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Good Morning My Friend Quotes Wishes

One day, I’d compose a special poem…just for you. Someday, I’d commission a songwriter to write the lyrics of the sweetest friendship melody, playing in my heart…just for you. You aren’t just a friend; you are my blood! Good morning, have a great day!

Good morning, dearest friend. Here’s wishing you a most beautiful and fruitful day, ever

Good morning, Sunshine! With you as my dearest friend, my life is never boring or dull. You fill my life with dazzling brightness and happiness. You are special! Have a wonderful day!

I’m at peace with my world, with you as my right-hand man. I feel cool, knowing I have you watching my bag, always. Good morning, my darling friend. Have a glorious day!

Best friends are forever! No distance or new acquaintance or marriage relationship can break our bond. You are my buddy for life. Have a wonderful, day

Distance isn’t a barrier! The odds are on our side; with calls, social media and emails- we’ll be as close as ever. I can’t imagine life without my best friend! Good morning, dearie

You are a great friend! Thoughts of you always produce a smile on my face, filling my heart with indescribable joy. Good morning! Have a splendid day!

Good morning, darling friend. You are a fresh breath, a rare breed! You are thoughtful, considerate and caring. I love being your friend. Have a beautiful day!

The morning has broken, bright and beautiful, with the assurance of the expiration of yesterday… with its numerous challenges. Grab the joy of today; it’s your time to shine, dear friend. Have a lovely day! Good morning

Out of sight is never out of mind. We may be miles apart and light years away, but you are never far from my thought. Calls and visits virtually nonexistent, notwithstanding; you remain my best friend forever. Good morning, dearest!

The distance and the silence notwithstanding, you mean the world to me, my dearest friend. I’m never farther than a phone call away. If you need me, just holler! I’ll never be too busy for you. Good morning

A new dawn spells a new day. A fresh start, bright with new hope. May your day be filled with joy and brightness, Sunshine! Good morning, friend!

Friendship with you is an unexpected and undeserved gift God bestowed upon me. You are loyal to a fault. You have a large heart: loving, caring and forgiving. I love you, dearest friend. Good morning

I love being your friend. I enjoy being with you. You are the most amazing person I’ve had the good fortune to meet in life. I’m doubly blessed you are my special friend. Good morning

You are a friend that’s closer than a brother. I’m honoured to have your precious friendship. Good morning!

You are a friend that’s closer than a brother. I’m honoured to have your precious friendship. Good morning!

I can’t wait to see you soon. Your smile is brighter than the shining star. Your heart is bigger than the ocean depth. You are a great friend. Good morning. Have an awesome day!

Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for loving me in and out of season. You are an uncommon breed, my dearest friend. Good morning!

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