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I’m Sorry

Please, learn to overlook my flaws and forgive me genuinely. I hold onto these two for dear life

We are best friends forever, and nothing’s going to change that. Not you, not me, nor my tendency to be foolish sometimes. I’m sorry dear, please forgive me

Today I have decided to take responsibility for the distance between us recently, even though you were the one at fault. I’m really sorry, damsel

To My Cupcake A beautiful creature like you deserves not to be hurt by anyone. When I look at you, I see a person with a heart of gold, the best person in the world. You’re one person that has made me know that yes, there are truly so many reasons to beli

I know I have not been able to be there for you lately as I ought to be and I’m really sorry, my dearest

True love has brought us together. But forgiveness, appreciation and kindness would keep us for long. Forgive me please, my love

Being human is what makes us know that we are better than hurting ourselves. Even though I hurt you unintentionally, I still say I’m sorry. Let’s put the past behind, please

Sweetheart, Forgiveness is for those who have gotten a heart to love. I know your heart is for love and that’s why I’m pleading that you forgive my ruthless actions. I know there are no justifications to the attitude I put up earlier today. You mean a lot

I know that there is no word to justify what I did because what I did was wrong and I’m sorry, my dearest

Please, be kind with your words. I know I have incurred only wrath with my actions. But, let your love for me speak

Oh, my love! I’m truly sorry. I’ve cried my eyes out wishing you’d pick up the phone. I’ve prayed in tongues hoping you’d come knocking on my door. But telling you how sorry I am isn’t as good as showing how repentant I am to you. Pls, give me the chance

If you understand how badly I feel for making you go through this though time, You will feel untold pity for me. I am so sorry once again for the hurts and pains. Just forgive me my love

Many words will fail me to express how deeply sorry I am for this. I am heartbroken for how sorrowful you made me feel. I know I have done the worst, but I am asking you to forgive me. I am really sorry my dear, please and please do forgive me

That was too much for me dear. I am so sorry for doing such a grave mistake. I come pleading for your forgiveness, And I promise to not repeat that ever again. I am so sorry for it all. Good morning

The way things are going with me, I’m not sure I’ll ever take the risk of causing you pain again. My heart burns so much from knowing I ever did cause you pain. Sorry, dear friend

The way things are going with me, I’m not sure I’ll ever take the risk of causing you pain again. My heart burns so much from knowing I ever did cause you pain. Sorry, dear friend

You really are the most patient and understanding friend I’ve ever had. I’m sorry for letting you down, and I want you to know I don’t take you, nor this friendship for granted

I promise to always put the best interest of our relationship before making any rash decisions next time. I’m deeply and really sorry

Please accept my apology and let’s go back to how we used to be before I took your feelings for granted. I’m sorry, handsome

I didn’t mean to hurt you dear I never meant to make you sad. Please forgive me for this mistake. I am sorry… I am really very sorry

With eyes filled with tears and a bleeding heart, I’m apologizing for causing you so much pain and hurting your feelings. Please forgive me

I now understand what you were trying to say. I feel so bad for speaking before listening. It has taught me a lesson. Will you please find a place in your warm heart to forgive me? I have truly learned my lesson, and I promise to be a better partner next

I really miss being with you and I want you to know that I’m truly sorry for snapping at you last night

Trust me when I said hurting you was never in my plans, but I’m really sorry that I did. Can you please forgive me?

There’s a big gap between us which seems to have no end because of my mistake. I’m so sorry, can you please forgive me?

I didn’t mean to cause you pain nor did I mean to hurt you, but it happened and I’m so sorry. Please forgive me

My love, I know that I was wrong but I want to be that queen to the kingdom of your heart once more. Please forgive me and let’s love back together

I take the blame for all the misunderstanding that ever happened between us. And I come begging that you just let it go. It will do more harm if you hold on to this. Please forgive me, I beg

I am so sorry that I didn’t think it through before saying what I said last night. I never meant all that I said. Please forgive me

I’m really sorry for not being able to support you enough. Please forgive me, beautiful

I will do all it takes to get your love back baby. Honestly, I need you more now than ever

I will do all it takes to get your love back baby. Honestly, I need you more now than ever

You were right for saying I am heartless, That name really fits for what I have done. But I am sorry, I ask for you forgiveness, Please forgive me, ’cause my courage is already gone

Hurting you is something I hate with all I have and are. I even found it a bit hard to forgive myself. I’m so sorry, honey. Please accept my apology

I wish I have more words to say than sorry, For the more I say it the more it looks like mere story. With everything I have in me, I plead. Please forgive me or my heart will ever bleed!

