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2021 Best Happy Monday Blessings for Someone Special

God will make you a testimony of his goodness. Men will struggle to favour you too. Monday will meet and leave you looking good. Enjoy the day

Your days will be filled with peace and your Mondays will be more than all you need to have a great work week. I pray you enjoy your Monday

May the works of your hand meet great rewards and may the goodness of heaven follow you until you go there. I love you and I wish you a happy Monday

I pray that you resume this new week with renewed strength, because I am sure you enjoyed your weekend, and I also pray that all your heart desires be granted this week. Happy Monday

Whether you believe or not, the miracles from your Monday will belittle everyone you’ve ever gotten on a Monday. I love you and I wish you a happy day

Happy Monday. May the greatness of the day favour you and may every work of your hand yield good and many results. I love you, babe. Happy Monday

May your hustle pay of more than you expect and may what you expect, be what you truly deserve. Enjoy the best Monday has to offer, daddy

May you take the backseat while God leads you to achieve the best possible this week. Enjoy God’s love and a beautiful Monday

The dew of today will drop ideas on your roof for you to go and conquer the day and the sun will make your presence know for good wherever you go today. I bless your Monday

Your week is blessed, beginning with this Monday, dear. You shall lack nothing necessary for your growth and development in life. I wish you all the positivity Monday has to offer and more

May your hands that you’ll use to build your dreams not grow weak at the wrong time and may all the blessings of today follow you. Amen. Happy Monday, my love

Happy Monday to you, dear. I pray you don’t have a reason to complain today, for everything will work out for your good. I wish you the best Monday has to give, honey. You are blessed!

I can not stop wishing you beautiful things because your hard work deserves more. So j wish you a beautiful Monday and more beautiful ones ahead. Happy Monday

It may not be easy to smile on a Monday, but this one will be different. I pray you never lose your inner beauty because of Monday pressure. I love you

Happy Monday to you, this beautiful morning. Every step you take will bring you much goodness and celebration will not cease from you. Enjoy the best of today

A very prosperous and productive Monday to you. I pray you accomplish all you’ve set to do for the day, so you regret nothing. Have a very wonderful day at work, dear; it’s the least the earth can do for you

Let every hurdle in your day either disappear or bring you into much blessings than you expect. Let everyone do something today that will end in your favour. Happy Monday

It will be easy for you to reap the good results from the good things you’ve sown. It will be normal for you to receive gifts daily that can make you better. Amen. Happy Monday

Just for you, may Monday be pleasant. Just for you, may Monday be fruitful. Just for you, may Monday bring so much blessings than you can handle in that day. Amen. Happy Monday

Happy Monday — that is from my heart. I pray that this week will be filled with joy for you and I hope you enjoy yourself to the fullest. Do have a nice week

I pray that life will treat you well today and that everything you become a part of today will only yield good results. I wish you a beautiful Monday

Happy Monday, beautiful. It’s amazing how brilliantly you put your mind to work to produce the excellence you do. I wish you more of that excellence today and every day of the rest of the week

From your waking up to your falling asleep and even before and after that, your Monday will be so beautiful you’ll wonder if it’s real. Happy Monday to you, brother

Most people hate Mondays because it is the day to go back to work and keep going with their life activities. But it is also the day where you do the things that bless the society. I wish you a happy Monday

I wish you life and joy and I pray that every exercise you carry out will bring you positive results. I wish you more joy than you need. Amen. Happy Monday

Monday, I must say is one of the best days of the week for me, because I resume refreshed from the weekend. I hope that’s the same with you, I just want to wish you a happy Monday and a blissful week

I claim every good thing that can come with the first working day of the week for you, my darling, and I pray that whatever good can come from Monday comes to you today. Amen. Happy Monday

I hope you make it to being all you have to be today. I pray that you will leave the paths you’re on that will lead to destruction. Happy Monday, mummy

God holds the keys to our successes, so I pray that you enter, this Monday, into every hood door he opens for you. Amen. Enjoy your Monday

Every Monday, especially today, will not let a minute go by without setting you up for a big blessing. May your Mondays be blessed. Amen

I pray for you, boss, that your business becomes favourable to good partners and customers and that it find favour in their eyes too. Happy Monday, sir

You deserve the very best, and I pray that is what Monday gives to you as the work week begins. Everything that concerns your day is blessed and favoured by God. May you bask in the joy of the good coming to you

Because it’s Monday, I pray that every blessing for good work will follow you and be evident in all your work today. I wish you the best today. Happy Monday

