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Good Night Love Messages for Her – Girlfriend

A world without you is will always be incomplete and empty. I love you beyond the stars. Goodnight to you, beautiful

Goodnight and sweet dreams, my cuppy cake. I will be here dreaming about you, my love. Do have a lovely night sleep

Don’t be anxious of the gloomy weather of the night, because I will always be here with the dawn of each day. Goodnight and sweet dreams, my baby

As the day gradually come to an end, be rest assured I will be seeing you in my beautiful dreams. Goodnight to you, damsel

When you’re miles away from me, the thought of you brought about a peaceful night sleep. I love you dearly. Goodnight to you, my sweetie pie

If love loving you was a crime, I would love to be jailed in your heart for eternity. Goodnight and sweet dreams, sunshine

I love you like no other and I will forever cherish every single day with you. Goodnight and sweet dreams, my princess

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