Before you say anything, I want to tell you that I’m really sorry, because I know without an iota of doubt that you are angry with me

Lately, I’ve not been feeling very positive about a lot of things. I know nothing will go wrong, but I still want to say sorry for the hurt I’ve caused you. I’m really sorry, honey

Sometimes, the offender feels the pain more than the offended. Honey, please forgive me and make me free again

Forgive me for acting like I knew nothing about it. I must have hurt you so much, Dad. I am sorry

If only you know how much I miss not talking to you every time I want to. Can you forgive me, baby?

I don’t want to lose you because of some silly mistakes that I could have avoided. I’m sorry, baby, please forgive me

I never for once envisaged in my widest dreams that I will one day hurt you so bad like this. I’m deeply sorry my prince charming

I see good reasons in you being angry with me. Sincerely, I have been the bad one! I have been the one who doesn’t care much, Even the one who is so selfish, But I won’t be the foolish one who wouldn’t apologize. I am so sorry my love

The last thing I want to do is tear us apart. It’s me and you against the world, remember? I seek your forgiveness, my darling

I can’t let go of you. Let’s hold fast to the love we shared; let’s not easily give up on each other. We’re meant to be till forevermore. I’m sorry I did what I did

I’m truly sorry for misinterpreting you and I hope you can forgive me. I’m sorry, sunshine

I am sorry for all the bad I have done
I am sorry for all the hurts to your hearts I have caused.
I plead for forgiveness, if you will deem it fit
But if not, you should know my life will be miserable

I am sorry for all the bad I have done I am sorry for all the hurts to your hearts I have caused. I plead for forgiveness, if you will deem it fit But if not, you should know my life will be miserable

A day without you or hearing from you is always dry and boring. I miss your glowing smiling face, I miss your company and I miss you so much. I’m sorry for everything, please forgive me

For the many times, I was unloving, uncaring and not supportive, I’m sorry my love and I promise to be a better and caring lover

I’m so happy to have you in my life and I never want to see you sad. I can’t wait for you to come home so I’ll tell you how sorry I am for what I did. Accept my apology, please

I know you are deeply angry with me. And it is all for what I have done. I come begging you for all my wrongs, And I seek for nothing but your forgiveness

I want you to know that I am glad to have someone like you. And I’m sorry for been ungrateful lately, please forgive my manners

The best is yet to come, don’t hold what I said to heart, forgive me, my love

Even if I had twenty other men, I will still apologise to you, because (1) you deserve it, (2) I need your forgiveness, (3) I’m really sorry and (4) you’re my boyfriend. I hope you forgive me, and if possible swiftly

I feel so sorry for all the rules I have broken, Feels more sorry for making you go through hurts I wish I had better ways of expressing how sorrowful I feel for letting you down. I am so sorry for it all

Please, Forgive Me, My Love If wishes were horses beggars would ride! I have wished to wake up to your kisses and your warm embrace as if you ain’t mad at me. I prayed to right all my wrongs, however, my wishes and prayers would not come true, if I hadn’t

I really deserve any names you choose to call me, And I deserve any punishment you deem fit to mete out to me. But I must not fail to say I am sorry for all I’ve done wrong. Please and please forgive me my love

May you find it possible to forgive me for all the wrongs I’ve done to you? I’m sorry, baby

IMPERFECTIONS Sometimes, beautiful freeways are flawed by little potholes. Yes! The disappointment can be overwhelming because it was not expected, but that does not make the freeway less of a freeway. The little pothole can actually be fixed. Likewise, a

I will do whatever it takes to keep your mind and heart away from the pain I caused you. I’m so sorry, sweetie pie

I will never let anything take you from me, baby. I’m so sorry I caused you pain. I want to do all I can to make all things right. I beg for your forgiveness, darling

I can’t go out, I don’t know who to trust

I can’t go out, I don’t know who to trust

It makes no sense why we quarrel most times. But I always start them and for that, I’m really sorry

I betrayed you by my actions, honey. My words and deeds were not in sync. I professed love but behaved otherwise. You kept telling me but I didn’t listen till I pushed you away. Forgive me, my dear one. Please don’t let me ever have to live without you

Remember our goals and plans for each other. We cannot just fall apart because of a little misconception. I apologize on our behalf

I was only kidding, and I never knew you’ll take what I said seriously. I am sorry you misinterpreted my joke

My whole heart feels so sad for ever hurting you. You know I love you dearly. Please, forgive me

The world’s most beautiful wife deserves the world’s most tender apology. I’m sorrier than I have ever been. Forgive me, darling

I wish I can take all the pain and hurt away with a simple message as “I’m Sorry.” Can you please forgive me, my dearest friend?

