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Best Good Night Prayers for Boyfriend in 2021

Being far from you is hard for me. It’s like being without air. I miss you whenever you are not around. As you sleep tonight, may the angels keep watch over you. You would not be ensnared and may all your enemies be restless just to favour you. May your g

I pray tonight, that you become unstoppable in every facet of your life. May your journey through life be a smooth one but for this night, may God’s presence abide with you. I love you. Goodnight, darling

Good night, my angel. As you close your eyes to sleep, may all that’s good and blessed be yours. May people you don’t know you go restless just to favour you and may life itself bring you the best, it has to offer. May your life flourish like the cedars o

I pray that from this night onward, favour would be yours in every area of your life. May your life experience a wonderful turnaround that would leave all those around, amazed at the success you have become. I love how your mind works and I am missing you

The night is a time of fear for most people, but for you, may it be a time of peace and soundness of mind and body. May your night be refreshing and your morning be amazing. I miss having you close by. Goodnight, my love

I pray tonight that no evil plan against you would come to fulfillment. God would preserve your life and your dreams. You would be a force to reckon with. Your life would challenge others and be a source of great blessing to them, more than you can think

May all you lay your hands on yield wonderful results. May defeat and dejection be far from you, and may there be a drastic transformation in all the areas of your life where you have experienced defeat before. Goodnight, sweetheart

May your path to success be made straight and with it favour that propels faster than you could imagine. No danger would find you but rather blessings would be yours, this night and always. I’m missing you like crazy. Goodnight, darling

With you, I constantly get a taste of heaven. May everything in your life be beautiful and wonderful. May success be yours everyday and every time. Goodnight, my angel

May your sorrows and sadness be turned to joy. I pray that God would uphold and strengthen you with His strength. May you have the wisdom to navigate the waters of life. May all that you do bring in blessings and wonders for you. I pray that you would exc

May you become a force to be reckoned with in every sphere of life. May nations come to tap from the wisdom God would grant you. Above all, tonight may your sleep be blissful and satisfying. I just wanted to remind you of how much I love you. Goodnight, d

No matter how hard things may be for everyone you would always be the exception. Evil will not locate you, rather God’s blessings and protection. I love you and pray you have a very refreshing night rest. Goodnight, baby

No one else calms my soul with their presence as much as you do. I lay in bed and rest at night with thoughts of you uppermost in my mind. As you close your eyes to sleep tonight, may the angels keep watch over you more than they do over a newborn baby. Y

May your night be filled with wonderful dreams and sound rest. May your morning brings with it help from the four corners of the earth just to make things work in your favour. I miss you. Good night, darling

I pray that God would sort your life and put it in order for you. May God reverse all that seems irreversible in your life and cause an all-round change in your life. I love you. Goodnight, baby

As you lay in bed to rest tonight, may the sweetest of dreams be yours. I pray that God would fill your heart with peace and joy, your mind with wisdom and understanding and your body with great health. May your strength continually be renewed and all tha

May tonight be the best night of your life. May it bring with it an inspiration that would transform your life for the best and fill your heart with confidence and contentment. May all that’s yours be extremely blessed. Goodnight, my beloved

Iron sharpens iron; therefore may all those you need in your life to propel you forward and broaden your horizon, search and find you earnestly. Remember, my thoughts and heart are always with you. Goodnight, baby

As you retire for the night, it would be a refreshing night that would usher in a great morning. May the night bring you inspiration and wisdom to tackle the challenges that would present themselves in the morning. May your morning be bright and beautiful

May you have the wisdom required to turn your challenges to opportunities, failures to success and your fears to strength. Keep doing your best and being the best. Goodnight, my hero

May all the days of your life be wonderful and your nights blissful. May your steps, decisions and choices lead you in the right direction and may you find fulfilment in all you do. May your steps be ordered aright and your path to greatness be defined. M

This night would be one of the best nights of your life. I pray that God would renew your strength like the eagle and you would continue to soar. Goodnight, baby. My heart longs for you

No matter how far the east is from the west, the sun is able to navigate them both. I pray that no matter how impossible your dreams and aspirations may be for now, in a very short while they would be more than possible; they would become your reality. Go

