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2021 Trending Blessed Week Ahead Quotes & Wishes

Limits are just within the confines of the mind. You can always push yourself to do better and better, no matter how daunting and difficult it might be. Keep at it husby, and you will succeed beyond your wildest imagination! Good morning, and have a bless

The top of one mountain is always the bottom of another. Success is never ending; only the levels differ. Good morning, son. Have a blessed week ahead

All things in life are first impossibly difficult before becoming as easy as pie. Keep on trying till you conquer. Have a blessed week ahead

Don’t always take life too seriously. Laugh and have fun. Humour is mankind’s greatest blessing; laughter is tonic to the soul. Have a blessed and fun filled week ahead. Good morning

Whatever makes you different or weird, is your area of strength. Utilize it positively. Have a blessed week ahead. Good morning

May your wishes come true today and always. Your goals shall receive grace for achievement and your secret pains shall be forever silenced. Have a lovely week ahead, girlfriend. You are a sweetheart!

Words are powerful; they can make or break a person. Speak words of life to uplift, help empower, and encourage someone forward. Choose to be kind with words. Good morning, my dear friend! Do have a pleasant week

A beautiful, blissful and fabulous week awaits you this new one. Your cup of joy shall run over. Good morning, my precious gem. Have a powerfully blessed week ahead

In order to conquer, all you need is to dare, still dare and dare some more. Have a blessed week ahead

My cute and gorgeous dude, unspeakable joy and unlimited blessings await you this new week. No one is more deserving. Enjoy a most blessed week, darling

You are smart, hardworking and diligent. You inspire others to do excellently in their job. It’s a real pleasure working with you, friend. Have a blessed week ahead

Compose the song, perfect the tunes, practise your dancing steps and polish your dancing shoes…it’s time for thanksgiving. Your testimony has been stamped with a royal seal. Have a joyous new week

Don’t reduce your efforts just because you are missing the target. In life, nothing great comes easy. Rather, steady your aim, focus and give it your best shot. Good morning, my darling! Have a blessed week

You are an amazing man. You are destined for the top: the sky is your starting point. Aim for the moon, my darling. Your wife is sharing you on. Happy new week

Life is not always fair: it can be downrightly and outrightly mean as mean goes. Dearest husband, God will bring you out better, refreshed, renewed and reenergized. Have a blessed week ahead

The word of God shall quicken your mortal body. Your health shall flourish daily. Health, sound mind and strength are yours from today, dearie. Have an awesome week of healthiness

You can if you believe without wavering that you can. Then you will. Have a blessed week, little sister

Courage and enthusiasm will transform your dream into the realms of reality. Let the fear of failure give you the boldness to embrace success. Happy new week, darling friend

Victory is sweetest when you have known defeat. Life knocked you down but not out. Pick yourself up and keep trying till you conquer. Nothing good comes easy… all the time. Good morning, love. Have a blessed week ahead

If your ‘why’ isn’t strong enough, you will continue to search for an easier ‘how to’. Have a dream. Be passionate about it. Pursue your passion without distractions or succumbing to shortcuts. Have a great week ahead, my dear

No one is capable of holding you back from achieving your dreams or potentials but you. Dream big and believe in your innate ability to achieve the impossible. Good morning, sweetie. Enjoy a blessed week ahead

My cupcake, no matter what happens this week, stay happy. God is with you; it will surely end in praise. Have a blessed week ahead

Enthusiasm is the key to success. Infuse passion into every undertaking or task. Be zealous about actions taken to actualise your plans. Good morning, dear brother. Have a great week ahead

Likes attract likes. Be positive. Drown the negative vibes and positive outcomes become your lot. Have a wonderful week of positivity, my beautiful sister

Strength doesn’t come from what you are able to do. It comes from handling and overcoming the things you once thought you are practically incapable of. What are you afraid of, little brother? Conquer your fear and do it anyway, and garner strength from it

