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150+ Best Good Night Babe Wishes for Lover in 2021

I wish you a pleasant night filled with sweet memories of us together

Fall asleep whilst listening to our love song. I bet you’ll wake up deeper in love

When the sun is gone, you’ll be right here with me. Sleep like an innocent soul, sweety

I love the night because it reminds me of your beauty underneath the sun. Good night, babe

Do not go with the night, my love. Open your eyes when it’s daybreak. Sleep tight, baby

Let my arms be the safest cocoon that keeps you warm. I want to have you here till forevermore. Good night, hon

I’m honoured to be the love of your life, especially when the stars come out at night

A night I’d look at your innocent face on my bed is my idea of a good night. Sleep tight, my love

I can’t sleep unless you’re by my side. Put me to bed tonight, baby

Nothing on earth is promised, but my love, I promise to endow you in any time of the day. Good night, babe

You’re my superhero. You’re always there comforting me when my nightmares surfaces. I love you, baby

My foremost blessing tonight is you. Just a thought of you kicks my nightmares out the door

Having you by my side makes me feel like a sky with many stars. Sweet dreams

My satisfaction is stimulated as I see you go to bed just before me, cause it’s my duty to protect and keep you safe. Good night, baby

Don’t fill up your pillow with tears tonight, but with the sweetest dream you’ve never dreamt. Good night, baby

I have great things to dream about tonight, but you’re the greatest of them all

I want to sleep, but I can’t, cause my heart keeps thinking about you

I can promise you that tonight holds fantastic memories for you and it all begins with a sweet dream. Sleep tight, hon

I’ll be your shining light tonight. I promise never to be defeated by the powers of darkness no matter how gloomy it may be. Good night, hon

Every night without you is time to enjoy the picture of romance painted with you in the morning. Good night, babe

I’ll never know the night for good unless you bless me with a kiss before we both go to bed. Good night, baby

You make a spectacular display into my dream all nights. I await your presence tonight. Sleep well, baby

I’m sending all my love to you tonight. I hope it consumes your heart until you’re mine forever. Good night, babe

I’m here to love irrespective of the hour of the day and tonight is no different

The only dream I have at night is about you. Sleep well, hon

Slowly as the night turns day, my love will intensify for you. Sleep tight, my darling

You’re my moonlight and sunshine. You give me light at all time of the day. Good night, baby

Wishing you the most satisfying night you’ve ever had. Sleep tight, my darling

Rest your mind; put your worries to rest, but let your heart keep loving even as you sleep. Good night, baby

I’ll love you from now and till the sun rises. Sleep tight, baby

I bet you’re the reason the night is beautifully dark, cause your glory shines the most at night, baby

I wish you many more beautiful nights like tonight. Not to forget, I love you, baby

I’ll be on my knees tonight, praying that you’ll be mine. Wake up in joy, my love

I’ll be faithful to you even when life becomes as dark as tonight. Sweet dreams, baby

Do it for yourself. Do it for me; sleep like an angel of love, my darling

When it’s dark at night, I thank the heavens for giving me a girl like you. I love you, my darling. Good night

The peace of the night shall not elude your heart and the sweetness of its silence shall not turn sour in your mouth. Good night, my darling

No matter how the stars cluster in the sky, they do not shine as much as your hazel eyes. I love you, beautiful. Sleep tight, babe

You’re the reason why I earnestly look forward to sunset. Dream big tonight, baby

From my heart, your love will gush when the morning comes. Good night, sweetie

The night will be sweeter in your abode, it is where I hope to be in the times to come. Good night, my love

Love at night is sweet because so many stars can testify of its splendor. I love you, babe

One day, the night will join us together. Until then, have a smooth night rest

The only thing I want to hear tonight is your voice in my dream; for it sounds like an ode to love. Sleep tight, my baby

Have a grand entrance into my dream, cause tonight’s imagination will be all about you, my love

You’re the peace that makes me fall into a deep sleep at night. Sleep tight, baby

By the time you’re awake tomorrow, your worries will be gone and your night will be turned to light

Heaven is watching over you tonight. As for me, I won’t quit thinking about you

It’s my pleasure to have you in my dream tonight. Welcome to my dream world, baby

