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2021 Sweet Goodnight Paragraphs for Him

The way I love you is beyond my imagination. I never imagined that I could ever love someone else so completely the way I love you. Sometimes, life happens unexpectedly. I believe you are one of the unexpected happenings but I will always be glad for it.

Hi sweetheart, can you hear the singing outside your window? I hope you like it because it is lullaby meant to make you sleep beautifully. I know it just sounds like birds chirping but enjoy them all the same because I sent them to wish my baby a wonderfu

I cherish every moment I got to spend with you today. I will remember every moment of it till I have to see you again. I wish it was longer. I don’t know about you but it seems time deliberately goes faster when we are together. I will spend the night rel

I am glad every night that I sleep to the thought of you and I wake up to the thought of you. You might find it hard to believe but you are literally the last person I think about and the first person that slips into my mind in the morning. I love you so

I am not sure I compliment you as much as you deserve. I guess that’s because, conventionally, women are more complimented than men. But I need to let you know that I think you are very gorgeous; your beautiful smile, striking eyes, well-structured jaw an

I have tried to stop thinking about you every second and give up. I have accepted that my heart has stubbornly refused to let you go. I am not surprised though; no one has made it as happy as it is right now. I love you and good night, love

Every moment of the day is sweeter because of you. I enjoy the day I get to be around you better. There is just something about your presence. That’s why I hope you have an amazing night, sweeter than honey. I will always be in love with you. Good night

I am ready to be valiant for your sake. You inspire courage and bravery in me and I feel like I can conquer grounds that I hitherto would have ran away from. So you have nothing to worry about. Side by side, we will fight the battles of life together and

You have taught me a lot and moulded me into being a better person, just by being yourself. Most people have the habit of trying to make others change into someone they will appreciate or accept. But you accepted my flaws and made me even want to work on

I know you don’t like all the mushy stuff. You think they are not masculine. That always makes me laugh because I wonder how you can make me so happy and not expect the mushy stuff. So basically, it is your fault that I’m so in love with you and I miss yo

Don’t be so surprised that I pray for you more than I pray for myself. It is because I have you are always in my thoughts. And I know that if you are fine, then I am fine. Seeing you happy makes me so happy. God bless this man who I love and who loves me

I would have preferred to write this with so many big words. I figured being who you are, you deserve the best diction. But it didn’t take me long to realise it is not about the vocabulary but the language of the heart. My heart says it loves you and that

Having you to hold me at night always makes me feel safe. Now I will have to sleep alone with thoughts of you for my companion. To be fair, you have to think of me as well. Have a lovely night rest, filled with dreams of me

I asked God for water, he gave me a river. I asked him for love, he gave me you. What else could I ask for? You are just the perfect one for me, my emblem of God’s love for me. Sleep tonight remembering someone cares deeply about you. Goodnight, love

One in a million sounds good, but not for you, my jewel. You are simply the only one, my jewel of inestimable value. Loving you is more than gold, you loving me is more than all the precious stones put together. I will like to call you gemstones but you a

I am very appreciative of my teddy bear. It does actually try for me. But stuffed animals are not like humans. They lack the warmth of human. And it, especially, lack the feeling I get wrapped in the arms of the one I love. Only you can make me feel that

You are always talking about how you are glad and grateful that I took a chance on you and saw something that others didn’t see. Well, I want you to know that I don’t know if you noticed, but you also took a chance on me and saw something beautiful even w

You are a special and different person. It is obvious you are made from a different stock from the people I have been meeting. I wonder where you were hiding all these while. But I’m happy I met you and I’m sharing my life with you. I wish you a sweet nig

I always look forward to dreaming about you. It is honestly the best part of my night. That is because, though the dreams are not the same, they are similar. And every time, you look into my eyes and tell me you love me. That is my best part of the dream.

