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Good Night

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May you have a good night sleep. Arise in deep strength and joy. Good night, my love

No matter what happened today, I hope you will find serenity in the setting of the sun. Good evening to you, my woman and my everything

My song every night is you draw me nearer to you. I need you to dwell in my home as you do in my heart. I hope the day comes and the night arrives when I’ll behold my sleeping beauty. Goodnight, my darling

May the Lord be gracious to you and cause His face to shine upon you. May you sleep in peace and wake up in safety. Have a good night rest, my crown

You make me happy beyond my expectation. I had never even imagined my life getting so colorful even in my wildest dreams. Thank you, always

“A sweet good night message to my sweet love is just perfect on a sweet evening. How was your day? Have a beautiful night rest baby.”

May God change your day from boring to beautiful, stressful to the sweetest day ever. Good evening, my beautiful sister

As you rest tonight, may you receive the strength you need to conquer the world tomorrow morning? Good night darling

None of your bones shall be broken. And may your mouth be full of praise. Good night, love

Even if I can’t be beside you, my love always is. Good night, my sweetheart

Its time to think all the good things you did today. Take lessons from your mistakes and hope for a better tomorrow. Wishing you a good night!

“The best bridge between despair and hope is a good night’s sleep.” - E. Joseph Cossman

I pray as you lay down your head to sleep, may God continue to protect you all through the night and always. Goodnight and sweet dreams, sunshine

Loving and cherishing you is the best thing ever and I will always and forever adore you, my love. Goodnight and sweet dreams, my sweetie pie

I love the night because it reminds me of your beauty underneath the sun. Good night, babe

I say a prayer for you and I believe it will be true. Deep things on the next direction for your life will be revealed to you in your sleep tonight

Good evening ma. As you rest your head, to sleep tonight, may your sorrows and pains disappear. May God provide for all your needs in Jesus name? I am blessed. Good night ma

I still can’t believe I have someone so charming like you in my life. Good night prince charming!

Each day, I thank God for blessing me with such a great friend as you. Good night, a rare gem

I don’t want to interrupt your much-needed sleep, but I really can’t close my eyes before I say goodnight to you. So good night friend!

Friends are the people that check up on you last at the end of the day. Good night my good friend. I appreciate you

As the day is gradually coming to an end, may God give you a reason to smile, be happy and grateful. Good evening, my loving dad

I would do everything and anything over again and again just to have a wonderful aunt like you. Goodnight and sweet dreams

Close your eyes and make a wish of sending you my warm hug and kiss may you sleep tight tonight I wish you a sweet good night

How about you get a piece of good news before you sleep and wake up to another? I wish that’s how your night will be. Good night, friend

As the sun is setting up, I wish you have a wonderful and quality time with friends and loved ones this lovely evening. Good evening!

Goodnight to you, my beautiful sister. Do have a wonderful night sleep and pleasant dreams

Hey, Night is made for rest not for text. So switch off your cell phone and go to the world of dreams. Good night.

As you have always held on to your dream, may God do more to hold you tight and never let you fall. Sleep in confidence. God’s got you

You are covered with the blood of Jesus. Good night, darling

I can bet my monthly earnings that no one had a more interesting day today than me. You’ll get the full details tomorrow, not just the gist. Good night

May God fill your evening with boundless happiness, joy and love. Good evening to you, my dearest son

You mean the world  to me, My ever-supportive sweetheart. I won’t trade you for any lady. For you have all it takes to be my wife, And the mother of my kids. I’m in love with you forever

Loving you is something that comes easily and I’m glad you’re my best friend forever. Goodnight and do have a lovely night rest

You are the light of my world. You are my passion. You are my dream boy. Your voice is like a music in my heart. You are the first thought of my day and last thought of my night. You are the one and only for me and I will never let you go. Good night my l

The best love is the love that is boundless just as dreams without limits. Good night, my heart

May your beautiful dreams be filled with sweet moments and may you have a peaceful night rest. Goodnight and sweet dreams, my good friend

I get to think about you more than I think about anyone else in the world. I never thought I was going to feel this much for you until these amazing feelings began to sweep me off my foot. I adore you, honey. Goodnight from the very depth of my heart

I wish I was the pillow that pillow underneath your head tonight. I’d make sure you have the best sleep ever tonight. Good night!

My love for you is so deep as the depth of the ocean, like a gentle moving bird in motion ready to land again in my true emotions of course my love for you is a beautiful version. Sleep tight, my Love. Good night

Your day has been awesome, I wish you a more beautiful and peaceful night

My heart wouldn’t rest until I say, good night, my love

No matter how large my heart would ever become, it will be to love only you. Wishing you sweet dreams my heart, my love

Sending you this beautiful goodnight message to wish you have a good night sleep and pleasant dreams. Goodnight to you, my dearest wife and I love you so much

All your disappointments shall be transformed into great testimony. The Lord shall convert your deepest shame into great honour. His grace will be sufficient for you in all areas of weaknesses. Good night, dear friend

Even if I tried, I just can’t tell you all about how much you mean to me. You mean more than words could ever describe. Goodnight my one and only

Regardless of how rough and tough your day was, it’s my prayer that God shall grant you more strength to be tackle tomorrow’s jobs. Sleep tight

One day, hopefully soon, I’ll fall asleep beside you and wake up next to you. For now, have a good night

May this lovely night be more peaceful for you, my love. Goodnight to you, my woman and my everything

Hello darling, may this night be sweet, sound and strengthening for you, sweetheart. Enjoy your sleep, love. Make sure you dream of me!

Sleep now child A sound that is mild The twinkling of the stars Will shine with no scars

“I am not scared of the night because I know you are here with me even if I can’t see you. I love you and sweet dreams.”

