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Good Afternoon

This love we share has helped me to embrace other beauties of life like; procreation. Emotions among others and I am very grateful for the exposure that came with loving you

The sun shines so brightly, just like your life illuminates my world. Giving it a new look, unlike when I was still single and yet to find your love

I will always be there to cheer you up whenever disappointments and setbacks knock you down. Good afternoon my dearest brother

Nothing feels as bad as missing this beautiful afternoon without you around. I miss you so much. Good afternoon, my dear

I love you forever and I wish you have a beautiful afternoon. Good afternoon, my prince charming

Good afternoon my cuppy cake. Do have an awesome day ahead

Whenever you are around, life feels so good, fulfilling, exciting and lovely. I just can’t wait to see you by nightfall, so we can keep blowing kisses on each other’s soft lips. Good afternoon, my love

God gave you to me as a great gift. I thank him for you and pray that you’ll be the best he has planned for you. Good afternoon, my friend

I really can’t wait to see you dad. And I hope you have the best day ever today. Good afternoon Dad

May you be truly blessed. Before the day ends, may all your desires for the day be fulfilled and your heart be joyful

Your love always makes my heart beat faster than usual and I always have goosebumps whenever I’m with you. I cherish you forever. Good afternoon my princess

I wish that every second of today will be beautiful and amazing in your life. Good afternoon, my love

You’re one of the rarest gifts of nature to mankind. The inspiration which you give to many is very rare to find in a world like ours, and I know that you’ll surely make it to your desired level. Good afternoon

I wish you were here to enjoy this beautiful view of the sun with me in midday. Good afternoon my good friend, do have a great day ahead

As the day moves on, I wish you success in all you attempt today. I wish you much blessings from God and men. Good afternoon, friend

A friend like you is one who should be valued and held in high esteem. A few years from now, I know that things will turn around, and those dreams will surely come into practical manifestation. Keep moving forward dear. Good afternoon

May this afternoon be the beginning of greater afternoons for you and yours. Enjoy its sweetness

You Kept Me The day began fresh, innocent in its beauty. Yet in its progression have sent many to destinations unforetold. You alone have kept me. Your bosom a shield from trouble. Guide me oh Lord that this day may end for me in Peace, love and Joy

A beautiful, cool and awesome afternoon to the man of my dream – You. I will always cherish and love you till the end of time

It’s a beautiful afternoon, but it can still be more beautiful by just hearing your melodious voice. Good afternoon

My afternoon has always been splendid ever since you came into my world, because I have you to share it with. Good afternoon my darling husband

Right now, I’m out here under the shade, resting. But I still feel like the afternoon breeze is not blowing around me because you are not around to keep me company. Baby, I just want to say that I adore every moment spent with you. Take care of yourself,

May this afternoon cause blessings to chase you. May this afternoon not do anything that will harm your achievements. And may this afternoon support your progress very much. Good afternoon, my sister and friend

Hello damsel, I wish you a pleasant afternoon and I can’t wait to see you this evening. Good afternoon sweetie pie, do have a fabulous day ahead

Remember to keep your head and chin up and the sky will only be a stepping stone to higher level in life. Good afternoon my amazing brother

Let me be The Standard Let me be a standard for all others. Let my work stand out in excellence. Let my gain be a rich reward. This is my prayer this afternoon

Here’s a message from a heart that cares, telling you to make good use of each minute you have. I’m sure there are better days ahead, and your set goals shall be accomplished. Good afternoon to you

Creating has been a thing to look forward to because you awaken the art in me by just being present always. May you experience beauty as a noon today and beyond

I just want to check on you and tell you that I love you. Good afternoon, cuppy cake and do enjoy the rest of your day

Here’s a quick reminder that you’re always on my mind. You know I love you right? Well, I do. Good afternoon, handsome

I know that you always work hard to provide for the family, but I want you to enjoy the rest of the day doing nothing but just to relax and enjoy your day to the fullest. Good afternoon, beautiful

It’s my sincere wish that the joy and happiness you’ve brought to me remains with you today and always. Good afternoon my love

May your afternoon be exciting and full of merriment. Good afternoon, my sweetie pie. I love you so much

