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2021 Cute Good Night Paragraphs for Him

I just realized how precious you are to my world. Have a nice night rest, baby

I wish I could lay beside you and watch you sleep but my heart is with you always watching and loving you. Sweet dreams dear

My heart wouldn’t rest until I say, good night, my love

I’m glad you’re part of me. You make me glow every day. Thank you, love. Enjoy your sweet night

Whatever problem, lay it down dear and have a night full of calmness. I love you

Beloved, I wish you a relaxed night free from fear and calm as a babes sleep

You’ve had a busy day, take time to eat and sleep. Know that I think of you always. Good night

I hope this message gives you a lovely and sweet hug as you have a beautiful night rest

I pray God grants you a night free from worries and a wonderful dream filled with great things. Love you, sweet dreams

I feel I’m so blessed in my world with so much love and respect to have you. Sweet dreams

As your heart remains calm as a dove, may your night be filled with a heavenly calmness. Sleep sweet, dear

Before you close your eyes to bed, remember, my heart is yours. Sleep sweet

It’s gonna be heaven rocking this night with you, baby. Enjoy your beautiful night

Nights are meant for relaxation, I hope as you relax, your spirit receives blessings in your dreams. Sleep well, dear

Dear, coping in your absence is like playing a lost game. You make me feel good today. Enjoy your night

You may be far away but my heart dwells with you and wishes you the most beautiful night ahead

May you be released from nightmares and be filled with lovely dreams. Good night, sweetheart

Beautiful thoughts of you fill my heart and I can’t be satisfied without saying, have the most wonderful night, darling

When I checked my list for the day, I realized you appeared so many times. You’re the best darling, sleep sweetly

I pray heaven shines on you and truly gives you rest from the day’s stress. Good night

If I own the night, I would give all to you just to make sure you rest perfectly. Have a lovely sleep, tonight

Your care and love towards me are so warm and true. I pray you feel warm tonight. Sleep well

You’re worth more than a million dollars. I love you. Dream sweet

My love, I just want to appreciate you. Your impact in my life is always felt and I feel fulfilled being in love with you. Rest well, tonight

Babe, your open heart of love needs to take a peaceful sleep. See you in the morning

The atmosphere of my heart accommodates a charming prince and that is you, dear. You’re my world and I say, sleep fine and rest well

I wish we stay awake all night and play like children but you have to get a sound sleep. Have an awesome rest

I feel so blessed to be in love because I have everything and your arms never let me go. Sweet dreams, dear

I wish you a colourful night and sound sleep. Love you, good night

My heart gets so happy thinking about you. Good night, lovely

I don’t mind watering our love till eternity. I love you endlessly. Sleep well and cool

Every time you open your mouth to say anything, my heart counts me blessed to have you. Have a great night, dear

True love, true friendship, trust, comfort, confidence, shelter, care, and all good thoughts are all I get from loving you. You’re simply the best. Good night

Being with you today is the best moment. You’re always on my mind. Have a peaceful night

If I’m saying good night with smiles all over my face, it’s a sign of a coming romantic day. Sleep well, love. Smiles

If I had the power to cover the distance, I would come to watch you sleep soundly. Blessed night rest

I wish you a pleasant night my dear. A night filled with a sound mind and lovely dreams

I want to remain forever in your arms, baby. You’re worth it

Sweetheart, don’t forget to take your meal as you lay to rest over the day’s stress. Sleep cool my dear

Tomorrow is another day, make sure you have full rest, sweetie. Enjoy the night

I enjoyed every chat I had with you today. May the angels guide your sleep. Sleep warmly, dear

With all love, concern and desire I have towards you, I wish you the best tonight

You will forever live in my heart. Thanks for all you do and share with me. Sweet dreams, good night

Whether you had a fantastic day or not, it doesn’t stop me from wishing you a peaceful night rest. Love, love you

I hope the angel guards your sleep and sings sweet songs of love to your dreams. Good night

I’m proud to be yours. Sleep sweet

I’m still not over your sweet thoughts. Have a sweet night rest

Sleep like a baby and have a sound sleep. Much love, dear

Kissing you all through the night won’t be a wrong thing to do. Have a lovely night. Good night

