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2021 Best Good Morning Sms for Lover in English

Replacing you is impossible for me. You’re a new being every morning

We all need somebody to lean on but, I only need you to survive the night. Good morning, honey

Good morning, my love. The joy of my morning is seeing a new dawn with you

All of my heart belongs to you from this morning till the night and for eternity

Every second of my morning is as beautiful as the lady in my life. Good morning, sleeping beauty

With your heart locked in mine, I’m energized to see what the day holds. Good morning, my muse

My thought isn’t far from you, be it at night or the dawn of the day. Good morning, my love

Love was brought to life in my heart the day you came into my life. I love you this morning and till forever

How else can I say to you, “good morning” than telling you “I’ve grown to love you than the previous night?”

Whether it’s sunny or cloudy, you’ll always remain the light of my world. Good morning, love

I look forward to seeing another new dawn all because of you. Good morning, my angel

I give you all of me this morning and beyond. I love you

Taking in your breath each morning is a breath of a new life into me. Have a great day, my love

Ever since I met you, nightmares have become nothing but a myth. Good morning, sunshine

“I heard the old, old, men say all that’s beautiful drifts away, like the waters.” But with you, my love your beauty is new every morning

True love is a journey without an end. I hope this ride takes me to eternity with you. Good morning, love

No matter how gloomy the morning maybe, when I remember your face I smile whimsically

You’re the object that eclipses the sun and the moon. Good morning, my sunshine

It’s my dream to wake up in the arms of my knight in shining armour. You were the light in my nightmare. Good morning, my angel

Good morning, my love. Every road of my life leads to your heart, cause you’re the only way to my happiness

I’d always thought the night was the best time of the day, cause I could think about you all night long. However, the day gives me the pleasure of living my dream life with you when the morning comes

You age beautifully every night. I hope to see your ageless look at sparrow fart. Good morning, my love

The night is too long. Because of you, I waited for the morning as I was waiting for a miracle to come. Good morning, my love

A good morning is knowing there’s someone who loves me irreplaceable as you do. Good morning, my unconditional love

The stars do not tickle me as much as your smile does. When you open your eyes in the morning, the joy it brings me is akin to the birth of a child. Good morning, my only one

Good morning to my knight in shining armour. Here I am a victor because of you

When it’s the morning time, I’m filled with gaiety, cause I’m about to start a new chapter with you. Good morning, love

You’re an adventure I want to live all my life. I hope you make that dream come true with me. I love you!

Ever wondered why I’ll always be the first to greet you in the morning? It’s because you come first to me

I love everything about the morning twilight, most especially the memory of your smile it brings. Good morning, my darling

The night comes at the latter part of the day, but you come first at the beginning of my day. Good morning the angel of my life

It’s my turn to be happy cause, the morning has come with your pretty face

I look forward to an adventurous day with you this morning. I love you!

Your eyes in the morning emanate sparks that are powerful enough to blind the sun. You’re my morning sunshine

My heart leaps for joy when my eyes can behold your legs walking towards me. Good morning, sweetheart

When lightning strikes and thunder claps, I’ll be there to shield you. Good morning, sweetie

Good morning, my sweetheart. My heart beats knowing that it loves you

There’s nothing more I want in this life than forever with you. Good morning, future wifey!

Let me be the sparrow that wakes you up every morning of the day. Good morning, sweety

There’s something majestic about your steps every morning I see you

With a pretty smile on my face, I wish you a fabulous day. Top of the morning to you, my love

An early morning promise to you my love; I promise to devote my heart to you now and forever. I love you!

