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Exam Success Wishes

I have never had a reason to doubt your intelligence so, you shouldn’t too. You are a lovely and intelligent lady and you will definitely do well in your exams. Love you

Exams! exams! exams! Success! Success! Success! That’s just the way it is! Best of luck to you, brother!

Throughout the odyssey of these exams, may the Holy Spirit be with you and bring all things to your remembrance. Neither grumble nor murmur, but be of good cheer for unsurmountable success is yours. The grace of God shall be sufficient for you. You shall

Go into the examination hall confidently, dear, for what awaits you is success, and nothing less

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, with prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, present your request to God. Peace in your exam Lovely

All I desire at this moment is to see you succeed. Thus, go ahead and do that in this final exam. More power to your elbow, sis

Here’s wishing you the very best wishes for your examination and may God crown your late nights with good success. Good luck with your exam, jellybean

All for my sis, I wish you the best of the best results in this exam

If red is your best colour, it’s time to hate it. You don’t want to see red ink in your report sheet!

Wishing you good success on your exams. Best of luck, great colleague

May good luck follow you today and throughout your examination and always. Good luck, my good friend

Your success in this exam shall be immeasurable and unbeatable

Don’t turn your life upside down due to fear. Embrace success and appreciate what you have learned. You will succeed in this exam dear friend

As your parent, I pray, you shall climb the ladder of success in this exam. No one shall take your crown nor your place at the top. You shall remain unbeatable

Before, during, and after your exams, you’ll always have reasons to smile because your joy will know no bounds. I love you always deary

Make sure you study very hard so that you can be the best. That exams are not difficult, Neither are they hard. Good Luck for your exam! Wish you success

Hello friend, ensure to do your part by studying very hard and praying and I believe the mercy of God shall fulfill their part in bringing you a remarkable success. Put this in mind!

As you endeavor to have an excellent result in your coming exam, I pray that you have the mental and physical strength to go through this exam and come through successfully

Exams are meant to test our skills, not our fears. Go in there and bring out the best that has been instilled in you. Good luck!

As you sit for your exams this week, I wish you wisdom and retentive memory. Good luck with your exams

If exams were so easy, everyone will pass. They aren’t easy, that’s why you have to prepare for them. I pray that God grants you the wisdom to excel at this exam

I have not seen anyone half as intelligent as you are, I’m confident your exam will be a huge success, dearest

Study well, it is the best thing to tackle any fear. It will be a success!

See your exams as a relationship. The more you nurse the fear of breakup, the more insecure you will be. So dear friend, leave every fear aside and succeed in your exams

I pray God grants you success in your examination and bless your hard work with good success. Good luck with your exam, damsel

You are not regular, you are extraordinary. And that is why your results will also be extraordinary. Have the best of health as you show this exam what you are made of

You’re not just going to pass to be promoted, you will excel outstandingly, such that men would be wowed by you. I call you favoured lovely

Sweetheart, how is prep going? I’m sure you gonna do me proud, my brilliant princess

You shall have the strength and grace to succeed in this exam. You shall not be laid back

Success is near to you, do not be afraid to do the needful. Best of luck, son!

Fear, anxiety and failure are not your portions in this exams. You shall only exude the confidence for success

May your path be blessed with excellence and so may all your efforts for this exam be rewarded with great success. Be at your best and make sure to get some rest too

I wish you my sweet, complete success in your exams. You shall excel and be the best among your peers

Put your best forward, like you always do. Victory is certain. All the best, my love

I wish you have a blast in your exams because you’re more than capable! Keep making me proud always, Sweet

I hope the reward for your hard work towards the exams will be an excellent success. Good luck, my sweet daughter

Good luck to you in your exams. Make sure you bagged all the great grades and put a smile on everyone’s face

Dear friend, you don’t have to be a bookworm to succeed, you also have to believe you will. Good luck in your exams!

I pray you have the strength to study hard and the will to be the best. Best of luck in your exams

God will teach you and help you understand the way to make the right points in your exams. You will be the head always

I’m counting on you to get a perfect score in your exams. Your are brainy and you have God, so nothing will stop you from having the best results

I know my boyfriend is intelligent and hardworking, therefore, good success will he have. Best of luck on your exams, dearie

Calm down, don’t rush, don’t forget to go through your work before submitting. I believe in you, make me proud

Because you have the mind of Christ, you know all things! Go and write down A’s in your exams

My prayer is that God never stops to be with you. I know you can surely make it to the best point ever. Success as you write your final year exams

I pray that you excel beyond your expectations in this coming exam. You shall be rewarded for all the period of time you spent studying and preparing, amen

You will always succeed, be it during or after your examination. I wish you all the very best today and always

I know and believe you will do just perfect in your exams. Good luck to you, my charming son

You came, you saw and you’re conquering! Grow in His grace and knowledge. You are victorious my Best

My dear friend, fear and doubts shall not prompt you to give the wrong answers, you shall be bold enough to give the right answers, in this exam

As you write your final year exams, I can’t wish you anything else but success. I know surely that you deserve it, and God in his infinite mercy will grant even more than you desire. I’m sure that better days await you

Give the exam your best effort and build up your future. Wish you all the best for your exam!

