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Good Night

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You feel wherever I’m incomplete. With you no one can compete. Your care for me, no one can beat, For I have not seen a love that is this sweet. Good night, my love so sweet

As you lay your head to sleep tonight, may you sleep comfortably and be without trouble during your sleep. May you wake up more lively and rejuvenated. Good night, love. God bless you and keep you

God’s ever watching eyes are on you, so sleep like you own the world, like peace and trouble can only come when you permit them to. And I pray you have the best of nights. Good night, friend

Scientifically, sleep is one of the best ways to rest. So make good use of tonight and sleep well. Good night dear friend

After a long stressful day at work, all I can wish you is a more relaxing, enjoying an exciting evening. Good evening to you, dad

King of my heart. You’re my dreams come through. My love. My soul. You’re all that I want, baby. Receive this text message as a reminder that someone will be forever grateful that you exist. I love you so much

May this night be sweet and blissful for you, sweetheart. May you receive more grace to perform excellently for tomorrow’s job. Sleep tight, darling. May God bless you abundantly. Good night!

Where your love is what is honey and sugarcane? Surely, loving you is not in vain. I will take it with all its bliss and all its pain, And it is what I will do over and over again. Goodnight my heart

You may not be here but you are in my dreams and I just want to stay there with you in your arms forever. Peaceful sleep

We will always and forever be together just as much as I will love you until the end of time. Goodnight!

I know I may have said this a million times before but tonight would be without stars in the sky and the beauty of the moon will vanish if I failed to once again confess my love to you. Loving you is what I’ll do till eternity because more than anything,

Your drove my loneliness away like a smoke and made me strong like a true gold. My heart trembled the very first time you gave me your first look; how enchanted I was. I will like to love you again in the world to come. Sleep like a baby tonight

I’m thankful to have you read this message still. Good evening, sweet friend

A world without you is will always be incomplete and empty. I love you beyond the stars. Goodnight to you, beautiful

Wherever you go, remember to take your beautiful smile with you, and I love you so much. Good evening to you, my angel

Wherever you go, remember to take your beautiful smile with you, and I love you so much. Good evening to you, my angel

Hi sweetheart, can you hear the singing outside your window? I hope you like it because it is lullaby meant to make you sleep beautifully. I know it just sounds like birds chirping but enjoy them all the same because I sent them to wish my baby a wonderfu

May you have a wonderful night sleep as you fall asleep in the world around you. Goodnight and sleep tight

Without you, nights would not exist with stars. Sleep tight, my darling

May you be guided and protected all through your journeys in life. Even the shortest journey shall be of peace for you. Good night!

May I never be put to shame and serve you all my days and nights

I pray that the guardian angels of the Almighty God will continue to keep watching you as you lay down your head to sleep and I pray you continue to enjoy a beautiful and peaceful night sleep full of the sweetest dreams ever. May God take away your anxiet

Sweet dreams, my precious love. Your heart is safe with me

I’m sorry about your boss and how today went. I honestly wish I was there with you to share chocolate and watch movies till day break. Be fine, okay? Good night, dear

Whenever you cuddle me, you take away all of my anxieties and worries. I love you beyond the stars. Goodnight and sweet dreams, my darling husband

You have charmed not only my heart but every part of me. No spell is strong enough to stop me from loving you. Goodnight, my love

Goodnight and sleep tight, my one and only. You know I love you right? Well, I do. Always have and always will

The way I love you is beyond my imagination. I never imagined that I could ever love someone else so completely the way I love you. Sometimes, life happens unexpectedly. I believe you are one of the unexpected happenings but I will always be glad for it.

I hope your evening bring the serenity and peace your troubled mind yearn for all day long. Good evening to you, my sweetest friend

Everything that matters to me revolves around you. I hope you let me show you how much I care for the rest of my life. Goodnight to you, my darling

The night is fast with us. I am looking at the ceiling, hoping to catch a glimpse of you

The night is fast with us. I am looking at the ceiling, hoping to catch a glimpse of you

In sleep, we must be apart, my love, but rest assured for I will dream of you till we meet again. Goodnight, my darling

May you under the mighty watch of the Lord as you lay your head to sleep tonight. Good night, dear friend

What’s so hard in sending a good night message like this to me? Good night to you, buddy