As long as you love me, I’m inspired to wake up to see the many day’s life brings as gifts. Good morning, angel

Nothing inspires me than the lines of your smile and laughter when you wake up in the morning. Good morning, my inspiration

I stand in awe of you every morning cause you stimulate every fibre of my being. Good morning, honey

The daytime isn’t to dream of love but to act love and live for love. I’m glad I’ve got you to love and live for. Good morning, my love

I long to open my eyes to the beauty of the day that comes in the shape of you. Good morning, my sweetness

I’m not ashamed to admit that I love you far beyond my crave for life itself. Good morning, sweetie

The sun of the day disappears at night, but never will my love leave you in the dark. Good morning, my one and only

I am happy because it’s another day when I get to prove my love to you. Good morning, baby

The day is bright and fair because I’ve got your smile to look forward to. Good morning, my love

If all I do with my day is to stare at you, I think I did well. Good morning, pretty face with a prettier heart

To you alone, I can promise to love tirelessly in the mornings to come. I love you, beautiful

With love, I’ll delineate just how much you mean to me. Just pay attention, my love

My day is made with your beautiful morning kiss. Good morning, my heartbeat

Until the night comes, I’ll keep your thoughts in my head. Good morning, sweetie

You’re more than a sparring friend to me. You’re my lover and my life. Good morning, honey

You’re my conscience. You’re my resolve. You’re my everything; you represent my night and day. Good morning, honey

I just need you to make my night sound and my morning beautiful: of which, you’ve never failed me. Good morning, my love

I dream to see you this morning, cause there’s no other way to make my day brighter than seeing your face. Good morning, love

This morning, I want you to take me to a place far away from the worries of my life and that paradisaic place is your heart

You own a special place in my heart. And you remain forever irreplaceable. Good morning, my love

How can my heart find another to love when it is inured to your love? Good morning, my love

I’m going to love you like I never loved anyone before. This is my promise to you this morning

A lovely day begins not with a breakfast but a loving message to you instead. Good morning, beautiful

Tears may not be a beautiful thing but when those waters flow down your cheek you look beautiful too. Good morning, my heartthrob

I hope you come back home with a smile. Good morning, my love. Enjoy your day

I plead that the day never goes, cause I only want to see your face as long as I live. I’m happy I have the privilege today, my love

When you appear the sun disappears, cause you’re enough to illuminate every breadth and length of my life

My love for you is new every morning and stronger through the nights. Good morning, my darling

I appreciate you than I appreciate the sunup. I love you regardless of the time of the day. Good morning, honey

I’ll love you every day because we were made to last forever. Good morning, sweetness

I take the pain of spending the night by my lonesome, cause I know the joy of seeing you in the morning beats everything else

Thank God I found you on time. Days now shine brighter than ever. Good morning, my love

My pillows longed for your head all through the night and so did my bosom. Good morning, my love

I’ll do anything to make your day shine brighter. So, be my guest, my love

Can you do me the favour of telling me how much you love me? Those are music to my ears. Good morning, sweety

I am besmirched when the sun casts on me, cause you’re the only light that makes me whole and bright. Good morning, sweety

You add beauty to my world. With you, everything looks better than they were

To you, I can be kind at all times because you’re my strength and weakness. Good morning, love

Can’t wait to tell you how I spent the day thinking of you. Can’t wait to share my life with you. Good morning, my darling

You quell every turbulence of the daytime even when you’re so far away. I love you

All of me wishes to tell you, I love you. Good morning, my darling

Baby, I hope this morning treats you kind, cause you’re the only angel I know that walks on the soils of this world

Even when it hurts, I’ll always love you. Good morning, my one and only

I love to tell you that I love you, especially in the morning time. I love you, angel

Love is beautiful indeed. This much I realize every morning when I see your face

I’ll risk my all for you just to make you happy this morning, my love

In the core of my heart is the need to love you hopelessly. Good morning, sweety

I miss your pretty face seating opposite my direction for breakfast. Good morning, sweetie

To the one who stimulates every fibre in me; good morning, my love

How about a pair of sweet kisses later today? Good morning, my love

Do not hesitate to call on me. I’m all yours forever. Good morning, my love

To the sun in the sky, to the life in your heart; I promise to love you unconditionally till there’s no space for another. Good morning, honey

Nothing beats the smile you wear as an accessory. I’d love to see your face, my darling

Enjoy your day knowing that I cherish you with all my heart. Good morning, my love

No one says life is beautiful more often than the man in love. I’ve said that countless times because I found you. Good morning, angel

To my angel of love; I hope today will be your best day yet in love. I love you

Simple fact of the matter is, I love you so deeply. Good morning, sweetie

My favourite morning routine is telling you that I love you. I love you sweetheart and good morning

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