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I miss you like money misses being spent

When you hate Mondays because they bring Tuesdays and Tuesdays can be cruel

You know your week depends on what you do today right? Happy Monday

I miss you more than my lips miss your kiss

I miss you more than horror misses darkness

When you feel great, you make other people’s Monday great

When you went to bed on Monday and you woke up many days to Friday

Monday is positive. Positive vibes only

Well, it is Wednesday and you cannot run away from it

Hello Thursday. Friday called and I’m on my way

When Wednesday finally comes

When Monday is work day and Tuesday is fun day

I miss you like I miss kissing my feet since I was no longer a child

When Monday is there to start your week just so you can have a weekend

I miss you so much that my dreams are now just made up of a photo of you — no movement, nothing

I miss you like water misses the freezer when it’s boiling

I miss you more than the world can’t wait for the eighth season of Game of Thrones

I miss you like spoiling food misses the heat of fire

When it is Tuesday and you are having fun

When it is Monday but you don’t feel like working

I got so tired last night and went to bed then woke up this morning. What day is it?… Wednesday

This is not a hype. I miss you

May your Monday be short and interesting

When you have worked 4days from Monday and Friday refuses to show up

Can I have my Monday without having to get out of bed?

When you pretend on Tuesday like it is Friday but the day still ‘Tuesday’s’ you

When Tuesday is an opportunity to correct Monday’s mistakes and kindle hope for tomorrow

I won’t die because Friday refused to come. I will just live the Thursday

When you think that you cannot make it through Tuesday but you must

I love Mondays and Mondays love me

When it is the only day I have to tolerate my colleagues, I know it is a Tuesday

When you prefer Tuesdays to Mondays because they are better

When Monday was hectic and you are like Tuesday, what more do you want from me?

I miss you so much that I bought a guitar to try the company of music

See the good in everything, even in the pile of work that you have on your desk and you will have a great Thursday

When you have a Monday deadline, it is Monday already and you are less than halfway gone

You go to bed on Tuesday night, you think you will wake on Friday but it is Wednesday

When it is Wednesday you shouldn’t express how you really feel

When it is Wednesday and you have to pretend that you feel fabulous

Tuesdays are for work and also for fun

You are in the middle of the week but you can still make it to Friday

I miss you so much and it’s not because I can’t cook

My best day is Thursday. Friday is just a weekend

I miss you so much that I’ll rather hold you now than hold a million dollars

People don’t smile on Wednesday but I do

Irreplaceable you. I miss you so much

I miss you like God will miss heaven if he comes to earth as a Nigerian

I miss you more than every other misses that I’ve missed

I miss you like football fans miss the World Cup when it’s over

It’s Monday, a good day to do great things

Thursday, go away… Come again another day… Little Friday is waiting for me!

When you finally accept that it is no longer weekend, you know it’s Tuesday

When you had a well rested weekend, you know its gonna be a super Monday

I miss you so much that I’m so devastated you’ll think World War Three is fought in my body

When you believe that you can fly, know it is Monday morning

I miss you and will only stop when the rain starts rising up

Just another beautiful Monday

I miss you like mosquitoes miss sucking blood while we sleep

When Wednesday is the bright side of Tuesday

I miss you like I’m dying of hunger and looking for food

I miss you more than the desert travellers miss good land

When you find a reason to enjoy your Monday and you begin to like it

Even though it is Wednesday, you can still have fun

Eating breakfast on a Tuesday morning like

When you realise Wednesdays are meant to make you stronger, not break you

The best thing about the ‘worst’ day of the week is that you are moving

I miss you like a dirty white cloth misses being clean

When you found reasons to like Monday and it becomes your favourite day of day week

If you love Friday, you should love Wednesday more

But you know I miss you, right?

When Monday doesn’t feel good but its good for your body

The face you make when you wake up on your birthday and it is a Tuesday

To enjoy your Friday is to love your Thursday

When you wake up to a Tuesday and you know it can’t be tougher than Monday

When you did not have inspiration on Monday but you wake up the following morning with so much inspiration, you know it is Tuesday

Relax, I’m just here to make your week complete

Let motivation find you today if you can’t find motivation because it is Thursday and you must succeed

When it is an excuse to succeed and not to fail because there are two more days to make it right

Thursday isn’t even funny

When it is Tuesday, and no one is in the mood for a selfie

When I have a task and all I can do is kmt (kiss my teeth). #Monday

Feels like I took a break from life. I miss you, dear

Tuesday is Monday’s sister only more beautiful than Monday

I miss you so very much that if I’ll tie us together when we meet

Tuesday is when ‘good morning‘ is the presence of your work following you everywhere you go

I miss you more than a horny old woman misses her younger days

When it is Wednesday and you are at work already but you want to go home

Don’t be too excited yet, it is only Thursday

When Tuesdays are the reasons why you don’t like weekends

When I don’t need a reminder that it is Tuesday yet someone reminds me

Hello Monday, please be nice to me

When you are 2days late, you know you are on Wednesday

When a Weekday feels like a weekend, know it is a Wednesday

When it is only Tuesday and you see yourself on Friday already

When Tuesday is your best day of the week but it is ruined by work

Thursday=extra work day. Grrrr!

When you don’t have motivation but you have to motivate people, you know it is Tuesday

When it is Monday and you need to be awesome but your bed won’t let you be

When you wake up on a Tuesday as a reminder of Monday’s achievements

When Wednesday won’t just be fair to me but I have to be fair to myself

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