No matter the negative plans made against you, they would never come to fruition. Only God’s plans for your life would be accomplished. Goodnight, sweetheart. Know I love you with all of my being and always wish you the best

I know you have done your best in preparing, I pray that your preparation would not be in vain. God would bless the works of your hands and prosper all you touch. I miss having you around. May success be yours tomorrow. Goodnight, mon cherie

As you lay in bed to sleep tonight, may the angels protect you. May sorrows and troubles neglect you. May your life be full of God’s goodness and love. May your sleep be filled with dreams of greatness and success, prosperity and abundance. Above all, may

The night brings with it, serenity and calmness. May your life be filled with serenity and troubles be far from you. May all you go through teach and propel you to become the great man you have been destined to be. May nations call you blessed and people

I pray tonight that the wisdom to make the decisions that won’t lead you to destruction would be yours. May your life be a source of challenge to others and a source of inspiration to millions of people. I love everything about you. Goodnight, baby

As the night rolls away, bringing in the dawn and a new day; may all the disappointments, pains and weariness of today be rolled away to shower in strength and confidence for tomorrow. May life provide you with all you need to be the best at all times. Ma

May you fulfil your purpose in life. As you rest this night, the cold hands would be far from your dwelling place. Sleep soundly and safely with God’s presence surrounding you. Goodnight, handsome

In your arms, I feel safe and secure. May all that has become a source of fear, anxiety and worry to you change and become a source of laughter and success for you. Goodnight, baby. Sleep tight

Since health is more important than wealth, I pray tonight, that your strength would continually be renewed. May your days be filled with blessings and nights with wonders. May inspiration overflow from you and things you do usher in greatness for you. Ke

No matter how hard life may be or seem now I am assured that it would get better. I pray that as this night rolls away, it won’t roll away with your life and those of your loved ones. May God’s favour continually abide with you and may His face shine on y

May the wisdom of God find expression in your everyday life. May every failure you have experienced today bring with them the willingness to be the best and the wisdom to go about things right. I love you, forever. Never doubt that. Goodnight, darling

As you lay in bed tonight, I pray that all your stress, frustrations and uneasy be replaced with peace and tranquillity. May any infirmity you have be replaced with sound health. I love you and it hurts to be so far from you, I am counting the hours till

I pray that from this night onward, you would be a constant channel of blessings and miracles to millions of people. May the works of your hands prosper. Sleep tight. I miss your presence. Goodnight, sweetie pie

May you sleep soundly without worries, fears or anxieties. Let go of the worry, God’s got you covered. Keep being safe, my love. Goodnight, my heart

May your expectations never be cut short. May people fall over themselves just to favour you. My heart is missing and it’s because you are not with me. Good night, baby

I pray for peace in your mind and body. May you overcome in the battles of life and be a victor in every situation you encounter. Success would be yours, now and always. I love you. Goodnight, baby

I pray that all you need to be the head indeed be yours. May you have the strength you need to not fail in your responsibilities. I miss having your arms around me. Goodnight, baby

May you begin to experience the best God has for you in every facet of your life. May your life be full of unlimited joy, peace and blessings. Goodnight, baby. I miss you dearly

May you be able to see as far and wide as the eagle, be wiser than the serpent and swifter than the cheetah. May all you need to be successful come easily to you. I love you, baby. Never forget that you mean the world to me. Goodnight, darling

I pray that as you go to work tomorrow, you would go and arrive home safely. May you not fall into the trap of false opportunities. Sleep soundly, the angels are watching over you. You are my greatest treasure. Keep being safe. Goodnight, darling

As you rest tonight, may your soul and body be refreshed for tomorrow. I pray that your morning would bring with it, all the help you need to make your work smooth and easy for you. Goodnight, baby

I don’t know how frustrated you might have been, I pray tonight that all your frustrations would be erased and replaced by ease and peace of mind. May you find directions to achieve all you have set out to achieve tomorrow. Goodnight, mon cherie

May the yokes that have held you down for long be broken this night. May you soar above your counterparts. May heaven look on you with favour. I love you so much. Goodnight, darling

My heart is always where you are. Goodnight, my love. May your night be full of God’s rest. I miss you

