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2021 Best Good Night Prayers for My Husband

Good night, sweety. Sleeping next to you bequeaths the most wonderful feeling in the world. However, there’s something greater than that and it is the presence of the heavenly angels. May they surround you and guide you throughout the night. May you sleep

May the Holy Spirit inspire your dreams tonight. Sleep well, my darling

None of your bones shall be broken. And may your mouth be full of praise. Good night, love

May you have a good night sleep. Arise in deep strength and joy. Good night, my love

God shall give you the life that you’ve ever wanted. You shall not be a slave to the devil. Good night, honey

May the night sky form a protective covering over you. May it shield you from harm and terror. You shall enjoy a peaceful atmosphere and thus, have a very pleasant sleep. The good angels shall guide your dwelling and fight for you whilst you sleep. Fear a

Before I go to sleep, I pray for you, my love; may you not wake up to misery, may the angels write your name amongst those who shall see the brightness of the morning. You shall wake up with the song of victory in your mouth. With a heart full of praise,

May God protect you with his outstretched arms. May he never leave you to your enemies. Good night, boo

May the Lord make a way for you tonight and rivers in the desert. Enjoy your night rest, my darling

You’ve worked tirelessly all through the day. May all your hard work and efforts to make the children and I happy be rewarded. You’re such a good husband, father and son. Hence, the mighty angels in heaven find you worthy of their blessings, favour and go

It’s time to sleep, my love. I pray that you recall tonight as a good night, my dear husband. May the angels work in favour of you. May our heavenly Father work out the answers to your prayers. I pray that you sleep with a sound mind and wake up hale and

You’ve done your best in the day time, the angels shall do their best for you as you sleep, my darling

May God cause you to rejoice tonight. Nothing will bring sadness upon your soul. Good night, my love

It’s a beautiful night because you’re alive to savor this darkness covered with stars. May you never find it difficult to fall asleep on time. May your dreams be kept away from the manipulation of the devil. Nightmares shall never take over your sleep. Yo

You make each and every night I spend with you more beautiful than the day. Therefore, I pray tonight that the angels decorate your life and make each hour of it a very peaceful and enjoyable one. You’ll never have a reason to cry and lament at this dark

The misfortune of the night shall not be upon you. Enjoy your night rest, my love

Good night, my love. May the angels not take a walk away from you tonight and after. Sleep tight, my darling

Honey, it’s my prayer tonight that you enjoy heavenly serenity whilst you sleep. May this never be your last night on earth

May you sleep under the shadow of God’s wings tonight, my darling

I pray that the stars open your eyes to see the beauty in your life. May the moon enlarge your dreams. May you find the answers to your questions tonight

You’re a child of God and so, you shall enjoy every peace that He has. May His happiness and joy extend to you tonight. You’ll never be overwhelmed by clouds of sadness

The stars are out, and so are the angels by your side watching over you as you slumber into deep sleep. Have a delightful sleep, my darling as your mind goes to rest and your body enjoys a befitting recovery. May the heavens keep watch over you, may you e

Go to sleep, my love. The angels are working in your favour

You shall not have to run any race nor fight any battle tonight. The angels of God will take your place and give you the victory you never imagined. Sleep well, my love

As you lay your head on the pillow, may the Lord wipe your tears and worries away. Good night, sweetie

Every starry night reminds me of you because you brought stars into my world. So, I pray for you tonight; may you wake up to see the light, may your dreams be colored with victory and praise. And as you sleep, your body shall be healed and your brains sha

Your ears shall receive good news and your mouth shall speak of the Lord’s goodness. Good night, my love

Do not worry your head tonight, for He shall do exceedingly and abundantly above all that you’ve asked and imagined. Good night, love

Tears shall not swell in your eyes as you sleep. May your body regain strength and health. Good night, love

May God’s mercy vindicates you, may His favour locate you. Good night, my angel

I shower the rain of blessings upon you just before you close your eyes to sleep. I nullify any curse against your advancement. May the angels of favour await your arrival in the morning. May you not struggle to have a peaceful night rest, may you encount

Every anomaly in your body shall be corrected tonight. You shall wake up wholly. Good night, handsome

As you slumber into dreamland, may you be strengthened to make all your dreams come true when you wake up. Good night, my love

Handsome, I pray that as you sleep you shall not struggle to wake up. You shall sleep effortlessly and wake up in the same manner. Good night, sweety

Peace shall reign in your heart and sleep in your eyes tonight. Enjoy your night rest, my darling

Whatsoever you desire before you sleep, may the Lord grant to you in His infinite mercy. Enjoy your night rest, my love

Good night, handsome. May heaven smile on you tonight and make a way for you where there seems to be none. Good night, sweety

You shall witness many more beautiful nights in your life. Sleep tight, handsome

Good night, hubby. May the angels kiss you warmly and make your heart grow fonder in love

I’m glad you’re home safely. It’s worth thanking God for. May you sleep to wake up into another beautiful day

You shall not be afraid of the terror by night. Soundly shall you sleep in Jesus name

Sleep tight, honey. Be rest assured that the angels are with you to keep you safe in the shadow of their wings