It’s a new week. Beautiful things shall locate and stick to you. Favour will make up for past losses. You shall be restored a thousand fold. Good morning, pal. I wish you a glorious week ahead

Everyone is born with unlimited potentials, abilities and intelligence to make the impossible possible. What we do with this realisation makes all the difference. We can bury, tap, or optimally utilize our gifts. Have a blessed week ahead. Good morning, f

In the midst of turbulence, may your eyes be opened to see opportunities, not obstacles. Have an awesome week, sweetie buns

Not everyone who starts a race gets to the finishing line: determination is the key. Be motivated and determined. Take a step and finish well. Good morning, my sweetheart. Have a pleasant week ahead

The shortest route to outstanding success remains the same. Hard work, diligence, skills, abilities and their likes. They attract favour and blessings with direct access to success. Good morning, sis. Have a fruitful week ahead

Life is either simple or difficult: attitude, reaction or manner of approach, is the main determinant. Life’s challenges can mar or make you. The choice is really yours. Have a great week ahead. Good morning, my friend

You are smart, inspiring and totally committed. You are the best partner I could ever wish for. I’m looking forward to a more rewarding week ahead, with you. Good morning, partner

Life is beautiful when we drape the world around us with kindness, helpfulness, love and helping hands. Good morning, my beautiful wife, and have an awesome week ahead!

You are all shades of awesome, darling wife. I love you to bits, sweetie pie. Keep shining, keep flourishing. Your radiance inspires my brilliance. Have a beautiful and blessed week ahead

When things get out of control as they sometimes do, do not be discouraged. Rest and have a change of scenery if you must; whatever you do, keep on trying. Your breakthrough is around the corner, pal. Have a pleasant week ahead

This new week, you shall be highly favoured and blessed beyond your wildest imagination. Good morning, darling sister. Have a beautiful week

My woman, my everything. You have more grits than ten men, no teasing. What’s ahead of you is mere child’s play to what you are capable of. Your number one fan is cheering you on already. Have a most blessed week, sweetie

Rid yourself from the destructive power of good or bad memories that keep dragging you down the tunnel of mediocrity into the dungeon of poverty. Have a most productive week ahead, sugar pie

The future belongs to the risk takers, not the comfort seekers. Son, break free of your comfort zone to seek the exploding success hidden in the risky venture awaiting your involvement. Have a blessed week

Lofty dreams pay no bills. Come off your high horse and submit to the discipline of handwork. Here, bills get paid, dreams get funded and success becomes a reality. Have a fruitful week, dear

Success is a choice; be deliberate. Dream, plan, set goals and act. Revise, and improvise on your goals/plans and act some more. Good morning, my friend. It’s going to be an amazing week of blessings

Be bold, be strong and keep the flame of hope alive. It may be difficult at the moment, but your success shall announce you soon enough. I wish you the very best. Have a pleasant week, dearie

Be the best you can. Believe in yourself even when you doubt every other thing. Nothing is impossible for he who thinks he can. Good morning, dear brother. Have a pleasant week

Good morning, my beautiful wife. May every day of this new week be extremely kind to you. Have a blessed week ahead

There’s nothing as deflating, daunting and destructive as negative vibes. Where you sense them, flee without looking back. Life is too short to add such unnecessary weight. Good morning, guy. Happy new week

Good morning, love. May this new week launch you into unprecedented breakthrough, unmerited favour, extraordinary grace and unlimited blessings. Have an awesome week ahead, my darling

Surround yourself with the right people. People who are on the move, focused, determined and ambitious to achieve more! Networking is an essential key to success and growth, dear friend. Good morning! Have a blessed week

Your friend are those from whom you have no need to beat a fast retreat, no matter the circumstance. No facade, face mask…just you, laid bare. May God connect you to soul friends, my son. Have a blessed week

Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is looking. My precious children, hold fast to your integrity even when the world has forgotten its meaning. Have a most wonderful week ahead