Hello love, I hope you’re having a great afternoon? If not, just put a call through and I will be there to make sure your midday is fantastic. Good afternoon, my baby

You’ve showed me how to be caring and supportive too. I’m blessed to have a sweet mum like you are. Good afternoon Mum

Every moment of this afternoon, I desire for your touch, and I wish you were here with me. Good afternoon, dearest

This is just to wish you a pleasant afternoon, one with a lot to enjoy and nothing to regret at the end. Good afternoon, bro

Today is yours for the taking, just as tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and so on. Good afternoon, sunshine

If there is anything I owe you as a lover, it is good wishes for your mornings, afternoons and nights. If there is one I never like to miss, it is the opportunity to be in your afternoon with all the good words, good afternoon dear

I love being with a beautiful friend like you to enjoy this beautiful afternoon, but you’re miles away. So I wish your midday is as lovely as mine. Good afternoon my sweet friend

Does it feel like you are overworking yourself? Does the thought of completing your daily task make you feel overwhelmed? Baby, you don’t have to stress yourself. It’s okay to take a nap, for some minutes before you wake up to crush your daily target. Goo

This world as it stands is filled with many persons struggling so hard to make it to the top. The receiver of this message is one person that shall surely make it to the top in due time. Keep moving forward. Good afternoon

If I stay a year without you around me, I might as well have been hit on my toes with a hammer. I’m grateful you’re in my life. Good afternoon, friend

I’m missing you so much already and can’t wait to be with you soon. Good afternoon, my beautiful wife

With you as a friend, one has to constantly choose between two good things. You’re so amazing I wonder if you’re real. Good afternoon, friend

Knowing that you have vowed never to give up on your dreams is one thing that makes me feel so happy to have you around. Even though everything seems uneasy, I assure that it shall all end in praise. Good afternoon to you

The road to the future I want is the lane in your heart, the pool of your eyes is where I want to get lost in. you are a work of art worthy of adoration

Sweetie, I know you’re tired because you’ve been working since morning, right? Well, you’re supposed to take some nap by now. Okay? Get some rest before you resume work. I’m also wishing you a fun-filled afternoon

My afternoon is not complete without telling you how much I love you, my dearest. Good afternoon, do have a pleasant day ahead

May you always be as happy as you make me. Have a wonderful afternoon, darling

It’s my prayer that you end the day with a feeling of satisfaction, knowing that you achieved all your goals for today. Good afternoon Dad

Good afternoon my prince charming, do have a great and beautiful day ahead

May your day be filled with love, joy and happiness, just the way your love fills my heart. Good afternoon, my one and only

With all my affections for you, I’m wishing you a afternoon that’s as beautiful as your smile. Good afternoon, my baby

In the afternoon, the flowers are not as pretty as you are, my lovely sister. I wish you have a beautiful day ahead. Good afternoon my lovely sister

To my beautiful, caring, understanding and loving friend, I say good afternoon!

Here’s a message a heart that cares, telling you to make good use of each minute you have. I’m sure there are better days ahead, and your set goals shall be accomplished. Good afternoon to you

I know your schedule can be tight at times, just want you to know that I love you more than love itself and I’m glad to call you mine. Good afternoon, pumpkin

May you have a great and lovely afternoon is all I wish for you. Good afternoon my love, and do have a pleasant day ahead

Your love is encompassing, it never allows me miss an opportunity to wish you the best. This is me listening to my heartbeat and doing its bidding. Good afternoon love

I want to tell you that I love you dearly. Good afternoon, my precious love

May I Excel This afternoon, when compared with my contemporaries, don’t let me be found wanting in labour and in gain. May I measure up, may I excel

You make me always feel as if I’m a king. The way you always “crown” my efforts with your consistent support and advice. I must admit that I’ve been one of the few luckiest men to be married to your type. Good afternoon, my sweetheart

Best wishes to the best man in the world and the best thing that has and will ever happen to me in life – You. Good afternoon my man

How are you feeling right now? Does your body feel weak, sleepy and tired? Are you itching to round up for the day to go back home? Eiyaaa, sorry babe. You’ll only have to spend a few more hours, okay? Take care of yourself

