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2021 Best Good Morning Prayer Messages for Her

To the joy of my heart; may this day be the best you’ve ever had. Good morning, love

The dawn of this day shall bring you the things you cherish most in life. Good morning, my love

You’ll have no cause to cry nor be frustrated. May your handwork be blessed

I pray for you this morning, my love; you will not count losses but gain. You’ll make profits where others have failed

Good morning, love. Today shall not be the last dawn you’ll ever see. Many beautiful sunrises shall you witness

The power of God shall lift you up. You’ll walk victoriously on the devil, his plan and devices. Good morning, love

You shall hit your target this morning and cry out happily. May your day be fulfilled, my love

As you worship the Lord this morning, may His goodness follow you. May He show forth greatly in your life

May you enjoy the favour of all as you go about your day. Good morning, my darling

The world will do you good and favour you, till your life becomes a miracle to many. Good morning, beautiful

As the breeze touches your tender skin, may all your troubles be blown away, my love

Have a safe ride through the busy roads and the hectic city. Good morning, my darling

There shall be a turn around in your finances. Today shall bring you untold wealth. Good morning, sweetheart

Sadness will never steal your happiness away like the eagle steals the chick of a hen. May your joy last, till eternity

Throughout the day, may you beam with smile and have no reason to sorrow. Good morning, love

Throughout the day, may you beam with smile and have no reason to sorrow. Good morning, love

Adorn yourself with smiles and laughter, for today will be your best day in years. Good morning, sweet love

I’ll forever listen to the melody you sing in my heart. Have a wonderful day, my darling

As you step out this morning, may the earth and her inhabitants favour you

May the heavens make a vow to bless you on your way. Good morning, sweet angel of love

From this sunrise to sunset may the good angels guide and protect your going out and coming in. Good morning, hon

Your morning has come, so also shall your joy arrive, cause joy comes in the morning

May the whole world come to the brightness of your rising. Good morning, sweetie

Your secret prayers shall be answered like sweet wishes, this morning. Have faith in God, your desires are about to come to pass

May this day bring you so much joy and happiness. May the devil be incapacitated to steal your happiness

Good morning, the apple of my eyes. May love set your wings free to fly until you reach the sky

May fortune shine on you like the morning sun. Good morning, love

Pursue, recover and overtake. For your time of celebration has come. Good morning, my darling

May you outshine the sun today and be full of glory for the rest of your life. Have a very good morning

May your day be as beautiful as you are. You shall not experience brokenness nor sadness as your day progresses

May prosperity call out your name at every hour of the day. Good morning, precious one

May prosperity call out your name at every hour of the day. Good morning, precious one

Wherever you go; be it, the North or South, East or West, the peace of God will follow you for the rest of the day. Good morning, angel

May your path be free from calamities. May your life be more beautiful today and forevermore. Good morning, angel

Good morning, love. Every damage done to you by the devil and the evil ones shall be repaired by God, this morning. You shall experience a new dawn today

May you go far today into the land of prosperity and abundance. Have a very good morning, babe

As your feet step into places, may your blessings come in thousands. Good morning, sweetie

More energy to your elbow as you go about your day’s business. More successes to call your own by God’s grace, my love

May your prosperity be heaven’s priority today, my darling. I love you to the moon and back

Have a blissful new day, angel. May everything work in your favour, I pray

Every plan of the devil for your life is cancelled by the blood of Jesus. No power besides the power of God shall rule your life. Good morning, darling

Bask in the prosperity of God’s goodness as you sashay around today. Good morning, my darling

When the sun goes away, may your presence be the light of your world. Good morning, my love

Every day is a new day, but with you, it is a blessed one. Have a prosperous morning, sweety

You shall be blessed in the morning, at night and for the rest of your life. This much, I desire for you this morning. Have a beautiful day, gorgeous

Every pain in the depth of your heart shall be replaced by the joy of the Holy Ghost. Good morning, my love

May the Lord’s promises be made real in your life today, my angel. Good morning, sweetie

May the Lord’s promises be made real in your life today, my angel. Good morning, sweetie

As you ply the road today, you shall be highly protected. No evil will succeed in you. Good morning, hon

The root of your problem shall be uprooted. The seed of happiness shall begin to grow in your life. Have a blessed day

To heaven, you matter more than the birds in the air, and the flowers in the field, so, your blessings will come first than the others, my darling. Have a splendid day

You make the eagles jealous cause you soar higher in the eyes of your love. God bless your going out and coming in, my darling

Every evil command of the devil over your life shall be sent back by the forceful word of God. You are covered by the shadow of His wings. Good morning, love

To the apple of my eyes; may your day be sweeter than honey and more pleasurable than fine wine

I pray you find peace and prosperity in whatever you do today. Good morning, my love

Like the gems at the bottom part of the sea, so may your treasure be. Good morning, my darling

In love with the new dawn, as I am with you. May this morning be very pleasing to you, my love

To the rainbow of my life; I wish you a day full of your wide smiles and the sound of your laughter. Good morning, my love

The sun and the moon won’t be your light, but the ever-abiding favour and mercy of God. Have a swell day, my darling

Good morning, sweet love of my life. May God bless you with preferential kindness and love on this special day

May the sun shine brilliantly on you and bring you to the notice of your destiny helpers this morning. Good morning, beautiful

The world will show you love and not hate. You’ll never be rejected in the place you love to be. Good morning, sweety

Whatever you do, I wish you success and happiness. Enjoy your day, my love

Whatever you do, I wish you success and happiness. Enjoy your day, my love

Kindness and favour, may heaven shower upon you. Good morning, sweetheart

I hope your environment favours you and the people there celebrate you. Good morning, my only love

You’ll never have to beg to eat. The Lord will feed you with abundance. Good morning, love

You’re my one and only. I’ll save all my prayers for you. Have a pleasant day, my darling

You beautify the morning just like the early morning sun in the sky. May the heavens make your dreams come true

God will lift you up from the valley to a higher ground. This morning shall mark the beginning of great success for you

I hope you have a swell time with the sun and the moon. Heavens bless your heart. Enjoy your day, my darling

You shall not fall sick, today. May the presence of God energize your spirit and make you whole again, my love. Do have a lovely day

I wish you health and stamina. Enjoy your day, my darling

My heart leaps for joy when it’s time to set my eyes on you. Let the earth beneath you yield abundance into your bosom. Top of the morning to my love

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