In a relationship, treat people the way you want to be treated. What you get is often a reflection of what you give. Good morning, dear brother. Have an awesome week ahead

Each week presents an opportunity to show you in different ways, the depth of my love to you. Loving you is the coolest music that pleases my senses. Here’s to a fantastic week ahead

God is with you: no more fears or tears. He will silence the uproar of the alien and still the songs of the ruthless. The ransom has been paid in full. Enjoy a week of liberty that runs to eternity, girlfriend

Flee from friends that are not but wet blankets. They have this awfully annoying habit of deflating one’s enthusiasm: it goes from 100% to less than 2% in a twinkling of an eye. Be a lone ranger climbing success larder or surround yourself with friends wi

Sometimes you have to act like a fool to fool the fool that is fooled into thinking they are fooling you. The joke is really on the joker. Good morning, wifey. This is food for thought. Have a blessed day

Cutting one’s conscience to fit this year’s fashion, is a one-way ticket to personal destruction. Be yourself at all times. Do not compromise or dance to the tune of every wind that blows, my dearest daughter. Have a blessed week

Here’s wishing my best buddy a fruitful week where result more than triples the effort; 100% laughter with lots of lasting reasons to cheer. Have a blessed week ahead, dude

Good morning, my angel. The Lord shall turn around your captivity this week. He will give you fresh unction to start afresh stronger, better and more powerful. Have a blessed week ahead

You are the boss of bosses, darling husband. You inspire others to excellence without being bossy. Working with you is a real pleasure and learning experience. Right now, I’m looking forward to another exciting week with you at the helm. Good morning, lov

My prayer for you this week is that your troubles shall disappear. Continue to shine and show forth God’s glory. Have a most wonderful week ahead. Good morning

You are an awesome husband and father. Thank you for inspiring us to be better. You are simply the best! Have a fulfilling week

My dearest husband, the Lord will shake the heavens and move the earth to bring forth your blessings this week. May all you desire be released to you. Have a blessed week, Honey

One secret of effortlessly achieving greatness is to find joy in your labour. Be passionately about your work. Love what you do. The work goes unnoticed, the profit/success are bonuses. Have a week of extravagant blessings ahead, dear. Good morning, chum

I couldn’t have accomplished my tasks without your help. Thanks for your support. You aren’t just a colleague, you are a real friend. I appreciate you. Have a glorious new week

You are the most hardworking man I’ve ever come across. You deserve this breakthrough. There are more landmarks to be possessed; aim higher, still. Good morning, my husband. Have a glorious week

My darling husband, the oil of gladness and favour shall flow upon your head. Nothing good shall be withheld from you. Have a blessed week, love

Have no fear, this new week shall be great for us. Have a blessed week, friend

Procrastination is the thief of time. What is lost may never be recovered: time is money. Whatever you conceive in your heart, do it now! No better time like the present. Have a great week, dear child

Being hurt by the truth is more soothing than be comforted by a lie. A lie hurts in the long run while the truth is a lasting blessing. May the truth you embrace today brings you everlasting joy. Have a pleasant week, Honey

There’s something to be learned from everyone. Most times, none of us is as smart as all of us. Let’s work together to achieve greatness as team members

The pains of the previous week has been totally wiped out by the tip of the iceberg favour rushing your way. The news in the air is that you’ve been chosen for unlimited blessings and extravagant grace. Enjoy a week of explosive blessings, my lovely frien

This week shall be for you; a week of extraordinary achievements, outstanding results and productive labour. You deserve the best, sister. Good morning

The road ahead may be rough or tough. One thing is certain as the dawn, I’ll always be here for you, sugarplum. Here’s to a blessed week. Good morning

Last week was dope, but this week will be better. I feel it in my bones. Have faith, Husby. Woman’s intuition is never known to fail. Expect an extraordinary week of blessedness. Good morning

No matter how great an idea sounds, test it first. If it aces the test, run with it. Have a blessed week, dear friend

