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30 Short Good Morning Poems for Her or Him

I See Myself Loving You More Loving you more, every day I realize Lovely along, is how ours materialize I wished for the best, I got much more Pleased, our love will be forever more

I Am for Your Joy Always My love, to make you ever cry, That is never in my plan! But to dry the tears you cry, I’ll forever do more than

Believe My Love for You Doubt it not when I say I love you, Because, loving you, I will always do! Doubt not my allegiance to this heart of you For my body soul and spirit clings ever to you

I Feel so Lonely amd Alone I am missing you like I just might die Saddening its feelings, I just might cry It’s so going unbearable, I just can’t lie Living me lonely and alone, darling why!

My Heart Sings for Joy Our love makes me want to fly Even without having physical wings To your wish, I wish to always comply For with you, in joy my heart sings

I Am Feeling Like I Am a Fool Missing you this way is not always cool Thinking of it, I feel much like a fool Alone in this world is how I always feel, Yes, how I feel and now more than real!

I Owe You All of Me To you, I will always pay my due For none is better or best but you I desired love that is so true And now glad that I got you

You Are Matchless for Real Ceaseless love, forever Enduring, And boundless love, with you I’m assuring. You are so cute, and your love ever alluring. Your ways are pure, and your deeds so adoring!

The Search Ended When I Found You The moment I found you I stopped all my searching For a love so true, so pure and everlasting, Love so strong and ever believing That is all I want, and for it I’m craving!

I Am So Pleased With You You make me feel at home At home, like I own All Rome You make me want to dance So happy, like I own France!

It Is So Sad I Am Missing You So sad when you are not here Hurting it is, when you are not near I miss you so very much my dear And I wish you feel the same there!

I Am Nothing Without You Blessed, I am being with you Thrilled, my moments with you Lost is the feeling of missing you. Nothing is this me without you

My Love for You is Ever Real From the bottom of my heart Loving you is but a pure truth A truth is it more than fact! Conc. love and never dilute!

Wishing You Were Here I wish you were now here my darling Emptiness is how I feel you not here My head aches, my heart is dangling And I wish I’d magically bring you near

My Promise of Love to You
Every day you live, I’ll give nothing but joy
My love for you, delicious like the dish you enjoy.
I will take you round the world, yes in my convoy!
And I’m waiting for our twins, one Girl and one boy

My Promise of Love to You Every day you live, I’ll give nothing but joy My love for you, delicious like the dish you enjoy. I will take you round the world, yes in my convoy! And I’m waiting for our twins, one Girl and one boy

I Am Glad Having You as Mine You being the love of my life Is thrilling more than merriment I am feeling so happy, oh I’m alive! Is how with you I fell every moment!

My Heart Aches for You I am down, this is killing me softly My heart pounds, and that swiftly How I wish you know this really, That missing you is like I’m silly!

I Am the Loneliest Without You Alone is how I feel without you Empty is me always without you Sometimes I don’t know what to do Except that I want to be with you

Your Love is My Sunshine Darker and gloomy may be my way But your love, makes a brighter day Speechless is how I feel every day For I’ve ever been loved – but not in this way

I Will Give You My All All I have, to you I am giving For all your wrongs, my love I’m forgiving I will stay with you, forever not leaving. My devotion to you, that’s unswerving!

I Can’t I Wait to Take You Down the Aisle Sooner or later, I’ll take you down the aisle. And the thought of this, making me feeling so high! For you being mine, always makes me kind of fly. And how you love me this much, I still ask why!

Please Be My Love This is interesting, oh what a feeling! Humbly I am begging, baby still I’m kneeling. Please be my love, oh baby I am pleading. Without you I’m not sleeping, yet not feeding! My life without you is far from living! Without you baby, sure

Your Name Is so Sweet to Me Like sweetest of all smelling savour Is how your name in me does sound It’s nothing but God’s own favour When you’re best of love found!

You Are More than Enough for Me So sweet, what more can I ask for! I wanted less but I got the best Thrills me like shower, like downpour Satisfied, how this is bliss at its best

Baby, You Have All of Me Forever I am loving you always, forever not relenting I give you all I have, and I’m not repenting To you I give my heart, forever not regretting. My goals, my plans, to you I’m presenting

I Am Blessed Having You Loving you keeps me more than lifted Having you makes me feel more gifted Your love is real, I won’t get it twisted! But I’ll love and love you more, instead

I Just Can’t Express this Feeling Word would fail me to express how I feel, My body and soul, with your love you thrill. Why I deserve this, I can’t explain still. So loving you ever, is a done deal!

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