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Funny Good Night Messages for Friends (2021)

May terrible things happen to terrible things that want to happen to you tonight. Can we call this a wordplay night? Good night

What’s so hard in sending a good night message like this to me? Good night to you, buddy

I can bet my monthly earnings that no one had a more interesting day today than me. You’ll get the full details tomorrow, not just the gist. Good night

This is a friendly reminder that tomorrow is another day of twenty-four hours. Have a good night

If you need lullabies for tonight, then call me. I’m only one call away. For now, I’ll just say good night

Do you also use Facebook in your dreams? Good night to you, friend

The day is over. Go to bed. Note that this process will repeat itself tomorrow. Good night

Today was so long that if I earned a dollar every minute today, I’d be the richest man in the world now. Good night, dear friend of mine

Good things happen to good people, like us, that sleep early. Good night, boy

This night, I want to sleep to cover for the hours of sleep I missed during the week. Good night to you, my friend

If you had spent today like I did, you’d have been far richer than Gates. By the way, don’t ask me why I’m not richer. Just sleep. Good night

As you sleep tonight, guess what I’ll be doing. I’ll be sleeping too. What were you expecting? Good night

And the evening and the morning were the first day. Think about it. Good night, my friend

May you also go to the moon one day. Good night, dear friend

If God gives you a chance to sleep as long as you want to, for how long will you sleep every day? Meanwhile, good night, dear

One day, we’ll sleep like babies again. Until then, just try to enjoy your nights. Have a beautiful night rest

The night has come. Remember they there are many things one can do at night apart from planting a baby in a woman. Good night, friend

What’s better than money? A beautiful night rest? Maybe not. Good night to you, bro

The day is gone. Did you make your first million in it? Have a great night rest, fam

If there was no internet, I’m sure you’ll be asleep now. Good night to you, my friend

Good things happened in the day, and they’ll repeat themselves tonight. I just spoke for myself, though. Lol. Good night to you, friend

Your night will be a compensation for how stressful your day was, that’s if your day was stressful at all. Good night, friend

It was one hell of a mad day. After today, I shouldn’t go to hell again. Good night to you

I hate it when you go to bed before me, so off I go. Good night, friend

Throughout the day, I dreamed of you. Now it’s night. I hope you dream of me throughout. Good night to you, friend

Sleep like nothing else matters. Just sleep. Good night, my friend

This is me saying good morning in advance. Have an awesome night rest, my friend

After all is said and done, you’ll still sleep. Have a blessed night

If you haven’t had a long sleep in a long while, what makes you think you’ll have one tonight? Good night, though. Lol

Good night to you, my friend. I got a lot to tell you, but we’ll just wait till tomorrow, except you want me to tell you in your dreams

Are you wicked? Remember the verse that says there’s no peace for the wicked? Good night

Hey, fam. If I still owe you anything, may you forget about it tonight. Good night to you

How the hell did we not meet today? It felt weird not seeing you today. Sleep well. Good night

All I want to hear this night is that four more hours have been added to it. Have a good rest, tonight

Patience please, holiday is coming. Have a good night

Good night to you, friend. May you not forget to turn off your alarm clock before you sleep

May your breakfast tomorrow taste better than today’s own. Enjoy sweet dreams

May your night leave you begging for more. Have a beautiful night

Hey, brother. I wish you sleep like the president sleeps tonight. And I really don’t know how presidents sleep. Good night to you

The beautiful part of tonight is that it’s cold and my husband is here with me. Have a sweet night

Sleep well and wake up like a lion tomorrow. Just don’t begin to think you’re really a lion. Good night to you, fam

How do I explain that I stopped expecting night to come today? The day was so long. Sleep well, my dear friend

What if you wake up tomorrow and it’s the twenty-second century? Good night, fam

May your sleep bring you so much rest that you’ll have no worries when next you see stressful work, knowing that a round of sleep will refresh you much. Good night to you, bro

These days, you sleep so much. I’ll remind you of it when you become the father of a new born baby. Good night

Goodnight to you. Lemme say a prayer for you: may you not roll off your bed to the floor tonight

The best part of today is that part where…erm…erm… I can’t even remember it. Good night to you, though

If I tell you how my day went, you’ll wish you were me. Sleep well tonight, my guy

What if I’m the only one you see in your dream tonight? What if? Good night to you

This is the time you hold up the peace sign to the day, so goodnight to you

Good night to you, my man. I hope you don’t have a reason to wake up early tomorrow