I sleep each night thinking of our future together. The home we built and how love is our language. I look forward to this becoming a reality. I hope you see me in your dreams tonight. Sweet night, dear

Hey, did you wish on that shooting star? I just hope we wished for the same thing – to love you always – and you love me as much. Goodnight dearie

May God give you a reason to be happy even in the midst of the uncertainties of life. Good evening, my dearest brother

I know right now you are thinking of me and you probably got a million things to do. But I want you to know that the whole time you were busy, I was worried about you. Good night, love

You are one of your kind, And your second I can’t find, You will ever be my personal person, And I will love you in and out of season

Those who abide in the shadow of the Almighty shall say of the Lord, He is my strength and my fortress

Try to keep all worries just off, And switch gear to sleep off. It pains much when you can’t sleep. For it kind of makes me want to weep. Good night my sweetheart

Being far from you is hard for me. It’s like being without air. I miss you whenever you are not around. As you sleep tonight, may the angels keep watch over you. You would not be ensnared and may all your enemies be restless just to favour you. May your g

I hope you sleep peacefully and dream of Angels. And I hope you smile while you sleep. Good night

You are so kind and ever true, so loving and caring, are you? I can’t but confess this tonight. Thanks for being the lovely you. Good night my all

I wish your evening is as beautiful as the picturesque of the sunset. Good evening to you, my lovely friend

I wish you have a reason to be grateful for everything and be happy today and always. Good evening!

I wish you have a reason to be grateful for everything and be happy today and always. Good evening!

Good evening boyfriend, how was your day? Mine was wonderful with you on my mind and when I saw your messages, it made my evening more beautiful for me

You are my angel; an answer to my prayers. A gift from God; God’s special heritage. You shall be outstanding in all your undertakings. Good night, my darling son

You’re in my heart tonight, tomorrow and forever. Sweet dreams, my beautiful angel

I don’t need to view any monuments because I have one forever engraved on my heart. You are a graceful work of art specially designed by God with permanent residence in my heart. I wish you a good night rest, my sweetheart

The sun has not smitten you by day, I am positive that the moon will not do so at night. Sleep and have a baby rest my love

It’ll pass; this phase you’re going through. Good night, love

What holds my heart together is my love for you and most importantly, your love for me. Never break my heart nor destroy my being by going away from me. No matter the night, no matter the day you can always run to me. I’ll always have the power to save yo

What could I ever give to show a piece of me to you! What can I ever give to show my love for you! I could give a million dollars but that wouldn’t do, But I give the whole of my heart and my all too. Good night to the best darling in the world

I wish you have a wonderful night sleep as you lay down to sleep and I love you to the moon and back. Goodnight and sleep well, my woman and my everything

Nothing as your love is as sweet, No one but you makes my heart complete, And your deed of love, no one can beat. My darling, I don’t mind auto-repeat

Every good night leaves a sour taste because I know I will be away from you, but it all becomes sweet when I start dreaming about you. Good night, my love

“Sleep well. Sleep tight. Teddy bear hugs good night to you, my love.”

I wish you have a lovely good night sleep. Goodnight, sleep well and sweet dreams, my beautiful aunt

Goodnight to the best sister anyone could ever wish for and may you have dreams as beautiful as you are. I love you dearly

God is with you this evening and your night will be peaceful and refreshing. You won’t wake up feeling bitter, but better

God is with you this evening and your night will be peaceful and refreshing. You won’t wake up feeling bitter, but better

Thank you, heavenly Father, for your love and care for us. We’re very grateful to you, Lord. Hello friend, it’s my prayer for you that as you lay your head to sleep tonight, you shall be under the close and mighty watch of God, the peace of God shall floo

This night shall be a silent, sweet sound night for you. Your sojourn into the night hours shall be peaceful and blissful. Good night, my love

Writing a goodnight message to you already makes me feel as though we are together. I understand that most times, beautiful things like this only happen in one’s head. But, I hope I’ll get the opportunity to show you exactly how much I really do feel for

A perfect night would be, me and you sharing the bed of love. Goodnight, sweetie

As the shining sun goes into the clothes to make way for the bright moon, may God cause your worries to cease and let His brightness be upon you tonight and always

May God take care of you tonight and make your sleep sweet as pure honey and fresh milk in the land of Canaan. Sleep well

