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Good Morning Wishes for Him to Wake Up To

Have a good morning, darling. I wanna see you through the day with this simple text of mine. I hope it means a lot to you. Kisses!

Awwn! The mere thought of beholding you face wakes me up each morning. Good morning, my love

Good morning, my love. I wish you a prosperous day today, one filled with hope, laughter and good spirit

Good morning, my love. You’re a rainbow of many beautiful colours. A beam of hope and happiness to me. Have yourself a merry day

A word from you makes the rest of my day exciting. Good morning, my love. These butterflies in me keep growing with each word you whisper in my ears

Good morning, my man. If I didn’t fall in love with you, I wouldn’t have a reason to breath in joy and exhale satisfaction. You’re the reason behind my smile

Good morning dearie. As you go out this day, the angels await you to usher you into blessings. Have a pleasant day, my love

Good morning, my love. Go for the best, be committed to making your life count. I love your zeal and it inspires me a lot

Good morning, sweet. My day without you is like the sun without a shine and rain without a drop. You make me whole

Good morning, my love. Each time I hear your voice, I’m most grateful to God for life. Keep growing and glowing. A Special Good Morning to Someone Special

Good morning, sweet. If you look around, be sure to behold the faces of angels who would help you out. You’re not alone. Have a super duper, great day

Good morning, sweet. Count it all joy, seeing this message cause, it’s a fact that you’re alive to make this day count. I love you

Good morning, sweety. You’re a rare diamond and the heart of the friendship we share. Waking up today is like being born into love. Kisses

Good morning, best boyfriend ever. If you don’t deserve to be called the best, that’s because you’re better than the best. You’re simply second to none

Sweet, good morning. I would love to behold your face this morning but before then, let this message prepare my way to you

Sweet, good morning. I would love to behold your face this morning but before then, let this message prepare my way to you

Good morning, my king. As you go forth today, may you be treated like a King with honour and grace? I love you

Good morning, dear sweet. You don’t give me excuses to stay away, you give me every reason to find you irresistible. This day is eager to witness your manifestation

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