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May God cause His face to brilliantly shine on you, till the very end. Happy new month, hon

Laughter in place of tears, joy in place of sorrow and success in place of failure, all these shall be for you this month and beyond. Have a wonderful month, dear

As long as you serve God, songs of joy shall full your mouth, in Jesus name. Happy new month

Hon, I want to wish you a magnificent new year. May you discover the secret for your success. You’ll be a gem of success this year

For you and all yours, the glory of the latter months of this year shall be greater than the former, in the name of Jesus. Happy new month

I pray unction for Divine acceleration and supernatural connection be released upon you this month. People who don’t know you shall bring good tidings to you. Happy new month to my very own

I’m proud to call you my boss. I’m happy to work for you. I’m excited about every day that brings me in contact with you. I pray that this month is great for you. Happy new month to you, my boss

It’s really a great year that I met someone like you. I pray you gain so much love, mercy, care, and kindness from God. I wish you a happy new month

I’m holding your hands this New Year, and I’m never letting go. I love you, baby

It is April and everyone looks forward to that aha moment with family and friends. May you get the best one

May you meet people that will make you see the world differently and unlearn all the dirt you have swallowed for so long. Happy new month

I’ll be there to celebrate you and be there to cheer you on. Engage in a fight to win, my dearie

I am hopeful that this month will be the best month yet in the year 2021

What’s your plan for this month? Well, mine is a trip to the moon and back on foot. Happy new month

This new month, I pray that you will be great and everything will come right for you. Don’t you worry, I’ll always pray for you

I’m sure previous months of the year have been amazing and fantastic. I hope you get to have yet the very best of months this very time. Happy new month to you

Miracles never cease to happen in the lives of the children of God. May miracles never cease to happen in your life. Happy new month

All I desire for you is a life decorated with the hues of love and prosperity. Happy new month, my dear

You’re one that can’t be taken for granted. I wish that you get all the joy and goodness that you crave this month

When you try and fail this month, remember that you’re better than the one that starts nothing at all. Happy courageous month to you

It’s a new month, love. The heaven will not rest until they form a protective covering around you and keep you safe, till you’re old

It is the beginning of a new month. Keep your hope alive until the very last day it brings. Never give up, dearie!

Favour, mercy, grace and peace shall be your companion this month. Have a great month ahead, dear sister

Decide to be honest this new month. Be honest over everything you do

Your love has kept me strong in the previous years. May your large heart be rewarded with the good things of life as you ride through the new year

Happy new month, sir. May the bigger boss — God — break his schedule to give you some gifts earlier than he originally planned to. Enjoy

I’ve seen you make gold out of seemingly dead ideas. I know you’ll do much this New Year

May God restore unto you all the years the cankerworm had eaten. May everything dead in your life be enlivened. Happy new month bestie

There will be many opportunities to wish you a happy new month dear girlfriend but I will quickly send this as if the world ends tomorrow. Happy new month to you

Do you know the sun? I do! And I also know its significance to the human race. May you be the sun. Happy new month

All that is needed to go through this month without glitch will be given to you on a platter of gold. Amen!

Each day of this new month will I put you in my good prayer, see you in my wildest fantasy and adore you in my reality. Happy new month, love

For every new month is the beginning of new things. May new things begin in your life from this month henceforth. Wishing you a happy and glamorous new month, dear friend

Sometimes the day seems lonely and I feel so sad, knowing I have you bring me a lot of joy, happy new month my love

This month shall be a month of relief and tranquility for you, nephew. Peace from all troubles. Have a great month ahead. Happy new month to my cutest nephew

May all your reasons for wearing a smile double up this month. Have an amazing October

You are unique in your own way, stop comparing yourself with anyone! Happy contentment month to you

To the best thing that ever happened to me; do have a splendid new month in the warmth of goodness and prosperity

No turning back on my words to you. Forevermore, I’ll love you without sin. Happy new month, my darling

May you survive all the hassles there may be in this new month. May you come out as refined gold. Happy new month, dear

May you experience a month full of joy and laced with a happy ending

In this new month, may our love continue to grow stronger. I love you so much, darling. Happy new month

Your change will come in this new month. When men shall say there’s a casting down, with gratitude you shall decree that, there’s a lifting up for you. You shall mount upon the horse of success and ride into the realm of breakthrough. The evidence of your

Any spirit of set back lurking around your business must die by fire in this new month in Jesus name

Whatever human laws operating contrary to God’s programme for your life is reversed today, first day of a new month in the Mighty Name of Jesus. Happy new month to my sweetheart

May all previous mistakes start to work for your good, may everything you have ever wished for be given unto you. Happy new month my dear

The way a season begins determines its end. The brightness today tells me this month is a great one. Happy new month to you

Every month has its blessedness and hurdles. Strive to overcome every hurdles and glory in the blessedness of the month. I wish you a blessed month

This month whatever situation bugging you shall be dealt with by the mighty hands of God, in Jesus name. Happy new month

You have always been there for me despite my flaws. You’ve always watched my back despite our up and downs. I appreciate you so much dear, and I wish you a happy new month ahead

