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Cute Good Night Prayer Messages for Her (2021)

You are the most adorable person I’ve met, and I am had we’re together. I pray that as you sleep tonight, may the Lord make your sleep ad adorable as you are. Good night cute angel

Ever since I got married to you, I have never had a reason for regret. As you have made my life blossom, so shall yours continue to be too. Receive my good night message filled with love, my cutest

You are the angel that I seek. You were close to me, but I did not know. You’re the love that I’ve sought for many years. You were right beside me, yet I couldn’t see it. I only just realized how wonderful it has been having you in my life, and I just wan

Dusk is here, and I know that you’re about to sleep. I pray that your night shall be sweet and He shall bless your morning when you arise with cute blessings. Good night my pride

Hello my cute baby, how are you today? I trust you have retired for the night. Guess what? Today was the day we met, and I am sending this anniversary message to my love on this auspicious day to reaffirm what I said to you that day. You are the best thin

I know we had a little issue baby, but that will not stop me from sending my good night message to you. I pray this message helps lighten your mood and make you forgive me. Have a wonderful night my cutest lady

Don’t be scared of the night, because God has given His angels charge over you. I pray you to sleep soundly knowing who’s got your back. Have a night full of goodies my cutie pie

It is yet another night, and I cannot help but keep counting the number of nights left before we can consummate our marriage. I can’t wait to watch you while you sleep. I pray the riot is over soon. Good night cute

My baby, as you retire to bed tonight, I pray that God takes away all your challenges. May he bring your way the answer to all your questions in Jesus name. Have a good night rest, cutest

I know it’s your bedtime now, cute little angel. I pray that you experience the sweetest of nights you have ever had. Good night my love

Each day brings me closer to the reality that I made a good choice with you. I hope we keep on enjoying bliss even as the moon covers us. Good night my love

Dear baby, I thank God for this night we’re seeing together. It fills my soul with gladness. I pray that as you sleep, God will fill your heart with many blessings. Good night my cute baby

You cutie, are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am so grateful that you are in my life at this moment. I pray that God will enable you always to keep being there for me. Good night angel

Hi baby, the night is here again. Don’t be afraid because God’s your refuge, the High God is your very own home. Evil can’t get close to you, harm can’t get through the door. So sleep tight, knowing that you are protected. Good night my cute lover

No matter how busy my day was, I will not let it stop me from sending my cute good night prayers for your today. Sleep sound my heartbeat, we’ll talk better in the morning

Oh, baby! I am not around to sing you a lullaby tonight. I pray the angels to sing them to you on my behalf, even as you have a comfortable sleep. Good night my cute dove

My cutest baby, it’s time to sleep and I can’t wait to feel the night breeze with you. You have been more than a wife to me. I pray for more of God’s blessings upon you, baby. Have an excellent good night rest

Laying on my bed now, silently praying that the night we will spend together draws nigh, as I cannot wait to hold you in my arms and behold your cute smile

You’re close to me darling, but I must send this message to you to celebrate you for your efforts in making our relationship work. You have always been my muse, and I pray that God will empower you the more for the future ahead of us. Good night my cute l

You make me smile, you make me better, you make me feel warm love, you make me believe in myself more. I couldn’t have asked for a better companion than you. May God bless you as you sleep tonight and grant all your heart desires. Good night my best cute

Your love has kept my soul ablaze, and it’s with such fire I pray for you even as you take your night rest. May our love continue to grow as the day grows. Good night my cute babe

I can only pray that you have a refreshment of your spirit, soul and body as you sleep, and you wake up with all agility in the morning. Have a good night rest my cute baby

The Lord is your Shepherd, so you’ll not lack good sleep tonight. May he preserve you and give you the strength for what lays ahead of you tomorrow. Have a good night rest, my cutest baby girl

Oh, my cute angel, I got the meal you sent over, thank you so much. Your food tastes very delicious. I cannot wait to eat your food every day. I pray that God will make our marriage as delicious as your food. Good night love

It is the Lord that grants His beloved sleep, so as you go to bed now, I pray that he will grant you a sweet sleep to wake up bouncing in the morning. Good night my cutie pie

As you lay to sleep, I pray that you have sweet dreams of me because your beauty reflected on my face today. I can’t wait to see you in the morning. Good night my cutest angel

