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2021 Good Morning Love Letters for Him or Her to Wake Up To

I’ll give you the peace you need, I’ll bless you with the happiness of love. I’ll offer you the beauty of passion. For love is all about giving. Good morning, sweetie

Pleasant in my sight is the dawn of a new day, precious in my ears is the crow of the cock, for I got a woman to love every sunrise of my life. Return my love with a warm kiss from afar, send back my affection with a detailed love letter. Grab unto a pill

I’ve got nothing to hide whilst I’m in love. So, I’ll show you off every day of my life

Wake up to my love. Let the message of my love open your eyes to see and clear your ears to hear. Perceive from afar the scent of my love for you and put on the perfect smile only true love can give

Through the eyes of love, perfection is what I see when I stare at you. Top of the morning to you, my darling

A beauty will wake up to this confession. I hope she realises my love for her is incomparable like the beauty that evolves from the sun. Good morning, beautiful. Arise and make me shine

To the king of my heart; worry not about the problems of this world, for in my heart is the serenity you thirst for. Come live in this place where no trouble can roar and no evil can reign. Good morning, my love

Your beauty can never be diminished by the darkness of the night, cause the secret of it is in the sunshine that never dims

In the gloomy days of old age, my love will shine through this heart of mine. For it has nothing to do with time but faith. I love you, my darling

The only time the morning shines as bright as this is when my love wakes up on the right side of the bed. I’m glad you’re already having a good day, my darling. And it promises to be even better if you let out a smile. I’ll be there for you in your times

Wonders of the earth, pleasure from above lie in the gift of loving another. Good morning, beautiful. Gratitude floods my heart knowing I got the one to love till infinity. Happiness betides my emotions seeing your heart receptive of my love. Read my hear

Good morning, my love. I hope I say many more to you in the days to come. The sun will go down but not the intensity of my feelings for you. See you in love, my darling

This love will not die because it springs from the immortal nature of man. Good morning, my darling

Daily as I live, your love would be my companion. Rarely as a man can fly, I’ll go back on my words to you. Let me decorate this day with the ornaments of love. Allow me make the stress of today into a melody of love song like the birds whispering into th

Good morning, my love. Loving you is my promise to you on this day

Good morning, my love. Loving you is my promise to you on this day

I was taught how to love you from the womb of the one that carried me. Rest upon my bosom, my darling. And I’ll make no mistake of letting you go, my love

With ease have I opened my heart unto you, I hope you live inside of it for the rest of our lives. Good morning, handsome

I can’t live without you and that’s why I’m forever eager to see you at all times. I’ll ensure you wake up to sweet words, so your heart can feel the warmth of my love for you. If nothing else amuses you at this hour of the day, there must be something in

This love is true like the dawn of this day. It won’t lie just as the one that exists on earth. Be my love forever. Waiting to kiss your lips

As long as I can say it, every morning will you hear my voice, saying that, I love you

Every day is an opportunity to prove my love for you. I’m glad I got this privilege with you today, my darling. Good morning. Wake up with a smile on your face

With gladness, I’ll carry the cross of this love, as long as you give to me waters of strength and passion

Good morning, beautiful. I only dreamt of making you happy today. I’ll turn that dream to a goal so it may come to pass in a split of seconds. Endeavour to accept my offer of a sumptuous lunch this afternoon, for I can’t go on if you ain’t here with me. H

My day is full of thanks, knowing I’ve got the one to love and to make things right for. Good morning, sweetie

Top of the morning to the one who makes the morning sun shines brighter upon my abode. A little note of reminder of my love to the one reading these words with a smile. On this day and the days to come, loving you is what I’ll do to stay alive. If you hav

I fought through the thickest darkness just to see you smile this morning. It was worth it, my love

This may not be the first of its kind but it is written with the breath of a new love. Every day of my life, I’ll make sure of my feelings for you. Good morning, my darling. It’s you now and always

