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Safe Journey

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One of my best experiences in life was when I was flying. I hope you feel the same

May you only have good memories of this journey. Live it and enjoy it, my love

Baby girl, you’re the most amazing of all the persons I have ever been opportune to meet. You’re such an incredible person that I wonder how one person can ever be filled with so much goodness. I wish you a pleasant flight dear

It’s time to bid each other goodbye. I’ll sure miss us. Yeah, you and I. Goodbye best brother

It’s going to be such an interesting ride. Glad you are experiencing this too. Just stay cool and it wil end well. 1000 smiles from me to you

You have been camped in safety, so no evil can come near you. Go in grace bro. Have a safe and blessed journey. Enjoy it to the fullest. See you soon

After you are done with the hard work there, I wish you a wonderful flight without stress

Mercy Shall Speak For You Every plan of the wicked concerning your journey has been cancelled by the Mercy of Jesus. I declare the road safe for you in Jesus name

I promise to keep you in my heart. To nurture the love that we share till I see your face again. Safe trip, love

May the plane I board today take me safely to my destination. See you when I get back. Have a Safe Flight Wishes, Quotes and Messages for Someone Special

Daily lots of things happen, different unpleasant news of mishaps on our roads, it is scary, but be confident that God has promised to keep our going out and coming in safe. You’re safe bro. Enjoy your journey

Safe journey, big brother. May the Lord’s protection encompass you and keep you safe. The angels of the Lord shall watch over you till you get to your destination

May the cloud be your protection as you fly above the earth’s surface. With my kisses, I wish you a safe landing

I’ll miss the great times we shared and I won’t forget the lessons I learnt from you. Wish you a great time. Safe journey

I’m excited you are going on this trip, darling brother. You are going to catch so much fun and meet lots of people your age. Journey mercy, sweetheart. Enjoy yourself and be carefree!

Nothing But Joy

Sweetheart, as you set out on this journey, all you have planned to do will be achieved. Your going and coming will be blessed. Have a safe trip dear

Hello dear friend, as you set out for this journey, may the mighty hand of the Lord direct and lead your plane in the right course. May peace and joy accompany you all through. Enjoy your flight!

I am so bummed I’m not travelling with you. Have a fun flight without me

I know you have received up to a thousand and one wishes, as this isn’t your first time of boarding a plane. All the same, I will still send you my wishes so you can have a hitch-free flight all through your expedition

O Heavenly Father, I beseech Your mercy as I go on this journey. Be the pilot and co-pilot for you will bring us all unto safety. Grant me great tranquility in the course of the journey and make me joyful at the reaching of my destination. Thank Lord

Have a great stay up there. I love you. Always remember that

I wish you a happy flight, my love

It would be great to see you and catch up once again. Enjoy your flight here

Calling myself your wife is one of the best things life has given to me. You’ve been just too caring that I wonder what I did to deserve this amount of love. I love you so much baby, and I wish you a pleasant flight

I could pretend like I won’t miss you, but no doubt I’m gonna miss all the fun we used to have together. Have a safe flight, baby brother

This is one of the many journeys you would embark on in a lifetime. I pray you’d be safe and may you live to embark on many more safe journeys. God bless your trip

God has promised to protect our going out and coming in. Rest in his promises and go with assurance. Have a safe and perfect trip, and may the purpose of your journey be fulfilled

Goodbye, mother. I miss you so much already. What can I do without you? I really do hope I’ll be fine here. And make sure you stay fine too

Everything Is But for a Moment Life is like a marketplace, The one who is a buyer today Can be a seller tomorrow. No matter where you stand per time, Remember that nothing lasts forever

I know your long time dream to board a plane has eventually come to reality. Be a good boy and don’t disappoint us your parents. Have a good flight, my boy

Dear God, the maker of the universe. You know all paths well, of course, you made them. And you know the route my friend will take. Dear God, go before her and still every storm. Make a way where it seems there is none. So, all glory will be yours, in Jes

Let me hope that next time, we’ll go on a trip together. But before they have a fantastic time and a smooth journey there and back

Have Faith Life becomes a beautiful abode, When Faith meets fate. So have faith that all will be well

My Best Wish

Dearest, I’m going to miss you a lot, have a safe journey!

The thought of you going away almost drove me crazy. Memories we had together kept on flashing through my mind as tears rolled down my cheeks. I’ll never forget those awesome times dear, I’ll make sure to get across to you often. Do have a nice journey

I wish you a wonderful flight back home. I am counting the hours

Dear angel, may your journey be smooth and your plane land effortlessly!. I love you and I’ll miss you

Proverbs 2:8-9 – for He guards the course of the just and protects the way of his faithful ones. Then you will understand what is right and just and fair—every good path

May your path be straight and may you sail in peace. Don’t worry, you’re secured by His grace

I’m as much as excited about the travelogues we will hear from you on return. Can’t wait to take a ride with you round the places you visited through your experiences. Enjoy your trip back home, dad

My prayers are with you on your flight, dad

My love, may God guide your going and coming, may everything work together in your favour. Have a safe journey dear

Even though you’ve just gone, I miss you so much already. Please be fine and take care

As you are about to embark on this flight sister, may you continue to fly higher till you reach your greatest height

Remember to make me proud like you always do anywhere you go. Wish you safety all through your journey and stay over there. Love you

The journey is going to be interesting with lots of activities and fun. Be prepared to have a nice time. Have a safe journey. May God be with you bro

May all that you will be doing on this journey be success laced and known for bliss. More importantly, may you enjoy the life that you have been gifted by the virtue of this journey

As you go today on that trip with a complete body, so you’ll come back to us here safe and sound. The Lord will be your shield and pillar. I wish you journey mercies

Nothing else matters to me now but your arrival. Have a safe journey back home, dearie

I’m looking forward to the testimony you will share on return. I’m sure it will demand that you give a special thanksgiving to God in the church for a safe flight. Can’t wait to see you, my dear

Seeing you again gave me so much joy! Thanks a lot for coming, missed you so much. Please, let’s do this again soon. Wish you journey mercy and smooth landing. Love you loads!

