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150+ Happy Weekend Wishes for Someone Special in 2021

I know how excited and giddy the weekend gets you…I can’t say I blame you though; the week can really be so tiring. Have a lovely weekend, dear. Much love

This weekend, you must enjoy for both of us o — just to give you an idea of the kind of fun I’d want you to have this weekend. Turn up and stay up! Have a great time!

You deserve rest after days of the hustle and bubble. I wish you a joyful rest this weekend, dear. May you not lack all the right emotions needed to carry you through it successfully

God’s got a lot in the weekend for you, so walk into it like you invented it. I won’t be wrong to say its all yours, so grab it as you love it. Happy weekend

I imagine your head sparking fireflies every time you recall the weekend is almost here because you need to kick up your feet and let all hell loose. I wish you a splendid weekend, dear. Just don’t do anything crazy you will regret by Monday, okay?

Happy weekend! I thought of you (it shouldn’t be a new thing to know that I always think of you) and decided to send you a text, to express how much I would want you having the best of this weekend. I love you so much!

It’s that time of the week when you can sleep all you want without a care in this world and without the annoying shrill of your alarm. Have a restful weekend

I know this week hasn’t really been a great one, due to the ups and downs and happenings recently. Amidst this, I want to use this opportunity to wish you a great weekend ahead

This is a subtle reminder that you’re always in my thoughts and I so have your back. Consider me your guardian angel. I love you paddy. Have a beautiful weekend

Every works to beautify your weekend will meet success and every effort to make it fun and productive will be crowned positively. Happy weekend

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. You’ve worked hard, now it’s time to play as hard too, and I’ll make sure you comply. In this, you have no say, LOL. Looking forward to the weekend with you — a happy one

Happy weekend dear. I hope you will enjoy this weekend that’s here, and I pray that it’s going to be stress-free so that you will able to resume well in the coming week

Put the past behind you, it’s gone forever, I mean forever. 48 hours of rest will do you a lot of good. I’m here for you. Have a restful weekend

I don’t have much to say. I just want to wish you a happy and fulfilled weekend, and I hope you use that time to get over the work of the previous week. And stay safe

The week’s come and gone with everything that happened in it. It’s time to rest and be fully charged to do better next week. Have a beautiful weekend

Keep your fears far, for this weekend will be the best you’ve had in a long time. Hold them back because every weekend after this will be greater. Happy weekend

This weekend won’t be the same without you. You’re making plans to join me this weekend right? I’m looking forward to the most amazing weekend with you. Happy weekend — with me

Beautiful one, how are you enjoying your day? I just wanted to wish you an amazing weekend. Even though the perfect person I would want you spending it with would be me. Break a leg!

Have a lovely weekend, baby. I should come by and do everything for you so you don’t have to lift a finger till Monday. I see how hard you work, and I wish you all the peace and rest you can get to make up for it all

God is going to replenish every virtue you’ve lost during the tedious work week in this weekend. I wish you finish the weekend looking radiant and laden with vigour needed for the new work week. Happy weekend, dear

Love, I wish you a glorious weekend ahead. At least your brain and mind will take a rest from your boss’ shouts and attitude for a few days. Try to enjoy yourself, dear; you owe yourself that much

Every day leads to another weekend and every weekend must be enjoyable for you. I wish that nothing harmful will come into your weekend

This weekend presents you with an opportunity to be well rested as well as reinvent yourself. Take time out, try yoga, it’s calming, LOL. Have a great weekend

Having fun is an essential part of our lives, and that also helps us to become better persons. So I urge you this weekend to enjoy yourself and have fun. Have a lovely weekend

You’ve had a productive week, so this weekend plays hard and has lots of fun. Be well rested and prepare to kick ass this coming week. Have a blast this weekend

Your weekend shall be fruitful and adventurous, my dear. I wish you the best of everything you seek so that your heart can be at rest and you can experience peace even as the wheels of Monday approach quickly again. Happy weekend!

Hi, dear. Just thought to send you this message quickly to wish you a great weekend ahead, with lots of happiness and laughter and fun. You deserve all the weekend has to offer and more, dear

Please tell me you’re planning on letting down your hair this weekend? You deserve it, my dear. You’ve worked so hard already. And you need to cool off. In fact, you must. Have the best of moments this weekend!

Thank God it’s Friday! I am exceptionally happy it is weekend for your sake. I see how stressed you’ve been looking lately. I wish you a restful weekend with birds waking you up in the morning and Angels preparing your favourite breakfast. Winks

Light up the weekend, babe, and let the world know that man ought to take a break too. I pray you find all you want for school next week in this weekend. Happy weekend

You’ve been looking forward to this time of the week, now it’s here; relish it and, whatever happens, always choose what’s right. By the way, whatever happens during the weekend stays in the weekend. Enjoy your weekend

These days be feeling like rocks because they are so hard, but your weekend will be soft on you. Enjoy love this weekend

I wish you a stress-free weekend filled with laughter, fun, happiness, peace and love. Let your dreams come true this weekend. Do fun stuff only

