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2021 Friday Wishes and Messages for Someone Special

To my special someone, thanks for always making every day of the week special for me, today, I’m set to rock Friday with you, including the weekend

We thank God for family, for fun, for our future plans, for food and drinks, we also thank God for Friday

Thank God it’s Friday, thank God we both survive another week, thank God for the weekend is upon us and thank God for the beautiful time

I’ve been homesick and completely stressed out this week, but as Friday Dawn pop out from the horizon, I can’t wait for morning to come, just to see you

Welcome to a beautiful Friday, a day to start getting your freedom from work and a weekend vacation from regular faces except mine

It’s Friday, it’s time to let loose all of the fun that I’ve kept away during the weekday, so let the fun begin

I can already imagine how tomorrow would look like, that alone makes me feel specially happy cause I won’t be resting alone, happy Friday, special one

Another beautiful weekend is here, starting with Friday and then Saturday till Sunday, guess we got some beautiful days to enjoy together

I’m having a lovely thought in my head, the fact that I’m going to have you all to myself this Friday night gives my blood a little rush

Every day has what they are known for, I might not know what other days stands for but I can say I know what Friday stands for, it’s a day for pleasure and rest

I wish I could declare that you should start your weekend from right this moment, but work must go on, guess I’ll have to wait till at after work, then I’ll be holding you in my arms

The week has had my head under waters and stress until Friday showed up, and then you came with your lovely smile. Have a happy Friday

It can only take someone special to start this kind of feeling inside of me on a Friday morning, happy Friday, sweetheart

I can’t wait to go home, cause I’m only surrounded by workaholics here, thank God for Fridays, looking forward to weekend

Now that weekend is knocking on the door, free your mind from worries, let your mind overflow with peace as you enters into the weekend, happy Friday, my dear

To every soul out there, I wish you a special Friday, may it be pleasant to you, happy Friday

It’s Friday, I want you to forget every issue that’s got you angry over the week, forgive everyone that hurt you, you’re more special than that, let the weekend renew your soul

In no particular order, I’m thankful for life, I’m thankful for you, I’m thankful for Friday, I’m thankful for health

Hey special one, my suggestion for this Friday evening, if you don’t want the stress and work of the whole have a toll on you, just be ready to flex with me

I look forward to every Friday, not because of the fun it usually offers, but because you’re always available to have the fun with me

I can hear some happy whispers in my ears, that it’s Friday and weekend is just next door and you’re closer to me

It’s an amazing morning this Friday, and the sun is giving me an edge on how the whole day should be, and I’m definitely sharing it with you

Happy Friday, my special one, I hope you’ll have a stress free day and a fun loving day at work, and most importantly, a great time after work

May your Friday be priceless, may it productive for you, may it bring you bumper harvest and plenty of happiness, happy Friday, my special one

I have missed being with you on a weekend, miss spending quality time with you because there’s no denying how special you are to me

One thing I have noticed, is that, whenever you’re around on a Friday, that Friday and the weekend always promise to be lovely and exciting

My special one, as you’re about to get ready for the weekend, please ensure you leave all the negative energy from work out there before coming home, have a lovely Friday

With you, I can foresee us making many magical moments together today being a Friday, this night would be amazing

After a tiring and stressful week of work and giving a little of your idea, Friday is here to rescue you from burning out, happy Friday, my special one

Because you’re here, this day will surely be interesting, exciting and fun, have a blessed Friday

I have come to realize that Fridays aren’t meant to be spent in an isolating mood, except it’s you and I, have a blissful Friday

My Fridays were never special until you came into my life, now I look forward to every Fridays and the days after it

Because you’re my special someone, I can’t wait to feel you and have some special time and create special memories with you, Happy Friday, special one

This Friday early morning breeze is smooth, though you’re not here to cuddle me, I’ll wait till after work to enjoy this Friday night with you

On Friday, in positive anticipation of the weekend, I’ll be starting my fun from this moment, with you in mind

If I could give any day of the week as a gift, I’ll probably gift you a day like Friday, so you’ll never stop having fun. Happy Friday, dear one

Friday, unlike any other day of the week, always gives us reasons to be happy, to party and to have fun

It’s a feel-good Friday, I promise to treat you to a lovely, beautiful and romantic weekend, happy Friday

I have so much to do this weekend, so I’ll dedicate this Friday to you and maybe the weekend too

There is time for everything, time to eat, time to work, and a time to rest, this day is for resting, have a happy Friday

Thinking about this day, my entire thoughts go towards you, I hope I can concentrate at work but luckily, it’s Friday

My thought has been with you all night, even as I wake up this morning, I hope you’ll have a great at work today, have yourself a nice Friday

If are yet to know, now is your time to know, Friday gives the opportunity to everyone to operate on an autopilot mode and live instead of just existing

I can’t believe Friday is here already, I’m going to have all the fun and excitement coming with the weekend, but not alone, it’s going to be with you

It’s Friday night, no outing for us today, but we can still go outing in our imagination and probably in our dreams, happy Friday

I’m looking forward to spending lovely time with you this upcoming weekend, but why wait till then, when we can start now, have a lovely Friday

I understand that Friday exists so that we can put away any form of work, put the brain to rest and just allow the body feel some vibration

Life feels good on Friday, there’s rhythm everywhere you turn, you feel the heat of the city. Have a great Friday

I don’t know which day is the hardest but I know a particular day that comes with fun and excitement, have a lovely Friday

My Special One, never compare your journey this week with anyone’s, some are wishing to be on your path, and I’m proud of you always