The secret behind my peaceful night is you. Have a great night, baby

I’ll sing the song of our love to sleep. I hope you have a good night rest, my darling

I just love it here with you in my heart. Have a pleasant night rest, bae

Indeed, the night is beautiful, but not as you are. Sweet dreams, handsome

I’ll go to bed early tonight, so I can catch you in my sweetest dream

You’re more honourable than the stars and larger than the moon. Sweet dreams, babe

No matter how gloomy the night may be, with just a look into your eyes, I’ll see the light I’ve been searching for. Good night, baby

You’re the most beautiful sight to behold at night. My eyes are all yours every night

Let the stars and the moon protect your abode from the evils of the night. Good night, dear one and only

If you have trouble sleeping, call me for a lullaby, my darling. Sleep tight

There will be love in the morning. So does my heart sing at night when you’re away. Good night, love

Close your eyes and see me kissing you to sleep, my love. Enjoy the peace of tonight

I’ll make this night all about you, by dreaming of you alone, and I’ll do this for the rest of my life, baby

My favourite night is when you’re by my side. I’m hoping to have you here by me tonight

I’ll have the best ride of my life tonight, if only you’re willing to travel the world with me, baby. Good night, my love

Just before you sleep, don’t you forget, that there’s a man loving you endlessly. Sleep tight, my princess

As I lay on my soft bed, you’d lay confidently in the coach of my heart. Love you, babe

My heart will love you till eternity comes to an end. Tonight is only but a few hours apart. Good night, my darling

As I sleep tonight, my brains might go to rest but my heart will go on to love you still. Good night, my darling

I love you so much, even the night never fails to let it show. Good night, baby

I imagine you falling asleep in my arms. It’s safer to have you in between them, my love. Good night, sweety

Just a kiss will make me think of you all through the night. Can I have this kiss, hon?

Nothing matters to me anymore, as long as I have you in my life. Baby, sleep tight

See me in your dreams, my love. For it is the sweetest place to be as the moon shines on

If you let me into your dream tonight, that will be you letting me into happiness

There’s a special kind of haze in the air at night that makes me dream of you. I just love it

The moment the night falls, your thought rises in my heart like a smoke into the sky. Good night, baby

As soon as the day breaks, my kisses will I send to you through the crow of the cock. Good night, angel

With you in my life, my nightmares are over and my sweet dreams just began. Sleep like a queen, baby

My only wish tonight is to wake up to a sumptuous breakfast in bed with you. Sweet dreams, babe

May the angels of kindness not pass by your abode. May your snore remind them of you. Good night, my darling

I can never forget to wish my sweetheart a very good night, cause that’s the beginning of my blissful sleep

The best time to dream is when the stars are all out in the sky. I’ll dream of you tonight more than you can imagine. Good night, baby boo

Every night draws us closer to eternity together. Sleep tight, my darling

I’m surrounded by your love, hence I feel safe to sleep and dream at the same time

I can never think of a good night without thinking about you. I love you, baby

Hold me from afar in love, it’s all I need to feel safe at night. Sleep tight, my love

The last thing I’ll say tonight is that “I love you.” Do believe, hon

May this night reveal to you how much I love you. Good night, my love

May this night usher in the many good nights we’ll share in the paradise of love. Sleep tight, my love

I’ll be all smile as I sleep, cause you’re in the habit of smiling into my dream. Good night, babe

You’re my only one, be it in the day or at night like this. You’re simply irreplaceable like the moon

Be free to sleep like a baby. I’ll be here to watch over you unwaveringly

My joy comes alive at night, cause the darkness that shines around reminds me of the peace you give me

This heart was made to love you underneath the brightness of the sun, the moon and stars. Sleep tight, love

Princesses are born when the most glamorous stars twinkles. You were born many beautiful nights ago. Sleep tight, hon

Wishing you sweet dreams and a warm night. Let me be the duvet that cocoons you tonight

No matter how dark the night may be, it will never stop me from seeing you in my beautiful dreams

I will not fail to think of you tonight, cause everything reminds me of you. Good night, baby

I have a dream to hold tight tonight and it’s about you, babe

May the angels protect you tonight and keep your beautiful dreams from nightmares. I love you, baby

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