Right now, I’m counting the stars and I wish you’re counting with me. Have a blessed night rest

I pray heaven visits you with great surprises as you lay to sleep

You’ve got my heart closely tied to you and I cant let it slip. Sweet night rest, love

You’re the one who has charmed my whole being into true love. Love you, good night

I feel like giving you a deep kiss and a warm hug just for you to have the most pleasant night rest

If I’ve ever tasted any human so authentic and fantastic, it’s none other but you, love. Have the sweetest night rest

Seeing you alone, gives me comfort. Enjoy your night

I cherish this relationship so much and you’re the reason. I pray your night truly gives you rest

Let the beautiful moon fill your night with bountiful blessings. Sleep well, dear

You deserve more, my prince. May your love continue to grow. Have the best night rest, love

I hope as you read this message, your heart keeps smiling till the break of day. Enjoy your night, dear

You’ve made my existence worth experiencing true love. I’m sending to you, warm hugs and lots of kisses. Good night, baby

I wish I could hold you close and give you a warm kiss. You are so special to me. Good night

When I count my blessings, I count you. Rest well tonight,

I’ve tasted and been with you, I can say, you’re a man of integrity. I’m proud of you. Enjoy your night

To the best man I’ve got, let the light from the moon calm your heart and give you a sweet night rest

It’s time for bed and rest. Dream sweet and enjoy the night

As I pull up my hands, my body yearns for your warm presence. Enjoy your night

I want to say a sweet good night to the one who knows my heart beats for him alone

Even as you lay to sleep and the night goes silence, may you become refreshed. Enjoy the night, sweetie

Just to remind you before you close your eyes to sleep. You’ll always be my confidant and joy. I cherish you. Sweet dreams

With you by my side, everything feels right. You’re my star. Good night, love

My love never gets weary for you and that’s why my greatest joy is you. Have a beautiful night rest

If I have to change towards you, it’s a chance to love you more. Good night, love

I’ll treat you as good and loving as you are. I miss you, love. Good night

I love and miss you. I’ll always care about you. Good night, kisses

I’d try to have a sweet night, likewise you dear, because this night without you, feels dull. All the same, good night

Sleeping without you looks impossible. I still wish you a peaceful night rest

Anything can get exhausted and be replaced but not my love for you. I love you dearly. Good night, dear

I had so many thoughts today, but your thought gave me the courage to push on. I’m blessed to have you. Have a great night, dear

I pray I never get tired of loving you. Rest calmly, dear

When I get annoyed, the thought of you is all that keeps me calm. Have a fabulous night

I pray your dreams increases the love we share and I hope to see you strong. Good night, sweetie

I may not have the best wishes to make you sleep, but I pray you have a sound sleep

Being with you is like being in heaven of rest. I’m contented with you. Have a pleasant night, sweetie

May the dreams you’ll dream bless your morning with beautiful things. Sleep well, love

I can’t change the night, but I can pray for you. Sweet dreams, dear

Never let the worries of the day get you overburdened. Have a wonderful night

Even up till this hour, I can feel love so strong. You are the sweetest. Have a great night

If I count on anyone who has built on my esteem, it’s you, my sweetheart. You amaze me. Thank you and good night

If I have got pride, it’s for having a man truly destined to be mine. Love, love you. Sleep tight

Sweetie, just sleep like a baby and rise like a star in the morning. Good night

I pray all you do prosper and that you enjoy good success. Sweet dreams, love

You’re truly a man whose heart is of true love and you have proven it a trillion times. May heaven guide you to a blessed night rest

Never forget to keep your heart encouraged before sleeping. Have the best sleep, tonight

Let my heart keep you warm and shelter you tonight

You are my priority and so, I say go to bed peacefully. Good night

I pray the host of angels to come to secure you and give you a very sound sleep. Rest well

Every minute with you is worth it. I’m grateful I have you, dear, sleep fine. Good night

Looking at the moon and singing is what I feel like doing to take you to sleep. You are the best. Have the most beautiful night

I’m proud of who you are and I pray you to go higher forever. Remember, I love you. Enjoy your rest

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