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2021 Trending Goodnight Paragraphs for Your Girlfriend

Without you, nights would not exist with stars. Sleep tight, my darling

A perfect night would be, me and you sharing the bed of love. Goodnight, sweetie

My love for you will burn all night long. And when it is dawn, it’ll be the time to show you how much I care. Sleep tight, my love

If I ever cheat on you, this peace will be gone away from my night. I’ll remain faithful to you, come what may

Enjoy the view of the moon, but let the warmth of my love keep your worries away. Goodnight, angel

Know that I’m thinking of you. Feel my love from far away. Goodnight, my love

The night is beautiful, splendorous in its darkness, cause my heart is full of the starry lights of love. Unlike the morning, your hands are far away, hence, I’ll hold on to your thoughts till the morning comes. Our love song will I sing till I slumber in

Your thoughts awake me in the morning, cause there’s nothing more I want than to see your face. Goodnight, my love

The last time I beheld darkness was the day before I met you. Thank you for illuminating my life. Sleep tight, beautiful

My thoughts do not wander past you at night. My spirit and soul are always with you. Whenever the night falls, it uncovers my deepest feelings for you, cause I do nothing but think about you till I see your face when the sun shines at dawn. I make it ever

Whenever the night seems so dark and gloomy, I think of you as the stars in the sky, casting your tender eyes on me to make me shine until the darkness that lurks around takes flight. You’re the beauty of tonight, so I earnestly look forward to this midni

Because of you, I wish every time of the day is dark, cause you make darkness a beautiful thing

I’ll defend your love and dignity at night even while all eyes are asleep. Goodnight, baby

There is no good night without your enchanting kisses, so, send them to me like a falling star. Sleep tight, my love

The stars are out and so is your love in my heart. I’ll await the sparrow fart to greet you with a kiss of love. I’ll nurture the night, so evil stays far away from your abode. With love in my heart, I’ll keep my eyes on the moon and send kind prayers of

Until I spend each night of my life with you, lonely will the nights be. Sleep tight, my darling

I wish the dusk never has to be dark, so we wouldn’t have to go our separate ways when the night comes. Take a lead into the realm of peace as you sleep like the angel that you are. Worry not about being alone, for my presence will swirl around you, formi

I’ll take my rest in your heart not just for a night but until forever. Goodnight, my darling

Let my words fan the embers of your being, tonight and beyond. This night will be a special one for it would be full of unforeseen love. The night has been deceived into thinking we would be separated by its forces of darkness. Little does she know that w

I fell in love with the night, the moment I fell in love with you. Have a beautiful night, sweety

Every day counts with you, even the night that separates our touch. Goodnight, sweetie

Every night will I confess my love to you before we go to sleep. Even after walking down the aisle, I’ll demonstrate my love to you at night. I love how the night makes me feel. How its silence brings your thoughts to my heart and its stars remind me of y

You’re the peace that keeps the night calm and still. Goodnight, my angel

I can forgive the night for its darkness. But never that it tears us apart. Goodnight, my darling

I’ll watch over you from afar. For this love would be your guard even in the darkest night. Sleep tight, my love

When the morning flies away with the brightness of the sun and the night appears inevitably like the last day of a man on earth, I’ll think of your love and remember the kisses we shared. The nights may be dark and the galaxies may become many, but in my

Even if the night stays longer, you’ll find my love always by your side. Good night, my darling

I love to look into your eyes at night. It reminds me of someone special. Goodnight, my girlfriend

In the love that you have given me, I proudly have my being. Goodnight, sweetie

These kisses of mine are reserved for you at night. To bid you a farewell into a sound sleep. I hate to see you in the dark. Hence, I promise to be the night sunshine that focuses on you whilst you wander into your dreamland. Sleep like the queen that you

All morning, I’ll love whilst, all night, I’ll adore the thoughts of you. I don’t need the stars to come out at night, cause you’re the star I see always in my heart, shining intense love into my bosom. When the moon appears in the sky, it brings the memo

I’ve never seen a night as beautiful as this. Your presence in my life bequeaths every beautiful night I now witness. Goodnight, honey

I’m the moon in your sky, watching over you till the day breaks. You’re safe, my love

What I adore most about the night is the brightness of your smile it shines upon me like a star. Sleep tight, my darling

Ever wronged you? Take tonight to forgive my wrongdoing. I love you, sweety. Have a pleasant night

You’re the best there is. For the treasure that you are, I’ll value you with every breath of my nostrils

The splendour of tonight is the love of my life breathing life upon these words. Goodnight, girlfriend

The thought of you sends stars into my sky. You’re amazing, my love

The stars and the moon failed to turn my night into light. But you poured out your light on my darkness. Ever since I became the light of the night. Goodnight, my girlfriend

May the night draw us closer than the bright lovely sun of the day. Have a good night, baby

My night always turn to day cause you make me see the light even in the thickest darkness. Sleep beautifully, my angel

My faithfulness would last till the night and be renewed when the morning comes. Goodnight, beautiful

I have come to love you so much at night that, I never fail to see your beauty even when its dark

Sweet are your kisses when they meet my lips. I desire them tonight so strongly, I can’t sleep. Goodnight, my love

