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Good Morning

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Today is a brand new day, which means we receive everything we want in the newness of life. As you set out today my love, may everything in your life become renewed. Go into today with God’s grace and achieve all you have set your heart to. Good morning m

Just I and you and the weekend will be fine

Your presence hovered like a wind over my face as I slept peacefully whilst dreaming about you, my love. Good morning

Many are looking forward for you to become the best. Never give up

May you not live the rest of your lives in penury. Happy Wednesday!

Calling you a best friend is less than who you truly are. You’re one friend that knows my pain and my joy, and I will always be happy about your presence in my life. I wish you a wonderful weekend ahead

Every morning I wish I could wake up to see your beautiful face and for that to give me the necessary energy needed for the day, good morning my love and do have a smooth day ahead

As you launch into this new week, don’t be scared of letting go of wrong notions for the right ones. You’ll be fine, babe. Have a great week

Any opportunity that comes your way, as far as it is a good one, do not hesitate to take the advantage because, in no time, you will live to appreciate your effort. God bless you much. Have an inspired Tuesday

May you retain the ability to turn a desert to a land full of water and life. May your wisdom gather riches and honour for you even in the land of hopelessness. Good morning, dear brother

Plant your feet firmly on the ground as you march to victory, your steps are guided by God. Happy Sunday, friends

Another great day to have a wonderful person like you around me should begin with a good morning. Don’t you think so too?

It’s a brand new day, let me brand your day. It’s a brand new day, what have you got to say? Good morning friend

If you thought that you were insignificant and had no power in this world, think again. Your mind is actually shaping the world around you. Don’t stop making a difference. Blessed Tuesday!

Wake up honey, do your 10 minutes exercise, shower, eat your breakfast and set out for work. Don’t forget to give me my routine kiss. Very important. Good morning, baby

Wake up honey, do your 10 minutes exercise, shower, eat your breakfast and set out for work. Don’t forget to give me my routine kiss. Very important. Good morning, baby

Stretch out from your comfort zone and make a beautiful day. Good morning

I am so certain of one thing and one thing, in particular, this Saturday is going to be great for you and yours

My dear, I always look forward to sending my morning wishes to you even if am not close by. Good morning, enjoy this beautiful Wednesday

Although you’re just a stone throw away, but it feels like you’re many miles away from me. I can’t wait to see you. Good morning, my one and only

A miracle turns up every Saturday: no deadline or power meetings! Just endless stretch of free hours of rest and fun. Have a great weekend!

Beginning each day with you makes my days start on a positive note. You bring warmth to my life and I’m certain I’ll never let you go. Good morning

The ones who believe in what they can do, are the ones who succeed in life. They never get discouraged easily because they understand the power of the grace they carry. Prove to the world that you’re not weak! Beautiful Tuesday!

Don’t ever doubt what I feel for you. I love you with all of my heart. Good morning

As you wake up this morning, begin to see God as the all-sufficient God and He shall provide all of your need. Believe and obey Him. He loves you. Good morning

I can get tired of saying Good morning to the man who brings out the woman in me. Sweetest morning, my darling husband

Morning is for everyone, while romantic morning is for me and you

As the sun has risen this morning, your happiness shall rise to its very peak for the rest of the day. Go and conquer today, my friend

Cheers to a week full of new possibilities and opportunities. Remember, you have all you need to achieve your dreams, just believe in yourself. Happy new week!

I know how excited and giddy the weekend gets you…I can’t say I blame you though; the week can really be so tiring. Have a lovely weekend, dear. Much love

It’s a brand new day fills with great joy and happiness. Enjoy its greatness. Good morning, dearest husband

It’s a brand new day fills with great joy and happiness. Enjoy its greatness. Good morning, dearest husband

Your day will be productive, It shall be so much that even the sun will not be able to dry it. Good morning, sweety

May you experience kindness, today, that will leave you speechless and in awe; amen. Good morning, sugar

Today shall not have you in tears. You shall grin from ear to ear as you do that which you know how to do best. Good morning, my dear

The more you can be grateful for the good things in your relationships, the faster every relationship in your life will miraculously change. Think about this. Enjoy your Tuesday

You can be anything you want to be as long as you’re focused in life. I wish you have a wonderful week ahead, my good friend

Yet another day to love. Let me absorb all the passion you let flow out of your loving heart. And I’ll let the whole world know being drunk in your love is no crime at all. Good morning, sweetness

Pleasant in my sight is the dawn of a new day, precious in my ears is the crow of the cock, for I got a woman to love every sunrise of my life. Return my love with a warm kiss from afar, send back my affection with a detailed love letter. Grab unto a pill

You were the first I thought of this morning, dear sister. How have you been? And how was this last night? May good things be yours today. Good morning

Just like it is a consensus that hurt people hurt people, I also believe that lovely people only have love to give, you have been able to prove that my faith in that statement is valid. Good morning, dear

If you’re creating anything at all, it’s really dangerous to care about what people think. Pay no attention to negative people. May God continue to bless you. Have a Tuesday filled with abundance

Here’s to a friend turned family. I know you’ll do amazing in this life. Have a good week

Almighty God, I pray that You’ll continue to be a light to my path and guide me on the right ways to go. Good morning to my humble self

The week has been a long one and you deserve all of the soothings that comes along with the weekend. Wish you a pleasant weekend ahead!

