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2021 Good Morning Friendship Quotes with Images

One day, I’d compose a special poem…just for you. Someday, I’d commission a songwriter to write the lyrics of the sweetest friendship melody, playing in my heart…just for you. You aren’t just a friend; you are my blood! Good morning, have a great day!

I care about you….more than you can ever imagine. You are my special friend. Good morning

Good morning, dearest friend. Here’s wishing you a most beautiful and fruitful day, ever

I don’t need a prophet to tell me that you are my guardian angel and that I haven’t done anything to deserve your love and friendship. I know this myself and I adore you for it. Good morning, my darling friend. May the Lord reward you with unlimited favou

Good morning, Sunshine! With you as my dearest friend, my life is never boring or dull. You fill my life with dazzling brightness and happiness. You are special! Have a wonderful day!

Everything is going to be just fine, believe me. The darkest hour is just before the dawn. The lord has you covered. Good morning, my friend

I’m at peace with my world, with you as my right-hand man. I feel cool, knowing I have you watching my bag, always. Good morning, my darling friend. Have a glorious day!

You are an amazing friend. I enjoy spending time with you; you add value to me. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Have an awesome day! Good morning

Best friends are forever! No distance or new acquaintance or marriage relationship can break our bond. You are my buddy for life. Have a wonderful, day

Good morning, my sweetie pie. Thank you for the beautiful gift of your friendship. I adore you for all and no particular reason. Have a fabulous day

Distance isn’t a barrier! The odds are on our side; with calls, social media and emails- we’ll be as close as ever. I can’t imagine life without my best friend! Good morning, dearie

I have no inkling as to how you love me do thoroughly and completely, but I do know I appreciate you more than you can ever imagine. You are an awesome friend! Have a wonderful day! Good morning

You are a great friend! Thoughts of you always produce a smile on my face, filling my heart with indescribable joy. Good morning! Have a splendid day!

Life is more colourful and worthwhile with friends like you. I appreciate you, my dearest friend. Good morning

Good morning, darling friend. You are a fresh breath, a rare breed! You are thoughtful, considerate and caring. I love being your friend. Have a beautiful day!

Whatever happens today, know that I love you. I’ll be there for you; just say the word. Good morning

The morning has broken, bright and beautiful, with the assurance of the expiration of yesterday… with its numerous challenges. Grab the joy of today; it’s your time to shine, dear friend. Have a lovely day! Good morning

Good morning, my darling friend. Go and accomplish great feat; you are unstoppable! The only obstacle that can stop you is your fear or doubt

Out of sight is never out of mind. We may be miles apart and light years away, but you are never far from my thought. Calls and visits virtually nonexistent, notwithstanding; you remain my best friend forever. Good morning, dearest!

You had nothing to do with your life’s prologue, but the content and epilogue of your life are entirely up to you. Good morning, my friend. Control your own narrative!

The distance and the silence notwithstanding, you mean the world to me, my dearest friend. I’m never farther than a phone call away. If you need me, just holler! I’ll never be too busy for you. Good morning

It’s a brand new day, friend. You have the privilege of starting afresh, on a new slate. Good morning

A new dawn spells a new day. A fresh start, bright with new hope. May your day be filled with joy and brightness, Sunshine! Good morning, friend!

Everywhere is dull and boring. I’m homesick and listless. Seeing you would have made a world of difference. You bring sparkle and dazzling to my life. I miss you, darling friend. Good morning

Friendship with you is an unexpected and undeserved gift God bestowed upon me. You are loyal to a fault. You have a large heart: loving, caring and forgiving. I love you, dearest friend. Good morning

When life throws you down, trust God to pick you up. Don’t be discouraged; a winner stumbles through many obstacles before achieving goals. Whatever difficulties you are facing; you can count on God…and me! Good morning

I love being your friend. I enjoy being with you. You are the most amazing person I’ve had the good fortune to meet in life. I’m doubly blessed you are my special friend. Good morning

Good morning, beloved. I understand you feel overwhelmed by your troubles at the moment, but I want you to be assured that the present predicaments aren’t meant to destroy you. Rather, they will help you to realize your hidden potential and capability. Ha

You are a friend that’s closer than a brother. I’m honoured to have your precious friendship. Good morning!

I love your optimism. I enjoy your adventurous spirit; I’m mesmerised by your charms. What I love most about you, is your unflinching loyalty. Good morning, dearest friend. Have a fabulous day

I can’t wait to see you soon. Your smile is brighter than the shining star. Your heart is bigger than the ocean depth. You are a great friend. Good morning. Have an awesome day!