I pray this night, that God would strengthen you with the strength you need to fulfil your purpose. May He grant you all you need to change your life for the best. I love you with endless love. Goodnight, baby

As you rest this night, may your mind receive the peace of God. May your mind, from this time and onwards, be filled with blessed thoughts that would propel you to your breakthrough. May any unnatural instincts in your mind be destroyed. Goodnight, darlin

May the presentation you have tomorrow, be the best ever. May it leave your audience stunned and amazed at you. I believe in you and God has deposited all you need to succeed in you. I am rest assured that you would ace your presentation. Goodnight, baby

Goodnight and sweet dreams. May you shine brighter than the stars. Goodnight, my love

I pray that all you need to be swift and diligent in all you do would be yours from this night forward. May the spirit of excellence be yours. I love and miss you. Goodnight, sweetie

May tonight mark the end of any affliction and addictions in your life. May your life be used as a challenge to millions of people. I pray that your life would be a perfect example of a fulfilled man. Goodnight, my angel

I think about you constantly, it has become my obsession. I pray that all that concerns you would receive God’s favour, now and always. Goodnight, my love

God is a God of excellence, therefore in all you do may you be empowered with the spirit of excellence. May your works speak for you, especially in places you thought were impossible to for you to reach. I love you with all my heart. Goodnight, darling

No matter how much the ocean gives out its water, it never runs dry. May your sources of inspiration and strength never run dry. Life would become for you a stepping stone to your desired destiny. Goodnight, baby

Where others can’t find a way, ways are made possible for you. As you rest tonight, may your night be restful. May you have the peace of God that surpasses all understanding. Keep shining. Good night, sweetheart

I pray that you would always have cause to celebrate and be victorious in every facet of your life. My only star and the love of my life, goodnight

May the reason for your being created be fulfilled. May death not snatch you. May sickness be far from you. May you constantly have sound health. I love you, baby. Goodnight, my heart

May God be your defence from any negative plans made against you. It’s very hard being so far from you. Goodnight, my love

May you have the wisdom require to tackle every situation that arises. May challenges be as easy as ABC for you. I love the wisdom from your lips and the way your mind works. Goodnight, darling

You make me feel strong and vulnerable at the same time. Being with you makes being in love wonderful. I pray that you would always have reasons to smile and be happy. May life never take away your smile. Goodnight, my heart. Sleep tight

You are the answer to my prayers. This night, I pray that all your heart’s desires would become a reality for you. Have a wonderful rest. Goodnight, my darling

As you rest this night, May every negative scheme against you be destroyed or work in your favour, now and always. I miss having you around. Goodnight, baby

Goodnight, darling. I pray that tonight, God grant you sound sleep. May He grant you the strength and will of mind you need to be honest and be a man of integrity. I love you. Goodnight, baby

May tomorrow bring with it; new blessings, victories, favours and abundance. I miss your presence. Your absence leaves a void in my heart. Goodnight, sweetheart

In your life, may you experience the blessings that surpass what money can buy. May you sleep like a baby tonight, a sleep devoid of worries and anxieties. Goodnight, baby. I love you

I can’t stop thinking about you at night. May this night bring with it the refueling you need to conquer the challenges of tomorrow. Have a blissful rest. Goodnight, handsome

I pray that every unpleasant situation in your old life experience turns round for the best. May you find favour in the sight of God and men everyday of your life, from this night forward. Goodnight, darling. I love you

From this night on, I pray that you would be empowered to live above mediocrity and the ability to pay the price of success. I love you absolutely. Goodnight, darling

This night, may God preserve you for me. May your day bring success and wealth your way on a daily basis. I miss everything about you. Goodnight, sweetheart

May every limiting factor in your life, career and business be overridden. May all things work together in your favour. I would be watching you from the stars. Goodnight, my only star

As you retire for the night, may you be strengthened for tomorrow. I pray that you would have the will power needed to influence the world positively. May all you need be made available before you even ask for them. I love you. Goodnight, darling

May all those you need to get to your desired destiny locate you. May you find favour in their sight and in the sight of God. Have a wonderful rest. Goodnight, baby

It’s a beautiful night and a wonderful time to think about the one I love. From the depth of my heart, I wish you well every day of your life and success in all you do. Goodnight, my heart