Forgive me for bringing so much trouble into our family, I am really sorry

I feel sorry for all the good things I fail to do And I plead guilty for all that I did wrong. I am so sorry from within me. Just forgive me and let bygone be bygone

If I could see you right now, I’ll do something to show you how sorry I am, and trust me when I say it’s not for drama. I’m sorry I brought you tears

I miss you, I miss your laughter, I miss being with you. Can we go back to how things used to be between us? I’m sorry, my love

I don’t wanna lose my mind and even more, I don’t wanna lose you. Take it from me, I feel so small right now, guilt has taken the better part of me. Forgiveness is my only saving grace and you are the source of the forgiveness I desperately long for. I si

I know I disappointed you, but, truthfully, if I could have done otherwise at that moment, I would have. I’m really sorry for the way things went. Forgive me, buddy

No two persons have cared for me like you do, nor loved me the way you do and I’m really sorry for taking you for granted

I miss you and your laughter, can you please forgive me? I’m so sorry, sweetie pie

I miss you and your laughter, can you please forgive me? I’m so sorry, sweetie pie

Pumpkin, I’m deeply sorry for making you feel sad the other day. Can you please find it in your heart to forgive me?

I feel terrible after knowing that I’m the cause of the pain you’re going through now. I’m deeply sorry dear, please forgive me

You’ve given me a thousand reasons to love you even harder and still I fooled around and messed things up. I’m so sorry, my love. I don’t deserve the kind of love you’ve shown me

Your arms and hugs I’ve greatly missed. I looked forward to getting them back soonest

You’re the most wonderful thing to have ever happened to me and I’m sorry for causing you lots of trouble lately. Please forgive me, handsome

Knowing fully well that what we share is more important to me than silver or gold, makes me write this note of apology. I hope that you hear my pleas, love

What can I say other than I’m really sorry for taking you for granted last night! Will you please forgive me?

Without you sharing in my joy, giving me a smile that beams with light, everything feels worthless around me. I fought you when I should have fought my pride. How stupid can my ego get! Do forgive me, my love. Do not judge me as I deserve. Just have mercy

Please don’t see me like a devil down the road. I know the gravity of what I have done, But sincerely I never meant to do that. Forgive me for this once please

I am sorry for hurting you. I am sorry for making you cry. So sorry am I to have made you sad! Please forgive me, I plead

For all those times I took you for granted, I’m deeply and truly sorry, beautiful. Please forgive me, my love

I feel like a convict since I hurt you. My mind turned against me and kept me locked up in myself till now. Hurting you is also painful to me and I’m sorry about it. Please, forgive me, my love

When things didn’t go as I planned, you’re always looking out for me and I’m really sorry for hurting you, my good friend. Please forgive me

It’s strange how one neglect responsibilities… But common sense is enough to tell if you are not doing thing right. I am Sorry for the pains in recent times. I love you

I know that I can be hot tempered at times, but I can never be as hot as you are. I’m sorry for everything, my love

I know that I can be hot tempered at times, but I can never be as hot as you are. I’m sorry for everything, my love

So sorry I was unavailable at a time you really needed me. You mean a lot to me, and I promise to do better next time

You are right if you say you do not deserve this. More than right are you if you say I don’t care much! I am sorry, so sorry for the way I have treated you in time past. I am back now to give you more love than ever. Please forgive me my love

You’re my everything, you’re my man and you’re my prince charming, and I’m so sorry for pushing you away, please forgive me

My life has no value without you. And my day has no good attached to it. I can’t take it, you quarrelling with me. Please forgive me, I plead

Babe, you mean everything to me and I’m really sorry for taking you for granted today. Please forgive me, my one and only

I didn’t mean to make you cry or hurt you, my friend. Can you please forgive me?

Even though we are a great distance apart, I could still feel how hurtful what I have done is, I may have not been the best for you, But I will never be the worst for you. I am deeply sorry

I just hope you find mercy in your heart and forgive me for everything. I’m so sorry, my good friend

All I’m asking is that you find a place in your heart to forgive me. I’m sorry, handsome

I am sorry for my self-centered attitude. The fact remains that you are the centre of my joy

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