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2021 Best Good Night Blessings Ever

I pray that as you lay down to sleep tonight, may God reinforce His angels to guide you and keep you from all dangers. May your rest be so blissful. Good night

Hey friend, how was your day I know it was so tiring, but I pray that as you lie down to rest, may you have a blissful and exciting sleep. May your strength be renewed as the eagles when you wake. Good night

After all the day’s work, may you be filled with joy from within and be blessed more abundantly for the tasks ahead, tomorrow. Have a lovely night rest

Am grateful to God for making us be a witness of this day and I pray that we shall also be given the grace to be a witness of tomorrow. Even to give all praises to God. Have a lovely night rest

May your night be peaceful as you lay down to rest and I pray that you will experience more blessings tomorrow than you did today. Rest well

May you be safe as you sleep and be made whole and sound when you wake up. Don’t forget, you are God’s love. Good night

During sleep, a person is usually migrated into the dream world. It is my prayer that all your dreams tonight will be of joy, comfort and peace even to come into their realities. Good night, dear

An outstanding foresight and insight shall be granted to you to make you different and unique to tackle situations in your pursuits tomorrow. Make sure you sleep well. Have a very blessed and sound sleep

In the stead of nightmares, may you have a good night rest and be protected from all forms of night troubles and disturbances. Good night

May your life be filled with the peace of God, peace from God until you are deeply rooted into the peace in God. Good night and have a very blissful night

I know it is your desire that you should wind off the stress you are passed through today. I pray that you will have a peaceful and revitalising sleep to strengthen you for tomorrow. Sleep tight

Hello friend, don’t give up on God because He will never give up on you. Fix your gaze on Him in all situations and keep your heart stable and have a wonderful and quiet sleep. Good night

Am so grateful to God for His protection over you today. It is my prayer that more of His shield will be over you throughout your night and forever. Have a good night rest

Hello darling, as you are about to sleep tonight, may all the memories of your stressful and challenging day be wiped off to be replaced with a fresh memory for blessed and gracious moments in the days ahead. Good night, sleep tight

In replacement of today’s stress may you be boosted with more strength to conquer the stresses awaiting the next day. Have a revitalising night rest

I pray that your strength will be restored and you will be given the grace to overcome all your obstructions. Have a splendid night, lovely dreams

All praises to God for making you witness today as a living soul. I pray that He keeps on protecting and preserving you every day of your life. Have a wonderful night rest

Our God never sleeps and slumber. And I believe He is keeping watch over you every second. May you wake up brightened and revitalized. Good night

Put this in remembrance that as you lay to sleep tonight, you have forgiveness, redemption and guidance from the most high God. Have a very good night

Every power against your peace tonight will be null and void. May you be covered with the mighty shield of God as you are about to sleep. Blissful rest, dear. Good night

Please overlook all the stresses and troubles you’ve encountered today and give thanks to God. I pray that God will refill you with His joy to strengthen you through tomorrow’s tasks. Have a blessed night

I want you to rest assured that all your struggles and troubles are already solved and dealt with by God. Sleep conveniently, dear. Good night

Regardless of how strenuous your day was, it is my prayer that you will be renewed in strength for tomorrow’s tasks. Rest well, dear. Good Night

Nothing will take the place of your peaceful rest tonight, may you have a blissful night rest, darling. Good night

As you lay your head to sleep, dear, may you be shielded against the arrows that fly by night and any form of disturbances. Enjoy your night, my dear

May you experience an undisturbed sleep tonight and may you have dreams of opportunities that will come to actualization by God’s grace, Amen. Good night, dear

I want you to keep this in mind that you have justification and has been sanctified and separated by God’s boundless love. It’s my prayer that this would be the source of your strength all through. Good night, beloved

Your lying down tonight will be graced with so much peace of mind. May your body be revitalized when you wake up tomorrow. Good night

Today is intensely stressful. I pray that your rest tonight will be so warm and peaceful. May you be re-energized and revitalized for tomorrow’s tasks. Stay blessed. Good night

Despite how long and stressful your day was, I pray that your sleep this night will dissolve every heaviness in your heart and give you strength to hope for greater things tomorrow. God bless and keep you, dear. Sleep tight

I pray that as you lay down to rest tonight, may you be strengthened to subdue all your work for the day ahead. Good night, dear

Nights are for goals setting while days are for goals actualization. May you receive insight on how to set your goals this night and be granted grace and strength to actualize them. Stay blessed and have a blessed night

Irrespective of how long and strenuous your day was, I pray that your night rest will be so blissful, peaceful and re-energizing. Sleep tight, dear