You shall sleep like a baby and wake up a victor, my love

Your house is sealed by the precious blood of the lamb. Sleep tight, my darling

Hubby, nothing shall get in the way of your sleep tonight. You shall enjoy perfect peace and love even as you sleep

May God hold you in His love and never let you fall into the hands of the devil. Good night, baby boo

May you never fall into lack, may your night never be dark in your heart. Good night, sweetie

Sleep tight, my darling. May the mercy of God avail much for you

May all the enemies that surround you tonight take flight into eternal damnation. You’ll begin to live a life of freedom from the torment of your enemies. Good night, hubby

Good night, baby. You’ll find reasons to be happy, thankful and grateful tonight

Your destiny is happiness and prosperity. May you achieve it in reality. Good night, my love

May God bless you with the grace to accomplish all you ever dreamt of. Good night, baby

May the Lord strengthen you to succeed in all your endeavors. Enjoy your night rest, dear husband

May the good Lord bless the work of your hands and thence, make you fruitful. Sleep like a baby, honey

May the angel of favour visit your prayer requests in Jesus name. Good night, love

Your smiles shall not be wiped away at night and your joy shall not be stolen from your heart. Good night, love

May God give you a sweet melody as you sleep. May He never let you lament. On your lips shall there be a joyful song of thanksgiving tonight

Everything the devil has stolen away from you shall be returned tonight, baby. Do not think over your losses, for you’ll regain them tonight

May you find relief and strength even as you sleep tonight. Good night, hubby

May evil not know your home at night. Joy shall locate you in the morning. Sleep tight, my love

No matter how big your mountain may be, heaven’s angels shall dissolve them for you to prosper. Enjoy your sleep, my love

May you dream good dreams. May your peace never be stolen away. Good night, my love

The gate of hell shall not prevail over you as you sleep. You shall rise up a winner. Sleep tight, my love

Because you’re a living creature, may you break out in singing, rejoicing with the whole of your heart tonight. Good night, baby

I commit your night into God’s hand, may He bring it to pass successfully. Good night, love

May the Lord settle all your needs as you sleep tonight. Good night, love

In health and in wealth, the Lord shall keep you tonight. Sleep tight, my love

May God bless you with His kind of wisdom and make you the best in your endeavors. Good night, sweety

Honey, smile when you see the stars tonight and be grateful for how your day went. You’re blessed

You shall be freed from the shackles of sin and atrocities tonight. You’ll become a sinless soul. Good night, hon

The Lord shall fight your battle and bring in your victory tonight. Sleep tight, my love

You shall be the head and not the tail. Above only shall you be. Good night, sweet husband

May God solve all your difficulties even as you sleep. Just rest in His love, tonight, my dear

May you arise in the land of the living with gratitude and joy in your heart. Good night, love

Sleep tight, babe. Do not think about the issues in your life, because before you see another new dawn, they’d have been solved

No matter how long the night may be, you’ll never be left alone to the mercy of the devil. God will take interest in protecting you for as long as you live

Each star in the sky will rebuke every devilish ordinance over you. You shall not be exposed to the wickedness of the devil. Sleep tight, my love

Sweety, may this night create an atmosphere of love, peace and joy around you. May you never have a reason to be agitated nor troubled, tonight

You shall remember tonight for its tender sleep and peacefulness. Good night, my love

Amongst your peers, you shall shine and smile the most. Good night, my love

Do not give the devil a chance to steal your happiness away from you tonight. Sleep peacefully like a newborn

The love of God shall be poured upon your soul whilst you sleep innocently. Sleep tight, baby

Sickness and misery shall depart from your night. Happiness and prosperity shall color your sky. Good night, sweet husband

Nothing will break you, tonight. You shall be molded into the love of God. Sleep beautifully

In your sleep, the Lord shall work your miracle tonight. Sleep tight, my darling

May you never wake up in distress, but rather in joy and happiness. Sleep wholely

May the Lord supply that which you shall eat in the morning. Good night, my darling

May the angels protect you. May they fight for your sake. May you wake up into a might breakthrough

You shall not be wasted at night and on your rising, you shall not be tested. Good night, love

May all your confusions and fears be gone with the night. May a new dawn of peace come when the morning comes

Your health shall not be tempered with as you sleep. May God protect you with His eyes and keep you safe under His wings

May you never lost your happiness and treasures whilst you sleep tonight. May God protect all that is yours, baby. Good night, my love

You shall be delivered from your enemies tonight. You shall sleep and wake up freed from every entanglement of the devil. Good night, babe

May you never struggle to make it in life. May the grace to succeed be upon you. Good night, babe

As you sleep and wake up, may every fear you bear be wiped away in Jesus name. Sleep tight, my love

Good night, my darling. May you not face trouble and turbulence in your sleep

Every sickness and infirmity dwelling on your inside shall be dismissed tonight. You’re whole, baby

May God bless you with a wonderful job and make you the man you want to be. Good night, love

As you sleep, you’ll never become the prey of the devil. You’ll ride over him and sleep peacefully

May the angels encompass you and shield you from all evil tonight. Good night, my love

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