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2021 Trending Good Night and God Bless You Quotes for Someone Special

May the Lord bless you and all that is around you. Have a very nice night, cousin. Good night

May this night be sweet and blissful for you, sweetheart. May you receive more grace to perform excellently for tomorrow’s job. Sleep tight, darling. May God bless you abundantly. Good night!

Never forget that God loves you so much and He has put you in the midst of they that love you. May His blessing rest upon you. Sleep well, my charming prince. Good night

Trying to sleep now? That’s good darling, relax your mind and enjoy your sleep. May you wake up rejuvenated and lively. God bless you. Good night

May the grace and mercy of God that surpasses all knowledge bring to pass all His desired will for your life. Sleep tight, dear. Good night

May the Lord bless you with happiness and joy overflowing. This night shall be blissful for you. Good night

No weapon targeted at you shall be successful but you and your family shall be protected and guided. Have a very blissful and peaceful night rest

As the dark draws in and the night comes in, may your sleep be calm, trouble free and very refreshing. May the works of your hands be blessed by God abundantly. Good night dear

This night shall not be the last of it that you shall witness. The guidance of the Lord shall be over you always. Remain blessed, darling. Good night and sleep well

The night, friend, take off disturbing thoughts from your mind and believe in God for in His mercy, He shall give answers to all your troubles. Good night darling

May every weighty issue in your heart and every disturbing matter arising be made light and solved in Jesus name, amen. Sleep with this faith, daddy. Good night sir

Night signifies a time for rest in the natural from the day’s work. As you sleep tonight, may your sleep be sound, problem free and of lovely dreams. Good night dear, may God bless you more and more with His light. Love you!

Have a very blessed night and a night free from any form of disturbances. May tomorrow be blessed for you. Good night friend. Sleep well

May you be blessed with dreams that will give you ideas new opportunities and strength to explore them. Sleep well darling. Good night

May you wake up more lively and rejuvenated. Good night, lovely friend. God bless you and keep you

The Lord shall give His angels charge over you as you sleep tonight. May we all wake up hale and healthy tomorrow. Good night sweetheart

Have a very sound sleep darling, take off every weight of thoughts from your heart. May the Lord ease you of every pounding issues. Good night, dear. God bless you. I love you!

All your labours shall be fruitful and in abundance daddy, have a very peaceful night rest. Good night darling daddy

May your sojourning throughout the night be of peace and full of awesome dreams. May God bless you graciously

Hey, dearie as you go into the realm of sleep, may the Lord be with you, may you be granted more soundness of the mind even waking up rejuvenated. Good night!

A sound and healthy sleep is a function of a peaceful heart. May every disturbing issue within and around you shall be made dissolved. God bless you, darling. Good night

I want you to know this friend, that God is always with you even before you think of it. Sleep well. God bless you. Good night

Definitely, new opportunities will unfold tomorrow, receive faith in God to explore all thoroughly. God shall bless your strivings! Good night, sleep tight

Let us all be thankful to the Lord for yet another opportunity to be alive up to this night. All thanks to the Lord. May your sleep be calm and peaceful. Good night, dear

Knowing you has been a blessing. You are truly a friend. May you succeed in all your pursuit in life. Enjoy the night, dear. Good night, sweetheart

Sleep is a very important healthy part of every living thing. May your sleep tonight relief you of every stress and disturbing issues. Good night sweetheart, God bless you

Bask on God’s love for your life, darling, for He loves us so much. Good night, friend. God bless you

May the Lord strengthen you and rejuvenate your energy as you sleep tonight. May His blessings rest upon you abundantly. Sleep tight, sweetheart. Good night

Just knowing you are my friend, gladdens me because I so much cherish you. May the Almighty God bless you tremendously. Good night dear. Sleep tight

Your sleep tonight shall be peaceful, blissful and restful. Good night, my darling, God bless you. Sleep tight

May all the labours and struggles you went through today be crowned with favour and success. The Lord shall bless the works of your hands according to His will. Good night, friend. Sleep well!