I had a ruffled day today, babe. How was yours? I hope it wasn’t as bad as mine. Even as you retire for the night, I pray that the good Lord bless your works. Sweet dreams my cute angel

The night has called up again, and I wouldn’t miss sending you my cute good night messages. May the love of God be with you and guard your heart even as you sleep. Beautiful dreams my angel

As you close your eyes, I pray you to see me coming to you. Our wedding arrangements will soon be finalized, and I can’t wait to hold you in my arms and watch you sleep. Have a beautiful night cutest filled with the Lord’s goodness

As you retire for the night I pray you to see the stars of our future together, as I can’t wait to finally count them with you. Good night my cute star

I lay on the bed thinking of you right now. I hope you are fine. I and the kids are missing you, and I pray you come back home soon so w can spend good nights together. Good night my cutie

It has become a culture for me and I must not forget to say my prayers for you no matter how late it comes. May the Lord send his angels to give you a beautiful sleep and wake you up in the morning. Good night cute baby

I pray that the blessings of the day will rub off on this night for you as well. May the Lord preserve your sleep and make your morning bright. Good night my cutie angel

You have given me the cutest of love I have ever experienced, I pray that the Lord will grant you a wonderful sleep and wake you up in the morning. Good night my love

As I look at your photo this night, I cannot help but drool over it. I am glad my transfer will be approved soon, as I can’t wait to hold you in my arms and watch you sleep. I’ll dream only of you tonight, and you too do the same. May God bless your night

You know I put a photograph of you everywhere my eyes can see, so each time I see you, I am reminded of how much God loves me by bringing you into my life. Have the best of nights my cute wife

I wish for you this night a beautiful sleep and a wonderful reminisce of our time spent together. I pray that God surrounds you with his love this night and forever. Good night my cute lover

As you lay to sleep tonight, my cute baby, may the angels of the Lord come to abide with you, granting you the sweetest of sleep you’ve ever had. Good night my love

I can’t wait to watch you sleep again, you look like an angel when you close those beautiful eyes. I pray that as you sleep tonight, you’ll get all your desires granted. Good night, my cute

My cute baby, I had a wonderful day today, and I cannot wait to tell you the gist. Yes, your prophecy worked. I’ll see you in the morning and tell you all of it over breakfast. Have a good night rest and a sweet sleep my baby. Love you!

Hi sweetie, I trust your night is going smoothly well. I hoped to spend tonight with you, but I was delayed. I’ll see you in the morning, baby. I pray you to have a night as cool as the evening breeze. Good night, cutest

Oh, my lovely wife! I know you had quite a day, but I hope this message will help you relax a bit. God grant you a sweet sleep. Good night my cutest

Hey baby! I remember you have a big day tomorrow. I know you’re nervous, dear, but don’t be. God will take care of you and grant you favour tomorrow. Good night cute angel, and have a lovely rest

You have been a great blessing to me since we met, as you sleep tonight, I pray that the Lord makes you outstanding in your endeavour. Good night my cute girl

I would have loved us to have our good night waltz today, but my flight was delayed my cuteness. But I’ll send my prayer over to you, that He will shield you in his arms. No evil shall befall you. Have a graced night, dear wife

May the goodness of the Lord turn you’re around, make you want to dance and sing even as you sleep. Have a blossoming night rest. I love you cutie

Oh, my baby! What would I have been without you? You make me give a wide toothy smile each time I remember your words of encouragement. You are the best wife anybody could ever have. I pray that as you sleep this night, God will guard you against any evil

My cutest girl, I want to remind you that God is always there for you. He is closer than you think. So, I pray for you tonight, that you see him for who he is and your trust in him grows. Have a good night sleep, baby

It is a privilege to see tonight again, and I thank God for upholding you throughout the day. I pray that He’ll shower His blessings upon you like the showering of the dew. Good night, my cutest lady

As you go to bed tonight babe, may you sleep soundly and peacefully in the arms of the Lord. He surrounds you with comfort and grace. Have a good night rest my cute darling

The night has fallen again, yet your love is ever rising in me. I am most blessed to have you as my wife. Sleep in the comfort of the Lord, dear. Good night my forever cutie

