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2021 Best Good Afternoon Friend Wishes Quotes

God gave you to me as a great gift. I thank him for you and pray that you’ll be the best he has planned for you. Good afternoon, my friend

As the day moves on, I wish you success in all you attempt today. I wish you much blessings from God and men. Good afternoon, friend

May this afternoon cause blessings to chase you. May this afternoon not do anything that will harm your achievements. And may this afternoon support your progress very much. Good afternoon, my sister and friend

This is just to wish you a pleasant afternoon, one with a lot to enjoy and nothing to regret at the end. Good afternoon, bro

If I stay a year without you around me, I might as well have been hit on my toes with a hammer. I’m grateful you’re in my life. Good afternoon, friend

With you as a friend, one has to constantly choose between two good things. You’re so amazing I wonder if you’re real. Good afternoon, friend

This is to say I got you on my mind and I’m grateful to have you as a friend. Happy afternoon to you. Enjoy it to the fullest

May your voice be heard for good and may you never give up on your God-given dreams. May earth be sweet to you too. Good afternoon, my friend

Until the day is done, I wish you much favours and joy, more peace and blessings. Good afternoon, my big friend. I love you plenty

I keep telling all who care to hear that you are one person they need around them. I tell them for their own good — and yours too. Don’t get drowned in pride, though. Good afternoon

Thank you for being an awesome friend. This is to wish you a blessed and fun afternoon. You’re always on my mind, buddy

May you rise above pains this afternoon and may the evening come to meet you strong and in good health. Good afternoon, my dear friend

May your hopes for the day that are already dead rise this afternoon. May heaven lose its patience to bless you right now. Amen. Good afternoon, sweet friend

Even if the weather changes all of a sudden, it won’t affect the blessings on the way to meet you; in fact, it will even facilitate more blessings. Good afternoon, friend

I wish you a blessed day filled with love and fun and joy. I wish you the best that can be gotten from the day. Good afternoon, friend

One thing I want to reveal to you this afternoon is my wish for you to come into a life of steady progress this afternoon and enjoy it forever. Good afternoon, friend

You are one hell of an amazing friend. I’m grateful you’re with me as a friend. I love you very much. And I wish you a beautiful and blessed afternoon

May the good Lord guide you throughout the day and may your goal for the day be a reality. Thank you for being a good friend. Good afternoon, paddy

How else can I rock this afternoon without popping a hi at the number one person in my life — at least, until I’m married? Good afternoon, friend

May the right people find you and do all they should do in your life. May you not miss your blessings at all. Good afternoon, friend

May you enjoy from the best of the afternoon today and may the remaining part of the day treat you nicely. Good afternoon to you, friend

From now on, you’ll enjoy much good from life. May your afternoon be blessed and may it give you great testimonies. Amen. Good afternoon, my fam

If I type thank you for being a good friend in this text, without exaggerating it will be the one-millionth time I have done that. You’re too sweet. Good afternoon

My wish for you this afternoon is that you get something that’s bigger than what all the wishes you’ve ever received can achieve when put together. Good afternoon, friend

The future is waiting for beautiful souls like you and you’ll live long enough to get to it. For now, enjoy your afternoon, dear friend of mine

May sadness be far from you and may you not see reasons to hate life on earth. Enjoy life, especially this afternoon. Good afternoon, friend

You inspire me to be the best of myself and I do my best to inspire you too. I’m blessed to call you friend. Enjoy the best of this afternoon, fam

Whatever change you need that is hard to come by will come to you. May all end well for you. Good afternoon, my dear sweet friend

Sounds from The Weekend is nothing compared to how your friendship makes me feel. You’re one friend I can’t let go. Good afternoon, friend

Every afternoon from today will be so blessed that you’ll have more love, peace and joy than you need in them. Good afternoon, my little friend

You can bet that your day will be blissful because this afternoon is set to reward beautiful, hardworking and great people like you. Enjoy the best of the afternoon, boy!

