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2021 Best Goodnight Sayings To Your Boyfriend

The night is fast with us. I am looking at the ceiling, hoping to catch a glimpse of you

Sweet dreams, my precious love. Your heart is safe with me

I will follow you through every step of the way. Goodnight, my prince

The best love is the love that is boundless just as dreams without limits. Good night, my heart

There is nothing lovelier than the thoughts of you in my sleep. Good night

Sleep well, my love. I will send the birds to wake you in the morning

Don’t give up, no matter how bad the day went. Go to bed, believing tomorrow will be better. Sleep well, love of my life

I dream about sleeping next to you and feeling your heavy breath on my neck

In the night, dreams are formed. Morning brings them to reality. Good night, darling

I want to whisper into your ears while you sleep, I love you

Don’t worry about the night. I trust your star will always guide me. Good night

Fights are never essential. Let’s make up before the morning, my love

Fighting ourselves is a wrong way to end the night, trust me. Good night, I will always love you

I feel hurt every night when you are not with me

The night is a great time to think about a loved one. I love you, good night

Never let the world make decisions for you. Sleep well, the morning will bring a better answer

The close of a day is the beginning of a fresh one. Goodnight, my love

I won’t let us slow down, I will love you all night long

There is no safer feeling than the feeling of being in your arms while I sleep. Good night, sweetheart

Sleep tight my love, the sun and the moon are in your favour

Nights are scary and lonely but I have never felt scared or alone with you. Good night, love

I can’t leave, I won’t leave, I will stay with you all through the night

The night is silent and dead. Seeing you tomorrow will be my delight

The silent night whispers the thoughts of my heart; I love you. Dream of me

My arms will be around you, always and forever. Good night

People search the world to have what we have. You will always be mine. Good night

I will be smiling through my dreams this night because I know you will be in it

I feel so lucky to have found you, you are my precious tiara. Sleep well, my love

My dream every night is that you stayed forever with me. Good night, sweetheart

When I fall asleep, I still see your face. I’m lost in you

Nights are reminders that we still have tomorrow to ourselves. Sweet dreams

At night, the stars shine brightly. I feel your soul next to mine, looking at them

Letting go of sadness before you sleep gives you a refreshed morning. Good night

Have a great sleep, my love. I will see you when you wake

We are a perfect match for each other. I know because the moon keeps smiling at me. Good night

Waking up to the fact that you are in my life is the best way to start any day. Good night, darling

Love comes softly, like the gentle breeze of the night

The stars are shining brightly to wish you good night because I told them how much I love you

You love me, I love you. That makes us perfect for the night

I want to be the reason you have a wonderful night rest. I hope my message will make sure you do. Good night, boyfriend

Good night, my dearest love. I have so much love to give you by morning

Here is to wishing you a night as sweet as you. I wish you a beautiful night rest

This feeling is divine, I feel so covered by its warm embrace tonight

Under the moonlight, I could feel your warm embrace. I feel so safe here

I can fly through the night just to be by your side, my lover

The feeling is deep when the one you love becomes like your entire world captured in one. Goodnight

Dreaming about you is the best part of my night. Good night, dear

This heart will always be yours to love no matter the time or season

You occupy my heart. My heart belongs to you, my prince. Sweet dreams

I can drive through the rain and thunderstorm, to be with you this night, my love

I miss you more at night because I’m fully rested and have nothing occupying my time. Good night, dear

Let me be your light, to shine all through the night for you

We share joy, we share pains, our greatest comfort is staying in love with each other. Goodnight

Your love is all I need. You lift me up in my darkest moments. Goodnight, sweetheart

Don’t give up when it’s hard. No condition stays that way forever. Sleep this night and have the strength for the morning

Look at the sky, the clouds are becoming darker, the dream world is calling. Good night

You are my shelter, both in dreams and reality

You make me so happy, all my dreams are sweet because of you. I hope you have sweet dreams too. Good night, love

Going to sleep means I want to see you again, better when I wake up

Smiling in my sleep have become habitual, ever since you came into my life

With you all night, I know I will be alright

Being away from you for too long is like a salted wound. I miss you, goodnight

Sending kisses and hugs your way. Have a lovely night rest

Being in love is like being able to touch the moonlight. Good night, sweetheart

My dreams and reality are all the same and great because you are in it

I hope I am more to you than anything there is. Goodnight, my love

Let’s not fight anymore, let’s just sleep. We will be fine by morning

Sometimes, I do have fears but my worst fear is losing you

Your arms around me are the only home I have ever wanted to be in. Good night, my love

The darkness of the night is deep but not as deep as our love

I would do anything to keep us together, just never let our heart stop beating as one. Goodnight

I will hug my pillow this night pretending it’s you because I miss you so much. Good night, honey

I miss you so greatly at night. My heart can’t contain it

I don’t need any other person. You are more than precious stones and diamonds. Good night

Love is sweeter when the feeling is mutual. Sweet dreams, my darling

Only your touch can take this pain away. If it were not for the night, I know you would have been here

The road that lies ahead after a long day is the road to dreamland. Always take me along with you

Being far away from you makes me feel lightheaded. Sweet dreams, my love

Being in control of one’s thoughts is very possible but not when you are in my mind. Goodnight, my darling

The silence of the night is a good time to remember all the great memories we share. Have a beautiful night rest

The greatest gift I will give you is to make your dreams come true. Good night

You make everything better, my love. You are my angel. Good night

The love in the world may not be enough but our love for each other is more than enough to carry us through the night and forever

Don’t sleep with pain in your eyes, they will all be swollen by morning. Sleep well, love

Being away from you is a living bad dream

Nothing is more satisfying than the feeling of having you in my life. Sweet dreams

Wealth doesn’t guarantee happiness. All we need is each other’s arms of love. Good night, boo

Let our hearts beat as one, to the rhythm of our love this night

Never say I am no longer your love. I can’t survive a night without you

When you sleep, make sure to forget all the worries of the day and remember that a heart is beating for you somewhere. Sweet dreams

I just want you to know that I will always love you and never leave you. Good night, boo

Confidence is knowing that you will not break us apart. Goodnight, my handsome Prince

Even in my dreams, I still carry you with me

The kind of love we share is the kind of love sweet dreams are made of

Though this night is not forever at least we are together. I know I’m not alone

Close your eyes, see me falling in your arms, that’s where I belong. Sweet dreams

The rivers flow through the ends of the earth carrying us like a dream in its current

You walked into my life like a dream in the night and now, you are my reality

The day is far spent, night draws nearer. Sleep tight, my firefighter

Sleep, my handsome prince, we will meet up in the dream world

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