No one is meant to be alone, let somebody love you, especially on a Friday night, have a splendid Friday

Because this week has broken our mind and body, Friday is here to give us time to mend our broken pieces and relax. Happy Friday

Sometimes, I just want to have myself in solitude, and just treat myself to some soulful music, to serenade me to sleep on Friday night

Sometimes, when on Friday, I don’t feel all the happiness cause I’m busy thinking of how I can prolong the hours on Fridays and the rest of the weekend

Friday is just a special day, it comes with an extraordinary feeling, everyone loves Friday, I love Fridays but not as much as I love you

Once the week switched to Friday, there’s a pretty smile that usually appears on my face, cause I know weekend would be fun and because you’ll be around

I can see the weekend staring at me from hours away, I hope you’re ready for the fun that’s coming through with it, even from this Friday

Friday is meant for relieving stress after a hard week, find your favorite spot for hangout, call someone or more people and flex

If you can’t be with me, this Friday won’t matter, if I can’t see you today, then the weekend won’t be fun

Friday came with a bang, and I’m seeing great fun loading, hope you’re getting your dancing shoes ready?

It’s one of the best days of the week, sweetie, can you let me in on what you’ve been planning for this day since you’re the life of the party

Waking up to go to work every weekday is passion, now that it’s Friday, let the passion be directed to other important features, especially to you

In case you’ve lost your fire during the week, in case you’ve forgotten how special, I’m here to remind you that you’re all beautiful and special, have a beautiful Friday

What a feeling it is, to have weekend staring at you, it means we’re already in Friday territory and the fun has begun

Every sunrise comes with a new blessing for each new day, just like today, may today’s blessing be more than you imagine, have a beautiful Friday

I don’t know how much stress your week had brought for but whichever way it was, this Friday would take care of you

I know who created the weeks, and I’m thankful, but I must confess that I love the person who invents weekends, especially Fridays

Every day is truly a gift, but Friday’s different, cause we get to act alternatively and turn up every fibre in our system, happy Friday

Fridays, the only day in the week that boost confidence and let you get your groove on, have a super cute Friday

Honey, I have been waiting for you, just as I’ve been waiting for Friday, when will you be here? I need you as a sailing ship needs the breeze

This week has been a little boring, but thank God it’s Friday already, life always feels better when I’m with you, my dear

Let this Friday motivate you to start the weekend with enough spice to go round and last the whole weekend

I’m unapologetic about my mood today, so if you see me behaving in a spirited manner, especially on the dance floor, I’m not sorry, it’s Friday

This Friday, I am leaving work with a bang, rocking myself to a smooth fun and giving my eyes the opportunity to see your beauty

Friday is finally here, hang out with friends, have candlelit dinner with that special someone and by weekend, stay with family

Our weekend getaway starts this Friday, from this very moment, I’m committed to making the day an exciting one for you

This Friday night is going to be a bliss moment, immediately I get home, take a shower, eat something and take my bed on a long journey

Thank God for a day like Friday, that normally comes to save us the weekdays that wants to drive us insane, hope you have a great Friday

I hope this Friday night can be to us a romantic time, where we hold hands and just have an amazing moment together

How I wish Fridays never had to bolt out just as soon as it comes, cause we never really have enough of it till the next time it comes, have a fabulous Friday

Friday enhances a good relationship between friends and loved ones, but this Friday, I’m only ready for you my special one

Good morning, special one, it’s Friday, hope you’re ready for fun and excitement all the way

Dear special one, the unique thing about this day is that it leads us to the weekend and it gives us access to much fun since we’re going nowhere tomorrow

What’s weekdays without Fridays, what’s weekend without Fridays, Friday is the energetic fun day in weekdays, and the gateway to the weekend, have a fun Friday

The feeling you brought to my heart, especially on a Friday, I can’t seem to understand it but I surrender to it and to you

If only I can make this Friday longer, especially with you, I really want to have a lovely moment with you, I hope you feel the same

For some of us, Friday is just another day to make an appearance and then chill out with friends the whole day

For all the weekdays that you’ve been on the edge and just been a workaholic, here’s me sending you some virtual hugs till we meet

I have lost my fun energy during the week, but Friday is here to help me find my fun back, have a happy Friday

Friday is here, to fill every hollow space the weekdays had dug, it’s time to see the hollow filled with lots of fun, have a fantastic Friday

One beautiful thing about waking up on a Friday is the feeling you get when you think of how you won’t have to set another alarm by the next day

Why does Friday sound better in the ear than every other day? maybe because it usually lightens our moods better than any of them. Happy Friday

Today’s a good day to be alive, for so many reasons, firstly, for having you my special one in my life, then for having this day all to ourselves, happy Friday

It’s amazing how you usually make every Friday fun for me, just with your amazing smile, and the weekend becomes happier

The rest of the week are just like salad on my plate, but Friday is like the cone of ice-cream, lovely cookies, with dishes of different sauce, while the rest of the week repeat the same

This week is almost out, at least, by the end of today, but before the day runs out, may you recover all of the fun the weekdays had taken from you

That Friday feeling where you just want to get off work and hang out with your special one and just whisper sweet words to each other

Alone without anyone early this morning, the thought that came to mind is all about you, I’m wondering what adventures will happen to us this precious Friday

It’s with utmost pleasure and excitement that I welcome you to this favorable Friday, may you find more favor as you go deeper into this day, my special one

You’ve been my motivation throughout the week, to help me through work, so I plan to spoil you this Friday, hope you’re ready to have fun

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