During the day plans are realized while nights are for plans arrangement. May you be endowed with a sixth sense to set your plans and strength to achieve them. Your night is blessed, enjoy your rest

Your peace and refreshment tonight will not be denied you. May your strength be renewed as you wake up to a new day. Good night, dear

Hey pal, as you are about to sleep now, may you have an awesome night rest and an amazingly brightened daylight. Don’t forget God loves you. Good night

We believe, o God that you are our defence and protector particularly in the night period when we are half-dead in sleep. We are grateful for all your goodness to us especially for blessing me with such an amazing friend. Good night pal

O God, I am so appreciative for granting my friend and I the grace to witness this day. I pray that both you and I shall witness more days in wonderful moments. Have a blessed night

Your day was good. I pray that your night will be better and your tomorrow will be the best. Good night, darling

You will be so tired and worn out now, but I pray that your strength will be restored back to you as you lay your head down to sleep even in a hundred folds. Enjoy your sleep, dear. Good night

Hey dear, I pray that insight and foresight be given to you to overcome all challenges. Be at rest, dear. Good night

Grace will find you and mercy will locate you in the breaking forth of a new day. May your night be very calm and blessed. Good night

Each moment of your sleep tonight will come with a peaceful and calm sigh. You will be stirred up in strength as you wake up to a new day. Good night

As the night darkens to a brightened daylight, may all your struggles and afflictions be brought to nought and you be shining as a light on a hill. Stay strengthened. Good night

As the brightness of the day unfolds, may it unwrap favour, mercy and protection for you. Sleep well. Lots of care, dear. Good night

May the peacefulness of the night bestow calmness to your heart and may you mind be at rest as you lay your head to sleep tonight, friend. Good night and have a bright and blessed morning

It is a beautiful night today, may all your struggles and stress of today be wiped off by the peacefulness of this night. And be granted more strength to forge ahead for your next tasks tomorrow. Have a splendid night rest

As the sky is cool and lightened by the stars and moon now, so will your sleep tonight be so calm and your tomorrow is enlightened with the favour of God. Good night, dear

Am so grateful to God for His loving kindness towards us. May we receive more of His loving kindness in all ramifications of our life even as we lay our heads to sleep, amen. Good night, friend

May your sleep be as gentle as the dove and may you be re-energized and renewed in strength as the eagle to be able to conquer the stress and obstacles of tomorrow. Sleep tight and have a very good night

I pray that may the all-seeing eyes of God be over you as you go into the realm of the unconscious. His shield will be your guide throughout the night, amen. Good night, dear

Strength and vigour will be abode in you as you sleep tonight and wake up to a blessed day to explore. Sleep tight

Your sleep tonight will be graced with calmness and peace of mind. May you be awakened to a beautiful and dream fulfilling day. Enjoy your rest, dear. Good night

Every thought of troubles that want to steal your blissful sleep is dissolved. May favour and mercy replace all your troubled situations, amen. Good night

Be inspired to be the best you can be because of its resident in you. May you receive more motivations from the Spirit of God even as you sleep tonight. Good night

Your sleep tonight will be accompanied with beautiful dreams filled with joy and comfort. And they shall all come into fulfilment. Good night

All your troubles are already lost and your aches are dissolved. May your rest be completely refreshing and rejuvenating. Have a blissful and peaceful night

At the closing up of a day, the silence of the night draws near. I pray that all the challenges and troubles you faced today will be closed up, may you also experience a silent and peaceful night. Good night, pal

Am grateful to God for protection, supplies and my loved ones and as well for His mighty hand of safety over your. I believe He will never stop guiding you. Be appreciative to Him. Have a very good night

I pray that every storm of your life will be stilled and at rest even as you lay to rest tonight. Rest well, pal. Have a very good night

May the love of God break up every anguish and distress in your soul and body. And be filled with the abundance of His love. Good night, dear

You are about to sleep this night in preparation for tomorrow, may all the strength and inspirations to tackle the stress ahead of you. Have a blessed and re-energizing night

As the stars and the moon makes the night so calm and peaceful and the sunsets to give light to the day. So also your sleep tonight will be so calm and peaceful and your day be lightened tomorrow

Good night, dear sleep tight and wake up full of energy and life to explore your day. Have a very blissful sleep

I thank God for another passing day and hope for another brand new day especially with a friend like you. May we receive strength to perform exploits each passing moments. Stay blessed, good night

All glory to God Almighty for His mercies to be alive and active today. I pray that He shall supply more of His goodness to us all. Good night to you dear, see you tomorrow

As you sleep tonight, may you be endowed with more strength and support to perform all your duties in your workplace tomorrow? Enjoy your rest. Good night, dear