Do have a beautiful, great and lovely afternoon dad. I love you beyond the stars

I can’t wait to see you and be back in your arms. I hope you have a great day at work. Good afternoon, handsome

You’re meant to be great. But greatness doesn’t come in a day, because the grind doesn’t give that which you do not seek. Keep forging ahead, because the sky shall not be your limit when the time comes

It’s a good time of the day, ensure that you engage only with protest will make you smile and avoid interactions that take away your peace of mind. In all that you’ll do, find joy. Good afternoon, my love

I believe in your dreams like they are mine and hope for better days on your behalf. All because whatever affects you affects me too. Good afternoon sunshine

Life is full of beautiful things with a beautiful woman like you in it. Good afternoon, damsel

Being with you makes the atmosphere awesome. I enjoy every moment with you. Good afternoon, special one

Calling you a hard working person is an understatement. You’re the perfect definition of who should succeed in life. And I know that you’re closer to your success story then one can ever be. Good afternoon

I yearn to hear from you, because you’re the one who always inspires and motivates me to believe in myself and my dreams. Good afternoon my dearest sister

Let my Sun Not go Down Mark now a straight way for me. Away from the crookedness of morning. Let my day shine brighter and let my sun never go down

Nothing can change the way I feel about you nor the way I love you. Good afternoon, my sweet girlfriend

I was at the cafeteria to grab something for lunch and the smile on the face of the cashier reminds me of your beautiful glowing smiling face. Good afternoon, my love

This is to say I got you on my mind and I’m grateful to have you as a friend. Happy afternoon to you. Enjoy it to the fullest

I believe in us and in our beautiful happily ever after. No challenge is enough is strong enough to make me believe otherwise or act in a way that will jeopardize our future. You have nothing to worry about but only ample reasons to enjoy another beautifu

A beautiful and amazing afternoon to the best friend in the entire universe – You. I cherish you always

When failure presses heavily on you, it’s my prayer that God will send helper to you in your time of need. Good afternoon, my love

Sweetheart, it’s my desire for you that today will be one of your best days in life. I love you my angel. Good afternoon darling and do have a lovely day ahead

May your voice be heard for good and may you never give up on your God-given dreams. May earth be sweet to you too. Good afternoon, my friend

Good afternoon. I hope the challenges of the morning time inspire you to be better before dawn

It’s the time of the day again when everything looks so beautiful and cool. Oh! How I wish you were here. Because I always enjoy spending my afternoons with you, baby. Take care of yourself, for me

This afternoon won’t be complete without telling you how much I love you, my dearest. Good afternoon, have a lovely day

Until the day is done, I wish you much favours and joy, more peace and blessings. Good afternoon, my big friend. I love you plenty

This day is bright, fair and suitable for a picnic. There is no other person I would rather be out with other than you

With you, the world is a beautiful place to live in. Good afternoon, my one and only

The glory of God you are in the world to make known will not be stolen from you, continue basking the ambience of his glory. Good afternoon baby I love you

Your morning may have been not so good, but I want you to remember that you still have enough time to change it for the better. Good afternoon my princess

May life brings you the best it has got to offer today, because you deserve nothing but the best. Good afternoon, sweetheart

I keep telling all who care to hear that you are one person they need around them. I tell them for their own good — and yours too. Don’t get drowned in pride, though. Good afternoon

Good afternoon my handsome and caring man, I wish you all the best today and always. I love you beyond the stars

I will always be here to motivate you when you’re down. Remember that I’m just a phone call away. Good afternoon, damsel

My best wishes is that you have a charming and wonderful midday. Good afternoon, handsome

Good afternoon to the first love of my life and I wish you all the best thing that life has got to offer today. I love you so much Dad

As your day goes on. As you are out to search for greener pastures. As you work towards the achievement of your set goals. I hope you know that giving up should be one thing you shouldn’t ever consider to do. Because your goals are closer than you can eve

Being with you, the atmosphere feels awesome and lovely, and I enjoyed every moment with you. Good afternoon, handsome

Be my Shelter The sun blazes and consumes in its intensity. Be my shelter and hide me from its fire. Let it not burn me, let it not smite. Do this according to your word. While I continue in labour, bless me goodly and let me go home with a basketful of h

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