Romeo and Juliet is a beautiful story but the story of how we met is my best love story. This is because it is the story of two people who are so much in love with each other and will do anything to make each other happy. I wish you a sound sleep, my love

With you, I never have to worry about other women. You drown me so much in your love and have succeeded in clearing every doubt that you love me. I love you too, my angel, sent to me from heaven. Have a beautiful night rest

All my life, I thought I knew what it meant to be in love. Then, I met you and I knew I had been living in an illusion. I had no idea what it meant. You came into my life and changed what love meant to me. You taught me that it can be healthy and happy. G

I used to think myself a selfish person. I don’t know why I thought that of myself. I guess it was because I didn’t have anyone around to love. Now, I do and it is an amazing feeling. Good night, sweetie

I appreciate everything you have done for me. I appreciate everything you have been to me. I appreciate that you are always there when I need you. I appreciate that you are you and nobody else. I appreciate you. Good night, love

Being with you fills me with so much joy. Spending time with you also makes me really happy. You don’t even have to say anything. Your presence alone makes me feel complete. I am never letting you go. Good night and dream of me

Even when I’m angry with you because you know you sometimes drive me crazy, I would never trade you with anybody else. You are the only one who can make me feel how I feel. You are the one who has the ability to touch my heart. You are my soul mate. Sleep

Everybody just wants to feel important in life. Everybody wants to know that they feel important to someone. Everybody wants to know that somebody cares about them. With you, I don’t have to worry about that. I feel completely loved. Have a beautiful nigh

Physically being unable to be with you doesn’t diminish my love for you. In fact, it is stronger now. One thing I know is that my imagination is big enough to face the days I’m not with you. Happy night rest, my love

Love is a beautiful word and it is a beautiful feeling that I don’t believe anybody has lived except they have felt it. But sometimes, it can be hurtful and painful. When I met you, I didn’t believe in it anymore. But you changed the story by loving me co

Hi, love. I didn’t know how much I was going to miss you when you were gone. Now, I miss cuddling with you and pillowing my head on your chest. The bed is definitely empty without you around. I miss you dearly. Good night

When two people are together and do not make any positive impact in each other’s lives, there is little to be desired about such a relationship. But that is not our story. You have the greatest impact in my life and I believe I have touched your life posi

Before you, I have heard the words. Many have told me they loved me and I appreciated it. You, however, have shown me that it is beyond the words. It is the greatest feeling but also the best action in the world. You have shown me love as words and love i

Love is a shelter in a raging storm, it is a strong assurance in the face of fear. Those are things you’ve taught me and is to me, my dearly beloved. You know it’s sometimes hard for me to believe you are really human. Each time I think of you, all I see

Since I met you, I have indeed hit some rocky places and have had to face tough situation. But they don’t matter as long as you are with me. I don’t even flinch, not when I have my angel with me. You are my heart. I wish you a wonderful night rest

From the bottom of my heart, I want you to know I love you. Every little thing mesmerises me. You will be surprised that I am in love how you talk, walk, eat, reason and even the peaceful look you have on when you sleep like I’m sure you will have on this

I am really tired tonight, I had a busy day at work. So when I came home, I slept off without eating or even changing. But something kept eating at me even as I slept. I woke up to realise I have not said good night to you. Can you see how much you captur

I always wake up with my smile on my face. Now that I think of it, in fact, these days, I hardly find myself frowning. It must be the contentment I am feeling loving someone and knowing I am loved in turn. The smile must be as a result of being so happy h

My heart rejoices when you are there with me. My heart yearns for you in your absence. It is almost like I’m consumed by my love for you. It doesn’t seem like it is changing anytime. I just always want to be around you. Don’t keep me waiting too long. I l

My past doesn’t seem as terrible because you are in my life. I sometimes, remember what I have gone through, wishing I had met you earlier. But being here now has cleared all the hurts and pain of the past. I really love you. Good night

Whoever said love is felt from the heart is not lying. All the people I have had feelings for in the past have been loved from my head. With you, it is felt in my heart, accepted by my head and approved by other parts of my body. You are the one for me. G