As you sleep, dream of how we will easily finish all the work we have to do tomorrow. And I hope that still make your dreams beautiful. Good night to you, my friend

Why did God not create nights to be longer than days? Good night, though

Tomorrow will be a long day, so take a good rest tonight. Have a great night rest, buddy

May your sleep be so beautiful that you’ll wish to never wake up. Good night to you, friend

Hello, bro. Go to bed. That’s all I want to say to you. Good night

Can you count the messages I’ve sent to you today? Good night to you, fam

As we lay down to sleep, I pray no untimely alarms will beep. Amen? Have a good night rest

Today was a long and awesome day and I’m so tired that I doubt I’m the one typing this. Good night, bro

Good night, dear friend. Tomorrow, around this time, I’ll send you another good night message

Remember to sleep as long as you can tonight. Good night to you, my friend

I can’t remember when last you slept over at my house. Good night, however

Sometimes I’m so tired that I want to sleep for a week without taking a break, and right now I am as tired as that. Good night to you

As I type this message, I’m thinking of your favourite food. Have a great rest tonight, buddy

Every night gives me a chance to travel out of this our earth for a while, for free. Wanna join me on one of these nights? Good night to you

May your alarm clock not disappoint you tomorrow. Do I hear you agreeing? Good night, friend

What if I told you that no night has ever been as beautiful as this one? Good night to you, friend

If you want to sleep like me, then you should at least know the basics of street fight. I wake up thinking I fought with my bedsheet. Good night, dear friend

One day, you’ll wake up to find out that this life is really real, that it was never a dream. Have a good night, friend

When I remember that tomorrow isn’t Saturday, I break down and cry. I need work fee days. Good night, though

Guess who I met today. While you’re guessing and thinking, I’ll just sleep. I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Good night

If you’re too sleepy to continue working, please take a sleep and rest. I love you. Good night

Good night to you. May the night be sweeter than the sweetest thing you’ve ever had

One day, you’ll realise that sleeping all night is better than chatting all night. Good night to you

As you sleep, don’t forget to finish the house you’re building in your dream. Good night to you, my bro

What if you slept and woke up as prey in a horror movie? Happy night rest to you, boy

I miss sleeping in my parents’ house. How about you? Have a beautiful night, fam

Turn your phone off and sleep already. Have a beautiful night rest

I will definitely see a movie before I sleep today, even as tired as I am. Don’t be like me. Go to bed. Good night, fam

Good night, my dear friend. There’s no night we’ve seen that is as sweet as the night we are about to experience

It was really funny hearing about how you ruined lunch today. Good night, buddy

Friend, good night. I don’t know why I’m sending this, but will there be breakfast for me in your house tomorrow?

What’s funny about tonight is that I’m hoping you don’t sleep so we will chat overnight. But if you do, well, have a great night

Since I got this new job, I’ve been dying to tell people, when I meet them in the evening, that “work is stressful and I have to rest”. It’s exciting, you know? Good night, fam

Never stop to think, even for a second, that tonight’s sleep may not be worth it. LOL. Good night

From tomorrow, try to eat more. The days ahead may just be harder. Sleep well, bro

After all the display of strength and skill today, you’re about to be humbled by sleep. Good night to you, fam

When you do the morning prayers tomorrow, say one for me, that this new job doesn’t kill me. Good night, paddy

May you eat all that you can’t afford in your dreams tonight. Have a sweet night rest

The time I spent with you today was so awesome that I never wanted it to end. Good night to you, dear friend

Sleep well enough to dream about us buying Microsoft. Good night to you, dear

Give us very fun dreams, dear Lord, so we will have a reason to kick the alarm clock when it rings tomorrow. Good night

When I see you in the morning, I’ll tell you how my dream was more interesting than yours. Good night, bro

Check for some of the good night messages I’ve sent to you this year, and adopt one for today. Good night, bro

When last did you sleep like a baby? Sleep like one tonight. Good night

There’s only one way to for me to end my day, and that’s with a mad sleep. Be like me. Good night, bro

After today, I’ve decided that I am going to spend a holiday in Mars. Good night to you

Be like me. I work in the day and sleep at night. Good night to you, friend

My big wish for you is that you’ll never be as tired as I am right now. Good night, my fam

If only I had a hundred pillows on my bed, I’ll be fine. Have a sweet night rest

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