The secret behind my bravery at night is the love in my heart for you

You’re the girl of my dream and the one I love deeply at night. Until the morning come, I’ll keep your love inside of me. Goodnight, beautiful

I’ll whisper lovely words into your ears all through the night. So, you never forget to wake up. Goodnight, my girlfriend

You give me warmth and love every night. I promise to give you same when the day breaks. Have a pleasant night, sweety

Goodnight, honey. I’ve made a promise to never leave you alone at night. I’ll always be by your side

The night has come for my heart, but you already beat her to it. My love, no one can steal me away from you, not even the darkness that you see

I’ll not give sleep to my eyes tonight, cause I want to see you in my dreams. Sleep well, honey

I’ll rather lose my sight at night than to lose you, my love. You’re my light

Let me protect you tonight. It will be a shame on me if I let you sleep unprotected. Sleep safely, beautiful

I’ll always smile to you at night like it were my last night with you. Goodnight, honey

My night seems so short, cause you make every bit of it so memorable. Let’s make new memories tonight, my love

Loving you is everything I need to survive. Thus, expect my love no matter the time of the day. Sleep tight, sweetie

Listen to the stars; for they sing my love song to you. Goodnight, my darling

When I see the night approaching, I embrace it tightly because it gives me the privilege to dream about you, my love

My love, I promise to send the host of angels to you tonight to keep you safe in my absence

Rainbows don’t appear at night, but you have in my world. Goodnight, sweetheart

The flowers grow at night and so does my love for you as the night comes and goes. Sleep tight, baby

I’ve lived to love you and I’ll live to see our love blossom till the end of time. Goodnight, my darling

The heat of the night can’t chase your thoughts away, neither can the brightness of the morning stop your light from shining in my heart. Goodnight, my darling

When darkness settles on the earth, your love rests upon my heart till the night is gone. Goodnight, beautiful

I’ll go a thousand mile just to make this night special for you, my love. So, tell me what you wish for tonight

It is easier to forget the stars than it is to not remember the smile on your face. I love you, my darling. Sleep tight

I fell helplessly in love with you one beautiful and silent night like this. I’ll do so again, tonight

You’re the easiest to fall in love with. But the most difficult part of loving you is avoiding your thought just for a second of the day. Sleep tight, my love

My best smile was invented on the day I fell in love with you. Sleep tight, my love

My favorite part of the night lies in the minute when I tell you, I love you. Goodnight, my darling

Before I go to sleep, your thoughts play around in my mind. I hope you feel the same way too, beautiful

Until I met you, I was scared of the night. After I met you, I became the knight in shining armour

The stars gaze upon us, enjoying the display of our love all night long, even in our dreams. Sleep tight, my love

The true meaning of love lies in my gaze upon you and in my actions towards you. Sleep like a baby, love

I love you and it is what I cannot stress enough. Sleep tight, my love

Your kisses are refreshing. Mine are yours alone. Have them plentifully as the stars. Goodnight, baby

I never had a night as romantic as this before. Things changed for the best when you came into my life. Goodnight, beautiful

The day is envious of the night, cause I love you more when the night falls than when the day breaks

Your goodnight kisses would have made such a great difference, my one true love

Every night I make a promise to make you happy for the rest of my life. I’ll keep to my promise when the morning comes. Goodnight, my love

Your dreams will be full of beautiful memories tonight, cause I’ll make it happen with a single kiss

Goodnight, beautiful. You’re the essence of my night. For that, I’ll see many more nights to come

Goodnight, my love. This is one of the night I get to feel so lucky because I have you in my life

Unlike humans, love never takes a rest nor fall asleep. Hence, my love for you will still be awake even when darkness is all that is seen

Your love is great and it has captured my heart like the night does the image of the moon. Goodnight, my darling

I promise to caress your skin into a deep slumber, tonight. Enjoy your night, beautiful

I fear no evil at night, cause your love has secured me beyond measures. Sleep wholly, baby

The sunshine may be gone, but with you in my life, I have no choice but to shine on. Goodnight, my love

When the curtains of the night are drawn, the kisses of my lips will fly to you. Goodnight, sweetie

I want to dream of you tonight. So walk into my dream as a magnificent queen donned in a regalia of light

All my promises to you are everlasting, unlike the night’s darkness. Sleep tight, my darling

The moon and the stars are meant to be at night, however, we’re meant to be any time of the day. I love you, my darling

My morning, afternoon, evening and night will testify of my love for you. Sleep tight, my darling

There’s nothing more desirable at night than the company of your love. Sleep tight, my love

My love for you is real as the night. Nothing would inhibit it from happening. So, be my darling till the end of time. Sleep tight, my love

The night does hurt because it separates our gazes. But I’m comforted, knowing that our hearts are connected. Goodnight, my darling

I commit you to the angels. May you sleep and wake up healthily. I love you truly, my darling

You’re the only girlfriend whom I ever gave my light unto at night. You deserve to shine till the perfect day

I dread the night, not for its evil, but for causing our departure from each other. See you in the morning, my girl

I’m blessed to have found you. For every night comes with a new music of love beating in my heart. Goodnight, my love

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