May God grant you the wisdom, knowledge and understanding you need to make your life a more fulfilling one. May His grace and mercy abide with you in all you do and wherever you go. My heart continues to long for you. Goodnight, baby

May God provide you with the grace to be fulfilled. May envy, strife and jealousy be far from you. As you’re still tonight, may all that pertains to you be perfected. I miss you dearly. Goodnight, baby

May the spirit of diligence and the ability to be swift in all your assignments in life be yours. Goodnight, my hero. I am thinking of you

I wish my day does not have to end with us being in different places, nevertheless, I pray that all would be well with you as you rest this night. May your strength be renewed. Goodnight, darling

I know your day has been hectic and all you feel like doing is zoning out. I pray that as your rest, may your mind and body receive God’s rest. Sleep tight. Goodnight, my heart

I pray for you, tonight and always, may the Holy Spirit be your guide. May He lead you to all you need to know and direct your steps to the path of unimaginable success. Goodnight, my beloved

I pray that in whatever you do, you would never be stagnant. God would cause things that were hard for others to be easy for you. May to continue to be well with you in all spheres of your life. Goodnight, handsome

May your night be a wonderful one and your life a fulfilling one. May you have the connections that would lead to greater efficiency and productivity for you. Je t’aime. Goodnight, sweetheart

May your always emerge a winner in any battle you face in life and any situation that presents itself as a challenge to you, be as easy as the alphabets. I miss your arms around me. Goodnight, my love

As you rest, may every plan made against you turn in your favour. May all your enemies become your servants and may they be astonished at the amazing things you would achieve. I miss you. Goodnight, handsome

I wish above all things, that you prosper in all you do even as your soul prospers. May divine blessings envelop you and give you all that’s perfect and good. I love you with all my heart. Goodnight, sweetheart

May this night bring with it, calmness and soundness of mind and energy for your weary bones. May this night mark the beginning of a new dawn for you. Goodnight, sweetheart. I love you

May this night lead to a new day for you. This night would not mark your end or the end of anyone connected to you. I miss everything about you. Goodnight, sugar

You are always on my mind and in my heart, every second and every time of the day. As you retire tonight, may the angels be a wall of protection around you and keep you safe from the dangers of the night. Goodnight, my love

You make me feel as free as a bird. May your life be free of the troubles of life. This night would be a night of rest and not worries or tensions for you. Have a wonderful night. Goodnight, darling

As you sleep tonight, may God protect you from all the dangers embedded in this night and cause His favour to continually shine on you. I long for the time when I can rest in your arms. Goodnight, darling

May you be filled with the wisdom to identify the appropriate seasons and times to do things in order for you to obtain unbelievable success in all you do and have. I love you, darling. Goodnight, my heart

May your path leads you to that partner that would enable you to be more productive and efficient in your business. I pray for your safety and more blessings. My heart craves you. Goodnight, sweetie pie

This night, may every ancestral force holding you down lose their hold on you. May your life be transformed for the best. Goodnight, baby. You are uppermost in my thoughts

I pray that from this night onward, when it comes to you; things would be positively different. May what others find to be difficult be easy for you, where there is no way may new paths be created just for you. I love you and I’m missing you. Goodnight, b

May the night be a time of renewal for you -renewal of strength, wisdom and understanding, peace and joy. May you be filled with with a joy that situations can’t affect. I love you with everything I have and I am. Goodnight, sweetheart

On this night, may God be your defence against the fiery darts of your enemies and their arrows during the course if this night. May God keep you and preserve you to see tomorrow. My heart is with you. Goodnight, my darling

No matter how wonderful my day has been, it’s never complete without a word from you. Thanks for always making my day. May all you require to be the best version of you be readily supply to you. May God’s favour shine on you. Have a blissful night. Goodni

May God grant you the grace to live above offences. May every hopeless situation in your life experience a turn around. I constantly remember you in my thoughts and pray that you only experience the best life has to offer. Good night, baby

May all you need to be the head indeed and not the tail be granted to you. May God’s glory overshadow and strength you to be the best in all you do. I miss the way your presence makes me feel. Goodnight, baby

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