May you find this afternoon one you love, either now or later, because it will bring you into favour with someone who will make your future more beautiful. Good afternoon, my dear, sweet friend

Hope you’re having the best day among the days you’ve seen? I pray that significant blessings find you this beautiful afternoon. Good afternoon, dear friend

You are one of the best humans on earth and I’m not sure I will ever debate that. Plus I already love you in ways I can’t even express. Good afternoon, girl

You came into my life at a beautiful time, but sometimes I wonder how my life will be if you had come earlier. Good afternoon, paddy

Since noon is the brightest part of the day, you’ll experience so much brightness in your afternoon and every moment onward. Good afternoon

Sometimes, I want to rename you so we’ll be family for you’re so cute and awesome, so beautiful in and out. I love you, my friend. Good afternoon

May you begin to enjoy a steady rise from whatever low point you are in. And may the rise be so fast that you’ll get to the point you desire to be in no time. Good afternoon, fam

You are an angel to me, considering the many humans I’ve come across. I’m not trying to generalise, but everyone that looks like you must be an angel too. Good afternoon, friend

No amount of time spent with you will be enough for me. I love you, the person you are and the company you offer. Good afternoon, dear friend

Being around you is so awesome that even when I’m not around I still want to keep in touch. And this is me trying to reach out again. Good afternoon, dear

Have fun this afternoon and have for me too. Eat much, play ball, roll in the mud even. Just have fun, brother. Good afternoon to you, my friend

If this afternoon does not set you up for progress for the rest of your life, then what kind of afternoon is it? I love you, my friend. Good afternoon

When you look after a thing, it will come out good. When you walk, you’ll spread joy. The world will celebrate a lot of good that you possess. Good afternoon, friend

I hope the sun is shining grace upon you. I wish that your afternoon be filled with smiles and fun too. Have a very lovely afternoon, my friend

May you see the best way to go through life and may you use the information in the best way. I pray you enjoy every bit of life. Good afternoon, friend

May no bridge between you and what you need be burnt and may you not walk in the opposite direction of where you should go. Good afternoon, my friend

One minute, there’s greatness, the other, there’s peace, and next, there’s progress. May your life be this and even better. Good afternoon, paddy

May you be a master of your afternoon. May your strength not fail you when you need it and may you enjoy peace like a river. Good afternoon, dear

Young man, you are already doing axing things at your age. I can’t wait to see what superhuman things you’ll be doing in the future. Good afternoon, man

My wishes for you this afternoon and for the rest of the day are of joy and peace. I must also say that I’m proud knowing that I have a friend like you. Good afternoon, friend

May your lunch today be sweeter than normal and may your normal lunch from now be sweeter than today’s. Good afternoon, my dear friend

I hope that you get all you wish for this afternoon and all that will contribute all you need for your day to be rated as successful by you. Good afternoon, paddy

May you be strong to stand situations that you’re normally not strong enough to stand. May your afternoon be buttered with much blessings too. Good afternoon, dear

May every day after today hold a great blessing for you. I love you and appreciate you for being a very good friend. Good afternoon, my friend

All men will come to know and respect you. All humans will work, intentionally or unintentionally, to favour you. Good afternoon, dear friend

May your blessings suck you all in until you find it impossible to come out of them. May your afternoon be blessed beyond what you can imagine. Good afternoon, friend

May your hard work this afternoon pay off and pay off well. May the blessings of God track you down and catch you this afternoon. Good afternoon to you

You’ll get through everything that weighs you down and you’ll be so great and awesome all to the glory of God. Good afternoon, friend

Ask me to define good friendship and I’ll draw a picture of me and you. You’re an awesome friend and one of the best people in my life. Good afternoon, friend

The best of the day will come to you today and you’ll not miss any good thing for the rest of your life. I wish you a very good afternoon, my friend

The afternoon will bring you much joy and every good you wish for as long as it lasts will definitely come to you in the long life you’ll live. Good afternoon

You should be thankful for the beautiful things life has given to you. You’re successful and still progressing. I still wish life is better for you, though. Good afternoon, fam

Your office will find out about more good in you and reward you more and you will be surrounded with so much good people in your life. Good afternoon

There’s no argument about your being set for a successful day. It seemed to me that the best time to remind you of this is in the middle of the day. Good afternoon, sweet friend

Maybe you were made to be a true definition of true friendship. If that’s so, then you’ve not failed with me yet. Good afternoon, friend

