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2021 Best Good Morning Sweetheart I Love You Quotes Wishes

Fear is nothing but false evidence appearing real. Fear has no substance except you give it one. Shake it off, my champion and set out on the profitable task on solving this riddle codenamed ‘challenge’. Good morning, darling. I love you

Good morning, my sweetheart. The weather forecast is favourable to lovers and all affairs of the heart, today. It’s time for sweet nothings and filling up our love tanks

Good morning, my darling. It shall be a day to remember for good, for you, dearest. Expect the miraculous!

When the storm of life is brewing, with its winds blowing like sirocco; I dive into the canopy of your love, in the cocoon of your warmth. I feel safe, secure and on top of the world with you. You are the centre of gravity in my life. I love you. Good mor

Yesterday is gone: so also, is its pain and trouble. Today is here: brand new, fresh and promising. May the joy of today wipe away all the tears of the past from your eyes. It’s a new dawn, sweetie! Have faith! Good morning, dearie

Good morning, my sweetheart. Here’s wishing you a most pleasant day. I love you

Good morning, my gist partner and argument mate. It’s fun bring yours all these years. There’s never a dull moment with you. Life with you is full of laughter, mischief, focus and achievement. I’ve never doubted your love for once. I’m so proud of you, de

Each day I look into your beautiful eyes, all the twists and turns of life take a gracious bow and give in to the smoothness bend that love offers. I love you, Honey. Good morning

Good morning, my beautiful angel. There’s no love without a clash of personality or lovers’ tiff. A passionate argument leads to a more passionate making up. I’m not angry, any more. I love you

Your love is the scale I use in measuring joy, happiness and contentment. We are so compatible, despite our differences that we inspire others to shoot their shot. This love story is never going to end. I love you forever. Good morning, my pumpkin

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