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100 Good Night SMS for Friends in 2021

Words are too scarce to describe who you are. You are everything to me. Good night

From being a stranger, you became my friend and you are more like my blood brother to me. Good night, jewel

Each day, I thank God for blessing me with such a great friend as you. Good night, a rare gem

I can’t sleep. Why? Your image has flooded my heart. my heart is filled with sweet memories of you. Good night

Today’s tedious work is over, can I come over, so that you keep me company? Good night friend

I wish you a happy night rest, friend. Hope you had a terrific day. Good night friend

Have a good night rest, dear friend. I love you so much

You are always there for me, you are my confidant. Thank you. Good night, my friend

May you have a wonderful dream tonight. Dream of riding in that cute car. Good night friend

My heart trembles when I see you. I cherish you, baby. Good night, friend

our friendship cannot be replaced. I miss you, dear friend. You are too much. Good night dear friend

I miss your talks and chats. I miss our fights. Good night, my lovely friend

May the angels keep watch over you as you sleep. Remember, you are the one for me. It’s true. Good night, friend

Permit me to show how glad I am to be your friend because everything would be dull without you. Good night, friend

As you go and sleep, may your star shine brighter. May your path be straight. Good night, friend

You are so real, so nice to me. I have done nothing to deserve this. Good night, friend

I am happy being your friend. It is a great experience. Good night friend

You sing like an angel, you have a very tiny and sweet voice. Goodnight friend

My jewel, my heart, tell me a beautiful story. good night, friend

I thank God for meeting you. You are unique. Good night, dearest friend

You loved me for who I am, you are such a nice person. Good night, my beautiful friend

I longed for your company each day. Always be there for me. Good night, friend

Sleep, my baby sleep. Have beautiful dreams of living in a mansion. Good night, friend

You are so kind, so pure, so humble. Good night, friend

When I have a bad dream, you are always there to calm me down. Good night

Good night, friend. I love the way you dance. Sweet dreams

Good night, angel. I wish you sweet dreams. Sleep tight, my Darling

Thanks for being there for me. God bless you. Good night friend

You are my very good friend. Have a wonderful night rest. Sleep tight. Good night dear friend

Your name is written in my mind. I love you. Yeah. I will never leave you. Good night, friend

You will forever be my best friend, no matter what happens. good night, friend

Thinking of you, friend. You make me smile, you light up my day. Good night, dear friend. Sweet dreams

I am glad to be with you, as a friend. There is no other one for me but you. Good night, sweetheart

I am in love with you. You gave meaning to my life. Good night, dear

Let me pray for you. May God continually guide and protect you, now and forever. Good night, my dear friend

Don’t be scared, God’s angels would guide you as you sleep tonight. Good night and sweet dreams

Let me be your protection angel who would ward away evil and give you joy. Good night

What I need tonight is to be with you, to be right by your side. good night friend

Don’t forget to dream of me, baby. Dream of our wedding night. Good night dear

You mean so much to me, love. You built me up to be a very strong woman. Thank you. Good night dear

Give me your hand, let me walk with you. Holding your warm hands gives me a clear sense of direction. Good night, friend

I think of you daily. You have been so good to me. Good night dear friend

When I faced challenges in life, you stood by me. Do sleep well. Good night

You are too special. You correct with love, discipline with love and you are very accommodating .good night dear friend

You are beautiful, so kind, I love your dimples. Wow! So lovely Good night friend

Good night, may God’s guardian angels continue to keep watch over you and keep you

Have good dreams. No nightmare is permitted. Good night dear

Your presence around me is captivating. I don’t want you to leave me. Good night friend

I want to be your medicine. I want to always calm your nerves down. Good night, friend

You are awesome. You have a lively personality and a positive attitude towards life. Good night, friend

I don’t have to worry about tomorrow. You would be there for me. Good night

May you have a beautiful night rest. Sleep tight and free your mind from any disturbing thoughts. Good night, friend

When I am with you, my fears are gone. Thanks for driving those fears away. Good night friend

I want you to be there with me. Always stand by me at all times. Support and encourage me. Good night

I want your words of encouragement. Can you lend me some? I am waiting… Good night friend

I go to bed with excitement, when I think of moments we shared together. Good night

Good night, my unique friend. You are so warm and since caring

Before I doze off sing a sweet song, let me hear your voice once again. Good night friend

You were patient with me. Despite my funny attitudes and foolish behaviour. Thanks. Good night, friend

Everywhere is cold. Make sure you put on a cardigan and make hot coffee. Good night

Have a beautiful night rest. Don’t think. Just sleep and snore. Good night, friend

Thanks for being my angel, my beautiful flower, my little butterfly. Good night, friend

I would never hurt you. I mean every word. I would always make sure you are happy. Good night, friend

You motivate me at all times. You always had the right word for the season. Good night, dear friend

You light up my world. I would always appreciate that. Good night, dear friend

Love is like gold. So expensive but a must-have. I love you. Have a good night rest

I always wish you are here with me. I miss you dearly. Good night dear

Hope You are fine, friend? Don’t fall sick o. Good night, my friend

My eyes look deep into yours. I see passion in your eyes. I love you, Darling. Good night

I will forever value our friendship and won’t trade it for anything. Good night friend

I really like you. You are a transparent and straightforward person. Good night, friend

I cherish you. I love your happy disposition. Keep it up. Good night, friend

You are my treasure. You are my jewel, my good. My life, Goodnight

Before sleep takes me away, I wish you a pleasant night rest. Good night

You put smiles on people’s faces. Keep doing that, don’t quit. Good night

I love you. I will love you forever. You are the best. Good night, dear

Your light shines brighter and brighter. May great achievement never elude you. Good night, friend

Your friendship is so dear to me. I value it so much. Good night, my dear friend

When I remember how we first became friends, u beamed with joy. It was such a lovely experience. Good night friend

Even when I fall asleep, I remember you. You always appear in my dreams. Good night friend

Good night, my lovely friend, the best troublemaker

I love your eyes, my friend. Your eyes beam with life. Good night, friend

I am sending angel Michael to watch over you and to drive evil people away. Good night, friend

My soul loves you. I admire you on a daily basis. Good night, dear friend

When I go to sleep each night, I think of you my wonderful friend. Good night, my dear friend

Honey, you are unique, so different. you have special qualities and I have grown to respect you for that. Good night, friend

Everywhere is dark. when I look at the sky, I see your face. Your face is like a shining light Good night, friend

I value our friendship. our friendship has brought a positive impact on my life. Enjoy your night. Good night, my friend

Sleep my baby, when you wake up, you will find me right by your side

If you truly care for me, then don’t joke with my feelings. Good night

When you move closer, I feel great. You carry a charming aura of love. Good night, friend

Ever since that day I met you, I appreciate every moment with you. Good night, my friend

Come on, give me a good night hug baby. Yeah, thanks for the tight hug. Good night dear

Remember me, dear don’t ever forget me. You are a part of my world. Good night, dear

Oh! My heart is pounding, thump, thump, thump. I miss you, my lovely friend. Good night, friend

You are gifted and so so special. You filled the whole place with your great love. Good night friend

I love you so much. Do you know the reason? You make me smile. Good night, dear friend

Each time spent with you is so precious. There is no dull moment with you. Good night

I think of you daily. You are always on my mind. Good night

You make me happy. You are my bestie. You always gladden my heart. Good night, friend

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