When you see me smiling without reason, don’t be too shocked. That’s just me remembering all the laughs we have had together as well as all the silliness we have shared together. Nothing can beat those memories in my heart. They are the best moments of my

We fight a lot of times and some of those times, we don’t like each other very much. But you are it for me. There is nobody else. You are my one and only and my forever. Nothing can separate us. I love you very much. Good night

That cry of the bird you hear in the night is me trying to communicate how much I miss you and cannot wait to be with you. And because I can’t really do it myself, I have sent the birds to help me. No, don’t feel bad, just know you have to come back home

Yeah, believe it or not, you bring out the best in me. You inspire me to be a better person and fulfil all my dreams. I don’t know how you do it. I guess that’s just the kind of person you are. By being you, you make me want to be better. You see why you

If I find myself in an unfamiliar world, as far as you are there, I will be alright. If I ever find myself in a desert, it will be no different from a rainforest if you are with me. If I am faced with a rocky situation, your presence will make all the dif

Without a doubt, you are the best person to have walked the face of the earth. I don’t care if I’m biased but I just can’t imagine that there is anybody like you. I mean, it is obvious people like you don’t come in two. You are a special human being. I am

It is amazing how everything reminds me of you; the cars I see on the street, the restaurant close to the house, even the spoons remind me of how you eat. Even the bed and pillows remind me of you because they smell of you. Everywhere I look, you are ther

Many of my colleagues have caught me smiling into space dreamily at the office. And they have even questioned my insanity some of those times. If only they know that I have someone in my life who has made it his mission to make me happy, making sure I hav

I have had relationships where we suddenly drifted apart and soon became strangers. Sometimes, I’m afraid that will happen to us even though it will be a tragedy because I love you so much. But I am comforted by the fact that I have never known love as de

I know you feel that you have to give me certain things and do certain things for me to make me feel happy. I guess it comes with being a man and wanting to take care of those you love. But I don’t want anything, I just want you. All I need is your love.

I know we talk about loving each other forever. But I hope you know that I am not going anywhere and you are not going anywhere as well. We are in this together, forever, always, till death do us part. Sleep beautifully

Sometimes, when I remember you, I feel this strong urge to burst into a song and dance. I know I will probably look insane if I ever try it but this is just to let you know that you make me so happy. I really appreciate your love for me. I wish you a peac

Someone recently asked me what love is. But the only answer I could think of is you. Each time I think of love, you are all I see. You are my perfect definition of love, my king, my partner, my friend, my baby. Your love for me is 360degree. It is complet

Every job or endeavour that man undertakes is usually with the hope that it has a future. Otherwise, what’s the point of working so hard when you know it won’t amount to anything? That’s the beauty of our relationship; I know it has a future. I can see cl

I am pretty sure if I was to use the alphabet to find a word for how awesome you are, I will exhaust all of them except maybe X because of how different the letter is anyway. You are adorable, beautiful, cute, desirable, excellent, fanciful as well as str

I fell in love with you the moment I set eyes on you. For some reason, I knew you were meant for me. I am deeply in love with you and everything you do. Your messages make me giddy and giggle like a sixteen-year-old. Seriously, I don’t know how you did it

I want to say it countless times so you never doubt it. I want to scream it on the rooftop so the world can know. I want to tweet and post it on the Internet can see it. I want to go to TV and radio stations so they can air it. I love you and I want the e

This might not be possible for some but I fall in love with you every time I see you and every day. My love for you is new every morning. And it gets stronger daily; both the mushy kind and the tangible kind. I feel it all for you. I wish you a lovely nig

You were obviously sent from heaven specifically for me because there is no way one person can be this awesome. God must have heard all those tears I cried and he must be trying to wipe away all my years of pain from my memory by giving you to me. You are

Some of the extraordinary things I have been able to achieve since I met you should have surprised me but it doesn’t. I mean, you never do anything halfway. You always go all out when you realise something is worth it. So it is not surprising that you hav

