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2021 Best Happy Weekend Everyone Wishes

You have a lot of people looking up to you, so don’t do things that are not worthy of emulation. Happy weekend

You have been through so much yet you stand tall and strong. You are my inspiration. Happy weekend from your greatest fan

If I wasn’t so fixed up this weekend, I would have loved to come home to be with you and dad. Happy weekend mum, I miss you a lot

Don’t you just love weekends, we get to spend time together and hang out in all our favorite places. Happy weekend boo

Happy weekend to the smartest, bravest and loveliest buddy in the entire universe. Life is about to get better for you, believe it

You are one of the most amazing individuals I have met and been your friend is something I would do all over again if I have a second chance of coming back to Earth. Happy weekend!

Don’t give up, don’t ever give up, stay strong and optimistic, you are going to win. Have an amazing weekend

I have been waiting for so long for this weekend and I am happy it is finally here. Happy weekend sugar! I can’t wait to hang out with you again

I am glad I get to spend another weekend with you grandma and I know there are many beautiful years ahead of you. Happy weekend

Don’t give room for dullness this weekend. If you need extra motivation, give me a call and I will be there in a flash. Happy weekend

Good morning to you, stay positive, keep smiling and have a lovely weekend

I wouldn’t trade someone like you for anything in the world. You are the best brother I can ever hope to have and I love you a lot. Happy weekend bro

It’s time to party and have fun again. It’s my favorite time of the week again. Happy weekend everyone. Go out and be wild

Don’t you dare work this weekend, push every single bit of work into the weekdays? Happy weekend, I wish you lots of fun

I pray doors of blessings will be opened to you as you start this weekend. Amazing things are coming your way dearie. Happy weekend

Fridays are my best days of the week because they usher us into days we don’t have to work. Have a restive weekend

Throw the files out of the window, it is time to have fun again. We are going all out this weekend, we are painting the whole place red. Happy weekend!

Happy weekend dad, you are my greatest inspiration and my superhero. I cherish every moment I get to spend with you and I love you a lot

You know you are lucky to have a friend like me. I can’t imagine how boring your life would be if I didn’t step in. Happy weekend buddy!

Thank God, for its another weekend. I had a really long and busy week and I can’t wait to relax in your arms again. Happy weekend!

Don’t let anything or anyone get you down. Criticism will surely come but develop a thick skin and make them bounce off you. Happy weekend pal

Growing up with someone like you was wonderful. I learnt a lot from watching you and till date, you have never stopped amazing me. Happy weekend sis

I know you are probably exhausted from working all week but the weekend is here again. Relax and chill, make every second worthwhile. Happy weekend

There are a lot of evil going round in the world but focus on the good, it would help you see the world in a better perspective. Happy weekend

Have a beautiful weekend my dear, I know you had a really long week so, make sure you get all the rest you deserve

I am not going to tell you how to spend your time but whatever you choose to do, make it worth your time. Happy weekend!

Its another weekend again and I am going to drag you out of the house. We are going to have a blast this weekend, get ready for me

I wonder if God still creates awesome people like you, you are one of a kind. Happy weekend

Stay focused on your dreams and don’t ever give up on yourself. Within you are all you need to be the best at whatever you choose. Happy weekend!

Have a blessed and incredible weekend full of joy and serenity. Happy weekend!

Always challenge yourself, you can do whatever you want once you set your heart at it. Happy weekend!

Don’t let anything distract you from the fact that you are an amazing and incredible guy destined for great things. Happy weekend handsome

Our hearts would always be connected irrespective of the distance between us. Happy weekend love, I wish I was there to hold you close

There are awesome days ahead, forget the failures of yesterday and keep your eyes on your dreams. Happy weekend!

Reinvigorate yourself this weekend, give yourself a nice treat, you deserve it. Happy weekend

I am cheering for you, I will always be your foremost cheerleader. Happy weekend my dear, I am exceedingly proud of you

It is time to compensate yourself for being a workaholic this weekend and I know the best way you can do that: Netflix and chill. Happy weekend!

Happy weekend mum. I miss you a lot and I need you to know I could not have wished for a better mother. Enjoy your weekend

My prayer for you is that things start to turn around for your good this weekend. Very soon, we shall have reasons to come around and celebrate you. Happy weekend

It is going to be a crazy weekend, I have a lot of activities planned for us. I hope you are ready to have the best times of your life. Happy weekend

Don’t miss out on opportunities to bless people today, you never can tell who need it and whose life would be transformed. Happy weekend

Weekends give us free time to do those things we were incapable of doing during weekdays. Happy weekend pal, use your free time maximally

Learn to overcome your fears and take risks. You are so much older than you think. Happy weekend

May your weekend be sweet as your favorite ice cream and pleasurable like your favorite chocolate. Happy weekend!

Write down all you hope to accomplish this weekend and jump right into it. Make this weekend worthwhile, make it count. Happy weekend

Weekend offers the perfect time to do those things which we have always wanted to do but didn’t have enough time to do. Happy weekend dear, I hope you are going to use this time well

Have a lovely and happy weekend, God bless you

Your strength amazes me, I wonder what the source is. You must be wonder woman because you always leave me dazzled. Happy weekend beautiful

Don’t wait for anything or anyone to make you happy, create your own happy times and make sweet memories. Happy weekend

It is a lovely day, a perfect day to be idle. Don’t you just love weekends?