Every day and night we grow in the body. I pray that as you’ve witnessed this day and about to sleep, you will experience growth in all aspect of your life. Have a wonderful night

May you receive heavenly direction In your dreams tonight that will guide you in your all your pursuits tomorrow. Have a very sound sleep, dearie

May your tomorrow speak greater things for you than today. Grace and mercy will mark out you out for tomorrow’s achievements, amen. Have a very good and sound sleep

As your night will be peaceful and blissful, may your morning be shiny and splendid with loads of opportunities and approvals. Good night

Thinking about your worries and challenges will only weigh you down. Clear off your mind for God is on the throne. May He give you rest from all your troubles. Have a nice sleep and lovely dreams. Good night

Your peace will not be negotiable and your bliss will not be deniable especially when you lay your head to sleep. Have a peaceful and blissful night. See you tomorrow

I pray that may the silence of the night bring silence to all the troubles and stress you’ve gone through the day. May you be equipped with power and grace to overcome your challenges ahead. Have a peaceful and blessed night

Your dreams tonight will be of directives to a greater tomorrow. May the grace and mercy of God accompany you all the way. Have a good night sleep, darling

As you unlock yourself from the ups and downs of today, may your body be refreshed, your mind becomes active and your spirit becomes lively. Enjoy your rest. Good night

Have a good night sleep and wake up to a bright morning light. God loves you. Good night. 24. May you be under the mighty watch of the Lord Almighty. May your sleep be sound and healthy. Have a wonderful and relaxed sleep. Good night

I pray that your sleep tonight will be graced with calmness and peace. May your heart be filled with joy and strength to fulfil your needs for the days ahead. Good night

May your night be blissful and peaceful and your morning is full of light and liveliness. You worth more than this. Have a refreshing and sound sleep

Your sleep tonight will be so comforting and refreshing. Your waking up will be so revitalizing and strengthening. Sleep well, darling

Considering all the stress you went through today, it seems you can’t have a peaceful sleep, no, may your sleep be so comforting for God shall give His angels charge to quench every ache of stress and troubles. So sleep well and have a blessed night

Everything around you will be at peace for you to have a calm sleep, your heart will be at rest and your mind will be made sound for you to be more effective in your works. Good night

As you wake up tomorrow, may joy, peace and bountiful blessings follow you. Tonight have a blissful sleep. Good night

May the light of God shod through your heart and may your path in life be guided by the glorious light of God. Stay blessed, darling. Good night

Hello dear, as you are about to sleep tonight, may all the anxieties and worries of today be replaced with happiness and joy tomorrow. Sleep tight. Good night

As good as your day was, your night will be better and more pleasant. I pray that you will be favoured and your life be flavoured with sweetness. Have a glamorous night. Sweet dreams

May you be granted access into the light of a bright new day and give thanks to God. Have a lovely night rest

I employ you to lay all your anxieties, fears and care before the Lord and you will experience a sound and peaceful sleep. I pray that tomorrow will be great for you. Have a blissful night

I want you to wholly rely on God’s faithfulness and love as they will be your guide through the goods and bad. As well be grateful always. He is your shield. Sleep with this assurance. Good night

O God I pray that my friend’s life will be protected and shielded as she is about to lay down to sleep. Oh, may her sleep tonight be so relaxing and energizing? Good night, dear

May the mighty hand of God be upon you as you lay to sleep. May your dreams be filled with joyous moments and realities, amen. Good night

We are really grateful to God for making us witness this day, it’s my prayer that we all will be favoured to see the brightness of tomorrow. Good night, dear

As today is coming to an end, may all your troubles and struggles also come to an end. Your joy will be filled at the dawning of each new day. Good night, darling

God will make your dreams tonight directions and guidance to the actualization of His purpose for your life. Enjoy your rest, dear. Good night

Sleep is as good as being dead. By the grace of God may you receive more life when you wake up to the brightness of tomorrow. Sleep tight dear. Good night

Though the sorrows of the day may last till the night, I pray that you will wake up with unspeakable joy and comfort. Blessed night

May you stay strengthened and have an undisturbed night rest. Take a deep breath, relax and be highly grateful to God for life. Good night

I am so thankful to God that all situations are at peace to ensure that your mind is at rest. May all your endeavours tomorrow be successful. Good night

Have always been desiring that you will be strengthened beyond your expectations. May this desire be granted to you always even as you sleep tonight. Have a lovely night. Sweet dreams

The Heavens will keep watch over you, hold your peace and free your mind from all your worries. Make sure you give thanks to God and sleep with this confidence. Have a splendid night rest

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