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Good Night Sweet Dreams Wishes Quotes for Friends

I’m sorry about your boss and how today went. I honestly wish I was there with you to share chocolate and watch movies till day break. Be fine, okay? Good night, dear

I hate that you’re keeping something from me; you know we promised not to do that. But I’m willing to wait until you’re ready to talk. Good night

You’ll still do them; all those dreams you wrote down and tried to paint to me. Sleep tight

Remember our vow at the beginning of the year; that we will try to live a little, and forgive those that hurt us deliberately or not? You can get past the hurt. Good night, babes

Talk to me next time! I love you; good night

My wish for you has always been that you have a happy and fulfilling life and it still hasn’t changed. Good night, dear

You’re never alone; I may not be there with you, but you always have my heart. Good night, dearie

Tomorrow will definitely be better. I know this because tomorrows are new chances to give life another shot. Good night, my friend

No one promised that life would be rosy always. Come on! I want you slaying tomorrow, as you always do. Have a lovely night

Stop worrying about what tomorrow will bring with you; I trust you to always handle things well. Sleep easy

I’ll keep telling you till it sinks; you’re the best there is; the best of your kind; the strongest man I know. Good night, bro

I’m always a friend in need and indeed; you should know this by now, and stop worrying about being a bother to me. I’m always here. Sleep well

Wanted to send you this message in our language, but I don’t want you missing anything. So, I’m telling you that I love you so much, in plain English. Good night

I can’t wait for our dinner date tomorrow; I’ve so missed eating cakes and ice-cream with you. You’ll probably call me a glutton at this, but I don’t care. Good night!

There’ll be other days of victory; don’t let the failures of today weigh you down at all. Good night, dearest friend

There’ll be other days of victory; don’t let the failures of today weigh you down at all. Good night, dearest friend

There’s never been a time when we didn’t handle our issues by ourselves; I don’t want that to change now. Good night

Instead of concentrating on the problems I know you’re concentrating on right now, why not think of us? We’ve been through a lot together, and we always manage to come out better somehow. Try to get some rest

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