I’ve poured roses on your bed to keep you fresh. May your sleep be as flourishing as the lilies. I love you and have a wonderful night rest

May the Lord keep His angels over you tonight and give you His beloved sweet sleep. No evil shall befall you. You shall go to bed in safety and wake up secure. Sweet dreams

I will swim across the ocean for you. I will dare the rainforest for your sake. I will run across the savannah with you in my heart. I love you so much, my princess. Good evening

I’m sending you this message to express my feelings and how I so much adore you, but words are not enough to make it real. I hope you see beyond these few words that someone cherishes you so much. A lovely night to you

As the night is cool, may your dreams be cool and sweet. Have a blessed night my baby

I just want to wish you have a wonderful evening ahead of you today. Good evening to you, my beautiful daughter

Anyone can love, but no one can love me like you do, and I’m honoured to be cared for and loved by someone as charming and amazing as you are. Good evening, my prince charming

Your enemies shall never be able to conquer you. For you are more than a conqueror. You will triumph over all your enemies. Good night dear

You are loved by God and He will keep you in perfect peace and renew your strength for the day’s activities

You are loved by God and He will keep you in perfect peace and renew your strength for the day’s activities

May the night take away the pain of today’s toils, ups and downs. Goodnight and sweet dreams, my prince charming

May the peace from God fill your heart and body. Good night, dear, remain blessed

I marvel at how wonderful a person you are. You’re not only good looking but with great charisma and esteem that is rare to find. I can only hope that what my heart seeks for be realized in no distant time. Goodnight, most awesome person

I hope you wish to choose to stay strong, to be happy and thankful for everything. Good evening to you, my sweetest sister

My love for you will always be true, For in life you are the best to me. I’ll keep us as one never two, Morning night and noon it’s ever you and me

Tonight’s a beautiful night and I wish you have a lovely night rest and pleasant dreams. Goodnight to you, sister

It may be dark in this part of the world. However, it is bright inside of our hearts with love. Ours isn’t like the others, for we’re so blessed to feel the gush of love in our veins whatever time of the day it is and however life may choose to play with

Sleep now and get ready for the great doors that will open for you tomorrow

I love you more than the words of this text, And I love you beyond any context. I just came to wish you the best night ever, Good night my love and my only lover ever

My dear. The angels of God shall shield you from all evils. The presence of God shall not depart from your life. The Lord shall smoothen tomorrow ahead for you and make your ways straight. You shall rise tomorrow radiating the glory of God. Good night dea

An evening filled with love, joy, happiness, laughter and great tidings are my heartfelt wishes for you today and always. Good evening, beautiful

I pray you have a restful and peaceful night sleep tonight and always. Goodnight and sweet dreams, handsome

May the Lord bless you and all that is around you. Have a very nice night, cousin. Good night

I pray that tonight, you will dream about what God wants for you, my child. Sweet dreams, son

“This is not just a good night text; it’s my love which I send across to you to keep your company till daybreak. Sleep tight, my king.”

“This is not just a good night text; it’s my love which I send across to you to keep your company till daybreak. Sleep tight, my king.”

Asking your hand in marriage was the best decision I’ve ever made and I’m glad I did. Thanks for adding so much happiness to my life and I love you completely. Goodnight!

When things are not going as planned, I pray that God gives you a reason to be thankful still. Good evening!

The moon is angry at me and jealous of you because I said that no one can light my nights up like my girlfriend. Good night

We learn to work throughout the year, but we often forget to rest adequately. How was your day? Have a relaxed evening, my girlfriend

May terrible things happen to terrible things that want to happen to you tonight. Can we call this a wordplay night? Good night

Stay strong, be grateful for today and I pray you have an amazing night sleep. Goodnight and pleasant dreams, my love

As you turn off the light to sleep tonight, may the angels watch over you and yours. Good night my dear friend

I’m happy I have you because I can’t envisage a life without you. You know I love you right? Well, I do. Goodnight and sweet dreams, my caring wife

Wherever you’re this evening, I wish you have a wonderful evening and may the setting of the sun bring you love, joy and happiness. Good evening!

Your pretty face is all I need to think of to have a lovely night. The thought of your sweet voice is the only lullaby I need to have a peaceful night. But tonight, what I need to have an amazing night is to tell you how I feel and only hope you feel same

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