With all of my heart, I pray you have a nice journey to and fro

Sweet bro, as you set out today for the journey. Go in peace, everything about the trip is going to be perfect. Have a blessed trip. Safe journey

While I’m battling with studies and researches here, you have taken a huge step to furthering overseas. I’m so proud of you though jealous a bit. I wish you a safe flight, my dear

You’re a lovely and caring father and the best anyone could ask for. Your daughter is proud of you, dad. Safe journey and get lots of goodies for your girl when coming back

Mum, as you board, I wish you a happy flight

Missing you so much already, sunshine. I wish you have a safe flight. I love you beyond the stars

The distance was frustrating but it makes me cherish the times when you have to travel back even more. I wish you a wonderful flight, darling

You complain too much about your life. Just like a driver switches his gear to reverse position and still hopes to get to his destination on time, let your life be the way God planned it to be. Safe journey

I will keep in touch with you but don’t forget to call me when you get there. Happy Journey to you!

God reward you in all your ways and crown your efforts with success. Thank you for coming around. Have a safe journey home

If you get bored, compose an ode of love for your darling. Have a safe trip

May the exposure that comes with visiting new places widen your horizon. Have a safe journey, damsel

Daddy, you’re my hero. When I look at you and the person you’ve raised me up to be, then I see more than a thousand reasons to be proud of you. Do have a safe journey, super dad

Let no one deprive you of your happiness, because you deserve to be happy today and always. Have a safe flight, my love

Baby, remember to take good care of yourself over there and be safe. Have a safe flight, my love. I love you beyond the stars

I hope you do not experience the turbulence of air transport. But instead, enjoy your trip, sweetie

For our lifetime, we have always journeyed together, but for the first time, you are leaving without me. I’ll try not to miss you as much. Safe travels

In love I want to love you again and again, In care I want to care for you more and more. To live with you, that I want to do forever. But to miss you this way, that I don’t want never!

The fear, because you are flying, is reduced because you are coming to me. Be well

You know you are our special daughter. May your flight be enjoyable

I’m missing you Already, my dear. I pray for a danger-free journey, Lots of love and favour from men when you get to your destination. Don’t fret. God’s got you in the hollow of His palm. May He grant you journey mercies

I really wish you could stay a little longer but even if you stay till that long, I’ll never want you to leave. So please do go right now so I can have you back quickly and completely. Love you wholly

I know how important this journey is to you. I pray it would successful, it would be without unnecessary delay. God will keep you safe and make you happy

I will never stop loving and cherishing your person. Keep being you everywhere you go. I love you always big sister

You’ve exerted so much energy to making this journey a reality. Thanks to God it yielded positive result. You’re a dreamer and a goal getter. I appreciate you for this. Safe flight, honey

My love, it is well with your body, soul, mind and spirit as you embark on this journey to and fro

As we go today by air, land and the sea, may we be kept safe from every hurts. The joy of the Lord will be our strength today

Opportunity comes but once. You’ve taken the chance that just came your way now and I’m proud you made a good decision. I love you mum. Have a safe flight

I can never run out of wishes for you. In times of joy, you make sure to celebrate with me, just like you’re always there to lend a helping hand during tough days. I am grateful for all that we share. Safe travels, friend

I’m sure you will make the trip for everyone in the plane an enjoyable one because there’s never a dull moment with you. Enjoy your flight, my dear

As you embark on this journey. May you be safe and convenient, no hitch, no delay, no problem whatsoever. Have a wonderful journey bro. Go in peace, see you soon

I know you’ve got a strong appetite for the food you’ll be served in the plane. I just hope you wouldn’t acquire extra flesh on return. Do eat moderately and enjoy your flight

I know you were really looking forward to this journey. I hope you arrive your destination in peace

I’m proud to have you dad, thanks for your all-time sacrifices. We’re glad you made it. Safe journey dad

Psalm 91:4 – He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings, you will find refuge

Maintain your sanity and do not give a glance at those advances that will be passed at you over there. Be good and enjoy safety around

I wish you a stress-free, delay-free, hitch-free, and accident-free journey. May God be your protector all through. Go with confidence and be safe. Have a wonderful trip

Hi Bro, may your journey be blessed and productive. Have a happy flight

Leaving my family at home, I made them so many promises to return safely to them. God will make this a reality. Safe journey to me!

I wish you a journey free of turbulence, An atmosphere so clear and not foggy. I wish you safety as you go and come back, Safe journey to you

How is it that I’m missing you when you haven’t even embarked on the journey? That’s how special you are, my dear. May God Almighty grant you journey mercies. His hand will be on you and you will do exploits. You’re safe with God. Stay strong, darling

This travel won’t be something you’d have to regret later but one you will testify about. Be safe

Thank you so much for coming to visit, my ever gallant brother. Your little sis appreciates you a lot. May the Lord bless you and shower His blessings on you. Drive safely, please. Bon voyage!

I am certain your trip was terrific. My dear daughter, may you come back to us with new stories full of adventures

You know how much this friendship is valued by us. The bond we share, the love in our hearts, the beauty of our souls together. You’re the most amazing friend I have ever known in the world, and I wish you a safe journey

What makes me feel so terrible is the fact that I won’t be seeing you for a while. I will miss you greatly, I just want to wish you a safe journey

This journey shall end in testimonies, in Jesus name

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