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The Word of God says “a thousand will fall at my side and ten thousand on my right side and it will not come near me…” this is my confidence this day and I walk in that assurance knowing that I am saved and secured. I am walking in victory in the name of

Let happiness continually surround you and be your barrack. Let joy be your companion and never let you go. Let the love of God always lead you. Good morning, fam

I have victory through Christ and He has given me the grace to be a partaker of God’s goodness. As it is written of me not to fear, in Jesus name, I refuse fear from any source. God says He will uphold me, I receive grace to look up to God at all times kn

It’s my prayer that God will bless you with all you need to be a mother we all want to follow her footsteps in character and lifestyle. Have a blessed Thursday ahead

As sure as Christmas and New Year dates are, so will your blessings surely come today. Your blessings will be much more than the human population. Remain blessed

I have been assured of my position at the top, in the name of Jesus, I won’t let ignorance steal this position from me. I will take God’s Word for what it is, the truth. I will never be limited or set back because I belong to the top. I am the head, I wil

I don’t wanna be lost, oh Lord. Grant me divine direction. Help me solve my life’s puzzles

I wish you a perfect health soon. May you be well soon that people would not notice that you were not around because of the short stay at the hospital. I care,

I come against every spirit of disappointment and discouragement in your life and I release God’s favour and blessings upon you, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. Good morning my dearest friend

Protect him from himself. May he not take decisions and actions that will harm him. Whether he knows what he is doing or not, let his actions not harm him. Help him know his boundaries. How to play, jump, leap, run, etc. Protect him from depression, from

You are my trust and confidence and I will always lift you high because you are my rock of ages and you’ve never let me down. King of kings I bless your holy name for the marvellous things you did upon my financial life. Baba, I say, thank you

Help me out in all that I do today, I shall not labour in vain

Without wisdom, I’ll go astray. Lord, bestow on me the wisdom that will continuously order my steps

I am that I am, be there for me today. Put your loving arms around me and keep me from all evil. You are my shield and fortress, my ever-present help in trouble. Father, keep me away from trouble. When trouble comes without warning, deliver me from all ev

Your grace is enough for my lovely wife. No matter what, she shall come out of this challenge a better person

Every evil on my path today withers away. They become as nothing because before stretching their hands, they are already falling. The Lord breaks every yolk against my life and anything that raises against my life falls for my sake. They are utterly destr

Dear Father, I call upon you in the mighty name of Jesus, to heal me completely. I have done tests and taken medications as prescribed, yet nothing is working. Your word says in Jeremiah 30:17, “But I’ll restore you to health and heal your wound…”. Restor

I pray that the good Lord will defend you from every attack of the evil ones today and beyond. Have a wonderful Thursday ahead of you

You are my rock, Lord, the rock of ages. I run to you this morning, for strength. I’m weak and weary, strengthen me and hold up my head on high. Let me not cave in under pressure; refuel me in order to be refired. Use the obstacles in my way as a platform

Protect him from destiny destroying habits

Jehovah I adore you, I praise you for you are the shield of my life, the protector of my soul, you protect me from evil and casualties, thank you so much, Lord

Dear Lord, deliver my womb from unfruitfulness. Rescue your daughter from the shame of barrenness. Wherever my womb has been tired in the realms of darkness, set me loose and destroy the Devourer. Bless my womb with multiple babies to shame your enemies.

There’s no way your life will end without peace that won’t drink up all the trouble you’ve ever experienced. There’s no way you won’t be a living proof of the best peace one can ever get. Have a great day

I pray that you’ll remember a major blessing from today that was through God’s mercies. You’ll value God’s mercy because of the beautiful things it will bring your way. Have an excellent day

O God of heaven and the earth, you are the creator, distributor and custodian of wealth. You give men the ability to create wealth and help the needy ones. You are the changer of levels, please change my financial level from zero to abundance. Change my f

Though the enemy might raise his scary face to challenge us, we will not fear the one that can kill the body only

Merciful God, I need a change of employment, please divinely connect me with one that will be more financially rewarding with greater job satisfaction. Your word says that the expectation of the righteous shall not be cut off (Prov 10:24); my hope is on y

Sound health, that is my decree over my darling and it will be for a lifetime. In strength, she is established and no power of hell will have dominion over her body. You will forever be in health and wellness. God will nourish every part of your body!

Your favour shall separate me from all men today in Jesus name

Every sickness is a stranger. I enjoin every sickness and infirmity to leave the body of my dear friend. Your time is up to you stranger of sickness and infirmity

Lord, I’m grateful for bringing me this far in life. Your grace and mercy are undeniable in my life

Heavenly Father, I pray that you grant my friend the grace to trust and rely on You always, most especially when all hope seems to be lost. Good morning my dearest friend

Dear Lord, I plead divine mercy on my spouse, today. Let your mercy purge away his sins. Let it set him apart for your favour. This I pray. Amen!