Good morning, my wonderful friend. About that marvellous idea of yours? Run with it. Don’t stop, until you see desired results. Remember: the beginning is always the hardest!

Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for loving me in and out of season. You are an uncommon breed, my dearest friend. Good morning!

Spending a whole day on the phone; talking and chatting with you will seem like mere minutes. To others, I’m a taciturn fellow. With you, we can never exhaust our gist. You are a real pal! Good morning, my dearest friend

Life is full of ups and downs. We’ll enjoy the ups together with careless abandon; and walk through the bumpy and thorny downs, with great caution…together. Whatever today brings, the operative word is our togetherness. Good morning, my bestie of life!

There’s a reason for every season. This is your season of rejoicing; the reason is for you to spread the joy and happiness. Good morning, dear friend

Good morning, my multi-special friend. You are my social director, entertainment manager, relaxation agent, fun partner, financial advisor, right-hand man…Need I go on? You are simply indispensable! Have an awesome day!!

My life is richer, happier and more purposeful because you are my friend. You are such a wonderful pal. Good morning

Don’t procrastinate any more. Just do it! Your dream is about to come through. Act it out and enjoy the blessings. A thousand mile journey begins with a step. Good morning

I feel exhilarated after our meeting. I enjoyed every moment of our time together. You are such a wonderful person. Let’s do it again, soon. Good morning, pal

You are my special gift from God, I appreciate your worth. I keep on wondering whatever I’ve done to deserve such an awesome person like you as a friend. Now, I realise it’s grace unlimited. I celebrate you today and always. Good morning

Hi, bestie of life! A wonderful morning to you. My day would be meaningless without first wishing you an awesome day. Love you loads, with all my heart!

Good morning, my dearest friend. May your day be as colourful as the rainbow. Have a wonderful day!

I can’t start my day without wishing my gorgeous friend a beautiful morning. Have a great day, darling!

Good morning, my beautiful friend. Lots of love with loads of kisses and tons of hugs from your bestie of life! Have a lovely day

To have a clear vision to forge ahead in life, you’ve got to sweep aside the cobwebs of the past. Good morning

I don’t believe in luck, but I have faith in you. Create your own luck by making the best of today. Your fate is in your hand, my dear friend. It’s definitely not in the fickle fingers of fate. Good morning

Everyone knows I dote on you. So, what else is new? Just this… I love you to distraction! Good morning, my darling friend. Have an awesome day!

Don’t go back to the past; you’ll get trapped. Pick yourself up and take a tentative step to a beautiful future awaiting you. Darling friend, it starts today! I’m here for you, every step of the way. Good morning

You know what I love most about you? You are your own person. You don’t toe the line and you are uniquely different. I enjoy being your friend! Have a most pleasant day. Good morning

I’m wowed by your amazing talents and astounded by your awesome abilities! Your gifts shall make way for you, darling friend. Kings shall seek your favours, henceforth. Good morning

You are special, because I hold you, dear, in my heart. Loving you is easy, you are a friend like no other. Good morning. Have a lovely day!

Wishing a beautiful soul a glorious morning. Enjoy your day, dearest!

Your attitude determines your altitude. You are a winner if think you are. Think big, and achieve greatness! No one can stop you, except you. Good morning, dear friend

Good morning, dearest friend. I’m high on you, hope you know. Never mind about a cure, I’m perfectly fine and incurably into you. Good morning

You are as good as your imagination, thoughts and beliefs. You can, if you think you can. Tear off the garment of limitation and doubts. Dare to dream and accomplish the impossible today. Dearest friend, it’s in you; do it! Good morning

Today, I counted my blessings and realised you are my chief blessings from God. I do appreciate you. Have a great day! Good morning

Life is a sum total of your thoughts and actions. Think big, friend; and then, act on it consistently. Good morning. Have a blessed day

Good morning, my jolly friend. Be in high spirit; I have a feeling something special is coming your way, today

When you get the boot, it’s not time to be despondent. When you get the boot, it’s simply time to spread your wings and fly unhampered. The seed of greatness is in you, buddy. Soar, like the eagle! Good morning

Good morning, dear friend. May your life be as beautiful as you make mine, without fail. Today, lines will fall upon you in pleasant places. Enjoy your day!

My heart is full of love…just for you, my sweet friend. You inspire me like no other. I feel I can soar above the wind of oppositions, just because of your unflinching support. Good morning, my dearest friend

Good morning, darling friend. Your case has been settled before the throne of grace. Expect extraordinary happenings, today. Good morning

Good morning, dependable friend. In this era of fickle relationships, you are such a breath of fresh air. Have a wonderful day

Pray like your life depends on it, and work like there’s no tomorrow. Rest, if you must; but don’t stop till you reach your destination. Good morning, dearest friend. Have a great day!