I know you can do it. All it takes for you to breakthrough is right inside of you. You have such amazing abilities, skills and intelligence that’s second to none. So, go out there and accomplish the impossible. Have an awesome week ahead, my darling husba

When adequate preparation meets with opportunity, outstanding success is the sure result. No one deserves this breakthrough as much as you, my love. You’ve worked hard for it. Go ahead and shine. Have an amazing week ahead

A race is when you run alone. Grace occurs when God runs with you. May you run the race of life by grace. Good morning, my charmer. Enjoy a gracious week, son

You are a champion; destined for greatness. You are unstoppable, my darling. Aim for the sky this new week. Go ahead and prosper. Have a wonderful week ahead

It’s a brand new week, my gorgeous! It promises to be great in each of our lives. It’s an overflow of God’s favour: time to dance. Have a pleasant week, dearie!

My precious sister, you shall be singled out for an unexpected and mind blowing blessing this new week. Have an awesome week of testimonies, sis! Good morning

Courage isn’t the absence of. It is what you do when you have to do it, in spite of your fears. Don’t take the counsels of your fears when the chips are down, son. Have a lovely week ahead. Good morning, darling

This week, the Lord will shine His light on your path, divert your feet from dangers and shield you from calamities. He will cause your adversary to flee from you. I wish you a triumphant week ahead. Good morning, darling husband

Time heals no wound. The intensity of the pain just fades with the passage of time. Untreated covered up wound festers and hurt unimaginably. May your wounds receive the healing touch of the great physician. Have a serene and beautiful week ahead, my belo

You are a leader like no other. Exemplary and outstanding: you are completely awe-inspiring. Here’s to a more fulfilling new week

Decide where you want to be; take baby steps or giant strides/leaps. Don’t stop until you get there. Good morning, my little chairman. Have a blessed week, dearie

God will give you double for all your past troubles. Double blessings, joy, favour, grace and peace. Have a blessed week ahead, sweetie

You are talented, hardworking and conscientious, sister. I wish you a most productive week ever

Happiness is a choice. Stay positive. Be deliberately happy, baby girl. Have a joyous new week

It’s a new week. The highroad to success remains unchanged. Take the stairs; life and success are in phases. It’s step by step. You may jump a step or two, but you can’t leap from bottom to top. There’s no elevator. Have a blessed new weak, kid brother. G

Happy new week, Handsome. I just got a call from your testimony account. The current balance has been emptied today to allow for fresh ones. Be expectant, sweetie. It’s testimony galore! Have a blessed week ahead!

Good morning, my sunshine. This week, aim as high as the moon and a little higher. Go for excellence. Have an amazing week ahead

A happy new week to my favourite colleagues and awesome team members. We did it last week; we achieved the impossible. We can do even better this week: we are unbeatable!! Looking forward to a more blessed week ahead

May this week bring tidings of great news and jaw breaking testimonies. You are due for it. Have a glorious week, sugar

Kindness is like butter; it works and gets better when you spread it. Have an awesome week ahead, dearest friend

It is settled. Prepare for showers of blessing. It’s coming in torrents! Your wishes and aspirations have been approved by God. Have a wonderful week, darling

Working with you has been an awesome experience. The synergy is amazing: you all inspire me a great deal. You are the best team members ever! I look forward to more projects or tasks accomplishments with you. Have a blessed week ahead

A woman’s greatest smelling perfume is the fragrance of her man’s success. Dear daughter, support your man with prayers and every good and possible means, to attain success. Have a great week ahead

In this new week, the inhabitants of the earth shall celebrate you while the hosts of heaven applaud you. You are a star son, shine on. Have a glorious week ahead

You are the most thoughtful, considerate, helpful and wonderful man on this side of eternity. I wish you the very best of the week, dearest

The journey of life begins with a step. Take that step of faith towards success. The rest they say is history: your story of extraordinary success. Have a great week

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