Good night to you friend, sleep tight for tomorrow shall be an awesome day for you. God bless you, dear

The thought of how the day was must have been roaming through your heart now, take no thought of such, and sleep tight for all is well, dear

Try not to think of the stress you went through today, for the Lord shall renew your strength as you sleep tonight. Enjoy your sleep, dearie. God bless you. Good night to you

It is well. Sleep well, my beautiful mummy. I love you so much. God bless you. Good night

May the silence of the night and the cool breeze that overtakes the night time bring you a very calm and enjoyable rest. I love you, friend. God bless you. Good night!

As you go into the dreamland, may you be blessed by God with ideas for increment all round. Sleep tight, friend. Good night

All thanks to God for yet another chance to be alive. May His abundant grave bring us all to the dawning of another new day tomorrow. Good night friend. God bless you

Nights are the best time to deliberate on issues on how to move forward. Make this night a very pressing one. May God bless you with wisdom for more ideas. Good night, friend

Trust in God and in the power of His might. All is well, dear. Sleep with this assurance. For God is on the throne. Good night

Here is a lovely good night to a lovely friend like you. I really appreciate you, dear. May you be favoured among all odds. Good night, friend

As the day closes and the night opens up, may all you do in the day bring you abundance of profit. Sleep tight, dear. Good night

Let’s be thankful for the grace of life and peace, friend. Wishing you a nice time sleeping. God bless you, darling. Good night

Your sleep tonight shall be guided by angels of the Lord, may you be kept all through the hours of the night. Good night and God bless you

Your night shall be blessed with great tranquility and blissfulness. Sleep tight, darling sister. Good night

Hello daddy, hope the day was not stressful for you? Tonight’s sleep shall be of great soundness and an undiluted rest of mind. Sleep well daddy, good night

All you shall lay your hand on from this time forth shall prosper and flourish. Good night sister. Love you!

May you be given the grace to prosper in the will of God always. Good night mummy. I love you so much

May your night be blissful and blessed. So much calmness shall you experience tonight. May God bless all your works of your hands. Good night friend

As you sleep tonight, fix your heart on the assurance that tomorrow will be good. Be of Faith, brother. Sleep well. Good night

Clear your thoughts off any pressing and disturbing issue for God is in control. Just lay your head to sleep peacefully and soundly. Have a very blissful night rest

Tonight sleep with comfort and wake up refreshed tomorrow, God’s grace shall be sufficient for you. Sleep tight lovely friend. Good night!

May the Lord guide and watch over you and bring you to the dawning tomorrow graciously. All thanks to His name. Good night darling. Sleep well

Peace like a river shall flood your heart this day even as you lay your head to sleep. Good night, love. Remember I love you so much

May every weight in your heart be lifted up and be levelled down even as you sleep. Enjoy your sleep tonight, mummy. Remember I love you so much

It is the mercy of the Lord that has kept us all to this moment, let’s be thankful. May His mercy see us through the night. How was the day, friend? Do have a sound sleep

Sleep tight, sister. May you wake up more energized for the tasks ahead tomorrow in Jesus name. Have a lovely night rest

Hello friend, may you be more strengthened to overcome tomorrow’s stresses and problems. Good night and have a very blissful sleep, dear

Though the day might be stressful, may this night be very calming and your sleep be sound. Good night dear

Sleep well, sleep tight, every of your pursuit shall be blessed tremendously. Good night, sweetheart

May your spirit and body be strengthened and rejuvenated at the dawn of tomorrow. Have a very peaceful night, sweetheart. Sleep tight

The sun has already gone to take a rest and your body crave for rest as well. As the night breeze blows, may your sleep be so calm and relaxing. Do have a very good night

May the mercy of God speak for you always and His light shine on you. Press on in faith, dearie. Good night

May everything you lay your hands on shall prosper, cute brother. Good night and have a very sound sleep

You shall be endowed with new strength at the dawning of each new day, friend. Sleep tight. Good night

Thanks be to God Almighty for today. May all your endeavors and pursuits bring you peace and joy. Sleep well, dear. Good night