I call you sugar because you are very sweet. I call you jewel because you are very valuable and important to me. I call you king of my heart because you captured my heart. I call you lover because you are the love of my life

When I met you, I really wanted to go easy on loving you and not let myself go completely because I felt that was the least way to get hurt. But you changed my perspective soon enough with the way you don’t hold back in your love for me. I had to learn th

Thinking about you is not simply a hobby, it has become a habit or even a sweet addiction that I never want to be cured of. Do you want to know why? It is simple. It makes me happy. Thinking about you takes me to my happy place and makes me forget unhappy

I am about to sleep now and I just thought of how accepting of me you have been. Having a man who understands and accepts me is fulfilling. It gives me peace to know I can be myself around you. And I am sure I will sleep well with that assurance. You real

Before I met you, I thought I could define love. After my encounter with you, I got the whole subject redefined. The way you love me is amazing. Even if it’s a dream, let me just sleep on till eternity. I don’t ever want to wake up and find the reality. G

You better not be flirting with other ladies there. You better be missing me as much as I am missing you. You better be thinking about me as much as I am thinking of you. You better be dreaming about me as I will surely be dreaming about you tonight. Good

You are the only one who can sincerely make me act like I’m younger than I actually am. My love for you has a way of bringing out the little girl in me who is excited about an ice cream trip. You make me silly and excited and I love it. Good night, love

Love can be a feeling but it is so much more. It takes sacrifice and it usually takes everything you have got. You are such a loving person that I can see how much of yourself you give to loving me and making me know how much you do. There really is no on

Me: Hi babe, how are you? You: I’m good. And how are you? Me: I’m great. But I miss you. You: You couldn’t possibly miss me as much as I miss you. You mean the world to me, woman. I love you and I will always love you. Yeah, it probably sounds corny but t

I probably tell you, you are amazing and perfect every chance I get and you are probably tired of hearing it. I really hope you aren’t because if you are, that’s too bad. I don’t think I can ever stop saying it. It has never stopped amazing me how amazing

Is there anybody cuter than you? Is there anything brighter than your smile? Is there anybody with a more soothing voice? Is there anybody more loving than you? Is there anybody sweeter than you? No one. I can’t see them. You are the best, in everything a

Before I met you, I fantasise and think of beautiful things so I can sleep off on it. Now I don’t need to because you are constantly on my mind. You have taken a permanent place in my heart. What better fantasy or thought is there than you? I hope you fee

I know I don’t say this often. But I really appreciate your love, care and kind heart. I don’t want you to ever think I take your love and our relationship for granted. I’m still in awe of it as I was when we first started. I really appreciate you and I a

I love how you make sure we contact each other every morning. Hearing your voice each morning is the best way to start the day. So I am making it a culture to also send you a message each night because I want to make you feel the way I feel when I hear fr

Many of my friends didn’t understand what I saw in you. They could not comprehend how I could choose you when I had better looking and richer men pursuing me. I love them but I accepted their short-sightedness. Now, when they see me, they know why I chose

For all my independence and strength as a woman, I don’t care if I sound needy right now. But I’m happy I’m yours and you consider me your only girl. You are an awesome person, nice, gently, kindly with a good heart. Any girl will want to be with you but

It’s quiet here tonight and it’s even more lonely. I’m so used to sleeping in your arms that you being so far away is not easy for me. I know the distance is for a good cause and I understand but it doesn’t make it less easy to deal with. Forgive me for m

I think we don’t see eye to eye on many things, maybe more than most couples in fact. But I can’t remember loving anybody the way I love. I love you exactly as you are. I wish you sound sleep, like a baby

People say change is the most constant thing ever and no condition is permanent. Well, I honestly don’t have any problem with those sayings. I believe them and use them myself. I just think there are exceptions; one is definitely our love. It is permanent

A lot of people probably expect perfection, from others and maybe from themselves. But if you ask me, perfection is boring. It’s no way to live life. And that’s why I love you. You don’t expect it from me and I love all your imperfections. That’s what mak