The weekdays’ activities are done. It’s time to relax. It’s time to have fun. It’s time to refresh and be happy. Wishing you a Happy Weekend, my dear

The best of the weekend will leave wherever it was meant to be to join you and cling to you. You’ll get tired of so much fun this weekend. Amen

Baby, how’s your weekend gonna be like? Whatever you end up doing, I want you laughing and smiling through it though. Take care of yourself for me and have a lovely weekend

Begin this weekend with a smile on your face, joy in your heart, me in your mind and cash in your account because we’ve got a lot of fun to catch this weekend. Have a happy weekend, love

I dreamt of you throughout the week and woke up thinking of how best to make your weekend memorable because you, above all things, deserve a queen-like treatment to make up for the rough week you’ve had. I wish you, us, a satisfactory weekend ahead

You can play games all day, visit the spa or saloon, go shopping, see a movie, hang out with friends, go swimming or even clubbing. Why? Because it’s weekend. Have a Happy Weekend!

It’s the starting of a beautiful weekend and my wishes for you are those of joy, peace, good news and merriment. Wishing you a fun-filled and happy weekend!

I wish that you never run out of ways to enjoy your weekend and that every other person looks out to have weekends as sweet as this one will be to you. Happy weekend

Keep calm and stay happy because the weekend is finally here. Put on your dancing shoes because we are sure to hit the club this weekend. Wishing you a fabulous and happy Weekend!

There is nothing more I wish for you than to be happy and what greater way to be happy than to relax and have a great weekend! So you do just that. Have a great weekend

Hurray! The weekend is here again! It’s time to do all the crazy things you planned for the weekend. It’s time for that weekend hangout with friends. Wishing you an amazing and happy weekend

I wish you favour and grace in your weekend so that all your endeavors will flourish and bring you joy. The utmost grace for excellence, even in your homely tasks, I pray be bestowed upon you. Have a great weekend, dear

You know I always want the best for you, right? That is why I want you to use this weekend to take care of yourself and do the things that make you happy. Stay blessed. Have a great weekend

Enter into this weekend with all zest and vigour—you have every right to. After all, all work and no play results in a different kind of mental craze. I wish you the same zest throughout your weekend so you have no dull moments. Happy weekend, dear

This weekend, you’ll find true rest. Enjoy every bit of it and don’t get too lost in the excitement that you don’t resume work till Wednesday. Happy weekend

Here’s me wishing you peace, love, health, and prosperity. Thank you for making my week memorable. I wish you all things beautiful. Have an awesome weekend

Finally, the long-awaited weekend is here! I hope that this weekend is filled with lots of fun, surprises, happy memories and enough time to spend with you. A happy weekend to you dear

Happiness is something that can be created only by yourself, so I am wishing you as much happiness that you can take on this weekend. Have a really great weekend

I wish you a happy weekend, dear. You give so much joy to the people around you and the world at large just by doing what you do in the work week. God will replenish your efforts

Wishing you a weekend that drives off all stress from all the work on weekdays and refreshes your mind and body for a new week. Have a pleasant and happy weekend

This weekend shall bring you increase and joy on all sides so you keep getting stronger and stronger even as the work week comes again. May God give you rest from all your labours, darling

You’ve worked and toiled for six days straight; it’s time to take your work boots off and relax. Have fun, give yourself a treat, hang out with friends. Have a happy weekend

I’m so super excited that it’s weekend! Because that gives me more time to spend with you and see more of those gorgeous dimples. Wishing you a Happy Weekend

Weekends are meant for happiness and spending more time with the people you love, for resting and preparing for the upcoming week. So I wish you a happy weekend. Stay happy

Freedom from work and freedom to rock the weekend like there’s never ever been a party. Freedom to live life to the fullest. Happy weekend to you

Most times what breaks us down is the stress and very tedious activities of the week. The antidote for that is the weekend, which allows us to rest and recuperate for the forthcoming week. Have a great weekend

Happy weekend ahead, dearest friend. That office is definitely squeezing the life out of you, and we must do something to remedy that situation this weekend. You’ve got to enjoy yourself thoroughly…I will see to that. I wish for you the best weekend you’v

I hope this weekend turns out great for you, filled with lots of surprises and laughter. I hope you filled refresh after this weekend. Wishing you a Happy Weekend

As the weekend begins, keep aside all the challenges of the weekdays and focus on having great fun and happiness this weekend. You deserve more than that, honey. Happy weekend to you

I’ve got something planned for you this weekend, and I am dragging you out for it, whether you like it or not. You should put your hair down and just relax…I wish that for you and much more this weekend. I’m going to bring it to pass, baby…I will

Those who live for enjoyment will have nothing in you this weekend. Just tell them you’re living what I wished for you this weekend. Enjoy the weekend

Letting your guard down is honourable, and that is what weekends are for. Loosen up, have a few drinks and go out with friends, just as long as you enjoy yourself. Have a great weekend

Happy weekend to you my dear. I wish you a great period of rest and lots of enjoyment and fun. May you be ecstatic and joyful this weekend, God bless you

All through the busy and hectic schedule of activities, the weekend is finally here to take your stress away and help you relax in a good way. Wishing you a well spent weekend