Your love is a privilege I won’t misuse and won’t lose for anything. Happy new month to you from me, sweetie

Loving you is a pleasurable routine exercise I am delighted to do, happy new month to my girlfriend

Be the first to receive my message for the new month; may your life shine brighter than your face

God didn’t say we wouldn’t have storms. He promised instead, to give us peace in the midst of the storm. Life happens. Whatever is happening around you, choose to still be at peace. Happy new month

Pursue Your Dreams This new month is another opportunity for you to bring those dreams of yours alive. Go for it

There’s so much for you to do this month that my only prayer is that it ends ASAP. Happy new month

Happy new month boyfriend, may all your endeavors be successful this new month. I love you to the farthest part of the universe

As you live through the days of this month, may you never feel giddy and languid. May your strength never fail you, brother

No matter how hard situations might be, we always scale through. Don’t give room for any situation to make you feel you can’t scale through. Happy new month!

You’ve loved my all, even my perfect imperfections and it’s worth it if I’ll say thanks throughout this month. Happy new month, I love you

I wish you growth on every this new month and beyond. Happy new month

Opportunities are golden nuggets hidden in difficulties. Solve the problem, unveil your potentials and enjoy the dividends. Happy new month

Though you’re young and strong, never fail to take out some time to be grateful to God for sustaining your life with good health. Happy new month

I want to live my life devoted to loving you and holding you close to my heart. Happy new month, my love

Many more lovely months shall we see as a happy couple forever in love. Happy new month to you, my baby

Beyond my thoughts, my God will  guide me in His will this month. Amen

May you continue to dwell within the cover of Almighty this month and forever. Have a blessed month

The best smiles come from personal achievement. Do something to ignite such smile in this new month, my love

I have a friend and mentor in you. All I do have been mostly inspired by your bravery. Happy new month

Disappointment is inevitable; but not giving up is more reassuring. Keep dreaming this new month and beyond

May you come to light and be engulfed by a beautiful song of joy. Happy new month, honey

Like the beautiful mountains, you surround me with love and care. Happy new month, sweet boyfriend

When life is dragging you back with difficulties, don’t panic. Get poised for extraordinary success: focus, aim, shoot your shots, keep shooting until you reach the stars. Happy new month

You may have been having a hard time all this while, but here is the good news – a new day has come, cause a new month just arrived. Happy new month, mum

I’ve found a new hope and I’ve found it in you because you’re my true love. This is my little confession to you in this new month

I get excited just by thinking of the coming year with you; it is definitely going to be something. I love you

If you are experiencing unending joy, I am also experiencing the same because our hearts are intertwined. May you have a beautiful new month

If I could, I would write to the month of October and tell her you are the next person to experience great tidings with fervor

Welcome to another month of success, peace and love for you and me. Happy new month, my sweetheart

As this month opens up, may you be opened up to the glorious opportunities that would yield abundantly for you. Amen

I’m glad it’s another end of the year; we get to see each other and catch up on the happenings in our lives. Happy New Year, love

Rewrite the story of my life with your kisses. And I’ll make your dreams come true with my loving arms. Happy new month, beautiful

A new year is like a new dawn. May your life this new year begin well; giving you a hope and a beautiful future. Happy new year, my love

You will have experienced all the goodness that is in the world at the end of this month. Happy new month friend

Be strengthened in the dark days. For joy comes in the morning. Hold on, my darling. Happy new month, dearie

It’s so amazing to be unique, it shows how amazing you are. Happy new month to you dear, I wish you greater heights

I find joy and happiness in loving you and being loved in return. Happy new month to you dear

What is the best part of life? That part that says “You are with me”. Happy new month girlfriend

May the Holy Spirit comfort you in form of a miracle and unexpected breakthrough. Happy new month, my darling husband

Let your focus be on the dreams in your heart and not the things you see around you

For the tons of blessings you’ve always been to me. For all your care and show of love. For everything wonderful you’ve always done for me. I wish you a happy new month, sweetheart

I hope things around you do not discourage you from doing the good you are already popular for. Happy new month

You shall eat in the manner of joy and satisfaction. You shall have more than enough to give away. This will be the happiest month of your life so far

Embrace each new day of the month with enthusiasm. That way, you will be able to fix your wrong and get it right. Here’s to a beautiful new month ahead

May you become an unconquerable warrior incapable of being defeated. Happy new month, baby

I love all that you are and stand for. Continue in this nobility and you’ll start having testimonies beginning from this month

An end has come to your stay in the wilderness of life. This new month shall lift you up from the valley and place you on the mountain where all eyes can see. You shall breakthrough in an inexplicable manner

Be ready to entertain more visitors than you bargained for, in your life this month. Every good thing you ever wished is coming to you in hundred folds. Happy new month to you, my love

I just want you to receive this by faith; may you find more happiness, joy and peace in this new month. I have also replied amen over here. Happy new month

May God take your battle upon Himself and hand over to you the victory. Happy new month, babe

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