Humans are the most complex creatures of God, relationship is the most complex product of his making, but not the one I have with you, my love. You complete me so well and accepts me with all simplicity. You’re forever loved, my dear. Enjoy your night

You are for me and I am for you. We were made for each other, it is obvious. It is not a coincidence that we fell in love at first sight and have been unable to do without each other since then. Make sure you dream of me as I will do for you. Sleep like a

Life has taught me many things. Life has given me a lot; both the good and the bad. But life only became good to me when you entered the picture. Since then, all challenges are like a piece of cake. You are by my side, I can conquer all. I love you, sweet

Our love is forever and ever. It is always and it is everlasting. The way I feel about you, I am pretty sure it will never dwindle. I love you deeper every day and every time, you do something awesome to make me love you even stronger. I wish you a lovely

It doesn’t matter if life tosses me here and there. It doesn’t matter whether life is unfair to me or not. I guess all these experiences comes with being alive on this earth. What matters to me is that you love me, accept me, cherish me and that you are m

Sometimes I feel like “I love you” is not enough to convey my feelings to you. It is not because I don’t believe in those three words and the message they convey, it is because I feel they are overused and sometimes, even used falsely. I wish there was a

I know you say you miss me so much and think of me every time. I am not saying I doubt that that’s true but I don’t believe you can think of me more than I think of you. You consume my thoughts, literally. If I had a penny for how many times I think of yo

I hate having to say goodbye to you. Even saying good night is not pretty because I will have to close my eyes and not look into your beautiful eyes. But I take comfort in the fact that you will be there in my dreams, smiling that smile that gets me every

Our love was divinely ordained; that is the only explanation I have for how in sync we are. Sometimes, I get scared that something will ruin it but I take comfort in the fact that we have heaven’s approval. We are meant for forever. Sweet dreams, sweethea

I am glad I didn’t compare you with anyone else. It is easy to believe everybody is the same because of what you are used to. If I had compared you to the people I had experienced in the past, I would have missed out on a such great a love that you shower

I know I can’t see you now or be with you. But make sure you call me via Skype first thing tomorrow morning. You might not know this but seeing your smile reassures me and looking into your eyes makes me so happy. I will be expecting your call. Good night

You are irreplaceable. You are one of a kind. Nobody can handle me like you. Nobody can love me like you. I can’t love anyone like I love you. You have been everything to me; best friend, lover, partner, comic relief, adviser, protector, strength, comfort

I feel very beautiful around you. It has to do with how you make me feel and look. The way you look at me with those smouldering eyes of yours tells me how you feel and what you are thinking when you look at me. And that makes me feel special. I just want

I love you every second. I miss you every minute. I cherish you every hour. I appreciate you every day. I want to be with you every week. I want to hold you every month and I want you every year. Needless to say, I just want you, all of you, exactly as yo

I have made many mistakes in this lifetime and I have so many regrets. I had even gotten to the point in my life that I accepted it as part of me. One thing I did right was falling in love with you, opening my heart to you and giving this relationship a c

So before you start reading, don’t think this is a serious love message where I will tell how I cannot live without you and you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. No, that’s not what this is about. This message is simply to make you smile be

You are my Romeo and I’m your Juliet – without the suicide part. We are definitely living long to enjoy our love in this part of eternity. It just means nothing can come between our love and our love is the real and unconditional kind. I love you. Sweet d

It was a really long day without you, my essence. I wonder what the night is gonna be like without you thanks to memories of you. I’ll hold them close to my heart till morning comes calling and I can set eyes on you again. Enjoy a lovely night, my sweet

My arms feel empty and I know it is because you are not around for me to hold. I tossed and turned last night, missing you so badly. I can’t wait for you to come back. Come back as soon as you can. Sleep well, darling

I am grateful for many things in my life. I am not where I want to be yet but I can’t complain, really. God has been really good to me. But there is nothing I have or have done that beats actually having you in my life. That’s something I am most grateful

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