May all your labour be crowned with favour henceforth. Sleep tight, darling sister. Good night

Good night dear, have a very peaceful night and sleep tight

Dear friend, may you be granted a good night sleep and grace to wake up rejuvenated and alive in mind. Good night, God bless you

Tonight, you shall sleep soundly, sigh comfortably and wake up strengthened tomorrow in the mercy of God. Good night dear. God’s blessing shall rest upon you

May you have a peaceful sleep and a very calm and lovely night. See you tomorrow dear by the grace of God. Good night, friend

We thank You God for the day and extol Your name for the night. May Your grace keep us through the night and bring us to the brightness of tomorrow. Sleep soundly, dear. Good night

May you enjoy a very good and peaceful night rest, dear. Good night

Good night to you sweet friend, it was a very busy day right? May your sleep be full of calmness and any form of disturbances. Have a very nice sleep

Dear Father of Light, thank You for yesterday, today and tomorrow. May we all see the brightening of another new day tomorrow. Good night, lovely sister. Love you!

May your rest tonight not be the last, neither shall your sleep be unto death. The guidance of the Lord shall be over you. Good night, darling friend

The moon is the set light for the night and the stars colour the sky with beauty. As you lay your head tonight dear, may you have a good night rest and a healthy morning waking up. Good night

Every second of your sleeping will be accompanied with sigh of calmness, peace and comfort in Jesus name. Sleep tight, mummy

May your days on earth be long and all your endeavours be blessed abundantly. Always be positive, dear friend. Sleep tight. Good night

Hello friend, go to sleep now for the Lord has heard all your petitions. Good night. Sleep tight

Take no thought for tomorrow as the evil of tomorrow is sufficient for it. Just take a deep breath and sleep comfortably. Good night, dad

May all your heart desire according to God’s will be granted to you and your strength be renewed. Good night darling

Have a very blissful night sleep. Good night, friend. May you be blessed abundantly

The night shall be peaceful for and the day shall be favourable for you. Have a very comfortable sleep. God bless you, dear. Good night

Hello sweet dad, as you sleep tonight, may you have a night of sweet and sound sleep. Every disturbing thought shall be dissolved. Good night dad. See you tomorrow

The presence of the Lord shall be with you and He shall keep you from all forms of calamities either by the day or night. Good night, dear

Laying the head down at night is just a position of rest but having a trouble free mind is the actual rest. May you be free from every form of disturbing issues and granted mercy to remain peaceful. Good night, charming brother. I love you

Nights are signifying times of trial and tribulation. May we all be granted grace to endure the seasons of our nights that we may come peacefully and joyfully into the light of the morning. Good night friend. Lots of love!

Hey sweetheart, as you sleep, may the Lord give charge to His angels to watch over you, not just this night but all through your lifetime, I love you so much, Goodnight

May the light of God shine upon all the darkness of your life and give you freedom from every form of turmoil. Good night sweetheart. Sleep well

As the night unfolds and darkness sways in, the light of God shall shine brighter in your heart now and always. God bless you. Good night, my lovely sister

Hello dear friend, take a glimpse at the sky and see the beautiful good night wishes I have written there for you. May God bless you beautifully

May God fill your heart with love and your body with strength the more. Enjoy your sleep dear. Good night and stay blessed

As you sojourn into the night time, may your sojourning be trouble free and so peaceful. May God bless the works of your hands. Good night!

Avoid disturbing thought now and embrace the coolness and calmness of the night in the mercy of God, all is well. Good night mummy

May the mercy of God come upon all your endeavours

Good night friend, may God bless you abundantly and cause you to have a very sound sleep. Enjoy your sleep dear. Good night

As you sleep tonight, may the Lord employ His angels charge over you, and grant you grace to wake up healthily tomorrow. Good night, sister. Nice sleep!

May the goodness and favour come upon all your pursuit and investments even beyond your imagination. Go to sleep, friend. Good night

Here is me wishing you a very good night. May the Lord give His angels charge over you althrough

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