitors. If you have an interest in tech, want to indulge your thrifty side, or are merely interested in trying something new, repurposing your old monitor is a great idea. Even if you're not sure how to go about it, you can find guides online that will walk you through the process.

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Air Display is easy to set up: Just install the desktop client, install the iPad app, and connect them to the same Wi-Fi network. You can then right-click on the Air Display icon in the system tray and select your iPad to connect it to your computer. Air Display acts just as a second monitor does--you can adjust the position in the Display Settings menu, and mirror the desktop--and you can still tap-to-click using the iPad's touchscreen.

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The one is a really old Dell, but the other is an HP Pavilion from about 2010. It sure would be nice to use the latter with my HP Mini. Note that I'm in Indonesia, in a town that doesn't have anything like Radio Shack, so...

Nobody wants to throw out something that has a use, but in some cases computer equipment can be extremely obsolete and thus might not be worth the trouble of refurbishing, repairing, or repurposing. As a number of Spiceworks users noted, the cost of repair and cost of ownership (power consumption...

Selling your computer might sound an attractive option, but older Apple Macs, PCs and laptops have very low resale values. In fact, some companies will charge you a fee for them to take the machine off your hands. You can try selling it online either through an auction site like eBay or direct to a second-hand dealer.

In case you've to look after an Apple iPhone first creation screen replacement then you wish to consider what your choices.

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With rumors of the new iPad Mini 6 coming this fall, it may be time to start thinking of ways to recycle your old model.

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Quilted nylon laptop case with convenient carrying handle. Shop The Marc Jacobs Computer Case.

Taking up space in junkyards, landfills, and garages everywhere are old mailboxes. However, when ingenuity takes over, people find new ways to use them. And it has nothing to do with the postman. If you have an old mailbox or two lying around, or if you love to upcycle the old, then these ideas are for you!

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