Cutie, I heard what happened in your neighbourhood last night. Don’t worry, I pray the Lord will give His angels charge over you and keep you throughout the night. Have a good night sleep, baby

The dusk has fallen, yet the passion in your eyes is still as warm as the sunrise. I can’t help but stare at you all night long. I pray that as you close your eyes in sleep tonight that the Lord will establish you in your endeavour. Good night my cutie

Hi dear, how is your night going? As you are about to go to bed, I pray that God’s love and peace will wrap around your gentle soul tonight, giving you an ecstatic morning. Good night my cute sunshine

My cute baby, I know you miss me, I miss you so much as well. But not to worry, I’ll be with you in your dreams tonight. I pray you to have the sweetest of sleep. Good night my darling angel

It’s bedtime again baby. I pray that God’s angels will watch over your soul and give you the best sleep you’ve ever experienced. Have a beautifully decorated good sleep, cutie

May God cause his countenance to shine upon you as you go to bed tonight. I can’t wait for the morning to come to behold your smile. Have a good night cutest

It’s with so much joy that I send you my good night prayer today. I pray that God’s bountiful goodness will locate you even as you sleep. Rest in his assurance that He has a lot of benefits for you tomorrow. Good night, cute bunny

I can feel the freshness of the dusk because you are with me tonight. I pray that as you go to sleep, may your dreams be filled with God’s promises of our beautiful future ahead. Have a good night, cute angel

I pray for you this night that you experience the calmness of your soul, the warmness of your heart, and the brightness of your body as you lay to sleep. I wish you the best of tonight my cutest

I pray that God will comfort you for all the bad experiences you had today, and you’ll find solace in his arms. Have a good night cutie, and don’t think about anything, but a beautiful sleep. It shall be well

As you close your eyes to sleep tonight, cutie, I pray that you experience rest, peace, joy and love round about you. May the goodness that comes with this night fill your heart, sleep well, my dearly beloved

I know we always recite the grace like a cliché, but this around, I am saying that prayer for you from the bottom of my heart. I pray that goodness and mercy will always follow you all the days of your life. Have a wonderful night rest, cute angel

I can only pray for you this lovely night, that God will comfort you with his promises. As you sleep, the whistles of his grace will fill your ears, filling your mouth with enough smile for the next day. Good night cute baby

Oh, dear baby, I know you’re missing me, I miss you more. But since I am far away from you, I pray that the Lord will caress you with his arms of love even as you sleep. Have a graceful night sleep, cute baby

I know that you miss me, cutie, I do too. Don’t worry, the nights we’ll spend together are drawing nigh, the arrangements will soon be done. I pray that God’s angels will round encamp about you, and make your sleep as beautiful as the stars. Good night

I pray that as you sleep tonight, God will make all things bright and beautiful for you. He’ll fill your day tomorrow with wonderful and great adventures. Have a good night rest, cutie

Your cuteness overwhelmed me today as you stopped by the office. As you sleep tonight, may God grace be your pillowy and give you a warm embrace like your duvet. Sleep tight, baby. I love you

I know you’re missing me now cutest, but don’t be afraid. I pray the Lord will send his guardian angels to see you through the night. I will call you as soon as you are awake. Good night my love

The night is here again, and each time it comes, it brings our coming together closer. We may be far, but this good night prayer will bring us close. Have a lovely night my Hero Queen

Dear love, I know you feel disappointed at God for what happened today. But, I pray that he will enfeeble your heart towards him. May his warm hands comfort you and make you trust him again. Good night, my cutest wife

The goodness of the Lord will turn you around and make you want to sing for joy even as you lay on your bed preparing to sleep. Have a wonderful good night my cute angel

Every night I send this cute good night prayer messages to you, the passion of our love is rekindled in my heart and I pray that it continues to burn even in your heart as well. Sweet dreams, beautiful

I have been smiling from ear-to-ear ever since we spoke in the morning. You made my day beautiful, and now I am sending you this message, praying that you have the most beautiful nights you have ever had. Good night, the most cutest woman on earth

Guess what wifey! I am coming home next week. I can’t wait to see your cute face again. I pray that as you lay to sleep, you’ll have the best night you’ve ever had. I miss you, baby. Love you baby. Good night