You’re my love from on high. No one else would fit but you. No one else will matter except you

I can’t exchange your love for vanity. For it is the treasure I came to find on earth

The only one I ever prayed for than myself is you. I do not just usher you into a new day with a warm smile and a sweet romantic message, but I bless you in my heart and with my mouth daily as I rise. I wish you a good day, my love. For today, I’ll show y

The only one I ever prayed for than myself is you. I do not just usher you into a new day with a warm smile and a sweet romantic message, but I bless you in my heart and with my mouth daily as I rise. I wish you a good day, my love. For today, I’ll show y

It’s a new day with an old heart full of love. Good morning, sweetie

As I wake up from my lonely sleep, I hoped more fervently even in my dreams to see the face of my love again. Your smile is what I’d rather behold than the brightness of the clouds from my window. Your promise of love is what I’d hold onto stronger than t

When you wake up in the morning, don’t give a sigh, but a wide and beautiful smile first. That’s the magic that makes the day splendid

This message is here today because I love you hopelessly. I may not be able to send you the perfect love messages at every hour, but in each second of the day, my heart only sings of your praises. It’s a beautiful morning and it was created for your happi

Good morning to my only one. Loving you is pleasurable than words can say. It is my wine and my life

You wake up as white as snow, cause your heart harbours no darkness. Good morning, my sweetheart

Love is beautiful. So is the content of its vessel. Come have a draw, my love

Love don’t lie. Take my word for it, for I’ll do everything to prove it daily to you

There’s no place for hate or disrespect, for my heart is soaked in the river of love dripping down the water of passion. Come have a taste, my darling

I’m weakened by your kisses and strengthened by your love. I hope you bless me with both at the same time

The journey of love may be tiring but not my heart for you

If love is not enough, this one will be. Ready to love and to love completely, my darling

My eyes are dim when you’re not around. I hope you come back soonest into our abode of love. Good morning, angel

Love is always a better choice. I’ll love you till the end, my love

I wouldn’t change a thing about my life. Afterall, I was blessed enough to find you. Good morning, dear queen of my heart

I wouldn’t change a thing about my life. Afterall, I was blessed enough to find you. Good morning, dear queen of my heart

Of all the flowers, you glow the most at first sight in the morning. The rest splits with envy cause the night steals their shine away before they see another new dawn. Good morning, gorgeous

I’m glad I found a friend who loves me. The one ready to be my love forever

I’m sending all my love to you this morning like the sun sends its light to the earth. Good morning, babe

Your love rings alarm to my ears. Thus, I do not struggle to wake up every day. Good morning, my love

The essence of my life becomes clearer than a crystal each time I wake up to see your beautiful face. You’re my dream come true

Life smiled at me when love came knocking on my door. The Creator was good to me making you my destined love

Good morning, my peace. The moment I found you, I found peace in the path of love

As eager as the desert to receive the waters of heaven, so does my heart feel in expectation of your love every day. Good morning, my love. Can’t wait to hear your voice

You woke up from the right side of the bed, that’s why you’re reading this lovely text this morning. How was your night?

I’ll shower encomium on you this morning, cause it’s a rare privilege having you in my life. My baby, you’re the best and you come second to no one in my life and even the world at large. It’s only because of you, that I have a heart that loves and cheris

No matter how the night tarries, you’ll always be the light that pierces through the darkest hours of the night. I love you for being my everlasting sunshine. Good morning, angel

No breadth nor depth of the earth can compare to this love. Bask in its splendor, beautiful

Love has swept me off my feet. Landing me into the core of your heart. Now, I’m a prisoner of love

Morning and night may pass, but timeless is the moment of this passion. I love you forever, my darling

I won’t leave you outside in the dark nor cold. I’ll be your shelter of love every day of eternity

I won’t leave you outside in the dark nor cold. I’ll be your shelter of love every day of eternity