Today is a great day, I shall be hugely favoured and blessed in all my endeavours in Jesus name

I can’t do without you, O Lord. I’m completely dependent on you ancient of days. My success till date has been as a result of obedience to your words of wisdom. In the name of Jesus, I ask for a fresh release of your wisdom upon my business, such that wil

As you set out this morning, I pray that you will always trust in God even if things are not going as planned. Good morning to you, dad

The God of all peace will guide my heart and keep me in all my ways. He will position men to favour me and I will be blessed with provision on all sides. God’s riches are being delivered to me and I excel. I will not beg or lack anything good because God’

Because of favours, you’ll never be dealt with severely by loss, depression and other negativities. Favour will make you come out of fires and make you come out refined too. Have a great day

It’s Friday. May God lead me in the right paths, making me do what I have to do for the sake of his name

Each and every day is a beautiful gift from God to humanity, and I pray that every good thing that life has got to offer today, will never pass you by. Good morning my love

I bind every spirit of unprofitable business ventures, unemployment and frustration in my life. In Jesus’ name, I decree that I shall enter the realm of unending breakthrough, success and abundance from today. O Lord, give me your blessing that maketh ric

May your favour grant my dear sister a new job. Go ahead and make a place for her at the top

As from today, make me live in abundance and bless me to bless others in my circle

My rock of ages, you make me happy, fill me with joy, saturate my world with abundant blessings and never made me regret. Thanks, sweet Lord

No time will be too little for you, because you’ll be working with help from God. He’ll make it as if you’re working faster and in fact more efficient. With the effort you can give off, you’ll be on top of the success ladder. Have a nice day

In the name of Jesus, my restoration has come. Everything that the devil has illegally stolen from me, according to the Word of God, they are being restored! The many years that I have struggled not knowing what to do because the devil was eating my years

I’ll give you my time, smile and love, till you’re well enough to return the favour

Today, Lord I pray that may I be a Victor and not a victim, in Jesus name. I come by every form of robbery attack or fraud programmed in my path Lord is cancelled by your mighty power. That I go out in whole and come back multiplied and not reduced in Jes

I pray for you friend, that you shall experience wellbeing in your spiritual, physical, financial, academic life. You shall know no lack. Amen

Dear Lord, my home is troubled. Please, let your peace reign. Avert disaster as planned by the evil one. Destroy the spirit of confusion and contention. Let there be love, unity and accord. Let the chord of genuine love and oneness that binds us together,

One may not realise how much he’s been overworking himself oftentimes until one gets ill. Now you’ll know better while you appreciate God more. Get well soon

Be prepared for double promotion, my dear. All I ever want for you is that you excel. I ask God to give you an excellent spirit and the grace to do what you have to do accurately. You are meant for the top, no one will bring you down

I am more than a conqueror because I am stepping out in God’s benevolence and strength today and beyond

You will never have any reason to regret, but instead, in everything, you will always have a reason to rejoice. Good morning my sweet mum, I cherish you always

Father, I asked for divine peace on behalf of my spouse that supersedes all forms of anger

Never realised the import of your presence until your absence shows the difference. God will perfect your healing. Get well, friend

I ask for the strength that will keep my loved ones going till they eventually make it

Dear Lord, bless my earthly father. He has laboured but does not let him labour in vain. May success find his works on this blessed day

I am not sure what today will bring to you, but I trust that God got you always. And may He provide all your needs according to His riches in glory. Good morning my charming brother

Heavenly Father, as a child looks up to his parents, I look up to you today that you guide me oh great Jehovah as a pilgrim through this barren land. Blindfold every evil eye, let them not behold me. Show me the pathway and let me follow your footsteps. L

No word would be enough to qualify the feelings that come with having you in my life and I pray that God will keep you safe today and always. Good morning my cuppy cake

May life be exciting to you. May you party for the rest of your life. Enjoy all the good God prepared for you

Thanks be to God Most High for the opportunity of another life today. Hey, dear friend, may God bless you and keep you, may the light of God shine upon you, may He lift His light of countenance upon you. All of God’s purpose for you shall come to reality.

More than words can express will your joy be and you’ll have enough to share for others. More than tongues can speak will your joy be and you’ll forget about sorrow because of it. A day of joy will today be and you’ll bask in the beautiful blessings God g

Your stepping out is a stepping up Your breaking forth is a total breakthrough Success shall envelop you just as a mother wraps up her newborn. You are going acme!