Do today what you should do; no more procrastination, madam. I want progress reports by tomorrow. Good night

I hope your day has been beautiful? If not, get ready to enjoy a wonderful and fun-filled evening. Good evening to you, my dearest friend

Keep praying, keep believing, keep hoping, keep trusting, keep pushing and keep smiling, because God still got your back. Good evening!

As you lay down to sleep, I wish you sleep well and may your dreams be as beautiful as you are. Goodnight, my dearest friend

I love you all the time, I just can’t help it. You are very my joy, truly my help meet. Our love is so sweet that no other can beat. Just like an athlete, your love keeps my heart fit. Yes. Good night

It’s bedtime and I wish you have a lovely night rest with dreams full of inspiration and new possibilities. Goodnight and sweet dreams, buddy

No matter how long or short the night is or how peaceful or scary it is, I know all is well because I prayed for you and God heard me. Good night darling

I have tried to find answers to a million questions, Find the master key that opens all door, And such vehicle that makes all journey, But I stopped my search when I found you. Good Night my heart. I love you

I can never be too busy to forget to wish my best friend a good night. Do have a wonderful rest

When I miss you and can’t visit you, I visit the memories we have already had and can’t wait to make more. I love you. Do sleep well

If I ever cheat on you, this peace will be gone away from my night. I’ll remain faithful to you, come what may

Here I am wishing you the best of the evening and that you have a good night rest. I hope your day went as planned? Do take care of yourself for me, please

Gracious happenings shall come your way tomorrow in Jesus name, amen. Good night

I’m glad you’re part of me. You make me glow every day. Thank you, love. Enjoy your sweet night

We’re one both at heart. Let our thought be in synchrony tonight so our dream can be in unison. I want you to see me in your dream tonight, for I’m unwavering that I’ll see you in mine. Dream of me, baby

As you are going to sleep, I pray the presence of the Lord will be with you and keep you with love and warmth

I’m longing for you and your love, but you’re far away from me tonight. Goodnight my dearest, I miss and love you so much. 

I hate that you’re keeping something from me; you know we promised not to do that. But I’m willing to wait until you’re ready to talk. Good night

Night time is Rest time. May your night be as fragrant as our love. Good night my love

Stay positive and add sweetest to the already beautiful evening with your loved ones. Good evening to you, my good friend

The stars are shining bright tonight because there is someone who cherishes others so much at all times. You are great and I wish you a pleasant night

Pumpkin, I’m so happy to have you and I’m more excited to be your boyfriend. Thanks for making every day worth looking forward to and as you sleep tonight, it’s my prayer that the good Lord blesses you with peaceful night sleep full of beautiful dreams. A

Even in the midst of troubles, the Lord shall be your guide and buckler. In His mercy shall He bring you out of every calamity of life. Hope you had a great day? Good night friend

Trying to sleep now? That’s good darling, relax your mind and enjoy your sleep. May you wake up rejuvenated and lively. God bless you. Good night

This is a friendly reminder that tomorrow is another day of twenty-four hours. Have a good night

I hope this beautiful evening bring you a step closer to your dreams. Good evening to you, my princess

I think about you at all times, because you are caring and kind-hearted sister. I love you. Gods gentle hands will uphold you. Good night

Dusk is here, and I know that you’re about to sleep. I pray that your night shall be sweet and He shall bless your morning when you arise with cute blessings. Good night my pride

May God continue to lead and guide you on a path that will bring you boundless joy and heavenly bliss. Good evening to you, my lovely mum

I cherish every moment I got to spend with you today. I will remember every moment of it till I have to see you again. I wish it was longer. I don’t know about you but it seems time deliberately goes faster when we are together. I will spend the night rel

Goodnight dear friend. May goodness and happiness surround you all the time, and may sadness never locate you. Sleep like an angel that you are

In making my life better, You’ve been the agent of change, In making my life sweeter, your love is better than orange, Without the thought of your love, I wouldn’t sleep at night, And like every other night, I wish you a lovely good night

May He guide you, your family and all things that belong to will be at peace so that your mind will be at rest. May your rest tonight be so blissful and filled with so much happiness. Stay blessed. Good night

Do have a blissful night full of pleasant dreams

Don’t be anxious about anything as you lay down to sleep, but rather be grateful for everything. Goodnight to you, beautiful

I am glad every night that I sleep to the thought of you and I wake up to the thought of you. You might find it hard to believe but you are literally the last person I think about and the first person that slips into my mind in the morning. I love you so

The evening is a bridge between the day and the night. Therefore the evening is the time to be fine. Good evening to you dear girlfriend

Goodnight and sweet dreams, my cuppy cake. I will be here dreaming about you, my love. Do have a lovely night sleep

My love for you will burn all night long. And when it is dawn, it’ll be the time to show you how much I care. Sleep tight, my love

May the answers to all the questions in your heart be revealed to you as you sleep tonight and may you remember to put it to use. Have a good night

Tomorrow will sort itself out and believe me, it will be beautiful beyond your expectations. Sleep and wake up to a new day with new glory

Tonight the stars are out beautifying the sky. May you sleep like the silent stars, peaceful and calm to wake up strong. Good night friend

Your unconditional love comforts me during my darkest days and I wish you have a lovely night sleep. Goodnight to you, my love

May all your wishes come true with the breaking of the dawn. Goodnight beautiful and do have a good night rest

Wishing you good night is pointless because I know that you can’t have a good night without me, just like I can’t have a good night without you. But try to have a good night, anyway. Love you

I pray for you that you will have a beautiful evening and enjoy God’s goodness in every detail. Sleep well tonight

I tried reaching out to you during the day and I felt you must have been really busy to respond. I wish you a pleasant evening that will relax your muscles and get you prepared for tomorrow. Have a sweet evening

Do make sure you get enough rest tonight. Tomorrow is another day. Good night

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