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2021 Best Good Night Prayers for Loved Ones

God’s angels will guard you at all times and may depression never be your portion. Good night

I can’t just stop appreciating God for giving me you. You are the best gift of God in my life. I won’t stop treating you like a king, who you really are. May God make us sleep beautifully. Have a good night, my love

Good evening ma. As you rest your head, to sleep tonight, may your sorrows and pains disappear. May God provide for all your needs in Jesus name? I am blessed. Good night ma

I think about you at all times, because you are caring and kind-hearted sister. I love you. Gods gentle hands will uphold you. Good night

As you lay down to sleep, I pray the Lord will keep your soul and purify you. Good Night

A True friend stays by You when all hope is lost. You stood by me, my friend. God bless you. Sleep tight, my friend. Good night

You are a nice person! May all the good things of life come to you

Good Night, my niece. How has been your day? You need to take a lot of rest. Hope you have had dinner? May divine safety be your portion in Jesus name. You would not be robbed

How is work, my friend? Hope your day was not too stressful? I cherish you a lot. May your ways be plain and your paths prosperous? Good night and sleep soundly but don’t snore

As you sleep tonight, may God be your pillar of fire by night. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. Good night dear

I long for you. I desire to be with you. I wish you were near me, but no problem, I will be fine. I love you. The Lord’s blessing is upon your life. Good night

I wish you a wonderful good night rest, my brother, sleep tight. May the guardian angels of the Most High God, keep watch over you as you sleep? No evil shall befall you and your family. Good night

Good night, my friend. Dream of me and so many beautiful things

You are one in a million! You are so nice and may the night you have, brings great thing to you because you are so nice and you have been there when I needed you. God will never stop blessing you in Jesus name. Good night and sleep tight

You mean more than gold, silver and bronze to me. Your price is far above rubies… May the bond of love go stronger and stronger in Jesus Name. Amen. Good night

As we start a journey to the end of the year, may you not lose your life? His protection would be all over you. Good night, my friend

I know that your day must have been very stressful, don’t worry, divine strength is yours. The Lord of Hosts would give divine strength and energy to your body. Your strength shall be renewed like that of an eagle in Jesus name

May God, wash away all your wrong doings today. Good night

Always thank God of life that He has given unto you, my sister. It is worth it. May your life radiate the goodness of God. good night

I love our long lasting relationship, and I hope it goes on like this forever. Nothing can change my love for you. May God give you unmerited favour. Good night and sleep tight

Make sure your bedroom is neat and presentable, get soft pillows to rest your head so that you can sleep peacefully and even smile in your dreams. May the warrior angels of the Most High God fight your battles for you in Jesus name. Amen. Good night, frie

Oh! It’s time to sleep, make sure you switch off the light and gas cylinders. Divine safety is your portion. Good night, my sister

You are such a nice person, my sister. How is the family? Hope they are doing great? May the angel of love fill your heart and home with God’s love. May you experience God in a new dimension? Good night

The stars of heaven and the moon are wishing you a happy night rest. Good night, angel

I ask that the Lord would watch over you, and keep and send you quiet sleep. good night, my brother

Distance can never take your love away from my heart. You make me smile all day. It’s such a beautiful feeling. Good night dear

Good night, please dream of me when you sleep, because I would be there to keep you company. I love you. May long life be your portion

True friends are scarce. But from the years we’ve spent together as friends, I can boldly say you are a true friend. May God grant you your heart desires. Good night

I value our friendship, you are so special. May the Lord Almighty continue to keep you. May his tender love and mercy be over your life. Have a nice Night!

What God has joined together, let no distance keep asunder. I really wish I was there by your side, looking lovingly into your eyes. Imagine me by your side. Hmm.. you are beaming with smiles. God will watch over you. Good night, my wife

Sweet dreams, friend. May Jesus the shepherd of our soul keep over you tonight? You will have good dreams and divine revelations. You shall live long by Gods grace. You shall not die. Good night

You are my sun, my moon and star. I love you deeply. Good night. God will guide you

How can I express my feelings for you? Whenever I see you, my heart jumps for joy. My face beams with smiles and I feel so full of energy. May you love me more and more. Good night

I am thankful to God for making me your friend. I thank Him for giving me such a nice person, caring person like you. May whatever you lay your hands on prosper. Good night

Good night, my friend. Please always remember I hold you in high esteem, you live in my heart that shows how important you are to me. May God continue to be gracious to you

Dear heavenly father, I appreciate you for making me and my sister here to see another beautiful day. All thanks to you, God. You made us feel so loved. As we go to sleep, please keep watch over us, bless us with good revelations. Thank you for answering

The birds of the air are singly sweetly into your ears, the trees of the field are dancing, you are the best, my darling. May God keep you for me. Good night

May God grant you peace that passes all human understanding? God has great things in stock for you. Good night

What a wonderful friend you are. You’ve filled my day with happiness and joy. Your attitude towards life keeps me going. God’s will perfect all that concerns you. Good night

You are my prince, my king and love. Happy night rest, honey. Good night. May God protect you?