These exams will promote you, you will be the best, my love. Study hard!

May your rainbow of success appear in your clouds as you seat for your exams

Dear love, I wish you good luck in your exams and amazing scores in your results

Abraham Lincoln said: ” I will work and wait till my opportunities come”, surely you have to work hard for this exam and this is your time to enjoy the opportunity of good success dear. Good luck to you!

Dear Lord, I am new to the university and it has been a major change in my life. I live and enjoy what I am learning, but I struggle in assignments and exams. Lord, you have walked by my side since I was born and helped me learn and grow to become the per

Aim for the best in your exams and don’t have anything to worry about, because you’re going to do great. Good luck to you, beautiful

You always make your results with awesome grades and these exams won’t be an exception. Good luck, my dearest brother

I pray that God’s abundant grace will sustain you during the duration of your exam and grant you success at the end. Totally rooting for you

This exam shall bring you the success no previous one has ever done. It shall be a unique success for you

A little sleep, a little slumber! Be sure to make your book your best friend for this while. Wishing you the best of luck!

We can’t all be bookworms but whatever worm you choose to be, don’t forget your books especially now that you have exams

Show your best with the exam script. You can do this and I believe you will come out excellently well. All the best!

As you prepare, you read with direction and you have a divine understanding. Grace and favour are my wishes for you my love

The grace to answer questions appropriately shall follow you from the beginning to the end of this exam, you shall remain calm throughout the period of this exam, son

While your mates are writing the answers, you will not be in the hospital job. Amen

I want you to focus completely on this exam before you, in a short while, it will be over. Give it your best as you have always done and watch so much success come to you

Hello, Bestie. Your exams are at the corner. You gonna score each as a goal. Best of luck!

I wish you good luck and not just any luck as you write your exams. Take matters into your hands and be your best in your studies. Good luck

Bae, if I’m sure of anything, that will be of your success in life. Go ahead and prove me right in this exam. Success is yours, sweety

Good luck to my husband as he begins his exams today! You have always been the best in everything you ever did and this won’t be an exception of the BEST. Success is yours, darling

I am not only wishing you good luck, but I wish you excellence because it is greater than anything in the whole universe! All the best dear friend!

I understand that passing this exam will go a long way to giving you a better future. I pray that you get an excellent result as always and have a beautiful future ahead

May your hard work be fruitful with good grades and happiness after your examination. Good luck

Don’t be frightened dear, always be diligent and I believe if you do, you will stand out to be the best. Success in your exams

I pray you shall not be sick, you will start and end your exams in good health. God will equip you with all you need to make this exam a success. Good luck sweet

The best thing to do at this exam period is to get over whatever might be bugging your heart. Have a successful exam

Go ahead and make us proud in this exam. Yarn for success until success becomes your in this exam, sweety

My dear son, hear my prayers for you concerning your exams. I pray that you shall read where is expected to be read and write the actual answers needed. Success abundance!!!

God bless your mind and bring you to the understanding of what you have learned. You won’t be confused or distracted. Success is being revealed to you, son

Best wishes to you, be relaxed, calm and collected… Success awaits you, dear!

Exams do make us tense, but I want you my friend to relive your mind off any tension and keep seeing yourself succeed

No matter the result of your exams, they don’t define you. Good luck, sweetie pie. Good Luck Messages

The Lord is on your side, go in and crush every single exam question just like you have been practicing, I totally believe in you. Cheers to your success

Write all you know about a topic. You never know what the instructor is looking for. Success, baby

I covet God’s grace upon you and admire your brilliance. That’s why am so sure this exam is done and dusted. Wishing you the very best

As you go for your exams today, may the Lord grant you retentive memory. Go there and show them who you are

Now is the time to show yourself approved, all you gotta do is study. Best of luck, sweet sis!

May the success of your forthcoming examination lead you on to greater heights, I pray that your nerves will be calm and that your health will be sound now and always

The sitting arrangement in the exam hall will not favour anybody that is capable of implicating me in the exam hall in Jesus name. Amen

May you be blessed with wisdom and retentiveness to succeed in this examination. Distinctions shall be your testimony. Success!

Good luck to you in your examination, my one and only. Go kick ass in the examination hall

Wrapped in this message is a great success, specially designed for you, in your coming exams. All the best, dear

As we go through life’s journey, I continue to wish you the very best one can ever achieve. May you continue to excel to greater heights. All the best as you take your final exams

May your preparations be enough to make you smash in this exam. Victory all the way, my lover

Don’t stress yourself about how hard or how good it will be. Put your best into it, revise and re-read. I wish you success in your exams

God made the hills, but He has given us the knowledge to climb them. Get the right knowledge to get pass this exam. All the best!

Go ace your examination and remember to bring home all the good grades. Good luck to you, my baby

May your examination results be filled with good grades as bad grades are not for you. Good luck to you, buddy

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