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100 Cute Goodnight Texts for Her or Him

You feel wherever I’m incomplete. With you no one can compete. Your care for me, no one can beat, For I have not seen a love that is this sweet. Good night, my love so sweet

I love you more than the words of this text, And I love you beyond any context. I just came to wish you the best night ever, Good night my love and my only lover ever

What could I ever give to show a piece of me to you! What can I ever give to show my love for you! I could give a million dollars but that wouldn’t do, But I give the whole of my heart and my all too. Good night to the best darling in the world

Try to keep all worries just off, And switch gear to sleep off. It pains much when you can’t sleep. For it kind of makes me want to weep. Good night my sweetheart

My love for you will always be true, For in life you are the best to me. I’ll keep us as one never two, Morning night and noon it’s ever you and me

Where your love is what is honey and sugarcane? Surely, loving you is not in vain. I will take it with all its bliss and all its pain, And it is what I will do over and over again. Goodnight my heart

You are one of your kind, And your second I can’t find, You will ever be my personal person, And I will love you in and out of season

Nothing as your love is as sweet, No one but you makes my heart complete, And your deed of love, no one can beat. My darling, I don’t mind auto-repeat

If there is anything I’ll love to do daily, It is to make you sleep and wake up in the warmth of my arms. Forgive me for not making it happen now. Countdown to marriage. I love you my beautiful

I have tried to find answers to a million questions, Find the master key that opens all door, And such vehicle that makes all journey, But I stopped my search when I found you. Good Night my heart. I love you

You mean the world  to me, My ever-supportive sweetheart. I won’t trade you for any lady. For you have all it takes to be my wife, And the mother of my kids. I’m in love with you forever

Whenever life gives me a thousand reasons to cry, Your love and care give a million reasons to smile. I could just try but can never measure the worth of your love. I wish you the very best of the night. Goodnight my love

All of my moment, morning and night, I give to you. My morning, night and noon, I will to you Come rain come shine, I will be with you, And forever, my love it is me and you

In making my life better, You’ve been the agent of change, In making my life sweeter, your love is better than orange, Without the thought of your love, I wouldn’t sleep at night, And like every other night, I wish you a lovely good night

I love you all the time, I just can’t help it. You are very my joy, truly my help meet. Our love is so sweet that no other can beat. Just like an athlete, your love keeps my heart fit. Yes. Good night

My love for you will have no end, For you are the light of my life. With you I won’t grope in darkness! I love you eternally

To whom much is given much is expected, I love you so much and forever I will do. You’ve given me more than I expected, And if I will love anybody for life, it is none else but you

Closer to my heart are you than the breath I take, Closer to my future than million miles’ journey. Life has not treated me this much. I got the best when I met you

I believe in miracle and dreams coming through, I believe in outstanding success and breakthrough, I believe in and love that is sweet and true, And I searched for these and all I’ve found is you

I have a goal tonight and it is to make you fall asleep Not meeting this will break me down and make me weep I just wish with my words, I could rock you to sleep And I wish by thinking of our love, you’ll find a nice sleep

Just like a baby, I would love you to sleep tonight, And to sleep lovely, graciously and sleep tight. I will be yours in the morning, till dawn, even in the twilight. Just forget about tomorrow’s tasks for all will be alright

For the stress of today put the blame on me, But I assure you tomorrow will be stress free. I’m sorry for not being there, when you needed me, But I will be there from now, no matter what  the case may be. Goodnight my love

If indeed true love is scarce, how come I get you? Think it’s by favour and not that I deserved it. I owe keeping this relationship my life- it’s worth it

I wish you a night full of endless bliss, A dream that makes you see everything at peace. But I wish you a morning that is better than this, Pls sleep now, my love, I am begging, please. Good night. have a sweet dream

I will stick with you no matter the challenges you face. I will stay with you forever and keep this pace. I will stand by you through all my days, And your weakness and strength, I forever embrace

Your love feels every void, It’s indeed such I can’t avoid. Feels me than water does when I’m thirsty, With you, when I’m old I’ll still be like thirty. Yes, I love you. Good night, sweet dreams

In you, my love, possibilities abound. With you, I know my life can’t run aground. It is true that they say, love is magical, For I can see it plainly and practical

My goings are established by your love, And your care helps in all I’m doing. Even if it takes years to get all of your love, Sweetheart, please I don’t mind queuing

I needed help and God sent you. When you came, you showed me help and love that is true, And why you love me so I can’t construe. But, the way you love me, I promise to love you too. And in life I pray God will see us through

I remember you today for keeping my love life alive. Couldn’t have been this great without you. For all you’ve given me, I say thank you, And I choose to love you till the end of life. Goodnight my Angel

To be far away from you, I will do no more, But closer and closer to your heart I’ll always be. I’ll do everything in love for you to see, And I will love you ever and ever more. Good Night to you my heart, my love

What an awesome experience your love promised to be, And what a great joy it brings to me. I never experience such as this! Continue loving me this way, this is my plea. Good Night, my sweet

This is the best love from a long time, Its ecstasy is like my mind is going to sublime, Tickles all of me like a bottle of lime, And so loving like a piece of rhyme

Loving and care for you, That is all I want to do. Nothing fits into my agenda than your love. Nothing touches my heart more than your love

With you no worry for the future, Clearly with you I can see the success picture. My path of fulfillment is proving clearer! Thanks for adding values into my life, my dear. Goodnight my crown

Without you in life, I wouldn’t know my bearing, For you are loving, down to earth and ever caring. All your love, your care and affection, thanks for sharing. More than a good night is what I wish you my darling

To be far away from you, I will do no more, But closer and closer to your heart I’ll always be. I’ll do everything in love for you to see, And I will love you ever and ever more

Roses of many colours do wither, A sumptuous meal doesn’t keep its taste forever. But your love for me is like a fit for all. There were thousands on the queue but I was favoured, And so I choose to love you forever. Good night my sweet love

I will ever love you in the morning, And forever love you at the night. I will Love you when it’s sunny, And to keep you I could pick up a fight. I love you forever my sweet honey

Your love for me I appreciate, And My love for you won’t depreciate. To take you down the aisle I can’t wait, And saying no now, it is too late

I just wish my arms are with you to rest on, And I wish I give all courage for you to move on. I wish you the best of me everyday, And more than I wish, these I will do everyday! Good night and good morning in advance my love

In my pains and lonely moments you only I see. Your love teaches me to be what I’ll be. And makes my heart cool like breeze from calm sea. Making this last forever, baby this is my Plea. I love you, good night

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