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Effective Goodnight Prayers for Her in 2021

I pray God gives you knowledge when making important life decisions. I pray he guide you to the end. I wish you a beautiful night rest as you sleep tonight

Your dream shall be sweet. Nightmare will be far from your dreams. Enjoy your sleep, dearest

The omnipresent God is your protector and he is right there beside you. Joy dreams

Leave your worries behind. Wake up with faith in yourself and God. He shall heal every part of your life. Good night

God will reveal the way to success to you in your dream tonight. Good night, beautiful

You are covered with the blood of Jesus. Good night, darling

His love for you is beyond measure. His will shall surely come to pass in your life. He is beside you as you sleep tonight. Good night, baby

Tomorrow will be the beginning of your breakthrough. I love you dearly. Good night

As you lay on your bed tonight you will be placed under divine protection in the name of Jesus. Sleep tight

Broken parts of your life will come into place. God will meet you at the very point of your needs. I love you so much. Sleep tight

God loves you more than you can ever imagine and he will always be there for you. Good night. I love you

Success will be your friend. You will not be denied good things in Jesus name. Sweet dreams

Your hope shall not be cut short. Your prayers shall be answered. Your enemies shall bow at your feet. Enjoy your night rest, God is there for you

His peace will reign in your life. His glory will shine upon you. Enjoy your night rest, love

Almighty God is your strength, he will always be there for you in times of pain and difficulties. Have a joyful dream. God is with you

As you sleep today, every weapon fashioned against you shall not prosper. You shall sleep and nothing will make you afraid. That is the promise of God for your life. Joy dreams

The angels of the Lord will surround you as you sleep tonight. They will fight each of your battles. They will break into pieces your stubborn enemies. Good night

You are covered with the blood of Jesus. Sleep tight, my one and only

His purpose will come to pass in your life and he will not leave you alone. Have a beautiful night, sweetheart

Always know that I love you and I always pray to God for you. He answers prayers. Sleep with no worries. I love you

God is not a man, he will fulfil his promises, believe him and he will surely do that and more in your life. Sleep tight, dear

As you sleep this night, I pray the good lord will show you the path to success in your dream. Sleep tight

I pray you wake up to a day full of possibilities, victories and miracles. Good night

The door to your success shall open. God will manifest himself in your life as you wake up to a brand new day tomorrow. I love you

God will not forsake you. He will always be your God. Joy dreams

Good night, love. May God’s face shine on you. May he touch you with his hands of healing

Strong winds might blow but God will hold your hand. Sleep tight

As you plan to sleep tonight, no evil shall befall you. You will sleep and wake up sound and healthy in the name of Jesus. Good night my love

When life looks tough, there is a God who is tougher than what life might bring your way. Enjoy your night rest

May his grace uphold you always. Joy dreams, dear

God’s goodness and mercy will follow you all the days of your life. Sweet dreams, love

The end to your pain has come, the end to your problems is now. May God surprise you. Good night

May God show you the solution to every problem in your life tonight. Sleep tight

Your life will be sweet. You shall not experience sorrow. I wish you a beautiful night rest, darling

It is bedtime, after all the work today. I pray that your sleep shall be peaceful in Jesus name

I wish you a sound sleep in the name of Jesus. Good night to you

Don’t let the challenges of today weigh you down. Tomorrow is in the hands of good. Have a good night rest

The key to your breakthrough shall be given to you in your dream. Begin to succeed from now on. Good night

Good night, my love. God is there with you

Today is the end of your pain. Wake up tomorrow and begin to enjoy unlimited joy. I love you. Good night

You are the apple in the eyes of God. He loves you dearly. Don’t worry. He will be your God. Have a sweet sleep

Rest your head on your pillow and have a sound sleep. Jehovah God is your protector. I love you

God almighty will overtake your enemies and smash them into pieces in Jesus name. Joy dreams, sweet

The Lord will show his loving kindness to you. His glory will manifest in your life. Good night, baby

God will prove himself in your life. You will become a wonder starting from tomorrow. Good night

You are under the shadow of the Almighty. Sleep tight

This night will mark the end of lack in your life because God will reveal himself in your life tomorrow. Joy dreams

The lord will be by your side as you sleep tonight. Good night, love

You will find favour in the name of Jesus. Every closed door will open for you. Only believe in God. Sleep without doubting him. Good night, sweetheart