None of this weekend’s enjoyment will look bad on you and you’ll come out of it very happy and refreshed. After it, you’ll own the week. Happy weekend

Hey, you. Guess who deserves a long lasting and restful weekend? Yes, you. You’ve been great this past week, you deserve this. Have a beautiful weekend

Hey dearie. It’s time for you to zone out anything work related and take that refreshing rest you’ve longed for. Have a fun-filled weekend and don’t leave me out of it

I believe weekends were made for fun, and my wish for everyone to have a happy weekend begins with you. Have a nice weekend. I love you

TGIF. It’s here again. Finally, you can stop being so serious and loosen up. Count your blessing and let’s party. I’m wishing you a happy weekend ahead

Here’s wishing you a joyful and memorable weekend. Make sure to have a lot of fun on your free days because you deserve that. Have a Happy Weekend!

God’s grace will abound towards you this weekend and beyond, sis, so you can be endowed with wisdom for all activities you have to carry out. I wish no headaches at all this weekend

Take your shoes off. Let your hair fall free. Dive into a pool. Spread your arms and breathe. Close your eyes and take a trip into your wildest fantasies. Why? Because it’s the weekend, baby. Happy weekend

I am hoping that this weekend will be long enough, so I can spend some time with you and do our normal weekend games and the rest. Happy weekend though. Do enjoy yourself

Weekdays are very busy and stressful, especially for you, so you should cool down on the weekend and take as much time as you need to have fun and enjoy yourself. Happy weekend

I wish I could be there for the weekend. I can’t, but that doesn’t imply that I don’t want you to enjoy yourself and be happy. Get a few drinks and hang out, please. Happy weekend

You’ve put in back-breaking work into our project, you made it look good, and we came out on top. You deserve a restful weekend. May your weekend be as amazing as you’ve made our week

Life is best taken easy, and since not all days give chance for that, the weekends is one of those times to go slow and enjoy yourself. I wish you a lovely weekend. Believe me, you should enjoy this time with your family and friends. Happy weekend

Growing up, one of the periods I loved most were the weekends because I had a break from school and always had time to spend with my family. I also want that for you. Have a very lovely weekend

Yay! Weekend is here. A time to have fun with friends and family. A time to party hard. A time to live life like you don’t care. I hope you make the most out of your weekend. Have a Happy Weekend

It’s a beautiful and bright day and a better day to kick-start the weekend. I hope this weekend is all you expect it to be and more because you deserve it. I wish you a Happy Weekend, honey

It’s time to gyrate! Hope you’re planning on gyrating this weekend? If you aren’t, I will be forced to come and pull you out of your house myself lol. Either way, please have yourself a great and awesome weekend

The weekends were created for people like you to relax. I wish you a great weekend. Remember to do the things that make you happy at this very time. Have fun

Weekends are always so special to me because that’s the only time I get to spend the whole day with you in my arms. Happy weekend, baby

I wish the week ends every day just so that I won’t spend a day without you in my arms. I wish you a blissful and splendid weekend and, remember, you’re the only drug I need to stay alive

Today looks great! And guess what? It’s weekend! That long-awaited day in the week which we all crave for. Make sure to have fun, laugh a lot, eat enough and, of course, party hard before Monday gets you. Wishing you a Happy Weekend!

If you’re sick of being human, then you really should experience this weekend. In it, you’ll find things that will make you wanna live forever as human. Happy weekend

Hey, bro. You’ve had my back all week and I really do appreciate it. No one deserves a time off more than you do. Get some rest, man. Enjoy your weekend

Come what may, we should always put as early as possible the people that are important to us and you’re one of those people. So I want you to have as much fun as you can. Take care of yourself. Happy weekend

Here’s me wishing you a happy and awesome weekend. Have fun and party as hard as you can — you’ve earned it. But hey don’t forget to get sober for the week ahead

Rest on all angles is what I wish you this weekend so that you worry about nothing at all. That’s God’s plan for you, and it will come to pass surely. Have a glorious weekend, dear

We thank God for success in your weekly endeavours, but beyond that, we thank Him for the availability of weekend to unwind and laugh and live. I wish you the best of all that and more this weekend

I know deciding how to spend a fun weekend could be quite confusing, but as long as you have fun, anything you decide to do is all right. Happy weekend

You deserve a break from all the weekdays’ hard work, honey, and that’s why the activities for this weekend is going to be superb as I’ve got it all planned and covered. Wishing you the happiest weekend ever!

The weekend is approaching. Will you be listening to The Weekend? Lol. I didn’t mean for that to turn out “pun intended”. Okay, maybe I did a little. But I just wanted to text you and remind you to have a great weekend for both of us

No time is ever wasted when spent with you and I hope that this weekend gives us enough time to spend lots of fun, cool and wild time together. A great and happy weekend to you… And I

If I am not mistaken, this week has been very good so far, and believe me, it is not going to stop now. So, I wish you a happy weekend and a blessed new week

As decent as you claim to be, as much as you hold on to principles, make sure you enjoy the weekend. Happy weekend, my brother

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