You demons of the night, you shall not know my place. I am not under your watch in Jesus name

Order my steps, oh Lord. Protect me from wicked men, dear Father. In you will I seek protection because, without you, a watchman stays awake but in vain

You are for me, Lord. You love me too much, but I haven’t loved you back a bit close to how You do for me. Maybe I’ll never be able to love You back the way You love me, but I want, Lord to have all of me set on You. I want beyond everything that You be m

I pray for you and the whole of your family that you go out in peace and return in peace with testimonies of a fruitful day in Jesus name

The ladder of success is not easy to climb The path of breakthrough is not easy to thread Even as you step further now May you find direction on the next course of action

The Lord will make walls of fire round about you and your household and No evil will come near your dwelling

Many women have tried this and failed, but I pray for you, failure will be far from you and you will achieve this goal easily. It won’t be stressful for you, neither will you experience any setbacks until you can boldly say “I am successful in this!”

I appreciate you, blessed Redeemer because your word is faithful and true. The children you have given me are my heritage from you; therefore, Lord I ask for your provisions concerning their school fees. It’s long overdue. The school authority is threaten

The Lord is your fortitude in times of trouble. Healing is your inheritance in Christ

In Jesus name, every plan by the devil to cause confusion and damages in my life and around my environment tonight is nullified. I shall dwell in an atmosphere of peace. The evil ones shall not locate my doorstep. I forbid every nocturnal casualty in Jesu

Your guidance is my wife’s success recipe. Do not forsake her, oh Lord

Lord, you are my Father and I cherish your presence as a child cherishes the presence of his Father. I pray that you will be by my side even as I sleep in Jesus name. Amen

From today henceforth, I pray for you, dad, that you will begin to possess all your lost possessions. Good morning

Heavenly Father, eternal rock of ages, you are the living God of the army of Israel. You are the help of the helpless, please, help me. Deliver me from this trouble that confronts and afflicts me without relenting. Set me free from its death grip, for it

Your health is heaven’s priority. Get well soon, brother

Mummy get well quick. I know that doctors will get richer with people’s sickness, but you will be healthy soon and you will not be part of those who will keep enriching doctors. Get well quick

I receive the unction for productivity as I step out today, that I shall not labour in vain Lord. Everything that I lay my hands on shall yield in Jesus name

Lord, keep my wife and protect her for me. Let her mind not be diverted from loving me and loving You, Lord. Let her desires be of me and You, Lord and I believe that this will keep her to be a good wife always

I want you, Lord to bless me financially, but most importantly, I also want you to bless my wife financially so she will be a source of blessing to others. Lift her up, Lord. Give her the wealth that will be a blessing to her and others

You targeted the moon but fell among the stars. I can see you shining so bright. What a brilliant performance you made! Congratulations!

O God of my salvation, I acknowledge you this morning. Direct my path. Guide my steps in all my undertakings. Let my teacher be right by my side, leading me in the way I should go, without swerving to the right or to the left. Lead me in the way that is b

As you go about the business of the day, I pray that you will end it in praise, and your life will be an expression of God’s grace. Good morning my beautiful friend

You’ll have no reason to panic and no cause for alarm, no opponent to fight against and no force to challenge, no weapon to dodge and sights of arms risen against you, no system to fret over and no situations to bring you much worry. Your mind will be use

Lord, as I go to bed, help me not to carry the problems of the day into my sleep but to trust you that you will take care of me like you always do in Jesus name. Amen

Happy Friday. Reasons to celebrate are our desires. Reasons to wine and dine is a need for us. May they be met today

I will praise thee with my whole heart before the gods will I sing praise unto thee; you make me prosper and do great. Thank you, father

Every good and perfect gift comes from you, dear Lord. May I receive your good and precious gifts, today

Happy Friday. Success, strength and excellence will follow us for as long as we live. Our days will be filled with love

I cover my wife with the grace to remain at peace now and always. She won’t have any reason to be bothered with life issues as grace will speak for her in that aspect. She will always leave her life in smiles and joy

As from this morning, I pray for you that God’s favour, blessing, joy and happiness will fall on you, in the name of Jesus, Amen. Have a blessed day

Dear Lord, grant my lovely girlfriend divine healing. Her body is your temple and not of infirmities

Today, I ask You Lord Jesus to please turn my disappointment into an appointment, my shame to fame and my ordinary day into an extraordinary one. Good morning to me

Grant my loved ones financial breakthrough that shall render them financially independent for life

The stone which the builders rejected shall become the chief cornerstone; this is the Lord’s doing and it’s marvellous in our sight (Psalm 118:22). Dear Lord, break the yoke of futility and fruitless labour in my life. Turn around my captivity and grant m

As my only hope and source of living, I pray for a divine turn around in my finances. A type that will push me and mine to a greatness that is beyond imagination and worthy of celebration

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