Your dreams will open doors for you and you will recover all your lost glories. Good night

Don’t worry about tomorrow. God will perform wonders in your life. He has planned to turn your life around. Joy dreams

You will have full cost to glorify the name of God. I decree success into your life this night. Sweet dreams

Your needs will be met by God. Only believe. Good night

The host of heaven will surround your bed. Give no room to fear. I wish you a good night

Your enemies will not overtake you. You will be made stronger by the grace of God, Amen. Enjoy your sleep

Nothing will harm you this night because God is there watching over you. Good night, I love you

Everywhere the enemy plans to meet tonight against your life, I command the thunder of God to scatter them. In the name of Jesus. Sweet dreams

The favour of God will not elude you. You will move from strength to strength in Jesus name. Good night

You shall excel in the mighty name of Jesus. When you wake, success will surely embrace you. Good night, sweet

He will answer every single prayer you pray to him as you sleep tonight. Joy dreams

Sleep and believe that you are covered with his palm. He is your protector, the omnipresent God. Sweet dreams

Abundant blessing of the Lord will be your lot. No more lack. I love you so much, enjoy your night rest

Sleep tight, love. The lord is your protector

You are destined for success. You will begin to shine as from tomorrow morning. Wake up to your day of success. I love you

When everyone is struggling, you shall find favour. I wish you very sweet dreams tonight

Sleep and forget your worries. Almighty God your provider is there for you

My love, I pray that every plan of the evil ones against you this night shall be destroyed in the name of Jesus. You are safe and secure in the hands of God

Every power manipulating your life will be destroyed tonight. God is with you. Sleep well, love

Every agenda of death over your life tonight has been destroyed. Sleep with no fear. Good night, sweetheart

God will be good and gracious to you. Good night my honey

You are safe under the shadow of the Almighty, from the hands of the evil ones. I wish you a good night

Soon, you will rejoice, sleep without worrying about what tomorrow will bring, God has settled that. Good night my sweetheart

Have a good night rest, babe. Your life will be made a big surprise in Jesus name

Your desires in life will surely come to pass by the grace of God. I wish you a beautiful night rest

You are highly favoured by God. You will experience His unlimited favour. Good night, my love

Every disaster planned against you will be destroyed in the name of Jesus. Good night to you

As you plan to sleep, I forfeit every agenda of the enemy over your life. You will wake up to a day full of possibilities in Jesus name, Amen. Good night

Your life belongs to the lord and he is ready to lift you up. You will never be denied the good things of life in Jesus name. Amen

God in his infinite mercy shall meet you at the point of your needs as from this present moment. Good night, my love

The Lord who has always kept you will keep you throughout the night. Good night, pretty

The Good Lord will keep you and uphold you with his right hand of salvation. Sweet dreams

Don’t be afraid of the evils of the night, the holy spirit of God will stand by your bed as you sleep. You are free from evil. Sleep tight, dear

Your life is untouchable by the devil. Sleep and don’t be afraid for God is by you. Good night my dear one

God will not for once forsake you. In the morning, noon and night, you will forever enjoy his love. Good night

You will not be swallowed by your enemies in Jesus name. Good night, love

God will reveal himself to you in your dream tonight and he will make everything possible for you. Have a sound sleep

Smile as you sleep, your life is in the hands of He who knows the beginning from the end. He surely has good plans for you

Rejoice, you are victorious. And you will always be. Good night. I love you

Your future is bright. You will shine as bright as the sun. I pray for you, enjoy your sleep, my love

You shall be victorious whether the devil likes it or not. I wish you a good night rest

I speak success into your life. Begin to succeed as from tomorrow morning. Good night

Any hand that stretches against you this night shall cut off in the name of Jesus. Joy dreams

Arrows of the enemy shall not touch you. You are under God’s protection in the name of Jesus. Good night

Your purpose will manifest in the name of Jesus. Good night

Good night, sugar pie. I pray that God will keep you throughout the night

Have a good night rest, love. You will wake up sound and in good health

Have a good night rest babe, the lord is with you

I love you so much and I wish you a beautiful night rest. May God protect you

Give no space to worry. Sleep soundly. God will surely shine his face upon you. Good night, my love

I pronounce good dreams as you sleep. Nothing will make you afraid. Love you

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