Heaven was watching you all through the night and I was loving you whilst the darkness lasted. Good morning, beautiful

Truly undeserving but you wanted me. Very much unavailable but you made time to love me. So then I knew, I had found love. I love you too, baby

A journey towards eternity is not to the end of this love. For my love will always be there beside you

To love and be loved back is a privilege. Thank you for choosing me above the others

I’ll spice up your day with the ingredients of love. Like the sun and moon decorate the sky. It’s a promise, my darling

I wouldn’t have been alive if it weren’t for your love that kept me safe throughout the night. It’s such a beautiful mystery. Good morning, my love

As you lay in your bed, lay on my love too. As you rise from sleep, rise to love me in return, my darling

True love expresses itself correctly. I’ll make no mistake in loving you, my darling

I’ll tell this story of love to the angels. For they alone can comprehend it to the brim. Good morning, sweetness

Blowing with the wind is the particles of my love. Bask in its euphoria, my darling

No one can take your love from my heart just as no one can take the shine from the sun. Good morning, baby

You’ve made me a lover. I hope you make me a father in the future to come. Good morning, my only true love

Every morning reminds me of your love. Today is no exception. Come know what it feels like again, my love

Wake up to the tune of my love. I hope it puts a smile on your pretty face. I love you, angel

See me as the angel that woke you up this morning. I love you, my darling

See me as the angel that woke you up this morning. I love you, my darling

If you doubt my love for you, a trial would convince you. So, give me a try, my only one

No matter the miles of true love, I’ll walk it all with you, my darling

Good morning to the one with very beautiful eyes and a lovely heart of gold. Need I remind you of this love. I love you so much, my only one

Left in my heart was a hole longing to feel the satisfaction of love. I’m glad my heart sings the song of fulfilment since when it found you

You’ll never wake up to hunger, cause my love will fill you up with affections that will make you hunger for nothing else in the world. Good morning, babe

Every time, the first sun in the morning reminds me of you. I’ll never forget you as long as the sun shines, hon. Good morning

Nothing else matters to this heart but to love you. So to keep my heart beating, I’ll fall in love with you countless times

I can assure you of my love in the time to come. Tomorrow will testify of my passion for you

In my whole life, I’ve never had a dream as beautiful as the one I had last time. You brought me happiness in it and I have no choice, but to dwell in its mirth this morning

Heaven opens immediately you lift up your eyelid in the morning. I know this because I feel it in my soul. Good morning, baby

Whatever may come against our love would fail to prosper, for I am more determined to love than to live, my darling. Good morning, handsome

Good morning, my love. Come lay your warm kisses of passion upon my bosom

I have no doubt you woke up fine. But do you still love me like the way you did before going to bed last night? I trust you do, cause our love is one to last

The beauty of life is wrapped in love. I’m glad I know what it feels like to be loved by a king. Wake up to love, my darling

A new kind of sun shines in my heart because you love me. Good morning, my love

A new kind of sun shines in my heart because you love me. Good morning, my love

Your lovely eyes dilate whenever you talk to me. I hope to see those enchanting eyes this morning, my love

In hunger and in thirst, your love will forever be my satisfaction. Good morning, my love

You shot a weapon of love straight into my heart. Now, it pleads of your love every day. Love me always, my darling

I’m so full of love. Ready to empty my bosom inside of you. Thank God it’s a new day

As the days of our breath reduces, so will the intensity of my love for you increase. Let the time go by, my love will always be right here for you

A cup full of love for you every day. Drink from my heart, my darling

An early morning request; be the mother of my kids and the grandmother of our grandkids. More importantly, the love of my life

I saved my love for you through the night, now that it’s sunrise, come enjoy every part of it. Good morning, my love

Bones can be broken. And hearts can be shattered but not my love for you. Good morning, sweetie

An early promise of love; never will I give up on you, nor shall I dampen the radiance of this feeling for you. I love you to the moon and back, my darling

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