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Farewell Messages for Colleague

As you desire to leave for a better land, I hope everything works as your plan. Farewell dear colleague!

Your positive spirit is contagious to your people. I enjoyed working with you. I will miss your presence and leadership, boss. Best wishes.

I really appreciate your support and those path showing favors when I was going wrong. I am going to miss you badly.

I wish you all the best in your new beginning. Workplace won’t be the same without you.

Happy farewell and goodbye dear. I’m seriously going to miss you here!

Whenever I was doomed, you were there to uplift me. Thanking you is just not enough! You are my arousal.

Thank you for your help and kindness. You are the best colleague I have ever met. Keep in touch dear.

In all honesty, all of us at work will tremendously miss you. You were such an excellent mentor to some of us. Good luck with your new endeavor.

Saying Goodbye is never easy. Your memories will always have a warm place in my heart. I will really miss you.

All I would be missing your towering presence, constant support, inspiring words as a supportive colleague. Farewell, all the best.

It is sad to see you leave. The office won't be the same without you. Take care, and wishing you all the best.

It's difficult to say goodbye to you because I have found my best friend in you. Farewell!

With a heavy heart, I bid you goodbye, my friend. Farewell.

Your energy and work ethic are some of the many things I love about you. All of us at work will miss you, and more importantly, we’ll always remember you as a great employee.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with someone like you. May you find success in your new enterprise.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with someone like you. May you find success in your new enterprise.

Goodbye to the best colleague I ever had! What an amazing bonding we shared all these years and I can’t thank you enough for that.

Your supportive and caring nature helped the team come all along this way with no hitches. Farewell and cheers to new life.

Farewell and Goodbye Dear! Though your leaving can’t apart us, yet I am feeling pain. I'm going to miss you in the office.

We wish you lots of money and a loving boss in the coming future. So go now and never come back! Best of luck!

I am so lucky that I have a motivating coworker like you. My Dear, these have been wonderful years to work with you.

Thank You! For all those hectic days you were there by my side. It's a great pleasure to work with you!

Thanks for all those help and support in the tasks I wasn't able to do by mine. Goodbye!

It's time to move on and scale new heights. But don't forget the old friends out of sights. See you!

It’s time to say goodbye, partner. It was a privilege to have worked with you!

Never told you, but I was always learning from you. You were my all-time inspiration and will be in the next. I will miss my Idol.

Working without you is going to be boring, but this is life! Wish you all the best in your tour of endeavors future.

I hope you achieve great things in your new job. Farewell, partner.

It has been a wonderful experience working with an inspirational man like you. All of us at work will greatly miss you. We wish you success in your future enterprise.

Happy farewell dear colleague! Thank you for the good times and sweet memories that we shared together.

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