Even though the morning may have been rough, may your afternoon and the rest of the day be so smooth that you will slide to your happiness. Amen. Good afternoon, big friend

You know you’re blessed to have me as a friend, right? Other friends would have shipped you and your troubles out to Mercury. Good afternoon, though, my friend

You are one amazing clone of the word, love. Keep it up fam; one day, the earth will celebrate you. Good afternoon, dear one

This day holds great blessings for you. You may not see and you may doubt, but one day it will be clear to you. Good afternoon, friend

Thanks for being a protector and an adviser, a helper and a pillar. Thanks for being one of the best of friends on earth. Good afternoon, my friend

There really are no words in my large vocabulary to express how much I love you and appreciate you for being in my life. Good afternoon, awesome friend

From this afternoon, you cease to be a nobody in front of people who should revere you. You become a very respected person. Good afternoon, my friend

May you not lack any good thing. That is all I pray for you, for now, and for the rest of your beautiful life. Good afternoon to you, buddy

I pray that you’ll find more fulfillment than you seek today and that your afternoon will be sweeter than you expect. Good afternoon, my good friend

For you, life will be sweet, so sweet that you’ll pinch yourself to be sure you’re not dreaming. Enjoy the best of the afternoon. Good afternoon

May your requests be granted, especially the ones you need urgently. May your many days on earth not meet you with many needs unmet. Good afternoon, boy

May you make up for years you have lost and may it be easy for you. May your looking back at the past not affect you negatively. Amen. Good afternoon

There’s plenty good waiting for you. Just remember me when you meet them. Thank you and good afternoon, friend

If I don’t send this text to you, guilt will eat me up for a while. This is to remind you that you are strong and wise and worth every good you get. Good afternoon

When I remember how you have stood by me and been with me, I want to keep saying thank you for the rest of my life. Good afternoon, friend

May your children bring you a lot of good and may your parents assist you in living your best life. Good afternoon, my big friend. Love you plenty

I’ll never stop saying blessings for you. But this is to remind you that you are loved and remembered by me. Good afternoon, my friend

Your day will be sweeter than yesterday and your afternoon more beautiful than any you’ve ever heard. Good afternoon, my man

My aim is not to send you something to make you happy, but to tell you the truth; you are set for a big blessing today and an amazing future. Good afternoon, my friend

The only thing I feel like sending to you now is blessings from my heart. So I pray that you enjoy the best blessings I can think of and more. Good afternoon, fam

May your afternoon be brighter than the sun that attempts to light it up and may this season bring you laughter and gladness. Good afternoon, buddy

I want your afternoon to be bright and fun. I want you to laugh this afternoon. May you enjoy the blessings that will bring all these to your afternoon. Good afternoon

At the end of the day, you’ll be so blessed that you’ll be shocked, even though your shock will not land you in the hospital. Enjoy the afternoon

Every time I think of you, I think of a person that I need constantly in my life; I think of a person that’s very useful. Good afternoon, my best friend

Hi. Hope you are growing, becoming better? There will be no hindrance that will be strong enough to restrict your growth. Good afternoon, dear friend

May you be blessed beyond what you deserve and desire. May your troubles be so few that they’ll be easy to take care of. Good afternoon, friend

I wish you so much good that others will beg to know how you got so much. And I wish that it begins this afternoon. Good afternoon, friend

You have been a supporter of my dreams and a strength to my weakness. Time and time again, you’ve proven how so much you love me. This is to say thank you and good afternoon

The most beautiful thing about friendship is that there are friends like you. And this is me trying my best to say the least about you. Good afternoon, friend

May the good of this land not jump over you and may you not cross the other blessings that you need. Amen. Good afternoon, friend

May you not beat yourself up in regret. May you pursue the right things at the right time and may you get the right results. Amen. Good afternoon

We may not be all perfect, but we can keep being better than we currently are progressively until we discover that we are perfect. Keep growing, bro. I love you. Good afternoon

Hey, sleepy child. How you manage to sleep every afternoon shocks me. Wake up and enjoy the best of the day. Good afternoon, my friend

We may fight all we can, but only God can give us true victory. May you find victory in all battles you’re fighting. Amen. Good afternoon, my good friend

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