Every break of the day and the “good morning” that comes with it is a call to an amazing you to bless the world with your God-given talents, gifts and strengths. Don’t hold back from doing this. Happy Sunday

I’m happy to see the weekend, cause I’m happier to see you

I’m happy to see the weekend, cause I’m happier to see you

Take life easy this weekend. It should be a time to have all that you have missed out on during the week, dear

Positivity is a choice. Make it your lifestyle. Choose plus always. Good morning

Sunday is a day to rest. I pray you get rest and an end to all war in your life. Happy Sunday, friends

This happy day is bright and fair, isn’t it? May your day be brighter than yesterday and good things are yours. Good morning, cupcake. How do you do?

Hello dear friend, all glory to the Most High God for His sure guidance and everlasting mercies over us all. I pray for you that as you wake up this morning even on the occasion of the celebration of a new year, may your life be filled with newness and be

Your days will be filled with peace and your Mondays will be more than all you need to have a great work week. I pray you enjoy your Monday

Everything you will experience today will push you into greatness. I am sure of this. Happy morning, my love

Utilize every opportunity you receive this week. You will achieve greatness in all you set your hands on to do. Doors will open and you will enter into plenty. Enjoy the beautiful week

Good morning my darling. It’s another new day again. As the day begins, I wish you all the good things in life. May you see the wonder and the joy a day the Lord has made

Doors of unlimited blessing will open for you. I wish you just the very best today. Good morning to you

I refuse to be disappointed and rejected. I shall be called to be favoured and blessed

The one who lost has considered himself a loser, and the one who wins considered him a winner. Always consider yourself a winner. Have a beautiful Tuesday

I pray you help me through my endeavour for today and always, Father

People do treat us bad and it’s okay to feel hurt, but don’t worry about treating them the way they did you, you will only hurt yourself the more. Good morning!

Every authority is under God. He will speak in your favour. He has your best interest in heart. Believe in His love, as you set out today

Every authority is under God. He will speak in your favour. He has your best interest in heart. Believe in His love, as you set out today

The days might not always turn out as we hoped, but I want you to be strengthened in the reality of a better tomorrow. It will get better very soon and you will smile again. Do have a blessed week

I wish that you keep smiling all through the day because it makes you even more beautiful. Good morning, love

To the one and alone one in my heart and thoughts, I say good morning to you

Your life is not in any way comparable to others, do what is right at the right time. Remember that there is a great difference between the sun and the moon, each shines when the time is due. Go and prosper!

I Am the Lucky One

We all need somebody to lean on but, I only need you to survive the night. Good morning, honey

My Favorite Food

I know someone who can die for me, mum, you have proved it over and over that you care for me. I love you, mum!

It is another beautiful day. This day will bring you favour and joy. I wish you a good morning

A Wish from Me

I love to see your beautiful smiles. I love to have your soft and tender hands caress my whole body. All I want is to always be around you. Good morning sweetheart

Just like how a beautiful morning is incomplete without its orange hue, my morning coffee is incomplete without texting you. Good morning

Since I met you every day feels like Christmas or another special holiday. Today is a special day

Your love is as fresh as it’s sincere. It’s as refreshing like a cool stream on a summer day. Good morning, my beautiful angel. Have a wonderful day!

Replacing you is impossible for me. You’re a new being every morning

Replacing you is impossible for me. You’re a new being every morning

I heart you so much and I wish that you achieve the very best in life. Good morning

Indescribable Sweetness

As you complete and compliment me, today, you’ll have a good day ahead

I’ll give you the peace you need, I’ll bless you with the happiness of love. I’ll offer you the beauty of passion. For love is all about giving. Good morning, sweetie

I love that you’re my brother. Hence, I’ll be the best kid sister to you no matter the day and time. Good morning, dearest brother

The wind in my hair, my feet on the ground, my gaze in the blue skies and the sweetness of the sunlight is what a wonderful morning entails. Good morning

I Am Blessed for Having You

Today will be a wonderful day for you and your ways will be filled with favour. Have a good day, friend

Baby, you are perfect just the way you are please don’t change and I will love you till the end of time. Good morning dear

I pledge to protect you from sorrow; I promise to give you a better tomorrow. I promise to love you always; I promise to help you through life’s puzzles. I promise to hold your hand till the end of time; I promise to be your wife, friend, and lover. Good

I look forward to mornings because your words, prayers and hugs give me the strength to carry on with the day’s activities. Good morning, my sweet husband

Just as the word of God is sharper than a two-edged sword, my love for you is stronger than the strongest thing you can think of, while it is deeper than the deepest of oceans. Good morning my darling

God will make you a testimony of his goodness. Men will struggle to favour you too. Monday will meet and leave you looking good. Enjoy the day

Even with the distance, you still my morning romantic with your perfume and definitely your calls. Good morning, baby

Thankful for your love as I wake up. Grateful for your kisses even from far away. I miss you, my darling

Thankful for your love as I wake up. Grateful for your kisses even from far away. I miss you, my darling

It’s a wonderful morning to us, I hope you slept well. I wish you a good morning and a happy day ahead. Good morning dear

I can’t wait for you to get back already. Have a safe trip. Good morning

The top of one mountain is always the bottom of another. Success is never ending; only the levels differ. Good morning, son. Have a blessed week ahead

You are a comforter and you do the job so well every morning looks like a brand new, more promising life to me. Good morning, love

Thanks for bringing a spring to each of my steps. Good morning my love

You Have My Thoughts

I want to commend you into the guiding hands of the Lord as you start this new week. May he direct you and order your step from above today and throughout the week

You should never start your day without a good attitude. So, it’s not too early to be good. Good morning

Do you doubt these messages or me the sender? Please do not because they come from a depth of truth. I thought of you as soon as the morning came, and I can’t wait to see you again. Good morning, love

Everything special about this morning starts with loving you

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