Stay motivated, stay inspired. Happy weekend buddy, don’t let anything get you down

Don’t let anything or anyone steal your laughter, you are totally in control of your own happiness, protect it. Happy weekend dearie

Life should be balanced. Work when you should, rest when you should and play when it is right. Happy weekend pal

Live life fully, don’t hold back. Life is too short to live without taking risks. Happy weekend

You are a big and huge inspiration for me and I am thankful for every moment I get to spend with you. Happy weekend

New ideas are coming your way, revolutionary ones. You are going to do big things in life, I am certain. Happy weekend lovely

I wish you a wonderful weekend filled with happiness, laughter and fun. Happy weekend beautiful

My doors are opened wide, feel free to come around whenever you choose. Happy weekend buddy

Have a beautiful weekend, may you always have reasons to celebrate and be joyful. Cheers!

Be a light wherever you go, hold people up and be a positive influence. Happy weekend!

Forget work, forget all worries. The weekend is here, go out and have fun

Don’t let past mistakes get you down, keep the past in the past and focus on tomorrow. Your future is bright. Happy weekend

I do not want you sad this weekend, forget all the stress of the week and focus on having the best time today. Happy weekend

You are strong, you are amazing and you are beautiful. Being friends with you have been nothing but awesome. Have an amazing weekend

I am sending love and fondest wishes your way. May nice things continue to trail you. Happy weekend dearie

Let me know what you need and how I can make this weekend special for you. Happy weekend my love

I can’t wait to jump into your arms and cover your face with sweet kisses. Happy weekend my love, see you soon

I pray you are favored wherever you go and doors of blessings will continue to open for you. Happy weekend to you

Prepare your mind, adjust your plans and let’s make this the best weekend ever. We are going to have a blast

Thank God for Fridays. I am so excited about the prospect of spending my weekend with you. See you soon dear

Hanging out with you makes me happy. Thank God the weekend is here again. Happy weekend

Happy weekend to the world’s best dad and my first teacher in life. Have a Wonder weekend dad

Use this weekend to dot your I and cross your t so you are in the right frame of mind for the workdays. Happy weekend!

I wish this weekend would be extended for you so you get enough time to refresh and relax because I know how much you really need to. Happy weekend

Stay inspired, this weekend shall be awesome. Happy weekend pal

Keep your smile on and have an amazing weekend. Your efforts will begin to yield profits soonest, believe it

Stay grateful for your blessings so aspire for more. You can be anything you choose to be once you put in the effort. Happy weekend!

Finally! We get to hang out again. I have a lot of gists stored up for you, girlfriend and I can’t wait to share them all with you. Happy weekend

Distance might keep us apart but I will never miss out on opportunities to say hello. Hello and happy weekend

Keep shining, keep radiating. Your light has brightened the lives of many, keep it high and bright. Happy weekend!

I am a little worried about you. I hope you have been eating well and taking time off to relax. I know how important this job is for you but your health is very important to me. Happy weekend Darling, take things easy

Have an awesome weekend, only do things that you truly want to do as life and time is too short to be wasted on things that do not matter

Enjoy yourself this weekend, get rid of all the pressures and tensions of the week and exhale. Have a beautiful day

Live life with no regrets, live life optimally, live life fully. Happy weekend girlfriend

Stay safe, act responsibly and don’t stress yourself a lot this weekend. Happy weekend dearest

I love weekends, they give us ample time to refresh and prepare ourselves for the new working week. Happy weekend dear friend, get all the rest you need

You are my superhero and I am always gushing about you. Everything you do amazes me, happy weekend

Time is a commodity we don’t get to buy. Make use of it well. Happy weekend

Have a nice and lovely weekend and get yourself entertained by whatever means possible. That’s the purpose of free days

The weekdays might be stressful but you have this weekend to get over all that stress. Happy weekend

Give yourself a break, take a moment to study and appreciate the greatest gifts to mankind like the fresh air and life. Happy weekend!

Irrespective of what people do or say to get you down, stay positive. You are an exceptional being and you are destined for great things. Happy weekend

There is no other place in the whole universe I would rather be this weekend than in your arms. We are going to have so much fun this weekend my love

Don’t forget to pray and while you pray, have faith and make positive confessions. Happy weekend to you handsome

Weekends are like blank papers. We get to choose how we spend the time. I hope you make the right choice this weekend

We would always have reasons to celebrate, there would always be a wave of good news in our lives. Happy weekend my dear

Happy weekend to my Darling daughter, I will always be here for you and my arms will always be opened wide to receive you. Love you

Seeing you is the most exciting part of my weekend and I can’t wait to spend quality time with you again. Happy weekend

OK pal, its time to catch up on latest happenings. It’s going to be an awesome weekend

Yes, I know you have made a couple of mistakes in the past but we a do. No man is infallible my dear so don’t be too hard on yourself. Happy weekend

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