Good morning, love. I have many friends, but none is as amazing as you. You are simply awesome! Enjoy your day, my sweet friend!

Today is going to be beautiful. I know because all you have to do, is to catch the beauty in today. Good morning, my friend. Have a beautiful day, void of stress

Life’s challenges are tough, but I’m confident you’re much tougher than anything that will confront you today. Go and conquer all. That’s my guy! Good morning

You are a priceless friend. Consistently loyal, caring without restraint and generous without holding back. May you experience extraordinary grace today. Good morning, my buddy!

I have never met anyone as unassuming and humble as you are. You wormed your way into my heart with your quiet ways. You clipped my arrogant wings without even trying. I’m a better person today because I have you as my friend. I’m blessed, and I know it.

I was this uncouth local guy everyone made fun of, except you. You are this adorable guy everyone wanted as friends; yet, you chose to be my friend to the exclusion of others who jeered at me. You taught me so many things, and my past has no reflection wh

Good morning, buddy! Get up and conquer the world! The whole world and its blessings are within your reach. You are unstoppable, today. Good morning

Good morning, my dear friend. I heard that congratulations are in order. I heartily rejoice with you. May God take you to higher grounds!

You are my sunshine, my friend. No dark cloud can dull my time with you. You outshine them all! Good morning, dearest!

When you flash that sparkling smile at me; my day is made. The spontaneous reaction in me is more than that of a big winner of a lottery. You are a charming friend, keep shining. Good morning

Be happy! It’s a duty you owe to yourself. If you don’t make yourself happy, nobody will! Good morning, friend

A good friend is as precious as the rarest diamond. Good morning, dearest. Thank you for being my friend

Life is whatever you make of it. Darling friend, arise and write your beautiful story. The script, storyline and epilogue; is all yours! Good morning

Good morning, my smiling angel. Keep smiling, be happy! Have a day filled with joy and laughter

I miss you like one misses the sun in the cold winter. Good morning, bestie. When are we going to hang out?

Winners are not quitters. It isn’t over until the last whistle has been blown. Get up, dear friend. Put your acts together, your destiny awaits you. It’s time to fulfil your dreams. Good morning

Good morning, my sweet friend. I cherish you forever. Have a beautiful day

Be yourself! You are an original; not an imitation. You are special and unique, no one can ever be like you. Good morning, my dearest friend

It seems as if I’ve known you forever. We met only recently, but you have a positive impact on me already. Thank you for being an awesome buddy. Good morning

Whatever you are going through, be sure of this unshaken fact: you aren’t alone. I’m right there with you. By your side, all the way! Good morning, dear friend

I’m blessed immeasurably, with you as my special friend. Luck has nothing to with it; you are my guardian angel. Good morning. I am blessed by the joy of your friendship

You charmed your way into my heart and took a permanent residence there. I love it just so! Having you as a close friend is a rare privilege. Have a lovely day!

True friends share good times and bad times alike. I’m not a fair-weather friend; you can trust me with whatever troubles you. I’ll be here for you. Good morning

Give your best today; tomorrow will arrive with your just reward. Good morning, beloved friend. Have a lovely day!

I can’t begin to highlight how much you’ve transformed my life, by being a positive change agent. I appreciate you, my darling friend. Good morning

You’ve prepared well for this day. Your presentation is perfect and flawless! It’s time to swoop on the wins and claim the applause. You’ve earned it! Go get it, buddy!! I’ll be here cheering you on. Good morning. Have a memorable day!

Today is a precious gift; appreciate God for the present. Enjoy the blessings of the moment without chasing the shadows of the past or the elusiveness of the future. Good morning

You are so gifted and talented; I admire you. May your abilities and skills pave way to greatness for you, today. Good morning, my dearest friend. The sky is your starting point!

May all your plans for today come to fruition. May you receive more than your expectation. Good morning

You are special beyond description, generous to a fault and completely without guile. You are the stuff of which angels are made of. Good morning, sweetie. Have a most splendid day!

Don’t panic; be calm! Things aren’t always as bad as they seem. Good morning

I may doubt everything else; but one thing I’m absolutely sure of, is that; all will be well with you. Sooner other than later

It was really nice meeting you. You are such an amazing person and I have a feeling we are going to be good friends. Good morning, buddy

Don’t allow people to dump their problems or trashes on you. You aren’t a refuse garbage, darling friend. Surround yourself with positive vibes and optimist. Being cool, calm and collected isn’t a crime. Have a cool day, friend!

Life is hard enough as it is. Now it becomes even harder without you in the picture. I can’t wait to see you. Good morning

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