May even your enemies see the good you can bring to the table and may they seek to be at peace with you. Enjoy every part of today

May the best Monday you can think of in a long while be the one that’s coming next and may you have better Mondays ahead. Amen. Happy Monday to you

My blessings are with you this Monday. I pray that you have many blessings in it and that every Happy Monday blessing you get comes to pass. Amen

I know that today’s set to give you heavy blessings. I advise you to walk around with a tank so you can collect all of them. Call me to collect the excess for you. Happy Monday

I hope your weekend was nice, and I hope you enjoyed yourself. I pray that as you enter this new week, you will be blessed and, above all, you will be happy. Have a blessed Monday, dear

May misery not crown your day and may the week only lead into favours and favours that will bring you good things. Happy Monday to you, sister

Every day is special, but one of the most special days are Mondays because the day Monday signifies new beginnings and opportunities for the whole week. Have a blessed Monday and week

The weekend is over, and the work bustle is to begin. But I pray you find fulfillment and happiness even while sweating, so that work becomes play, and play doesn’t seem like a far-fetched luxury anymore

This Monday will be remembered as one where you lived in heavy peace and joy. It will be remembered as a day where you enjoyed God’s presence in extra measures. Amen. Happy Monday

May your Monday transform your life for good and may every evil around you not come to you this Monday. Enjoy the best of Monday. Happy day

Happy Monday. I can’t deny the greatness I see coming your way this Monday. Your Monday will find you in strength and leave you in joy

Mondays are usually stressful and hated, but I wish you quite the opposite. I wish you fun and excitement at your duty post, and ultimately, the very best outcome for all you lay your hands on. Happy Monday!

May your Monday hold you and your blessings for the day in place, in the right place for both of you to meet well. Happy Monday to you, my darling

From the skies to the deepest part of the earth, every person, force and whatever is there will work for you to be blessed today. Amen. Enjoy blessings today and blessings from today. Happy Monday to you

I don’t have much to say; just to wish you a happy new week and praying that as you enter this new week you will be fulfilled in everything you do. Happy Monday

At least despite all the enjoyment of the weekend, we still have other days to work, and Monday is the first of those days. I pray you enjoy this new week. Happy Monday, dear

May you be blessed beyond your knowledge and understanding and may your own testimonies be like daydreams to you. Amen. Enjoy the best of Monday

May no debate about your promotion fall to the wrong side and may voices that speak on your behalf win. Happy Monday, brother

You’ll not stop yourself from doing the things that will bring you to the top, even if you change your mind about doing it. Amen. I wish you a beautiful Monday

Happy Monday to you from the depths of my heart. I pray your Monday is crowned with grace and favour so that all your efforts yield success. Have a blissful day

Have a great time at work as you continue shinning your smile and light into every room you enter. I wish you a continuous glow for your Monday. Have a very blessed Monday, angel

May Monday bring you much good and may the day end in bliss. May every Monday be looked forward to by you, because of the goodness you’ll enjoy in them. Happy Monday, dear

Your Monday shall be as special to you as you are to me, pumpkin. You wouldn’t have a reason to regret going to work today, for everything shall be easier than ever. Have a blast!

Your Monday is graced with the very fatness and dew of God so that your joy knows no bounds even as you put your hands and mind to work. Have a great day, dear; you deserve the very best

May Monday be so blessed for you that you’ll prefer it above all days of the week. May no blessing rival the one you will have this Monday. Happy Monday

May Monday give you reasons to shout in victory and may you never lose your victory. I love you, friend. Happy Monday

May no system that will come up today disrupt the growth of your profits and may you become all God wants you to be today. Happy Monday, brother

As you start this working week, may you be blessed, may you be strengthened to do your task for the week, and may your desires for this week be fulfilled. Happy Monday

All my blessings for today go to you. Enjoy life in abundance. I wish you all the good today can ever offer to someone. May you see the best of Monday

Happy Monday to you, sister. I wish you the strength and grace needed to carry out your jobs today and every other workday. I hope you have sufficiency in all things necessary to do great things

Slow and steady always win the race, so I want you to take today Monday slow and steady despite all the workload at the office, and also try your best to enjoy yourself even at work. Happy Monday

Monday is the beginning of the week and mostly is the decider on how successful or happy the week will become. Therefore I wish you a happy Monday and God bless you

You may not have all the strength to get all you want. That’s why I pray that all that can do what you need to be done this Monday will find you and assist you. Amen. Happy Monday

The first “blessings” for today will come to you, even before they come to me. I pray you enjoy them well. Happy Monday to you, mum