Dear cutie, I pray for you tonight, that as you sleep, you’ll experience peace of mind like a baby. May you wake up in the morning full of strength to carry out the day’s activities. I love you, baby, good night

May God fill your heart with love, your soul with goodness, your mouth with grace and your hands with kindness as you sleep tonight. Good night my cute lover, I love you

I wish I could speak with you now, but you’re not taking my calls. Despite your anger, I pray that God will cuddle you to sleep with his refreshing love. Have a cute night rest, baby. I love you

My relationship with you has improved my love life, and I pray it continues like this even when we get married. Receive my message from a heart filled with love. Good night my cutie pie

I look at myself each night I am about going to sleep and realize how grateful I am to have you in my life. You have shaped me into a better man with your personality. As you lay to sleep my cute goldmine, I pray that the good Lord will bless you with not

Cute baby, as you lay on your bed tonight waiting to be carried away by the gentleness of the night. I pray that God will restore your peace, and take away all your worries. Good night my love. I miss you

I am sorry you had a stressful day, cutie. As you lay to sleep now, I pray your spirit, soul and body is refreshed and revitalized for tomorrow. Have a pleasant good night, dear

I pray that God will lift the weights off your shoulders, and place his arms of solace around you. Sleep in the reminder that he always cares for you. Good night, my cute babe

I pray as you sleep, your dreams will be full of rejoicing and happiness of all God has done for us in our relationship. Good night my ever cute baby. Love you loads

Let your mind be clouded with beautiful and sweet dreams of us, even as you lie down to sleep now. I pray you to sleep as soundly as a cute baby and wake up like the brightness of the sun. Good night beautiful wifey

Hi baby, I hope you haven’t slept yet? Sorry, my good night prayer message is coming late today. I pray that as you sleep, may the Lord lubricate you with soothing perfume and give you a fragrance of splendour as you wake up in the morning. Good night my

I have known nothing but joy ever since I met you. I pray that as you lay down to sleep, may your health be replenished even as you have a sound sleep. Good night my cute baby

I am not sure how my life would have turned out if I hadn’t met you. You have made me a better person as we grow through life. I pray heartily for you as you go to bed tonight that the good Lord will pour you out his blessings that you’ll have not enough

I know you’re on your bed now, and it is going to be an amazing sleep for you. I pray that you are filled with the goodness of the night. Good night my cutest

I pray that God will turn your agony to glory, your pain to gain, your story to glory and your mess to a message as you lie down to sleep tonight. Have a lovely night rest dear. Good night, cute baby

Arise and shine in the morning for your light has come. You don’t need to worry about this night because God will give His angels charge over you. Good night my angel, and have a cute sleep

You are an epitome of love and support blended into a fine paste of beauty and sweetness, I am glad you are in my life dear cute baby. As you lay on your bed tonight, drifting in sleep, I pray that God will renew his goodness in you. Good night baby

I am living the best life because you are in it with me. I cherish every single moment we spend together. May you reminisce on the good times we’ve shared even as you sleep cutie. Good night

I know we are far away now, but I pray this good night message brings us close this night. My /wishes for a blissful night for you/ is that you wake up with rejoicing. Good night cutie love

I know you might have sinned today, so tonight, I’ll just ask for God’s forgiveness. I pray that He’ll forgive all your trespasses today, and grant you a sweet sleep in his bosom. Good night my cute angel

It’s bedtime again baby, I pray that the Lord will shield you with his arms this night and protect you from all devices of the enemy. I wish you sleep like that of a baby. Have a good night my cute lady

May this prayer reach you while the night is still young. I want you to have time to meditate on our love before you drift off in sleep. Sleep with the assurance cutie that tomorrow will hand over good gifts to you. Good night dear. I love you

I know I am the last person you want to hear from now, but baby please, my night will not be complete if I don’t say my good night prayers for you. Please forgive me for what happened today, my cutie. I wish you sweet dreams, baby

Oh, honey! I hope you haven’t slept yet? My good night message is coming a little bit late today because I had an overnight shift. But I pray that God will bless the work of your hands so you don’t have to work as hard as I do. Sweet dreams cutie

I hope your day wasn’t too stressful today, my cute baby. Despite that, I pray that you experience the soundness of sleep tonight, and you wake up ever fresh. Good night, love

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