Good night to you my brother in law. How is the family and how is life? I just want to say hello. May God fill you with joy unspeakable

May God help you to live a Christ-like life every day. A blameless life. Amen. good night, friend

You are the light of the world, so no darkness is permitted in you. Let’s walk in the manifestation of the son and daughters of God. The lord is your strength. Good night friend

You made me realize how special I am to you, you made it clear to me that you enjoyed my company. You are full of love. I love you. May God be with you, as you sleep? Good night

No one can love you the way I do. Good night. His love will envelop you

You have become part of my life and I will never betray you. I mean it darling. Good night. The Lord is with you

As you sleep, concentrate on nothing more but God. Put everything in His care, He will fight for you. Good night and sleep well…

You are so beautiful baby, your beauty shines brightly like the sun and twinkle like the stars, up high in heaven. I love you, baby. The glory of God shall radiate in your life. Goodnight

Oh, friend, I wish you were here with me, to tell me stories. May the mighty angels of the Lord shield you from any form of evil. Good night

Uncle, God has been faithful to you and your family. He has been there for you through thick and thin. He has been the good father to you. May He remains a loving father to you and your family. Good night uncle

Good night dear. I was thinking about you all day. I want you to know that I don’t have any other babe, besides you. I love you. God will protect you. Good night

The angels of the Lord with lighten your path and guide you in the way you should go. Good night friend

Mummy, as you sleep tonight, may you dream good dreams. May God continually uphold you? May God deliver you from arthritis, sleep tight ma. Good night

Baby, I am shaking, am trembling, I am missing you. I wish you could hug me tonight. Good night baby

Have a good night. I know I hurt you but please I won’t do that anymore. Sweet dreams!

You are the most amazing person I’ve ever met! May your heart be full of gratitude, in appreciation to God for making you the most amazing being. Good night friend

You are my flower, so young, tender, beautiful and soft. You have brought so much joy into my life. Thank you. Good night

You fill my life with so much kindness and warmth. Loving you seriously. May Gods love be in you. Good night

Grandma, I appreciate Gods faithfulness over your life, may His name be praised. I adore God for protection over your life. May he continually sustain your health. Good night, Grandma

Watching you smile makes me so happy! I am blessed to have you. Good night. May you sleep and wake up in good health and a sound mind

Hi friend! How are you? How has been your day? Wishing you a happy night rest. Sleep and snore. Good night

He cares, He loves, He holds you. Jesus cares and loves you more. So put your trust in Him, dear Nephew. He will fully restore your health, just hold on to Him. He is in charge. Good night

You gave meaning to my existence here on earth, my only one. The best man in the universe. Good night

Dear God, you are plenteous in mercy and grace. Please draw us closer to you. Please God, I commit my aunty unto you, my aunty has cast all her cares upon you, please do not fail her. Please be her comforter and counsellor

You must be so tired and needs a lot of rest. Take a cold bath, eat snacks and watch films to relax your body. Receive strength! Good night, friend

You can never know how much I miss you, my love. I miss you so much. Don’t look at any other babe, put me in your heart. May God give you strength and grace to do that. Good Night love

Don’t lose hope in God, He would that which He has proposed in his heart to do in your life. His love for you is purely unconditional. Good night

God knows what you are passing through, He understands everything. He will never leave nor forsake you. He will answer your prayers. Good night, my in- law

As you prepare to sleep, thank God for how the day has gone so far, ask for forgiveness of sins and pray that God should fill your heart with love. It shall be well with you. Good night

I Pray God would deliver you from sleepless night and give you rest and comfort and good sleep. Good Night friend

Friends, you are so unique. Your smile is contagious! keep smiling till you fall asleep. Sleep tight jewel

Sleep tight dear. Don’t be scared. The Lord is with you. I will be back home tomorrow. I love you. Good night

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