A very blessed Monday to you, dearie. I wish you the best of everything even as you work to make the world a better place. May this Monday begin a series of great things to come in your week

Enjoy the best of your Monday. Enjoy the gladness that comes at the beginning of good things. And I pray that the gladness remains till the end of the work week. Happy Monday

Happy Monday, my angel. Just sending you this quickly, to bless your Monday and the other days ahead. I wish you the favour of your boss and everyone you get to work with. Have a work blast, dear

I pray that every good you want today will come your way. I pray that every result for your good in the past begins to come to you today. Happy Monday, my darling

I wish you a Monday filled with laughter and great excitement. Who says work can’t be fun? I wish nothing but good fun for you as you go through the day so that nothing rattles you out

Happy Monday from my very heart to you. Nothing you do will be in vain or yield futility. I pray you have a blessed day, with all you can desire falling into your hands. Enjoy your day!

One of the reasons we live is to be happy, so I want to use this opportunity to wish you a very happy Monday. And please, do the things that make you happy. Once again, happy Monday

May this Monday give you a reason to love Mondays and may you enjoy the fruits of every labour you engage in today. Happy day to you

May your bright days not be cut by misery and may the sun that shines on your Mondays provide more than enough light to brighten the other six days. Amen. Enjoy the best of Monday

Dear, I wish you a swell time even as you go through Monday’s busyness. I wish you speed and agility for all the duties you have to carry out. Have a great Monday, darling

May your Monday be a source of joy to you. And may this Monday not pass without you being assured of something great. And may this great thing come to pass. Amen. Happy Monday

Happy Monday to you. May you be so fruitful and noticed for good until you become the employee of the month. I know how much that means to you

Stability is an essential part of our lives because all play and no work creates destruction. Mondays are meant for working and building up things, just like Saturdays are for its own things. Have a happy Monday

Mondays are the first days of the week, and as such, it means a lot of work. I just pray that amidst all those work, you still have time for yourself and you enjoy yourself. Happy Monday

May every rejection you face today bring you to greater heights and may you not be ruined by the acceptance you get. Enjoy much blessings from Monday

People you don’t know will hunt for you and people that dislike you will favour you. Also, may Monday not prevent you from seeing other beautiful things you need today apart from work. Amen. Enjoy Monday today

Mondays, also known as the beginning of a new week. I pray that you resume this new week refreshed and I pray that all your endeavors this week will not be in vain. Happy Monday

May you see the source of your blessings bigger so you can get much more than you’ve been getting from Him in the past. Happy Monday

May you never be wrong when you don’t have to be. May your day also set you up to meet with kings and great men. May you grow to heights you are scared of. Happy Monday

I pray that this new week will be filled with new things, and I hope you enjoy this new week to the fullest, and I pray for God’s continuous blessings on you. Have a blessed Monday

Every thought people will have about you that will come to reality this Monday will be for good. God will guide your best blessings to you. Happy Monday

There’s no place I want you to be today other than in a place of peace and joy. May you find fulfillment in doing the right thing. May Monday be sweet for you. Happy day

Every day that leads to this Monday has laid foundations for the good of your Monday. Just build on them and enjoy this Monday. I wish you the best. Happy Monday

Come what may, Monday is a day that we all look forward to because we get to do what we choose to at work and also to meet up with colleagues and prepare for the coming week. Happy Monday

The least you will do today will be rated as satisfactory. Your greatness will spread to every branch of your office and you’ll be properly rewarded. Amen. Happy Monday

May the blessings of today, Monday, beat that yesterday, Sunday, and may the sun that comes out today shine on you for good. Amen. Enjoy the day

You are a strong and hard-working person, and what day is better to show that to everyone than on a Monday while working. I wished you a happy and blessed Monday and I pray that the wish come true

As you keep making the most of your Mondays, I know there’s a special reward for you. I pray you get every bit of it, in Jesus’ name. Amen. Happy Monday

The best is what I always want for you. I want to wish you a very happy Monday and hope that you enjoy this day to the fullest. Once again, have a very happy Monday

Over hundreds will respond to your voice today and you’ll be unable to count your blessings for today. Happy Monday to you. Have an awesome week ahead

Mondays are meant for taking chances at the things you love and showing your worth to the people around you. So I pray that you may shine to the people around you. Have a happy Monday

Everything about your Monday will be precious because as time goes on, you’ll find that they will become relevant to your success. Happy Monday

Since you’ve woken up today, you’re set for more good than you’ve ever gotten. Your today will end well and everything will work for your pleasure. Amen. Happy Monday

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